Random Hannity Dislikes – Terrorism and US Government

Well, Sean Hannity is at it again. While I agree with and like most of what he does, occasionally, he misses the target and either misstates or misrepresents an issue, and this time is no different. In discussing the current President’s administration and ISIS, while Hannity keeps the responsibility for the actions of the terrorist group with that group, he also states that ISIS has risen to power “under this President’s administration.” The thinking error: creating chaos by combining mislabeling and blaming, just to support his anti-Democratic/Obama administrative tactics through distortion, utilizing confusion to keep the listener from seeing the truth and getting wrapped up into the drama.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of things that the current Presidential administration has done that could be touched on, such as the health care, executive power issues, and more. But, “using” ISIS is not one of them. Why? Simply put: it is not the responsibility of the American government to control an international, terrorist organization. That responsibility falls on everyone. It is true, that if America is spending tax payer dollars to fight the “world-wide” threat, that the results should have been better than ISIS rising to power, but the real problem there wasn’t the rise of ISIS, it was the use of American taxpayer dollars to solve a problem that belongs to the entire world. Putting that blame onto the current Administration is irresponsible.

Whenever audiences are drawn into chaos and drama and “dumbed” down, using their fear and anger against them, it results in negative consequences. It supports the “dumbing” down of the American public (which is already at an all time low – although surprisingly – it is still continuing downward); it creates misdirected dissension and .anger toward political leaders (and although they’re doing a great job of earning the public’s mistrust all on their own, this only sparks the fumes); and it discredits the remainder of what Hannity could have to say that would otherwise be valid, again leaving the public misinformed (even if it is through their own choice not to listen any longer because of the misinformation they’re receiving).

News and media constantly use drama to keep audiences. Exaggeration and misdirection of news and information have existed since the beginning of time, but it was worsened with the birth of yellow journalism. It’s important to remember, that when listening to the News and media broadcasts, a couple, simple facts:

1. You have no way to know that what you’re being told is the truth (unless you have the “facts” for yourself). We assume the News is always telling us the truth because it’s not supposed to be a dramatization. Unfortunately, it is, especially due to “ratings”. Our culture has evolved into this, feeding into those who would drag us into drama for their own, financial gain. It happens in media, courtrooms, government, and in everyday life.

2. Drama that doesn’t directly involve you but uses opinion polls and highlights some climatic event … that it will touch on “after the commercial break” or “during our 11:00 o’clock report later tonight”, are efforts to play off of your fears, anger, and general concerns to keep you sucked in just like a soap opera. And, it is a soap opera.

I do like to occasionally watch and/or listen to Hannity – but only on rare instances, because the use of drama, misdirection, confusion and other media broadcast tactics used to suck me in do, often times, play on my personal fears and draw me in. Just remember … it’s all drama!!! Drink responsibly … “WATCH” responsibly!


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