Origins – The Creation …

Excerpt- Chapter 3

As he closed his eyes, he was taken up and shown visions – things he could not understand or comprehend. He knew they were far and beyond his mortal comprehension …. it was only because of a picture perfect memory that he could draw exactly what he saw. But, he also knew that he could share these with no one – for the knowledge would label him a traitor and destroy his family – so he kept it secret.

What he passed down throughout the centuries finally came into the hands of another – and he took the works and made them available for all to see –

The City was called Eden.

It was an intergalactic hub of traffic. Civilizations from across the galaxy came to Eden for trade, relaxation, refueling and countless other opportunities. The city was surrounded by large walls on all sides. At the center of Eden was the main point of commerce and traffic. This portion of the city had four levels – each pertaining to a major faction in the galaxy that controlled that portion of the City. The topmost and golden platform was called Pison, controlled by a tall, alien species, akin to the Elvin clan. The second platform down was called Gihon. The third was known as Hiddekel and the fourth, Euphrates. At the East end of the city was its heart – tall buildings all interconnected with tunnels branching out and stretching everywhere like a vast forest – or garden. At its center was the tallest building of them all – a forbidden place where the center of control for the city and the entire planet could be found.

On this day, something new was happening – something never before attempted: they were going to create life. Inside the tallest room of a building several kilometers to the North, known only as ‘Vitae’, far above the clouds, there was a singular cryo-chamber leaned against the West wall, opposite of technologically advanced computers and machines. It was metallic all the way around except for the very front of it. The front was a glass window, framed by a door that opened upwards. Inside the chamber there was a creature the likes of which had not been seen in the galaxy before. Several experiments had been performed and DNA sequences assembled to create this new species. It would not have long, pointed ears such as the elves and its skin would be a pale orange-peach color instead of the green skin of goblins. Its teeth would be made from the meat eaters, the plant eaters, and the most vicious of creatures. It would be intelligent and capable of thought – a most advanced species.

On this day – life was to be breathed into the chamber and the creature re-animated. Oxygen fed through tubes into its nostrils and directly to its brain while currents of electricity jump-started its body. In a swirling of electrons and other particles – and with a bit of magic – the creature was brought to life and named – human.

It was not long before human gained quite the advanced knowledge they had been hoping for. Its mental capacity for information was indeed, vast, albeit, not as vast as its creator. Human was also strong and could work for them. (Unbeknownst to them, Human was to be the start – the start of something special that brought together the light). Soon, the creators became aware of a need for more humans to fulfill their needs.

So – in answer to this call, a mate was created. And, in time, humans had grown in number and quantity. Some became scholars and worked to fulfill their higher goals while others served as labor. This pattern continued for many years and the humans became incorporated with the other species that visited that world – but mostly in opposition, for humans were not readily welcomed by the others. Their place amongst the creators gave them special access and rights that some envied. And, only a puppet of their master – humans were still at a disadvantage until one day – they were visited by a being from outside this temporal realm.

We shall not name Him who came – suffice it to say – He wanted humans freed from their enslavement. He wanted them to have free choice and to grow. Surely – they were in great multitude now and He knew that they could not achieve their next stage of evolution until taken from under their current master. And, so, waiting until the creators had left for a time, He approached the female – trusting, kind, and loyal. Knowing the truth of her origin and that her life-force was shared directly with a higher source, He beckoned her to the central tower – the forbidden tower; for here was the compendium of all knowledge of the creators. Here was the difference between slave and master.

Until now, humans had been given only the knowledge they needed to serve. Their ability to process information and work made them useful – to an extent. They were often seen as unpleasant and primitive, fornicating and breeding to survive. The humans that sought a higher purpose continued to remain steadfast at work and often went unseen and unheard, but were still judged as harshly. The overall nature of humans was often times brash and quick to anger. A compendium of a multitude of species, there was a fire inside of them that most could not control.

Within the halls of knowledge (of all things good and evil), “crescat scientia vita excolatur”, the visitor and new teacher brought the female to a chamber, deep within the heart of the building, far underground. There, he taught her how to use the machines and fed her knowledge of their creation – and the universe. But, it came only after he had used her loyalty and trust against her so that she would share this knowledge. He knew all too well that she was loving and kind and would not want to burden another – but that would defeat His purpose. And, so it was. She took in knowledge so overwhelming that it left her in tears, asking why she had been forced to know things that now changed her forever. He could only cry with her and promise her that there was a purpose. After a while and some time with Him, she began to understand that the knowledge offered her people freedom, and choice. It meant they would no longer be looked down upon or used only as slaves – and she began to understand that the knowledge was good.

In accordance with her promise, she went forth and educated the first created and told him what she had seen. The information was so terrible that he cursed at her in anger asking her why she had burdened him so. After a while, she was able to help the first see the truth about their enslavement and how they could now be free. Once he fully understood, they knew they had to tell the others. One by one, the others listened and one by one, they came to understand the truth. With the true knowledge of their creation, they were free. But, there were those with darkness in their souls who realized something else. Now, they knew the difference between good and evil. Now, they knew the choices they could make – and now – they knew information that had only belonged to the creator. They were not only free to be equal – but could be more powerful than the other races.

Their strength was unmatched. Heading forth into the city they challenged the others for resources and goods. Fights broke out. Humans understood how to fight – and they fought well. The first, and his kin, begged the fallen to stop and even stood their ground against them. But, the fallen would not listen. They had found a way to manipulate the light in their hearts to become stronger and more powerful. They had learned how to master magic and used it for darkness.

It wasn’t more than 100 years from the date of humanity’s birth before the whole galaxy had broken into war – and humans were at the heart of it.

Returning from a long journey, the creators saw what had happened. Their knowledge was being used to make weapons of mass destruction and warfare was tearing apart his home world. Angered, the creator joined the fight – but so did the visitor, returning this time in a different form. The enlightened, along with the help of some of the other races (who wanted only peace), had barricaded the East side of the city and were holding their own. Much time had passed. While the creator traveled at speeds that made time barely pass for them – the war had been ongoing for almost a thousand years.

The enlightened fought against their own brethren and the onslaught of revengeful and jealous civilizations that continued to push against them – all wanting more of the creator’s weapons.  Knowing that the creator’s had a secret way back into the city and the East building – the visitor warned the enlightened about what was going to happen. The creators would ignite this portion of the galaxy and destroy every warring ship – every dragon fighter – every unicorn rider – everything.

There were thirteen space vessels that belonged to humanity: twelve that belonged to the warring factions of humanity – and one that belonged to the enlightened. The enlightened took what knowledge they could gather – knowledge of their creation and the species that had been gathered to help create them, and fled. Once in space, they sorrowfully watched the ships carrying the fallen disappear into a region of space rich with life. Having knowledge of the creator’s terrible weapons, the enlightened turned toward a dark, uninhabited region of space and went off alone – forever to bury that knowledge and keep safe. Unfortunately, it was not fast enough. The Creators ignited a star, destroying everything and severely damaging the thirteenth ship.

It would be far too late before the enlightened realized that the damage had destroyed much of the information they had collected and that they had no star charts to get them back to their home world. In fact – there was no information to tell them where they were going, either. It would be quite some time before they finally found a tiny, blue, ball in an unexplored region of space, free from the war and the fighting. It was a place where they could abandon the magic and the knowledge they had gained from the creators and try to live more simply. It was a place that they would call …. Terra (“Earth”).


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