The Most Expensive Television Miniseries In History …

Did you know that the American Presidential Election cost billions of dollars – literally? From campaign donations to taxpayer dollars, every four years the citizens of America are drawn into drama, intrigue, stress, and chaos all for the election of a single President. Of course, with as important of an election as it is, there is some justification for all the hoopla, right?

Would you believe it if I told you, no?

Most people have become numb to the Presidential election. The issues all run together, the fighting becomes blended, and the amount of air time is staggering. But, why? Why are billions of dollars spent to advertise a Presidential candidate to the American public when … the American people don’t actually vote?

Now, don’t misunderstand – you fill in a little bubble on a piece of paper and turn it in to be counted; that is not the same as voting. Voting is the process whereby a group of people take a side on an issue in order to give preference to one side or the other. The American people do not vote for their President.

You see, America is not a ‘Democracy,’ whereby 51% of the populous decides the outcome of an event. America is supposedly a ‘Representative Democracy,’ whereby 51% of the elected officials cast their vote to decide the outcome of an event. This group of elected officials is called the electoral college – and supposedly, a few hundred people are speaking for 300 million. While the electoral college provides some balance amongst the population, there are arguments both for and against this system. And, technically, a Democracy cannot exist where elistism allows for the blockading of candidates. And, yes, the elected individuals in office do get to cast votes that blockade potential candidates (ie. primaries).

But, let’s not stop there.

America is not actually a ‘Representative Democracy.’ Because the elected officials do not always vote in favor of their constituents (to which I have yet to see an elected official actually ever be penalized for. For what? You know – for violating the terms of their office and literally violating the rights of every constituent they represent). In fact, there have been several races, going all the way back to the times of Abraham Lincoln in which the elected representatives chose to cast a vote for themselves.

This type of political system, shy of being called an Empire, has no real definition. The closest combination I could suggest would be a combination of militarism, empire, republic, and somewhere in there, a democracy. A “MiliEmpiRepocracy”!! But, to that end, I digress – back to the topic at hand:

So – billions of dollars and countless months of television viewing time, public events, radio, and printed media are filled with the ongoing drama between the candidates for President. And, the whole of America is sucked into it (well … almost a quarter of America based on the turnout for the last two elections). Money that could be donated to charitable organizations and provide invaluable services to tens of millions of needy people is instead, redirected to an election that is not really – an election. Instead, what you are getting from the media is known as “smoke and mirrors.” The election serves as a tool to mislead.

Doubt it? After all you’ve read – did you ask yourself “Why” they would do this?

Sure – there are several reasons for an election. One reason is because the well-to-do like the attention and the excitement: vanity. Another reason is because the media loves the ratings: greed. But, what is most significant about the election of the President ‘not’ being an election of the people, by the people, and for the people, is something much more disturbing.

The Presidential election is ‘representative’ of what life would be like in a Democracy.

The idea is simple: appease the masses. Every 4 years, launch a multi-billion dollar campaign, parade the candidates around, create some intense drama and chaos, and then count the votes. By forcing the American Public into a form of Civil-Politico-War, people are forcibly engaged and drawn away from the real issues at hand. The subtle happenings at the higher levels of government can go unnoticed. This is not conspiracy theory – because there’s no ‘conspiracy’. This is a very valuable tool. By maintaining an illusion, it maintains control.

But, you know why some of you are disagreeing with this argument right now? It’s not because you don’t know the truth – it’s because you don’t “want” to know. The fundamental principal that keeps people slaving away each and everyday in their jobs, answering to corporate America, is the happiness of ignorance. For example, look at how Obamacare was handled. Not one of you can remember agreeing to a healthcare system, whereby, you checked the box that said Americans could be penalized in their taxes and by prison if they don’t pay into expensive, insurance corporations. But, President Obama justified his stance on the bill by saying “The American People voted for it, and so it will stand.”

Did you vote on it?

You don’t even vote for your own President. Needless to say, that inclusion in the Obamacare system, is actually one of the greatest representations of the type of empirical assaults on freedom in the modern era. If you read the Declaration of Independence, you will see how the people of America were desperately trying to escape tyranny. Whatever politicians had their investment in the health insurance companies sure did appreciate your ignorance, though.

Again – some of you are upset. Why?

Of course, no one likes being called, stupid. But read this little article on “We the Stupid People.” And, then, you’ll see why politicians see you as nothing more than “stupid”. You can research it for yourself, but there are historical records of politicians stating that Americans are too stupid to vote and cannot be left on their own. While there may be some merit to this, I have yet to see a year go by with politicians who are not caught being corrupt, violating the law, stealing, cheating, and scamming the people they supposedly represent – since the mid 1800’s. I’m not sure that the people who thrive on corruption and deceit are more qualified than the body of the whole to handle our political infrastructure. But – as per the golden rule: He who has the gold, makes the rules. Because whomever has the most money, owns the most muscle.

Still not a believer?

Try this: don’t vote. What happens then? In fact, there is a huge issue right now with Representative Votes in the electoral college for states that have only a fraction of the voter turnout. How is that a vote by the populous? If everyone stopped voting tomorrow – there would still be a President elected to run the country. That’s a fact – and you can call your local State Representative and ask that question – and you’ll get that answer.

So, now we have confirmed that this is not … NOT … a conspiracy. The Presidential Election is, in fact, the MOST expensive television miniseries in the history of television. And, for the most part, it’s a really good one! There’s not one issue that isn’t tossed out there that doesn’t draw someone in to the chaos!

The solution? Well … that’s up to you.

(hint … the answer’s in the line above).



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