A Brief Commentary On Misrepresented Political Representation

As I’ve previously posted, America does not fall properly within the categories of Democracy, Republic, or Representative Democracy. And, by fall properly, I mean that it misses the target by – well – as far as you can get. This problem is caused by two, very fundamental, underlying causes: Mob Mentality, and Elitism.

Democracy itself, is not such a good thing. Even Benjamin Franklin was opposed to Democracy. Under a “pure” Democracy, the majority, rules. It goes like this: If 51% of the people vote against you – you lose. So, if 2 people vote to take away your car for themselves – you lose your car. If 151 million people vote for no taxes for themselves and increase the taxes on the 149 million – a large chunk of people are paying more to support the rest – unfairly. And so on, and so on. No pure Democracy will exist, especially as populations increase, that does not fall to chaos and eventually a more tyrannical form of government such as a dictatorship. To avoid this, the founding fathers adamantly tried to develop a “Republic,” but even Benjamin Franklin was skeptical on that fact (read here).

However, a Republic – whereby the people are represented by an elected official to represent their interests, is supposed to be a system that provides fair balance, considers the rights of individuals, and believes that its founding, constitutional precepts are unchangeable.

But hey – look at the Roman Republic. Once Rome’s acquisition of new lands began to really prosper, it didn’t take long for the elected officials to see what the real benefit of a Republic was for the greedy elite. Those elitists that promised the soldiers land and work upon retirement, that promised the people equal representation, and so on – withheld their promises, finding ways to subvert their own, founding laws. The elite few began to draw in the wealth of the land and convince the populous that is was for the good of the Republic. Those who know their history might remember a President by the name of Roosevelt, who … well … did the same, exact thing with the gold in America.

But, beyond the corruption, greed, and wealth of the rich, is the elitist law-making. When the minority are permitted to push the Republic with political, economic, and other influences – the Republic – fails (and we’re back to mob mentality – in reverse, as now the majority lose because of the minority, and additional enforcement measures meant to suppress the masses become necessary, aka, massive amounts of costly law enforcement). When those with power begin to make and pass laws without the people’s input (which has been happening … forever in America), the Republic, fails. And, when those with power pass their own agenda, hide laws within laws to trick one another and/or the masses a Republic fails.

All of this is “misrepresentation.” Misrepresentation is, in a word, dangerous. Take the recent law that provided for gay marriage. While the gay community has had every opportunity to form their own religion and pass their own laws and support their own ways – that’s not what they wanted. While couples – gay or straight – have lived together their whole lives in love and without marriage, passing a “law” from the minority onto the majority, is adamantly opposite of a Republic or a Democracy, and is defiant against the principals of a relationship that is strong in love and dedication without some “ring” – gay or straight.

The result? A fundamental breakdown in the system. You see, Systems Analysts don’t look at one part of any system and draw a conclusion. Our function is to examine the entire system, become familiar with every aspect of its function, and familiarize ourselves with those functions. When these portions of the body become ill, they take from the portions that are not and the poison spreads. No – that does not mean that gay marriage is poison (for the ignorant who just jumped into drama … sheesh). That means that not promoting a healthy body is poison.  Gay marriage – great for them – but the result: a hike in insurance rates.

Why? Because – cheaper healthcare by sharing costs as a family has been, for a very long time, one of the strongest, underlying purposes for gay couples to be married. Not once did the groups supporting this take into consideration the full ramification of their actions. Now, everyone is paying more for a healthcare system that the government forces this rule upon the masses (to which I cannot emphasize enough, that forcing people to pay into corporate wealth as part of a government law is … the very foundation of NOT a Republic, nor a Democracy, but a Tyranny, a Dictatorship, an Empire, etc.). Why? Because – greed doesn’t care about individuals – it cares about money.

It’s not only gay marriage – that’s merely a red herring. The list of events from minorities pushing political influence is loooong – reaching and the consequences are as equally severe. This brings us back to the problem of a Democracy – the majority, rules. When minorities go unrepresented, they will eventually raise their voices and fight back. If the politicians give in – this time – it may keep the minority from revolting, but what about the majority that just got slapped in the face? It’s a bad situation for politicians to be in because the truth is – self evident.

If the politicians can pass laws that control the costs caps of companies – the insurance companies, benefiting from government enforced enrollment, could have been controlled from day 1 (something they’re just now talking about doing). Equally, if the politicians make laws that forcibly change the policies of insurance companies (aka no pre-existing conditions), then they could have changed the laws that forbade discriminating against gay couples – married or not.

Think about that one.

That means – someone’s lying. Someone is playing a very dangerous game with the masses for their own, selfish gain. In other words, gay marriage could have used the same principals as the Universal Life Church, formed their own church, conducted their own weddings under their translation of the Bible, and “ta-da” – problem solved. Someone could have petitioned the government for nothing more than forcing a change to the health care companies against discriminating against couples, and “ta-da” – problem solved.

Misrepresentation of the truth is dangerous. Once the lying starts, and the game begins – there’s no stopping (as long as no one is willing to take accountability and accept punishment for their actions). And, the lies become so convoluted and twisted that eventually – no one even remembers what got us here in the first place.

The result – chaos. War. Suffering. And, who knows for how long? We already have idiots acting out against the system with violent acts – and it’s growing. (Idiots – because people who hurt innocent people for any reason, but especially selfish reasons – are inherently, idiots). With 2016 around the corner – before you take a side, before you take a stance, and before you pick a team – ask yourself: why are you being forced to pick a side in a free and liberated country? Why can’t all of the matters of the people be treated fairly and equally based on the needs of the people – and not the preference of the politicians? Which politician will stand forth and not say what side they take on an issue – but say that they take one side, which is the only side that counts – the side of the voices of the masses – with consideration and love and gentleness toward the needs of the minority?

Hard choices ….


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