Gender – Is it for you … or for someone else?

Is it wrong to be homosexual?

In a word – no.

In a planet that is overpopulated, homosexuality provides a long-term solution. Does that sound harsh? Maybe, but the fundamental principal of dual sexes is a Universal Constant, and harsh or not, the truth is still, the truth. It cannot be denied that without procreation, there would be extinction.  So, what are some reasons that people are homosexual? I can’t name them all … I can’t speak for those who are … but I can address what I see; for I stand on the edge of the Universe, at its very end, and simply observe …

Some people are homosexual because humanity has had a zero-state evolution in its self-preservation instincts . Unfortunately, survival of the fittest, something that was to be preserved for more primitive species, continues to permeate throughout supposedly higher intelligence creatures such as humans. In an evolved culture that could set aside differences and ban together for a greater rate of survival and health than we have now, humanity has done a terrible job. And, in doing so, those who are different and do not contribute to the stereotypes, are labeled “weak.” These labels perpetuate cultural values that come with words such as “homosexual.” Such words didn’t exist before – at least not as a derogatory label. But, labels allow us to categorize, rationalize, and idealize our values. Such behaviors lead to segregation, abuse, and condemnation of others.

So, in a zero-state evolution of self-preservation, men who like music and art, who don’t choose to fight, and who don’t feel a need to participate in the domination and condemnation of women, are labeled as weak, and in their fear of relationships and the forces that drive them away from acceptance, some eventually become, “homosexual.” Such a label is evidence of the mental instability of our modern culture (not all people, but most), more-so than it could ever be of those who are homosexual.

Some people are homosexual because nature has elected to utilize them as part of its population control measures. Here’s a fact: you are what you are. Changing some part of yourself in a way that you have to reach out to the world around you for approval of, is not change. Case in point: I can put on a robe and a pointy hat and run around all day yelling “wingardium leviosa;” but I’m not a wizard. That is not an extreme or derogatory example; it’s a fact. Need more proof: I can dye my hair blonde – but I am still not a blonde. Each of us have more than a hundred thousand years of DNA, with genetic memories, codes, evolution, and programming inside of us. Lopping off a phallic extension, does not, a woman make (and women should be offended that there are men who believe that the separation between sexes is that simple … especially after 100,000 years of a dominating and sinister attitude toward the opposite sex).

So, you feel like a woman. Let’s pretend it’s not because the culture around you labeled everything so repeatedly that it had to build labels to cover up labels (homosexual, metrosexual, etc. blah blah blah). And, let’s pretend that you weren’t improperly influenced by cultural stereotypes (such as pink = girl and blue = boy), to the point that your love of something wasn’t used to condemn you. Let’s pretend that you haven’t mistaken sex for love and that you haven’t failed to grasp that the act of sex, no matter who it’s with, is still sex and technically … you’re still acting non-homosexual, even if it’s with a partner of the same sex. And, let’s pretend that it’s not because you’ve lost touch with relationships and feel out of control to the point that you’ve gone an extreme direction to either satisfy a weakness needing to control, or a position in the drama triangle that allows you to live in self-persecution. You are still what you were born to be. It does not MATTER how you feel inside (I know – some of you don’t like that – but let me ‘splain a little later on, first). What matters is WHAT you are.

Life is a challenge. Whether or not you have a spiritual background or you’ve joined in the contradiction of atheism, life is … a CHALLENGE. But, sometimes, that challenge is unfair and the influences come too young, for the world’s youth to get a fair shot. But, that’s nature selecting you. In an over-populated world, with mutating DNA, and a continuously destructive dark side, nature needs to weed some people out. It’s not a matter of “feeling” different inside or “knowing” you’re not the gender you were born to be … because … that’s just stupid (since non-homosexuals don’t “know” the gender they were born to be and are also – just like everyone else – a combination of their environment and their chemistry). After all, how do you define “feeling” like you’re the opposite gender? Because of physical attraction? If that’s the case … please stay away from petting zoos. Is it because you like things that the opposite sex likes? Then … that’s not you – that’s society – and you need to put it into perspective and stop being a PUPPET. But – it doesn’t have to be those who feel a contradiction to their own gender that have to be nature’s bobo doll. In fact, learning to become strong is part of the secret that can make those folks the fittest who survive the test.

You see, some people become homosexual, or metrosexual, or other [insert stupid LABEL] sexual because of cultural failures and a lack of basic education. Some parents, for example, feel that letting their child “think for themselves” and be a “free spirit”, will “protect” them. And you will ALWAYS hear these parents say that it is to PROTECT their children. Why? Because the parents themselves, are weak. It takes strength to help a child build self-esteem. It takes courage to help a child suffer through the ups and downs and hurt right along with them. And, it takes fortitude to realize that you’re not “sacrificing,” by having children – but rather – you’re evolving into something greater than when you started. Protecting a child is teaching them to become STRONG. It is teaching them to accept themselves, encourage their experiences, helping them grow, and helping them to find a place in society where they can live without fear of judgment. THAT’S making a child STRONG.

Are kids too dumb to make their own decisions? NO. That’s rude. Children ARE too inexperienced to make their own decisions. Example: Not letting little Johnny put his hand on the stove is not a matter of a lack of intelligence. We know this – because after one or two times (hopefully), little Johnny will have developed the association between pain and touching the stove. And – they’ll stop. It’s that lack of experience and having done it previously though, that puts them in a bad position for making that decision. Parental guidance is, in fact, the advantage that replaces “survival of the fittest.” No longer do our children have to test their fingers against the hot stove because they have the guidance of a parent. But – no longer should our children suffer through feelings of gender differences because of society – because they have parents to teach them what love REALLY is.

But, to grasp love, I suppose, we have to grasp gender.

And, now we’re at the fundamental point of this discussion. What is gender? Gender is a label. It categorizes who we are, forces what we wear, is adapted by what we see, manipulated by greed, and abused by the deviant. Is it wrong for a man to wear a skirt (NOT “women’s clothing” … a SKIRT!!). NO. Why? The Scottish are some of the “manliest” and strongest men in history – and they wear skirts to keep the sweating down. Is it feminine to wear make up and jewelry? Ask an African tribal warrior with a bone through his nose and colored make up on his face, amidst the hunt, one on one, with some of the world’s deadliest creatures. His “make-up” isn’t feminine … and you’d be stupid to say this to his face … especially unarmed!

The problem is acceptance. Everyone wants to be accepted. But, no one – and I do mean almost NO ONE – believes they can be accepted for who they are. It’s not an option. We’ve allowed corporations to infiltrate our society with manipulative advertising designed to make or break people. Watch 24 hours of television – on almost ANY channel with commercials. What will you see? Butt-lifts, face-lifts, tummy-lifts, teeth-whiteners, hair-regrowers, nail polishers, youth-restorers, and sexy people, wearing and driving sexy “things.”

But – you’re not a “thing.”

You’re not a machine.

You’re not … an animal.

You are alive. You breathe. You feel. You cry. You laugh. You desire. And … you hurt. You are human. The universal design for human has many, many flaws that could take a life-time of analysis. But, the biggest flaw, is denying who you are. What if, tomorrow, we taught our children that sex does NOT equal love, and, whatever they felt physically, should not intervene in their relationships – could they love without fearing some cross-gender screw up because now, they’re not being judged? What if, tomorrow, everyone was bald – then who would be handsome? What if, tomorrow, everyone lost their teeth – then whose pearly whites would dominate the air waves?

What if … today … we stopped labeling people with anything except the one, and only label, that matters: homo sapien? Humans “could be” great, if they wanted to be. Humans could be “amazing”, if they wanted to be. So, when the media glorifies the outrageous and labels them as beautiful – turn it off. When someone has to put out there that they’re changing their gender because inside, they don’t accept it and are outwardly seeking approval – turn them away. When someone wants you to be tough … or sensitive … or “this” or “that”, in order to fit a “mold,” – shut them out.

Because, when you look in the mirror, you’ll see your skin color. It won’t matter what color it is – because it’s yours. You’ll see your hair color (or lack of hair), and it won’t matter, because it’s what genetics has selected. You’ll see yourself, without make-up, without jewelry, and without a mask. No – you are NOT beautiful. Why? Beautiful … is a label. You are you. Why do you want to be beautiful? For acceptance? If you could change everything about yourself tomorrow and found yourself swamped with friends …

You’ll never know what it was like to have friends. Because none of them liked “you.” They liked … who you became when you changed. So, don’t show yourself off because you think you need to be outrageous. Dress to be comfortable. Dress to be conservative. People should like you for who you are. Sure – it might feel like they don’t.

But … is that really the case? Or, are you just falling prey to the social manipulation that tells you they don’t? Are the others who have decided to make a change, just like you, just hard to find still because they, too, are a little .. .scared? Maybe you need to give them a chance. Because honestly – the most “sexy” person, is only as “sexy” as their personality. And, if their personality sucks … well … they don’t make make-up or jewelry for that (except a gag … that’s a GREAT piece of jewelry in those cases!)!

So … be you. If you’re a boy, be a boy. If you’re a girl, be a girl. If you’re still unsure of your feelings … that means you’re still GROWING UP! Give it a chance because life is HARD and your job is to become STRONG! Society is pushing you to make decisions now, and if you do, you’re neither a boy or a girl – you’re just a monkey (because you did what you were ordered to do for that lousy banana of momentary attention they gave you).

Sadly, in the end, nothing written here, matters. Because, you already know the truth. It’s inside of you. You just have to find it. …

So …

Forget all you know,

or think you know.

Abandon power,

and enforced decree.

Inward, where the deepest rivers flow …

find the currents, of eternity.

— Willow 🙂


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