A letter from the people to Sony: When big business makes big pieces of trash.

Dear Sony,

After watching a very low income family spend $600 to purchase your cameras, video (such as the HDR-CX240) and cyber shot (such as the DCS-W810), there are a few, choice words that the people of Earth would like to share with you …

#1. [I will leave this out because it’s full of too many expletives and suggestions on what and how much the folks at Sony might be sucking]

#2. [I will also leave this out because it’s a very extensively long repeat of the same themes from #1, including descriptions on the many, many terrible things people would like to see happen to you that would result in painfully long and excruciating suffering]

#3. When the world has been utilizing video cameras for webcams and/or with their computers for … at least 20 years, building cameras that do not successfully incorporate this function and/or not include basic cables and software to incorporate this function is, at best, an outrageously self-degrading act of greed. While you sit in your luxurious, executive chairs laughing snobbishly at the people who were foolish enough to believe that the name Sony was synonymous with video and audio … you really look like nothing more than pigs wallowing in mud (dictated, not read. The management).

#4. When you build cameras that sell for HUNDREDS of dollars and you differentiate simple features such as projection functions, with no other function, by a hundred dollars or so more … that’s a pathetic sign of desperation … or greed (but that’s a fine line either way).

#5. When you build cameras that sell for HUNDREDS of dollars, and you advertise functions such as “external microphone,” but never did get that mysterious ‘multi’ port to work and nobody in your entire organization knows exactly what it does – an apology saying ‘sorry, we don’t know how to make it work or what that does,’ is NOT AN APOLOGY nor is it sufficient. What would have been sufficient – for starters – is to fall to your knees and beg for forgiveness from every man, woman, and child who opened up their Christmas present, from someone who spent all they had in the world for someone they loved, only to find that they opened a great big pile of poop (that, in addition, had none of the add-on accessories that you didn’t bother to include because you wanted to nickel and dime the masses). This apology should have been immediately followed up by A) A refund in the sum of whatever cost the next camera up is from a different manufaturer, or B) a WORKING DEVICE – shipped overnight and for FREE.

#6. [I will leave this out as well, since its direction for Sony to quit rolling out jobs to overworked, slave-labor children in third world countries and back into factories where there is quality control because that’s less of a statement on the quality of their products and more of the company itself].

#7. When you, and companies like HTC or Samsung, build devices with advanced technology but software written by 4 years-olds, you are neglecting your customers. Cameras have been adjustable since almost day 1. To make software with very poor settings and functionality (which would require no more than a single PLC chip on one of the internal motherboard), is cheating consumers. If you purchased a vehicle with all the features, but the steering wheel was missing, you would be livid.

Sony – you, like so many other over-priced corporations (with low quality products), have lost touch with what made you what you are today. You were not made big simply because you duped a large group of people over and over again, banking on a growing population to finance a greedy, fledgling, and frankly, embarrassing line of equipment. You were also not made big because every so often, you release something that works just enough to make one or two people, happy. Sony was made big for 2 reasons: 1) People, and 2) Innovation.

Today, you’re so busy finding ways to cheat a penny here or a pound there, that you’ve lost touch with what gave your devices big price tags. The price tags have not come down but the quality has dropped the bar so low that there’s nowhere deep enough on the planet for that bar to reside any longer. Your competition undercuts you in price and quality even though you pinch every penny because you’re too busy feeding the fat bellies of the pigs wallowing in mud rather than investing in your products. You steal and mislead the masses and have no remorse … which will only end one way.

There are very few rants on this website as rants are typically unproductive. But, every once in a while, there comes a time when the people must speak up. To the world as a whole – this trend will continue amongst large corporations like Sony until you take a stand. You are not helpless or without power. In fact, it was your power that made Sony strong, and it is your power that can take it away.

The power of money.

Stop buying everything with their name on it. Share with your friends and family that you’ve stopped. Speak proudly in general locations that you’ve stopped. Refuse to shop anywhere that carries their products. It has to start somewhere – and that somewhere is you.

If just 50,000 people stopped buying Sony products and shopping in stores that carry their products, today, that could be a substantial impact on the company’s bottom line. And, with each impact, the stores that carry their brands are impacted, increasing the pressure on Sony to change, or quit. With each percentage, investors back out of their stocks and that’s an even greater impact on the company. Within 1 year’s time, if no one was buying Sony or shopping anywhere that carried their products – Sony could physically disappear.

It sounds harsh, but so is selling defective and garbage equipment to hard-working consumers. Soon, other companies will come to fear the masses and start putting their money where their mouth is. On the other hand, Sony could wise up after a month of zero sales and thousands of stores threatening to end all of their orders and start making products that are worthwhile.

Either way, Sony, you owe a lot of families refunds for the garbage you sold them. Think about it very carefully …. spend money to keep your customers happy and make up for your mistakes so they start buying more or continue to horde wealth and build up your empire of trash. Spend money to make good products that generate more income or continue to make garbage and cheat people till they cut you off and you fail (no one is ever too big to fail). It really is a no-brainer.


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