The Dark Age of America – A Modern Look at the Decline of Society

The dark ages – a term used to classify the period of time between the fall of the Roman Empire until the resurgence of a thriving culture. The dark ages separate periods of enlightenment, scientific advances, and vast improvements to the lives and culture of people living at that time. The most infamous recorded use of a ‘dark age’ is currently reserved for the period of time, across Europe, after the fall of Rome. As Rome’s influence had spread far and wide, its declination impacted most of the known world. A lack of written records, societal collapses, war, and a substantial drop in humanity’s evolution are truly, some of the most fundamental contributors to the term. And, while some portions of society prospered, this did not outweigh the downward spiral that affected everyone else. It is therefore, a possibility, that America entered into, and has been in, the dark ages, for the last 10+ years. This article will explore the conditions in America that are contributing to this possible reclassification of the current era.

First, we must remember, that classification of this era will be finalized by the historians who come long after our existence. What they look back and see will determine their decision. They will base their conclusions on what came before, during, and after this period. And, while we cannot see into the future, we have the foresight and historical context upon which to draw, in order to make some very substantial, and alarming, predictions.

America, since its inception, has been fraught with corruption, greed, human indignity, deception, war, and murder. The rich have become richer while the poor have suffered. The Declaration of Independence has been cast into the abyss of of human ignorance and forgotten while the Constitution has been rewritten and redefined until it is no longer what it was designed to be. However, this does not necessarily outweigh the tremendous advances made since the first settlers came to the new world. From America’s first days, freedoms not previously considered possible have become a reality. Libraries and education systems advanced. Advances in health have improved the overall lives of billions world-wide. In sum, America contributed significantly to the world as a whole with its philosophies, ideals, romanticism, knowledge, and strength.

One could argue against these factors given the state of the nation, today. Yet, the Roman Empire, also encumbered by abuses initiated by the wealthy, rich, and politically powerful, also had its ups and downs. Julius Caesar dissolved a corrupt Senate and leadership, taking political and military control over the Empire. It wasn’t until the fall that some, like Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (Caligula), brought forth the level of tyranny, mental disorder, and deviancy that has started to become pervasive in the Americas today. The plagues of the early dark ages have been replaced by the plagues of addictions, weight, and obsessive compulsive disorders with cell phones and other electronics. The daily abuse, rape, incest, and mistreatment of one another, although continuing without hesitation, has expanded into social media and become an accepted condition of this culture.

Human beings have segregated themselves with machines. One of the drawbacks of the loss of the Roman Empire was the weak authority to protect the roads and the people. Segregation and separation became more prevalent. While America has already had a period of segregation, it wasn’t new – just a balance forward from the generations that already were. The segregation today has risen from an already, higher-state of conscious awareness and is therefore, a decline. Whether it is racial groups trying to segregate and identify themselves, socio-sexual identification and separation (including special treatment and combativeness with others), or a list of the Fortune 500 that distinguishes people as idols – segregation is overwhelmingly prevalent.

The question about whether or not there is recorded text to give details as to what has been going on for the last 20 years – may not be so difficult to answer. With politically motivated efforts to alter text, albeit ongoing for a very long time, with the advancement of the internet and the epic scale of communications, there’s no doubt that the future will see the skewed misinformation (such as removing “In God We Trust” from books and buildings”) and classify it as unreliable. The everyday thoughts of the people hold little context (much like this article), and will be easily dismissed. Worse – should there be a time when electronic information is lost, the lack of written record will be astounding. If we were to consider the lack of information and/or skewed information to be a defining point of a dark age, then we could go back to World War II and earlier, with hidden projects (such as the Stealth Bomber), and a denial of readily available knowledge.

In the last many years, America has cut off its space program. The education system has declined to a point that it cannot be recovered without restructuring of the entire program. Individual people have become defensive, protective, and combative to the point of their own, or their progeny’s, destruction. A period of history with a political power struggle that has become combative between the Executive branches will be related to the final days of the Roman Empire. The media has extended its influence to overwhelm the youth and lead the masses. Unfortunately, the media has done so with a level of irresponsibility rarely seen in all of human history. Influencing the degradation of religious values, the destruction of families and family values, the decline of moral values, and the popularization of hatred, crime, violence, and sex, is beyond any attack on human beings during any world war. More people have been influenced, pushed around, torn asunder, and mentally and emotionally spurned than even the prisoners of concentration camps during World War II.

The world sits in a state of extreme aggravation, and America has been a significant contributor with its ongoing declination. The political system has not improved in favor of the people. The prisons are filling up. The masses are rebelling violently. If there was any point in America’s history that hsd become truly dark, this is it. The people of this country are a culmination of 250 years worth of generations that are truly, “American,” and can now be defined by their own actions and thoughts in the new world, not their ancestors. The advances made culturally have begun to decline with an increase of mental illness being accepted as the common place norm, and deviancy a “way of life.”

Will there be an age of enlightenment to follow this one? One can only hope. While this article only briefly touched on the contributing factors, it would take a far more comprehensive and exhaustive evaluation (that again, could only be done in its entirety by future generations). The hypothesis, presented herein, is done so to only raise the question and inspire the masses to look at themselves and make the prediction so that they can make better choices for the future. Will future generations look back on America and think of the days you are currently living as a “Dark Age?” Look around and ask yourself that question throughout the next week – and you, too – may see the truth for yourself.


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