Adam Ruins Everything – but … why?

TruTV has launched an incredible new show: “Adam Ruins Everything.” This is turning out to be a hilarious new series that’s educational and excessively fun. Not everyone will enjoy Adam Conover’s form of humor, although the format of the show is incredibly well done. Even during the first two episodes, the show already set the stage, demonstrating that it will dispel myths and provide education on the very serious and very real problems with our world. No one is exempt: companies, individuals, government, and others. And, while I highly recommend that each and every individual in the U.S. takes the time to actually watch the show (in order to help elevate the sheep to a higher level of existence), the title does present a quandary: Just how does knowledge ruin everything?


In a single word, that’s the answer. People like to live in ignorance. Why? Because the truth makes you accountable. It’s actually a very sad state of affairs to live in a world that actually accepts the apocalypse as an eventual fact. One might think that the concern of a world-wide disaster would motivate people to action – but it’s just the opposite. Reality isn’t easy – and that’s all there is to it. Politics and the media spend billions telling us how much we should be caring about the planet, but if you were to find out why the planet is in a state of despair – you would have to accept that it’s the fault of people. Our constantly allowing waste, abuse, and other horrors, has lead to the point that the state of the planet Earth is truly sad.

Overcoming these issues would take time, sacrifice, and work. People don’t want that. People don’t want to see the truth of their own world and accept that they’ve been responsible for all of the ongoing problems. But – it’s okay.

People can change.

Accepting the truth is always the first step to recovery. So – watch the show – see what’s really going on around you – and start to make a change.

Or … don’t. It’s said that “ignorance is bliss.” But, the one question you might want to at least ask yourself is: who said it? If it’s the people who benefit from your ignorance … then perhaps … it’s not so blissful after all.

Reality’s an illusion, the Universe is a Hologram, buy gold!”


4 thoughts on “Adam Ruins Everything – but … why?

    1. Thank you for the feedback. I read your article and while I believe you have many, valid points, there are few issues upon which we, “The People,” should be careful and quite informed about. For example, the commentary about our founding fathers acting the way they did was not a misnomer. I was aware of this information long before watching Mr. Conover’s show. While I could write an entire article on this, citing multitudes of historical contexts from America’s leaders (including blatant quotes saying that letting the “people” make the decision is dangerous because Congress has always viewed the people as “ignorant”), this is historical context people can research for themselves. I have already written articles about why America is not as free as it appears and why voting is a “potentially” skewed topic. As for other topics, such as vitamins, I would never contest that vitamins have a beneficial value. Frankly, the only real issues are 1) Why the FDA will not get involved with vitamin approval (which is, I might add, very intriguing), and 2) Why vitamins are so high priced (something that you may be interested in looking up). Like you, I am not convinced (after watching a whole season), that the show does not have some corporate/other motivations (especially since we all know that a television show will only exist with corporate advertisements!!). For example, his address on hygiene did not cover anything in the “deodorant” category, but if you knew what was in deodorant, you might think twice about using it; the same goes for flouride and toothpaste (and I do try to substantiate everything I say with at least one, if not more, references for folks to read, after weeding through thousands of them myself and consulting experts in the field). Heck, for that matter, mandatory voting is also a blot on the People’s rights. What I can tell you is this: I have been on both sides of the spectrum of some of these things that Mr. Conover is presenting, and there are some very important issues that the people should be made aware of. Even if Adam Ruins Everything is not correct in its entirety or presented with a 100% unbiased view, it’s good to question the “norm” (that is to say, only in my humble opinion – having been one who never questioned things and then found out the consequences of going too far – which is another reason I appreciate someone else out there telling the truth – because then I don’t have to suffer the very real consequences that exposing individuals and corporations can cause beyond what I has happened). The reason I said that people should watch the show (with an emphasis on the youth), was to say: people should think. In every article I’ve written, I’ve tried to propose one idea: “Think for yourself” (which is something you do well in the article you wrote – so thank you for including that reference). But, to your article, I would add: go out and research. Go out and read more.There are some things in our world that are REALLY messed up (like your discussion on Pepsi), and “not” knowing that information is not only dis-empowering people to be unable to make a decision, but it could physically be harming people. In the end – I am REALLY glad you feel differently about the show. Without contrasting opinions (and the willingness to express them), there would be nothing to motivate people to go out and learn more for themselves. Thanks again!

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      1. Being one who has the utmost faith in humanity and believing that individuals can make decisions that further mankind and the Liberties we are blessed with, some will say, is “wishful” thinking. (I’d like to place you in the same category based on your response but it’s not my call to make.) To question the status quo and the limitations of authority is paramount to our survial as a society; however, to ask the questions that are given to us is far from critical thinking and autonomous decision making. Because of this and the arguments I put forth, it worries me that the youth, or any susceptible individual, we cling to the show’s “rebelious” nature and follow suit with anything Adam may present. I’m grateful individuals such as yourself have a bit of skepticism and intrigue when watching the show, but the idea, which you presented about not wanting to be accountable, holds true when watching the show. Most individuals who watch the show, in my opinion, do not research the information presented and therein lies my concern.And truth be told, I am concerned because five years ago I was the individaul, the unquestionable follower who would hold Adam’s argument without my due diligence to it. The faith and trust I would have had in him then (5 years ago) would have been based off the idea of someone looking out for me. You know, protecting me by filling me in on how I was manipulated and lied to.Today I understand that NO ONE can protect me other than myself and my protection comes through knowledge found not fed. Thanks for the reply

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