Planetary Entry – Into the Eye of the Storm

Since the first days that humans looked up to the stars, they have been curious about the universe around them. After the discovery of the planets, scientists were eager to discover more and more about each and every planet and thus, we have been sending satellites to investigate the various planets around us. Unfortunately, one planet in particular has been troublesome: Jupiter. The violent storm surrounding the planet quickly destroys anything entering into it.


But, there’s a theory that the storm surrounding Jupiter has a center known as the, “Eye of the Storm.” On Earth, this phenomenon is a point of some tranquility where the storm’s rage is contained. Scientists have continued to push the theory that Jupiter is a gas-planet while many of us, myself included, rebut that theory based on a lack of evidence (among other factors – see my other post on this topic for more information). And, in order to recently dispose of a nuclear satellite, science (much to my horrified dismay), “disposed” of a satellite into Jupiter’s violent storms.

If, in fact, Jupiter is a gas planet, there is another, more convenient way to put this theory to rest. The next time satellite disposal is needed, continue to keep the satellite operational and sending feedback, directly into the eye of the storm. If there’s a single point on Jupiter that would make it possible to pass through the storm – it would be the storm’s eye. And, why not? Is NASA afraid of losing the argument? Does it MATTER?

Of course, I am adamantly opposed of disposing a radioactive device into the atmosphere of another planet. NASA has already adopted this as an acceptable practice (no … really … they disposed of a highly radioactive, nuclear-explosive, satellite in Jupiter’s atmosphere). Let’s just be glad the rest of the Universe doesn’t use Earth like a trash compactor. Of course, when the intergalactic officials find out – hopefully those responsible will step forward and take their punishment. Meanwhile, NASA is planning on doing it – AGAIN. YES … AGAIN (read here).

So, unless we find a good way to put scientists in their place and get them to stop destroying our Solar System (including our own planet), I pose a challenge to NASA: Send the next one into the eye of the storm. Track it as far as we can and launch it as fast as we can … and there may be a chance to see more of what’s going on in the Giant Planet’s storm. Spread it around. Facebook it. Tweet it. And, challenge NASA – send them an invite to read this and see if they can provide substantial evidence as to why they wouldn’t. After all … the worse that can happen: the Truth.

I see now that the circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.”


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