Marketing … Stupid? Misplaced Ads Mean Wasted Dollars And Higher Prices.


The cost of products is driven by many factors – one of those is the cost of advertising. For example, using celebrities to market a product raises the cost of goods and ultimately raises the retail price. Not only do businesses have an obligation to their own bottom line, but to consumers, to be intelligent with how they market. The typical rule of thumb is that 1/3 of all cost should be dedicated to advertising. But, what has historically been a very strategically calculated formula designed to increase profit has been dumped in the garbage and replaced with a new form of marketing: spam. Spam has not only ruined the marketing industry, but invaded our homes, contributed to the obnoxiousness of the internet, and brought about a pricing increase that has been harmful to the economy.

When Pepsi brought Michael Jackson on board for its advertising – their income soared. It was a brilliantly, strategic maneuver.  It attracted new generations and new consumers to an otherwise disgusting product filled with ingredients not meant to be consumed by living beings. Toyota, Chevrolet, Ford, and other car manufacturers have perfected the art of selling their vehicles based solely on status symbols, utilizing sex as a replacement for … anything to do with their cars! Vehicles that are recalled and produced cheaply are sold for tens of thousands based solely on brand!

Marketing has been effective in convincing hundreds of millions of people to rinse their teeth with floor cleaner (Listerine), deodorize with coolant, and and wear torn up clothes because celebrities told them to. And, while marketing has been the key element in turning the already corrupt corporate infrastructure of America into complete garbage – it seems that companies have completely lost touch with reality, marketing where … frankly … it’s worthless! And, where does this come from? Email spammers learned from advertising spammers using the postal service, filling our mailboxes with junk! Now, it’s our e-mail boxes that are filled with junk. And, because of the unlucky folks who were not technically savvy enough to know they were being manipulated (or didn’t care) – companies have brought that spam mentality into mainstream and online media!


For example, anyone who has watched ANY television in America, has seen the ads from Progressive Insurance. Flo has brought laughter to the entire nation with her bright smile and funny nuances – whilst saying nothing about insurance. Progressive’s commercials play all day long – everyday – and seemingly on every channel. Saturday morning, on Cartoon Network, during the middle of cartoons designed for and watched by elementary-school aged children, Progressive comes into your homes and sits down with your children, convincing them to buy car insurance.


Anyone who has played any game on Android is all too familiar with the never-ending blast of ads for games, movies, vehicles, and more! Rovio Entertainment has mastered the art of annoying the living heck out of even the most patient of creatures by interrupting on a non-stop, ongoing basis. And, every ad brings money to the company broadcasting the ads. Youtube has gone from a free-video upload site to a non-stop commercial (where only those advertisers who pay more get to interrupt you with ads that can’t be skipped). This explains how Rovio, Facebook, and other online and/or game companies have made billions. And, what are they advertising? ANYTHING.


Recently, taking its lead from Game of War (with celebrity hotties influencing gaming geeks unfairly), the game Mobile Strike, by Epic War, LLC, has brought in Arnold Schwartzenegger to sell their Android game – because … Arnold’s cool, and ‘sheeple’ are gullible. The result – more kids dishing out theirs (or mom and dad’s) money, for a game that just isn’t that good in the first place.

Sure – invasive and technically illegal advertising spam bots like Akamai, and other more legal ones like Google Analytics are supposed to cater advertisements based on your online behaviors – but beyond the terrifyingly intrusive nature of these systems – they don’t work. How do we know? Because everyone is receiving unwanted advertisements every time they use the internet, through their email, and on their television. After all – do you really need to know how to fill your bald spot, have sparkling white teeth, dose yourself with antidepressants, counter your erectile dysfunction, or buy insurance from a Gecko?


Okay – maybe some of you do. But, the range of ads, their location and placement, and their frequency, is completely out of line. Worse, it’s a waste of money. And, the more money that’s wasted – the higher the product costs become. Not only are these ads a nuisance that take away from your ability to enjoy the services you’re using, but it then raises the prices of products and is a drain on your wallet. Frankly, even I would be willing to pay Youtube $4 a year just to have an ad-free system (and who knows – that may be what they’re trying to force). After all, with a few hundred million users per year – they would still be making billions and [we], the viewing audience, could actually enjoy our experience.

Unfortunately, the solution comes back down to the same argument I’ve been making over and over again – if you want to regain your freedom and privileges, you’ll have to make your point financially. Every ad that blasts you – take a moment to blast back: “Dear advertiser, because you won’t quit pestering me – I won’t play this game, watch this channel, or buy your product. Thanks.”


If 3 or 4 million of you can do that – maybe Flo can sell car insurance to adults … where it belongs! We will no longer be put in the awkward position of explaining erectile dysfunction to the children who just saw the commercial half-way through their cartoon, and, the advertisers who rely on spam will know what it feels like to be spammed back!

Remember, it’s your world and your destiny – take control!

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