A Single Moment in History Decided with the Flip of a Coin

There is a resounding moment in history, when all fall silent, screaming at the deafening explosion of absolute quietness, in which decisions are made, whether or not they be good or evil. For a single moment, the whole of history occurs, causing us to march in decadent form, resolved against our will at the events which unfold around us.

Then, there are moments in history in which the whole span of humanity, the sacrifice, the tyranny, the murderous rampages, and the entire civilization’s struggles against the omnipotent cosmic machine come grinding to a halt and what has been – is lost.

John Adam’s wrote:

No determinations are carried, it is true, in a simple or representative democracy, but by consent of the majority of the people or their representatives. If our author had required unanimity in every vote, resolve, and law, in that case no determination could be carried but by consent of the people. …

If the majority then, must govern and consequently often near half, and almost always a party, must be governed against their consent, it is the majority only who will remain secure out of the reach of tyranny, and free from the arbitrary disposition of any commanding power. The minority, on the contrary, will be constantly within the reach of tyranny …

The entire founding of America can be simplified into a single, simple principal: end tyranny. Tyranny comes in many names, in many forms, and is always met with the cries and pains of those it enslaves. When one person – a single individual – utilizes their influence and power to summon the hordes of darkness that govern over tyrannical abuse of the people – that person is …. not so good.

The Constitution, an article written to defend the people in the event the “Representatives” of the people, utilize their powers abusively, is an unchangeable document. Representation is a well defined term. It does not lack in meaning, it is not vague in value, and it does not deceive in purpose. To represent is to forgo the wills and desires of ones’ self in order to act in a way that reflects the desires of those whom you have the duty, and the privilege, of acting for.

The coin toss in lieu of a vote, an act in direct defiance of the Constitution, was committed in the year 2016, in the State of Iowa, in the country of America. I know what you’re thinking: the preliminaries are not represented in the Constitution. But, to this extent, you would be incorrect. On its face value, selection of a candidate (the primaries) may have been at one time, decided upon by a group of individuals who claim superiority and privilege over the masses to hold an internal campaign upon which to elevate one of their own. But, this was wrong. The selection of a candidate should have always been that of the people, guarded over by a voting majority.

Why? Because it is tantamount to the Office of the President of the United States of America: An office of absolute representation, not of a few, or a State, but of an entire Nation. In the event of a tie, or a lack of voters, the Constitution has been clear:

…and if there be more than one who have such Majority, and have an equal Number of Votes, the the House of Representatives shall immediately choose ….

While this line was reserved for the Presidency, it is clear that there has always been a known possibility that there could be a tie. And, it was the intention of the founding fathers, and further ratifiers of the Constitution, that in the event of such a tie that it should not be left to chance, but to the people in the manner set forth by a Representative government.

Still not convinced?

It is the God-Given (as per the divine rights of the founding fathers of America), right for any individual to choose, in a democracy, whether to select one or another option, or abstain from both. To fill in for any individual, whether by presumption of their vote by a Representative, or worse, by an act of arbitrary events that in no way bear the capacity of “representing” the desires, feelings, thoughts, or decisions of a human being (as a human being is a complex machine and all these factors must be accounted for), is an act criminal to the purpose of the entirety of the Constitution: Democracy.

It is clear, in the Constitution, that there may be times when there are missing voters:

“...and if no Person have a Majority, then from the five highest on the List the said House shall in like Manner choose …

Yes, again – this was for the President. How is that any different from the primaries? This is not a matter of deciding to use a yellow or blue background in a book. This is not as simple as to whether or not a name should be one or the other. This is not anything short – of the representation of the entire nation, over 350 million (think about that … THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION), people. This is a decision that affects the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people. This is a decision that could make the difference between whether or not the Country goes to war, risking the lives of millions of young men and women, or not. This is a decision that could cause the collapse of an entire economy, devastating the world.

That is not, inherently by the nature of “chance”, an appropriate ‘coin-flip’ decision.

Unfortunately, this type of debauchery occurs all too often, and people do or say little about it. To the powers that be, it is clear that the sufficiency of a coin toss is tantamount to a game for them. Their level of sincerity and dedication to the office of representative is failed in its inception. Worse, a candidate who has already engaged in activity that even brings about an investigation into acts of treason against the country she’s trying to represent, is engaging in this disastrous game of chance over the lives of HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE. Even worse is a candidate whose skill and knowledge, having earned him respect and admiration, has abandoned the fundamental principals of protecting the voting rights of American citizens.

It is a citizens’ right to abstain. It is a citizens’ right to vote for no one. To force that vote, is a violation of the Declaration of Independence (countering tyranny), and a violation of the Constitution (protecting the individuality that governs Democracy). It was a crime when the voting public, who bear a responsibility and duty, to not impeach the woman who acted in a way that even prompted an investigation into the breach of top-secret emails, an act of treason. In a time when the current Administration has utilized deceptive techniques to undermine the protection that the Constitution provides its people, increasing the Executive powers of an office over that of the Congress, the people of America should be ashamed and afraid. For the candidates in this campaign, to utilize their power to override the votes of the people, substantiates their behavior and future willingness to act as their predecessor and continue to undermine the Constitution.

It is disgraceful for any State to permit voter fraud and violate the security of the people by abusing their power and not adhering to a system of fair Democracy and the right to vote, when they were entrusted with these tasks by the people through their Representatives. It fundamentally undermines any faith that can be had in the State’s willingness to run an honest and fair campaign when it comes time to elect the President.

The act of flipping a coin, regardless of the circumstances, is a dangerously tyrannical act that has brought forth the armies of darkness to crush the people underfoot. No individual who willingly participates in such an act for such an important decision should be permitted to continue in their endeavors of office, should be impeached from any current office, and should be forbidden to run for any office of representative, ever again.

Still think it’s not a big issue:

If the question comes: “Will we push the big red button,” and murder billions – will a coin flip work for you? (another, “BIG” issue)

If the question comes: “Do we enter into war and draft the youth and the old of this country, knowingly sending them to their deaths,” – will you leave your fate to that of a coin flip? (another, “BIG” issue)

Think your job’s not important? What about your house? Your family? Would you leave such big decisions even about the things in your home and family , to someone else flipping the coin for you?

Bringing it more to home, if the question came, would you drive to work today, or allow your three year old to drive to work today, would you be okay with a coin flip? I know – we’re not talking about driving a car, just selecting which candidate can and cannot run for President. But, when they’re in charge, they will make decisions that could make or break your everyday life – so really – it’s not that much different. It doesn’t matter which side you take, Republican or Democrat, this should be made an example of so that it does not ever … EVER … occur again. More to the point … one of those candidates is the wife of a previous President and has NO excuse for her actions – NONE. She KNOWS the rules.

I’m sorry to those who may ever read this. I hate the political drama game … because that’s ALL it is. There are so many topics I would cover if I wasn’t aware of what the consequences to me would be. However, this is one topic that’s fair game and yet, the importance of acting on this cannot be overemphasized. So, I’ve included it (but promise to refrain insomuch as possible from discussing politics).

You have power to stop this – now. Primary Candidate voting power (unless it’s stolen from you for a coin flip), power to not vote for your Representatives under the threat that they not let these things happen, and impeachment by lobbying your representatives. There are big issues in this world – and this is a big one.

This year, let’s fire ’em all …. vote for nobody!



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