Is it Better to Save Thousands of Jobs and a Global Economy, or Say Goodbye to the Oregon Spotted Frog?

Today’s question: Is it better to save thousands of jobs and help protect a global economy, or let an already endangered species loose one more habitat?


The Oregon Spotted Frog is a cute, little amphibian stretching only a few inches long. And, there used to be lots more of them, including in California – but those are gone now. No – no environmental groups came forward to save them then. That’s not how these groups operate. Only once a species appears like it’s going extinct do groups like the Center for Biological Diversity step in and care. They use tactics like lawsuits to threaten to stop the irrigation waters to thousands of farmers, destroying their lives, endangering a community, forcing schools to rezone and potentially shut down, killing off an economy, and impacting food supply and economics on a global scale.

And, that’s how you get things done when you care about fr…. okay … forget the sarcasm, the truth is: that’s how you get things done when you care about one thing and one thing only: yourself.

No one wants to see a species go extinct. I wonder if the 900,000 volunteers with the Center for Biological Diversity would be willing to go to Africa and physically stop the poachers to protect tusked elephants? I wonder if they would be willing to give the volunteer time to the wildlife preserves (that have run out of money), to keep it running full time, to keep tigers alive?

I wonder if the space being taken up by NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE, and the $2.7 MILLION DOLLARS in grants (for those counting, that’s YOUR taxpayer dollars), given to help this problem, could have been better spent on either 1) building a new and stable habitat for the frogs, 2) building a few aquariums and helping them to breed and grow their numbers, or 3) RUN A HOSE FROM THE RUNNING RIVER TO THE HABITAT TO KEEP THE WATER LEVELS STABLE? (that last one’s not meant to be funny … just metaphorically and blatantly obvious how ridiculously poor the situation’s being handled).

Look – not ONLY will thousands of jobs be lost, but the other aquatic species that have adapted to the water flows (which focus on running stronger in summer for irrigation purposes), will DIE. This fact alone, makes the name: “The Center for Biological Diversity” – A JOKE. How stupid do you have to be to spend tens of thousands on lawsuits, journal articles, and studies, to not realize that the money being used to occupy court rooms and consume tens to hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars (a BLATANT abuse of the system), would be better spent going out and doing something as simple as routing more water to the little frogs?

Why do I say that their actions are selfish? They are more interested in championing a cause for a frog that quite frankly – hasn’t asked for it (and I mean that metaphorically). They are more interested in their own agenda, than the truth. This is the REAL problem behind environmental groups who file lawsuits and threaten others. The truth – hurts. See, what has NOT been brought up is the fact that the spotted frogs don’t belong in such high elevations as central Oregon because their eggs can freeze, the water’s extremely cold, and generally – they like low, shallow pools of slightly warm water (which would be more akin to Washington or California). This means that they have migrated. Migration means that if their species needs it – they can migrate again. It also means, protecting them in Central Oregon is actually HARMFUL to their species. Efforts SHOULD be taken to immediately relocate them and give them a better, fighting chance!

But wait, it gets better! The environmentalists don’t want to mention two, very important facts: bullfrogs and bigmouth bass. See, several years back, some idiot from outside the area filled the Wickiup Reservoir (which feeds the Deschutes River that the frogs rely on) with a bunch of bigmouth bass because that was their fish of choice. Beyond strapping him with raw meat and sending him out into the wilderness to let mother nature deal with him (not that I’m sure if anyone can even locate him), there are other options. Those fish FEED on frogs. And, what’s better than digesting a giant bullfrog? Digesting a bunch of little  …… … … .wait for it …. spotted frogs (goes back to the relocation vs. keeping them in Central Oregon issue)! Why not encourage a mass fishing of the reservoir to all but destroy the bass population (who have decimated the other aquatic species already), and see what happens? If this were wolves or boa constrictors, the government would be handing them shotguns and permits and saying, “Go get ’em, boys!!” Yes – that’s happened around the nation – look it up.

The other issue: bullfrogs. Bullfrogs feed on the smaller, spotted frogs. But, getting rid of them would require “EFFORT”. Those volunteers at the Center for Biological Diversity, don’t want to have to go out there and relocate a bunch of bull frogs, getting their hands dirty. See … that would be “caring” and getting involved (and they may argue that they have, but I’ll show otherwise further on). Threatening others to do the work for you, risking the lives of thousands of aquatic, flying, and land species, and the lives of hundreds of thousands around the world is what happens when you’re lazy and power hungry. The distinction is clear. This is not a “grey” area. And, it should be noted – that a lot of the “clean” energy that is being produced by the irrigable waters that WaterWatch is trying to shut down, will not only financially bankrupt a lot of companies, but it will negatively impact the amount of clean power being produced for the State of Oregon, requiring more coal energy (which is becoming more expensive and more dangerous to the lives of those who help mine it), and increase the pollution … a LOT. Hard for little spotted frogs to survive in highly polluted air… but that’s a “longer” term issue, only validating the “shortsightedness” of environmental groups with a self-serving agenda.

Oh, but wait, there’s one more piece to the puzzle: drought. Recent global weather changes have been decreasing the amount of rainfall in the Central Oregon (High “Desert”) region. In 2015, the water shortage was excessively severe and almost exceeded the lowest water year in the past 25 years. Sorry – there’s no links to this because I happen to have some inside information which I cannot divulge (at least not here), but you can do the research on this for yourself with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. How did the little frogs survive the drought? For that matter … with the frogs having lived in the region for … who knows how long … with irrigation water usage not having changed since the early 1900’s – how have they survived?

Guaranteed – it wasn’t because self-righteous activists protected them over a 100 years ago. Granted, population increases and changes in the environment have impacted a lot of species – and the whole Earth – over the last 100 years. But, species adapt – or they die out (with or without humanity). We’re not talking “hunted” species, like tigers or elephants, but species that are controlled by mother nature. Only recently, turtles that were thought to be all but extinct surprised a group of researchers when they found them in environments where the turtles were “believed” to not exist. And, that’s the rub that makes calamity of this whole ordeal. The fact that researchers don’t actually have all the details on the frogs themselves (there’s a lot of “unknowns” about the species), or knowledge of the unexplored thousands of miles of shallow streams around the just the State of Oregon, makes their threat even more dangerous. Think about telling someone to check to see if a gun’s loaded, without clarifying whether or not it has bullets, whether or not to pull the trigger, and whether or not to look down the barrel – would be akin to murder. Not such an extreme example with the consequences in this situation:

The lives of a lot of people will be hurt by their actions. The actions of the environmentalists leading this cause will kill and force a devastatingly species-harmful migration of a lot of land and air species. Their actions will harm endangered and threatened species (plants and animals). Their actions will also hurt the economy on a global scale. Repetitive, yes – but this cannot be emphasized enough!

So – when I say selfish – I mean “SELFISH”. There is no other word to describe what’s happening. Worse – why is “WaterWatch” of Oregon leading the cause? That’s a mystery that’s not so mysterious when you look at the members, where they live, and how they would like to see more water in their own back yard, even if it harms the farmers that the water was ORIGINALLY BUILT FOR! Yes – the reservoirs and extensions to the river system were CREATED for the farmers living in the north portions of Central Oregon as the rainfall there was too low for crops, but the isolated and stable environment was perfect. So – the spotted frogs – have migrated. The water – has been running stable. And, it “feels like” someone may have been putting money in the back pocket of these people to empower this cause (but there’s no evidence to this…). Otherwise – how would you go about explaining to someone why anyone would take such egregious actions to harm innocent lives and innocent creatures and do so on a global scale? Really … how?

Don’t misunderstand:

Better management of our nation’s water systems is a MUST! Nobody should stop fighting that cause. Equally, NOBODY should take ANY actions, EVER, that could harm other species and the livelihoods of tens of thousands of people.

Protecting species like the Spotted Frog is just as VITAL, to the natural order of our world, as protecting elephants, tigers, and BALD EAGLES (which migrate through that region and will also suffer from the WaterWatch lawsuit). But it takes intelligence, not selfishness, to properly organize groups to work together and show FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY in how taxpayer funds are spent – which has NOT happened. If given even 1/4 of the grant funds already spent, and some of the EMPTY unused land (which ties in with the recent Bundy situation in Oregon … but I’ll digress), anyone could restore the spotted frog species back to the “safe” zone. But, again – it takes at least a minimal amount of intelligence to think through a situation (which is why I previously used the word “stupid” even though I conscientiously try to refrain from ever using such derogatory language), and willingness to actually commit ones’ self to helping another to accomplish these goals.

If you’ve had the courtesy to read through this – thank you. Political issues are always a risque inclusion. I apologize as I struggle to remain out of political issues. But, when the lives of so many innocent creatures and people are threatened by a few, ignorant and self-serving monsters, it’s difficult to stay silent. If you’ve had the courtesy to read through this, then I urge you to contact a Senator, Congressman, Judge, and the various Departments of Fish and Wildlife, Forestry, and Agriculture, and lend your support. Maybe, if people work together, they can teach the environmentalists how to actually vest ones’ self into a project and with time, commitment, and a willingness to care (not abusing tax payer dollars and threatening people), goals can be successfully accomplished.

“Dedicated to Our Children, and Our Children’s Children…”


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