The Primary Circus … er, um, Presidential Debate


Last night, March 3, 2016, Sneezy, Grumpy, Happy, and Dopey took center stage on Fox Television Networks in a Primary Candidacy debate for the Republican Presidential nomination. Um … I mean, Senator Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz, and that other guy … oh yeah, Governor John Kasich. One of these four just didn’t fit into that good ol’ boys mold though … oh yeah … the one who stood on his own – the one without a “government” title in front of his name.

Long story short – Marco Rubio, with his young (44 years old – Kennedy was 46!!), idealistic ways of a new world, bringing the youth of America with him, Donald Trump, with his to the point, brief and direct answers, Ted Cruz with his “please stop thinking I’m George Bush … and I’m 45, not 44!” persona, and John Kasich with his … well … I’m not sure he even knew where he was at, battled it out, mano e mano … e mano … e mano, in a live debate, trying to determine who the best candidate was. Megyn Kelly, a correspondent for Fox News, brilliantly showed her lack of professionalism and unwillingness to remain courteous in light of the seriousness of the outcome of this race and … well … showed as much contempt, anger, and hatred, all behind her Snow White smile … as she could, humiliating herself as a COMPLETE ASS.

The debate? Oh yeah – was that important? Not at all. 72% of the night (and yes, that is a fair assessment based on timing the entire thing), was spent bashing Trump, attacking him as a liar, and accusing him of misdealing his finances (a few serious, stand alone questions were asked – of everyone but Trump). No one remembered that Cruz lied about his political campaign finances being funded by big Corporations (like oil), although Trump gave them a swift kick in remembrance of the fact. And, not once did Trump lash out at Rubio or Cruz. Snide remarks and defended himself (and insulted a little too much letting himself get egged into it) – yes – but no lashing out. Cruz and Rubio assaulted Trump repeatedly. Other critics say that it was their night to “shine”.

If that’s how they “shine” as President – then frankly – they’re not presidential quality. Worse – anyone who watched the very end, watched as Kasich and Trump shook hands, Cruz and Rubio shook hands, and then Cruz walked away and while Trump tried to shake Rubio’s hand, Rubio pulled back and withheld it. Professional courtesy? Formalities? Indignities? It was clear, after last night, that Rubio and Cruz are two, young men, with hot heads and bad temperaments. And, when backed into a corner – they’ll come out crying (slapping their hands wildly in the air like nerds … you know what I’m talking about …) – not swinging. It was, needless to say – pathetic. March 3rd, 2016, was an absolute embarrassment for the Republican party as two, already elected officials, couldn’t answer questions directly, lied – outright lied – about what Trump had just said a minute earlier, and couldn’t even follow the format of courtesy and professionalism the debate SHOULD have been about.

Kasich? Oh yeah – he was there … sort of. To Trump: how do you answer going back and forth …. in jumps Kasich, “Well in Ohio, we fixed taxes …” and so on and so on (and all except once did anything he said not include, “Well, I did …. this, that and the other …”). In fact, Kasich jumping in the middle of the bray and interrupting with a tangent so far in left field, in my opinion, HAD to be one of two things: Alzheimers …. SERIOUS Alzheimers (and no, I’m NOT being funny), or he was trying to get back to what was real – and that was a debate, not a grunge match.

And … he proved that it was the latter (mostly … sort of…). Toward the end, he countered the absolute moronic questions of the Fox commentators who were on a Trump bashing binge to say that he was NOT going to be baited into the fight and that while he understood what was going on and didn’t want to be negative about the three men fighting, he wanted America to get back to common sense, to be realistic about how we address major issues, and to be focused on solutions. In reality – the ONLY one who shined (at that moment), was Kasich (although, sadly, he looked foolish with the way he did it prior to that moment … and by the fact he’s still running on an empty tank).

Compared to Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, Trump presented himself with the dignity and formality due a Presidential candidate. Ted Cruz kept trying to pump him up with “Breathe Donald, just breathe, you can do it.” CHILDISH. BEYOND CHILDISH. If people disliked Trump because he was brash – they HAVE to HATE Cruz and Rubio for being rude, full of contempt, and blatantly brash. There are not enough ways to say it – neither Cruz nor Rubio has the maturity, dignity, presence, or skill, to stand on their own two feet. Against the Democratic party – there is no doubt now (ONLY in my opinion), that these two would fall flat in a Presidential race. And, if the Republican party doesn’t see that – then they’re living with blinders on.

As for Trump. He withstood the barrage like a wall (which is what the American people SHOULD expect from a President). As to his “pending” civil litigation that Megyn Kelly kept trying to crush him on, egging on the candidates to join in the brawl, Donald ended with one thing: “Wait ’till it’s over in 3 years, and we’ll see who’s right, then.” Apparently, Megyn Kelly has NO respect for the law, no respect for the judicial system, and is the type of reporter who burns people at the stake, guilty before proven innocent, just for money. Whatever previous derogatory statements Trump has said about her – she reinforced, although frankly – she came out smelling like a pile of garbage. Anyone who would burn someone before a trial’s over – especially for money – is truly evil. As for Trump and his changing his mind, he was very clear about it. 1) When asked about Afghanistan and saying the first time no and the second time yes, he was clear – he made a mistake and thought they meant Iraq the first time, his bad (like it or not – he answered the question!!). It takes a BIG person to admit they made a mistake – especially on stage. Cruz and Rubio could not and DID NOT – they backtracked every time. 2) When asked about Somalian refugees, Trump was very clear: his support and then rejection of the idea was based on having bad information the first time. Trump then went on – without needing to – and said, if you are wrong about a decision – should you continue to stay wrong, or admit it and make the right decision?

What candidate in history has admitted they were wrong and received bad information and said that in life, it’s important to be willing to change a position once facts are known? These were opinions – not decisions. Not too many candidates. For that matter – not too many Presidents (Watergate, anyone?), have ever done this. This was immediately turned around by the circus clowns, Cruz and Rubio, who then used that to say that it was easy for Trump to say he’s “flexible” because he can just manipulate voters by saying what pleases them. They very RAPIDLY followed this up by making empty promises about troops, war, and the economy when they become President. Only an ABSOLUTE, IDIOTIC MORON would fall for such two-faced rhetoric.

Oh yeah. Crud. We’re in America.. … Sorry folks … it is what it is. …

Did Trump look good telling people that the troops would do what they’re told if he orders them to go after terrorist families? Not according to Megyn Kelly. It’s “illegal.” She failed to leave out that it is only in the failed, current Presidential regime, that it’s illegal – and even Cruz and Rubio attacked the Obama Administration saying they would change those very same laws. But, no – not between Megyn and her rival … although … I’m still not sure when she put her hat in for the presidential candidacy …

Oh yeah … she didn’t. She’s just a VERY BAD REPORTER.

Trump was okay with going after families of terrorists that assisted in murdering innocents. And, in fact, Megyn Kelly LIED. Yep – she LIED. Trump did not say to kill, murder, torture, or do anything else illegal. He said to go after, which includes, “arrest”. And, it is NOT illegal to arrest anyone for assisting a terrorist. As for Donald, yeah, he was a little out in left field saying “They’ll do what I tell them,” because people took that as his old, “The Apprentice,” boss-man days. Thanks to the ineptitude of Fox Networks, no one gave Trump the opportunity – and he did not sufficiently take advantage of it, to explain that he could change the current Administrative laws once he was President and then the troops, “would” do it, nor did he quite clarify what the definition of “go after them,” meant. Watch American Sniper …. you might understand a little more. Fact is – Trump wasn’t wrong – the soldiers will do as they’re told. Like it – or not.

So, the “good ‘ol boys” club just did what anyone would have expected – they pumped themselves up, made promises without specifics, lied, and then turned around and assaulted the leading candidate for doing the very same thing (whether he did or not), mud-slinging like little piggies. Honestly – they should be ashamed and embarrassed and ANY political commentator who says those two men shined is a poor excuse for an American as attacking with lies is NOT presidential material. It’s one thing to state the issues – and if Donald Trump was wrong, he was wrong; but, that’s not what happened last night. Among the only three elected officials on stage, only Kasich (and quite frequently, Trump, given the issues thrown at him), had the courage, aptitude, and experience to try and focus on issues – which clearly, Cruz and Rubio – cannot successfully accomplish, making them dangerous candidates for a Presidency. Unfortunately, Kasich … was in left field playing ball by himself most of the night until given a chance to really shine. Trump – stood with his head high, waited his turn (until it got too far out of hand), answered briefly and well, and then, at the end – along with Kasich, was the only one to show any dignity or respect for his fellow candidates. No wonder Trump’s ahead – he believes in what he’s saying. And, that’s the key, isn’t it? The others – believe what sells votes. Trump – really believes in his words. It’s not that everyone likes what he says or does or that he’s even got it right on all accounts (frankly – NO ONE DOES). It’s that he stands tall and speaks what he believes to be true – and is willing to be wrong – and then correct it. That’s real. People like real. Hope young people figure that out before they let Marco Rubio convince them he is what he’s not.

I’m not taking sides – I’m just saying exactly what happened. Fox Networks reminded me as to why I will NEVER watch that channel, (especially not until Megyn Kelly gets burned for her assault on real politics and helping ruin a debate that should have been about the people – and not grudges), and to all their advertisers – NEVER WILL I WATCH THAT CHANNEL – and neither will 1000 people I can name off the top of my head – so that’s at least 1000 people who don’t watch that terrible network – and if you follow polls, 1000 is apparently representative of a much BIGGER number – so think about that before you advertise with them!!. Okay – sorry, on that matter – I took sides. So … one thinking error …. *sigh* I admit – I was wrong. But, I’m okay with that … for now.

Please – don’t believe anything I say, look it up for yourself.

Three quotes this post (to justify my exclaimed outcries):

The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.

Mainstream news wants to keep you as a useful idiot. Instead, try being a non-useful idiot.

The lowest form of popular culture – lack of information, misinformation, disinformation, contempt for the truth or the reality of most people’s lives – has overrun real journalism. Today, ordinary Americans are being stuffed with garbage.


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