The 80’s and China Have One Thing in Common – Cobra!!

For anyone who’s seen the old 80’s GI-Joe cartoons and is familiar with the rather monotonous story line and highly creative art might also be familiar with the toy line that was as equally creative, artistic, and frankly – cool.

Apparently, China has recently become familiar with the very same toy line. Point in case:



Now, I’m not saying that the Cobra Night Raven S3P and the Chinese J-20 are identical (you can go look up some other, strikingly similar images of it … although, honestly – images of a stealth fighter sort of defeats the “stealth” idea…). Of course, from toy to reality requires a bit more engineering, like the air intakes next to the front set of wings and placing the rectangular missile turrets (or whatever they are) below the rear wings instead of inline with them. And hey – those reverse wings are a totally new concept …

a27c84115f55849c7436902544a18dec (The GI Joe Conquest X30)

There seems to be a lot of speculation out there about where Cobra … um, I mean, China got its designs from….

I’m just saying that clearly, there’s room for interpretation … but … if China is getting its designs from 80’s GI-Joe toys ….


Slap some American flags and a steel face over the front windows on this bad boy – and I think we have ourselves a winner!

Knowing is half the battle!

(funny – sort of brings the real meaning of that phrase home in this particular context…)


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