The Presidential Primaries – A Little Fact Checking on Rafael Cruz

Whether or not you’re a fan of the presidential primaries, one thing’s for certain, the mud-slinging at the top certainly has a way to distribute evenly all over the citizens of America who end up being the real victims of political wars. This – is for Republicans.

Today, 3/14/16, it was announced that Donald Trump was to be prosecuted for inciting riots at his own political campaign. When evaluating the truth of it, only two questions come to mind: A) Would it have been more beneficial for Trump to keep doing what he’s been doing and talking to people who like him and winning their votes?, or B) Would it make sense for Donald Trump not to get to talk in front of constituents banking on an outright disaster to win votes?

Wow – not too difficult of an answer. The accusation is still as empty as every other accusation and is reminiscent of the Megyn Kelly, down and dirty, ignoring facts and the law to incite anger and drama for money and ratings, style of reporting. But, there’s something a little more disturbing here:

Who stood up and told the people to stop when the so-called rioting took place?

Two names: Trump and Kasich. Trump announced to his people that due to the outbursts and growing numbers of protesters, it would be safer to cancel the debate (which in turn lead to the supporters turning on the protesters and inciting violence – not Donald – as he their job was to go home … although, in fairness … they were .. a little upset); and Kasich, who told the people that their behavior was not the type of behavior becoming of Americans and was wholly inappropriate. However … from the man who claims his absolute Christian Faith and belief in Jesus … Mr. Cruz, there was silence. How is it that a man who so openly professes his Christianity in a way that rivals Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., didn’t also have the wherefore all to tell people that violent rioting was inappropriate?¬† How come he didn’t call out to his constituents and tell them to stop that lunacy, to stop acting like jerks, and to allow his fellow candidates the courtesy of giving a speech? Funny though … when it came time to point fingers at Trump, Mr. Cruz couldn’t stay silent. Even if Trump had “paid” people in some twisted, backwards, and self-destructive conspiracy, it’s more likely he did it to get off the campaign roller coaster and show the world that Ted Cruz still doesn’t give two cents about people and is nothing more than a big-money, Washington politician.

So – it’s time for some fact checking. Again – I HATE and ABHOR politics – but worse than that – I HATE IGNORANCE. This campaign has been nothing but ignorance being spouted across media channels, by hate mongers, and the truly ignorant who condescend to honest Americans, hoping that they’re stupid enough to believe the lies. The media’s done a great job exposing ALL of Trump’s dirty laundry and throwing in some of their own made up garbage, with it. If you have even half a brain (and it appears that Trump supporters at least have that much), you can weed through the garbage and check the facts for yourself. So, we know where Donald Trump stands. The public knows the good, the bad, and the ugly. And, for all its worth – try to name one President in American history – just one – who didn’t have some pretty stinky piles of dirty laundry. For that matter, go look up how many members of Congress, current and past, have broken laws and gotten away with it (yes – just the ones who were caught and voted themselves an excuse … forgetting the majority of the rest). Donald’s dirty laundry list is long. All that the media has proven is that he’s human – and yet – he’s come out on top. That’s a winner. Not how you live – but how you stand back up after you’ve fallen. Look it up.

But, while the media pounds their apparent, mortal enemy (fearing his unwillingness to let them run rampant with lies while he is in office … unless you have a better explanation?), they are conveniently “forgetting” to bring up the real problems that Republicans must address with the other candidate: Ted Cruz. (I’ll digress on the ongoing media conspiracy that they haven’t been feeding on the Cruz dirty laundry scandal for now …). So … without further ado – here it goes:

#1. Cruz said that Donald is trying to make it look like Republicans are stupid by having incited the recent riots. VS. Cruz calling the Republicans voting for Donald, uninformed (the really, really nice word, for “stupid”) – and that constituted the majority of Republicans. I’m okay with calling the majority of Americans stupid – I do it all the time. On the other hand – I’m not a political candidate offering to represent those very same, people, unlike Cruz.

#2. Cruz claims his natural born heritage is sound because he was born to a U.S. Citizen mom and a Cuban-turned Canadian father, IN CALGARY … IN CANADA. FACT: NO AMERICAN PRESIDENT HAS EVER BEEN BORN OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Even Barack Obama couldn’t claim his mother’s U.S. Citizenship as making him a natural born citizen, he had to come up with evidence that he was born in Hawaii. Of course, if you check the facts (and be careful … the facts will make you sick to your stomach – especially if you’ve blindly been supporting Cruz), not only is there no record of his mother’s birth in Delaware, at the time that Cruz was born, both his parents held Canadian citizenship. Cruz has argued that his mother had dual citizenship – but read the facts link … it’s not so … “factual”. And, coming from a so-called successful lawyer/prosecutor – that’s pretty weak. Cruz did not receive his “naturalization” (not “natural born”) status until 2005. Naturalization and natural born are not the same thing – and anyone with a natural born status, doesn’t require naturalization. So yes – rules were broken for Cruz – and they have been done so by the Republican Party’s higher ups (the “establishment”). And, he’s not being forthcoming about it – but will openly attack Trump if he thinks Trump isn’t being “forthcoming”.

#3. Ted Cruz has a disturbingly close relationship with Goldman Sachs. He has had personal investments in Goldman Sachs, is married to the Goldman Sachs SW Regional Director of the U.S. for Investments, and benefits from a Goldman Sachs health care plan (take a wild guess where his alternate health care plan will come from … be ready to invest in stocks if Ted gets elected … big, big money there). Don’t forget that Cruz has repeatedly dismissed his violation of the law, breaking campaign rules when he conveniently failed to mention the loan he took from Goldman Sachs for his campaign. Odd how he attacks Trump when Trump dismisses accusations and claims that are not proven “facts,” but won’t tolerate discussion on his violating the law about his breaking rules. And, how is he still running for President? Again – somebody bent the rules for Cruz – in a big, big way. Say what you will, but the amount of money being flooded into the anti-Trump campaign – which is coming from Republicans who want to keep their establishment (NOT THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA) – really sheds a LOT of light on the whole “who” is bending the rules. Oh – but don’t talk to Ted Cruz about it … he hates fact-checkers (no … I’m not being “funny” or opinionated: fact checking is “a particularly pernicious bit of yellow journalism that has cropped up that lets journalists be editorial writers and pretend they are talking about objective facts.” Odd … he said that and yet, when Megyn Kelly assaulted Trump for the pending litigation where facts are not yet established – including the most recent accusations of inciting riots – Cruz took that to the bank and threw every nasty accusation back at Trump he could. Hmmm… hypocrit, much?).

#4. Cruz’s father fought for Fidel Castro before moving to Canada where he started making huge profits from oil. Two issues of concern: 1) Parents do have influence and clearly, his father supported a very anti-American regime; and, 2) Big oil and big business also supports some Middle East regimes as well. Now – I am NOT speaking against the Middle East or against Cuba. Both places have their own wars to fight and honestly, America doesn’t belong involved with those when it can’t solve problems at home. But, America is feeling the terrible effects of a President who had clear connections to the Middle East and some favoritism there (including billions of tax payer dollars being given over freely). How would voting in a man who keeps those same ties be any different? Did any Texans ever wonder what brought a non-American to their State? O… I … L. Not the people – not the community, and not the strong-hearted Americans. Just … money. Of course, one might argue Cruz’s political career in America and Senate position in Texas as being evidence of his all-American ways. While I love the folks in Texas, anyone who says big guns and big cattle – is already a big winner. Cruz has positioned himself with people that he claims as his own … but he’s been deceiving them, too…

#5. You see, Mr. Cruz’s first name is not “Ted.” Nor is his middle name. In fact, no variation of Cruz’s name is “Ted.” His name, is Rafael Edward Cruz. What’s in a name? A LOT. The current administration’s President is named Barack Obama – and America has fallen out of love with him – quickly. Besides – why hide a name? President Obama didn’t change his first name to “John”, to “appear” American. The United States birth certificate allows for 3 parts to a name: first, middle, and last. There is no “nickname” section, not that Rafael or Edward translate to “Ted.” If you want to know if Ted Cruz is a real politician, baking in the fat of greed and abusing taxpayers – ask yourself: why has he convinced everyone to call him: “Ted”?

#6. Ted Cruz has a pretty detailed history about his work as a lawyer. Other than the major lawsuits he’s failed to stop, he spends a lot of his time, on the stand, discussing the hard issues, right? Then why, when it comes to matters such as immigration, does Cruz back himself into corners? Of course, Cruz’s career may sound awesome on the surface, but when you find out that he defended things like the Pledge of Allegiance, by simply pointing out the custodianship of the child by the parent and had nothing to do with discussing the freedoms of religion or the Constitution – then it seems a little less “impressive”. Cruz even speaks Spanish, on stage, to avoid answering questions (and yes, before the anti-Trump train was going full steam – even Rubio was calling Cruz a liar and was ticked at Cruz for switching languages mid stream to distract people).

#7. Ted Cruz likes to call people Nazis – because he’s done it before. Cruz attacked John McCain in 2013, referring to Nazi’s when addressing the Affordable Care Act. And, Cruz has called Donald Trump a Nazi, trying to bank on past acquaintances he chooses to believe Trump had (true or not), and bank off of some idiot intern’s mistaken tweet (even though that happened to his own campaign, too). Do you know what it means to be a Nazi? For example: blockading a public speech by a prospective political leader and using violence is akin to being a Nazi. Hitler ordered his soldiers to attack a party of higher-ups in the German Government, creating chaos among the masses. Nazis blockaded information dissemination as individual thinking was viewed as dangerous. Blockading Trump’s speech was akin what the Nazis did – not anything Trump has done or said. So – Cruz likes to use 4 letter words that he thinks make him sound big. Using the word Nazi is just unintelligent and reminiscent of an angry, teenage boy discussing issues he knows nothing about. You should expect your candidates to be better educated and have a better vocabulary than those 4 letter words.

#8. Trump is being persecuted for his failed, past relationships. Many claim he was a womanizer. I don’t know – but it’s clear that he has not had a great run of relationships – at all. That being the case, we must discard the whole of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence for many of the founding fathers were famous for their … infidelity. Washington, Franklin, and Hamilton were all guilty of it. That doesn’t excuse what Donald has done – but his mistakes have been made public, he has admitted to being human – and now we can move on. It’s not like Cruz, who dismisses his past, saying that his possible “natural born citizen” status is not an important topic to deal with. If infidelity makes for a bad person – then Ted Cruz must hate his mother, having divorced her first husband for Rafael Senior. Worse – Ted Cruz married for money and politics: the relationship chain to the Goldman Sachs investment person – albeit her work with Goldman Sachs was after her marriage to Cruz … and her work on the Bush for President campaign – is a pretty strong chain. Yep – not only did she help get Bush elected President (see a connection for Cruz, yet?), she used Cruz to help get big investors for Goldman Sachs (ahh … if you don’t see the connection – you’re just playing dumb … so STOP IT!!!). Trump’s current wife – is always at his side – and he invites people to speak to her if they challenge her – ever. See that from Cruz? Nope. His wife is just a means to an end. Not the “Christian” marriage value you might expect. But – that’s only my opinion …

#9. Many are talking about Trump’s inherited money. Did you know that Ross Perot ran as a multi-millionaire who had earned all of his money – and yet he was shoved down, too. So, what is it? Damned if you do and damned if you don’t? Well, not apparently, since Cruz also inherited his money – but nobody’s attacking him for it. Pathetic…

Look – I’ve posted facts about Donald and Cruz before. I did not take sides. I still do not take sides, although the answer is becoming painfully obvious (beyond what it was before). It’s true that Trump continues to act aggressive and unforgiving – but that’s also a positive. His intolerance of haters, fighters, combatants, and others who just want to sneak around in the shadows and create dissension is reflective of the type of fortitude that America needs to adopt – so it can be great. Trump’s failure to follow the political correctness bandwagon is a change – the kind of change that people want. Cruz – sounds like the old, broken record of “yes we can”. Not … very … Republican.

Here’s what should terrify Cruz supporters: After people like Christie and Carson dropped out – they lent their support to Trump. Really? One of the most honest people who’s ever attempted to run for office (Carson), after meeting the other candidates one on one, after some interpersonal time with the leaders of the Republican establishment, and getting fresh and new insight into Washington DC, supports Donald Trump. What do they know that tells them to be worried about Ted Cruz? Why do the “establishment politicians” keep pushing for Cruz, going so far as to spend their money to launch outrageous campaigns against Trump? It’s almost worth voting for Trump just to find out.

What should also terrify Americans supporting Cruz is his childish demeanor. Repeatedly, Cruz blames others wildly, says things like “he did it, too,” (paraphrased, of course – but referring to real facts when Cruz is put on the spot and says, Well, Marco Rubio did that …), outright lies to people using manipulative and misleading information (think about the Obamacare plan and executive amnesty hidden therein), and then tries to openly goad people on stage during a Presidential campaign. If Cruz did that to the Kim Jong Un, leader of North Korea – we would be at war – something a young, hot-head may be okay with. If Cruz tries to stand up to Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton, it WILL be a disaster. Hillary is intolerant of such childish behavior and will tear him apart, showing the world how a teenage boy with anger management treats a grown woman! (or a somewhat loose facsimile thereof). The same goes for Bernie Sanders – who will bury Cruz by simply acting like an adult! If Cruz tries mud slinging like he is now, he won’t come through. And, if he does, what do you get? A politician who’s backed by the politicians that have bent and changed the rules for him, share in the big money with him, and who’s married to big money? A politician who, the majority of Americans have made it clear they don’t support – which means a President who does not represent America? A politician with a love for countries that are NOT America, and a way of life that’s not American? A politician with a lot of the “less-rich” people in Washington who won’t back him? Remember – some of these conclusions are ones I have drawn – not necessarily facts – and I urge you to read the facts and draw different conclusions – if you can.

The vote for president is up to the electoral college – and you WON’T GET TO PARTICIPATE. But, right now – you can. Right now – you can raise your voice. In a perfect world, you would vote for the best candidate who most clearly represents the whole of the people – not just one side of it. But, it’s not a perfect world. Candidates aren’t perfect. You are left with voting for the lesser of two evils – a crime in and of itself – but a fact. Your other option – Donald Trump. A man with a proven history of sticking his foot in his mouth, getting rich by making back door deals, and acting rather abruptly. But – Donald’s not a hot-head, like Kennedy – or like Cruz (when it comes to being put on the hot plate in front of the masses – watch his roast!!). As for those in Washington who don’t like him? The elitist rich who have “back-doored” their way into Congress and who don’t treat the people very well. Not too bad of an option for the “people”. And – you know Donald’s dirty laundry – and thus far – it’s actually not been overwhelmingly bad. A little … brash – but what one would expect from a millionaire … really. (No – I’m not saying that’s okay – just pointing out that you know Trump … you don’t know Cruz … but you have some pretty clear facts). And – what Donald has done – has been behind him for quite a while. In other words – he’s grown up. His maturity and experience can now outshine his past (think of .. Reagan).

Either way you vote – with all the anti-Trump smoke screens being used to shield Rafael Cruz – at least you can make your point, direct, succinct, and with factual backing. At least, however you chose to vote in the end – you knew what the facts were.

Sorry all – hopefully this political garbage will slow down soon and I can get away from posting on politics. Honestly – I’m writing this because a friend showed me how misinformation was being used – and the ignorance knocked me off my feet! Sorry it’s so long – there was a LOT of misinformation being spread … *sigh*. Now .. off to dinner … politics suck.

You can’t have miles, without smiles!(check this one out – it’s REALLY inspiring!!)


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