Dish Network vs. NBC Universal – When Giants Rule The Earth

(Disclaimer at the bottom … drama!!!)

In two days, the battle royale will come to a final blow-out. Either subscribers to Dish Network will lose access to the line-up of channels under the control of NBC Universal – or they’ll start paying more. The catch: NBC Universal has launched a contract-violating campaign to threaten Dish Customers to pressure their cable provider.

And, most likely, they will win.


For anyone who is a Dish Network customer, they’ve spent the past week watching commercials that tell them Dish Network is going to cancel their favorite channels, listing the Syfy Channel, USA Networks, Bravo … and “others.” The commercial then directs the viewer to:, and the tweet account: #makedishdeliver.

This is worthy of posting on this blog site because I detest, and openly speak against ignorance – and those who promote ignorance. It appears as though NBC is intentionally misleading people. The corporate giant commenced a merger with Comcast that gave it massive authority over multiple networks and cable television service. The only protection the FCC and Department of Justice could offer the American people was that NBC couldn’t “black out” its channels if an independent cable company called for arbitration in the event the jack-ass corporate giant, NBC, decided to hold the independent cable company hostage for more money.

Sound twisted? Yeah – it REALLY is. One of the reasons Dish Network has been gaining steam in the past several years is the fact it offers so many additional channels over local cable companies without forcing people into “package” level deals that provide the wealthy all sorts of entertainment options – and craps on everyone else (albeit, locked contract terms and pricing are almost as nasty). The ex-CEO for Bend Broadband, in Central Oregon, Amy Tykeson, won an award in 2013 for being a major “leader” in the national cable company industry, raking in the dollars and fighting to protect the cable company’s rights to block customer freedom of bandwidth and cable services against satellite companies (like Dish), for money. Basically – it’s an “ass of the year” award to the customers – and a “champion” award to cable companies that want to rip everyone off that they can.

Here’s the twist – in 2014, Bend Broadband, the winner of an award for its independent company strength, merged with TDS (telephone and data systems), the “Time Warner” group for those counting, and is no longer an “independent.” But wait, it gets better: Ms. Tykeson left C-SPAN as Director and Executive Committee member right after selling off Bend Broadband where she was SIMULTANEOUSLY the CEO and Director?? So – after this woman plays both sides of the field, amasses an enormous amount of money, and helps shape the national cable television communications industry rights AGAINST the wishes and demands of consumers – now steps out?  Then, NBC does this awesome “merger”, becoming “more” than a network, but technically, a “holdings” type of company with its own cable provider. And, suddenly – the cable companies who provide you cable – at a cost – and the cable providers, who make the shows (which, once upon a time, was supposed to be at the cost of commercials and justified 14:15 minutes of commercials to 1 hour of television), have teamed up to become this all-powerful entity!?!

Now- I’ve timed commercials to television, and although 14:15 may be an average – I’ve seen it a LOT higher. And, in 2014, the national television industry pulled in approximately $78 million from those commercials – But that may soon change.

Thanks to Netflix, Hulu, and others – people have found ways to watch their favorite shows without being mentally bashed by the repetitive, horrifyingly boring, and condescending commercials that now interrupt our television viewing enjoyment every few minutes. What does this mean? They will need more money from elsewhere. Guess where they get it?


But wait – they’ve BEEN getting it from you. See, the cable companies do have to pay the networks for the right to air the shows you see. Cable television is NO LONGER based on the premise of commercial income – they’re based on the premise of commercial AND viewer income. So, $78 million is only a drop in the bucket compared to what they really make. So now – let’s bring this whole thing back home –

The battle is taking place … Dish Network refuses to pay NBC Universal an additional carriage rate to rebroadcast NBC’s multiple television networks and shows, including the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (a big favorite with the fans). But – NBC, in VIOLATION of an arbitration and contract clause, has created web sites, commercials, and is in the process of having its NBC entertainers and entertainer groups, and a host of ignorant idiots, posting on the Twitter site: #makedishdeliver, telling people to fight back, that they’ll drop Dish Networks, and pressure Dish. Why is this important? The contract violation by NBC is a violation that should have stopped them from doing this. But, NBC is big. They’re a giant. THEY DON’T CARE. Wonder why I posted all of that information previously about Bendbroadband’s CEO and the merger of other cable companies and the abuse of the system?

Now that NBC has their own cable company (Comcast), and Time Warner and AT&T are on the bandwagon to demand more money – YOU are going to be footing the bill! See – the cable company fight launched by Bendbroadband’s CEO – almost lost entirely. Independent satellite cable providers like Dish were protected since they offered cable at lower rates and protected the people. The result of that loss: the independent cable companies (vs. satellite cable), sold out to a bigger machine. And, now that they have bigger guns, more money, and more large conglomerates in their back pocket – they will win. They will use media moguls like WWE (@WWE) twittering, scaring people, @FaceoffFans, @NBCLA (you know – “NEWS” people that are supposed to be neutral), @roundaboutent (round a bout entertainment with hosts like Mckenzie Westmore’s name put in) – and more. People see this, and read this, and except for a small few – everyone is threatening to leave Dish. And, they will.

So, the big corporate conglomerate giants have mashed their money and power together, broken contract laws without fearing a single ounce of repercussion because they’re too rich, and used dirty, ignorant-pushing tactics to manipulate you, running around like giants who own the planet. And, for what? More money? At least they’ll start cutting out all those excess commercials, right?

Maybe … but not likely.

This may be opinion only – but the concern is that once others like Dish raise their rates, access to services like Netflix and Hulu become more and more limited, and companies like You Tube pick up their “You Tube Red”, network, commercials will stay running – more than ever! Commercials are everywhere: television, newspapers, magazines, video games, movies, cars, street signs, your home – and everywhere else you can think of. And, if NBC is so big they can just breach contracts without caring about the consequences, what’s to stop them from cutting off Dish Network anyway? Overnight, Dish could lose hundreds of thousands of customers – and “blamo” – Comcast comes in with a really “neat” introductory offer: just give them everything you have, for a limited number of channels, and the cable companies can go back to customizing “tier” level cable services, and internet – and the work done by the FCC to stop it will be circumvented and THEY WIN.

Sucks. A lot.

Sadly, I fear too many “sheeple” exist in America to have the wherefore all to do what’s needed. For example, in this case, there’s no “clarification,” that Dish is not intentionally playing this game with NBC (although – the automated phone calls that started going out to Dish customers today, telling them they’re going to lose their channels and then directing them over to Dish Network’s system – as SPAM calls, leaving Dish dumbfounded as to how they got those lists, and threats to intimidate, would seem otherwise). But, whether or not Dish is involved, there’s an even simpler answer:

You have the power.

So, while NBC has put its ultimatum on Dish for Sunday, March 20, 2016, two days from the date of this article – the people can put their ultimatum on NBC.You can fight back – or you can simplify this. If you support what NBC is doing – just tell Dish that you’ll pay the extra. Then, you can be put into a tier group paying the extra for the cable because … you like to spend money and hate saving, and the money tree in your back yard needs pruning anyway ….. o.0??? But really – that would solve a LOT of problems for NBC – after all, that’s what they’re asking you to do.

But … maybe you don’t like that idea. Let’s say, for example, about 25 million+ people told Dish, AT&T, Viacom, and others: “We’re tired of paying high prices for cable, being forced into cruddy tier packages, spending hours of our day putting up with advertising, and having you jerk us around for more.” And, then, those same 25 million+ people, shut off their television. What if those same people called and cancelled their land-line (or maybe satellite … even though they’re most likely not involved) cable – all on the same day. Sure, there’s “cancellation” fees – but that only works against a few. If 25 million people ALSO simultaneously contact the FCC and demand a no-penalty block to the cancellation fees because being financially abused by the cable companies and network providers is not okay, the FCC will have to take action.

And, then – it’s not just the cable providers that are out – it’s the networks. No more $78 billion a year from commercials – because companies won’t spend money to advertise on channels that have no viewers. Now, what do they do? Actors want paid. People want their money – and the networks, although probably not able to figure this out or understand why it happened on their own, will quickly learn that greed … hurts. Violence won’t do anything – and it’s both wrong and ineffective – DON’T DO IT. Standing outside with picket signs only irritates – it doesn’t motivate.

Listen – you don’t have to do anything at all. You can tweet, blog, email, rant, rave, and stomp your feet, continuing to let billionaires control your life and manipulate you. After all – isn’t working 40+ hours a week, struggling to pay bills, worrying about income, fighting to stay healthy, and knowing that credit bureau’s will eat you up just so that a few, elite people can put a few extra million dollars in bonus money in their pockets, awesome?

Ohhh? It’s not?

Well then, DO SOMETHING. (by the way – if you said yes – you have too much money … sheesh!) Whining about a problem is ineffective. Standing alone – unfortunately – when it comes to money mongers – is ineffective. Personally – I’ll let NBC go black. I LOVE the Syfy channel (mostly – since of late, their programming has cascaded downhill), but, I’ll just look for the people who rebroadcast it on Youtube … hahahahaha! Then, I’ll contact NBC’s advertisers and say, “one down …”. And, if I stand alone – so be it. The elite won’t have power over me. I don’t need to play with “their” toys – which, by the way – are not their toys: they are YOUR toys because YOU’VE PAID for them!

So – tweet it: #makedishdeliver, @Dish, and others: “Dear NBC, we caught on. Go ahead – black us out – then see what happens to your advertisers, money, and the actors who want paid.” … “Dear AT&T, Viacom, NBC, and others – you’re getting greedy and we’re getting smart. Nice try – but, no go.” “Dear Cable companies (not satellite) – you keep trying to screw with us. Okay. Let’s see how you do without 1 year of income – we’re cutting you off. We pay YOUR salary – YOU work for us.” And so on, and so on. Then tweet it, facebook it, email it, and spread the word. First – a million people (that’s around $40 million or so, down), then ten million ($400 million down), then a hundred million ($4 billion down) – and so on. 1 year of no television, no commercials, and no mindless drivel or trash that’s annoying and mind-numbingly damaging anyway – not too bad. Just use Netflix over the internet – they’ll love it (or HULU, or the internet – or whomever??).

The trade off? Think about a $1000+ more dollars in your pocket (based on some national averages). And, when the major networks do back down their greed mongering (not just “paying the bills” and living realistically like the rest of us), cable will be so much more affordable! Yay!

Anyway – this is another detraction from what I like to focus on – but the thinking errors going on here are astounding. And, if you’re just sitting back, waiting to see what happens – hold on tight – it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!!

There are two types of poor people, those who are poor together and those who are poor alone. The first are the true poor, the others are rich people out of luck.”
I’m sorry sir, if you need it now, perhaps you should switch to another cable company,” the representative coolly and condescendingly replied while suggestively rubbing his own nipples. “Oh, wait. There’s not another cable company, is there? We’re the only one in town.

(Sorry – not my best writing – and not my usual topics. *sigh* between the presidential campaign and this sort of stuff – it’s really hard to stay out of drama!! We need a break! Everyone to Hawaii!!!)


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