Sony 4k Ultra HD TV Owners … Good News for You (Bad News for Your Wallet)

Yay – Sony is going to offer streaming video to owners of the Sony, 4k Ultra High Def televisions! (Along with others in the industry). There are plenty of reviews out there on this topic – but one thing is still up in the air:


What did Sony announce it’s per movie cost at? $30 per movie! Yay!



We don’t pay that much for 4k UHD 3-D movies? But, hold on, don’t forget your higher bandwidth (which the cable companies are trying to blockade into tiers again), and the fact that most movies and television series are not shot in 4k UHD. So … $30 for a grainy picture because the movie was shot that way? Sure, the television will “fill-in” pixels, but it was supposed to that in the High Def era – so when does that actually start working?

Sure – 4K is beautiful. It is the best experience to veg out on – if you have a couple thousand to spend on the mid-quality televisions.

But, $30 a movie?? And, you don’t own it?

Way to go Sony. Overprice it. Knock 60 – 70% of your potential buying market out of the water, but still bank off of the few people that don’t know how not to waste money.

Just to enjoy the streaming service and get quality, if you don’t want Netflix or others with the 4k UHD, then you’re going to put out $60 per month for just a couple of home movies.

Or, wait 3 years and it will all come down … like it could right now (except that sheeple keep spending the extra money!!!)..


Television … is a vast wasteland …


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