Dear Earth … What Have You Done Now??? (Water issues)


Dear Earth,

How are you doing? Life treating you well? Hope so, after all, I did make sure you would have sun, air, and water. Oh hey … speaking of water …

What have you done to my oceans? I mean, there I was, relaxing on the beach after healing a couple wounded folks (you know, getting them walking again), and I thought to myself, “I should take a swim and see how my sea creatures are doing.” Can you guess what happened next?

Rather than a relaxing swim through the beautiful, clean ocean, I was swallowing garbage!! Yes … garbage!! What the heck, man? C’mon? Did I not make everything in the world have a limited duration lifespan so it could break down and not leave piles of trash so bad that you would start dumping in the ocean? And, for that matter, I got an ear full from the dolphins about you repeatedly spilling oil and poisoning YOUR OWN WATER SUPPLY? I mean… dang … what’s up with that?


Ok, I get that you all make mistakes from time to time, but we’re not talking about 1 or 2 spills, we’re talking dozens!?! I’ve sent 7 billion of you to the Earth and no one has the time or fortitude to go clean your sludge out of the oceans or invent a better way to transport oil?

Speaking of oil… what’s with plastic? When did that become a ‘thing’? You guys mix up the elements into this 1000 year durable product, undoing my fast-paced recycle process, and use it to make ‘throw away’ devices with short lifespans? I know the plan is to challenge you guys mentally … but really… that’s just mentally challenged. Do the math. 1000 year plastic for a 3 year usable life. Maybe you need to have a talk with your scientists and get them working on electric cars, not better plastic. Ooh… or lightsabers, those would be cool, too (toy ones… no really, I mean it!!).

No, I’m not being insulting. In fact, I’m actually really hurt. Have any of you guys seen a dolphin, or a whale, or even looked into those beautiful, blue waters I gave you? Did you guys not put two and two together: that the Earth is 3/4 water … and so are your bodies? Of course, after seeing a “burrito”, and what you guys shove in your mouths… that ocean’s probably poisoned, too.

Look, I want to be diplomatic here, but when I come back again, I’m gonna’ bring back all those who died of the water first ’cause, dang … being buried in an ocean of trash just isn’t right. Shame on you! Furthermore, how do you guys expect to do baptisms if you keep poisoning the water supply, really?


Look, please stop killing my beautiful creatures of the sea, especially the dolphins, whales, and mermaids, they’re my ‘faves’. And that ‘thing’, you call the Pacific Gyre, and the two others like it… go clean that up. C’mon, from up here, you all look like you’re living in a big trash heap like some filthy little mud creatures!!. I certainly hope you don’t live in your homes that way … ’cause it’s not fair to my ocean friends to be forced to live that way, either.

Sheesh, all I wanted to do was take a swim and maybe bless a few of you … but, no, now I’m up here trying to get that terrible taste outta’ my mouth. Okay… enough from me … for now. Just, do better, really. It’s not hard. I did give you brains (and for Heaven’s sake, please quit trying to make me think I didn’t with those stupid things you call ‘elections’ … I was there at the beginning … I watched them get installed). Oh yeah, Dad says ‘hi’ and wanted to know if His surprise package arrived yet. Don’t worry, I reminded Him that if it had, you guys wouldn’t be reading this letter!!

You friend and Savior,


And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works.


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