The Magician’s – What’s Coming Next?

Sorry people … this post is only for those folks who watched the Syfy series, The Magicians. For everyone else … catch it On Demand and catch up … then enjoy 🙂


Syfy just completed one full season of its newest show: The Magicians. With multiple directors, writers, and producers, the Magicians is a television adaptation of Lev Grossman’s trilogy series by the same name. Following the contents of the books, albeit somewhat loosely and poorly, the Magicians takes multiple story lines spread across multiple books and tries to pack them together. The result is a sex-crazed, drug-overdosed, and socially depraved world where the viewing audience gets more sex time on screen than … well … magic. In fact, magic is a very loosely touched upon subject cheating a lot of viewers out of what they had hoped would be a good series given the books it’s based on and the Syfy network. Unfortunately, NBC Universal’s acquisition of Syfy really hurt the channel as NBC has “used” its Syfy audience to boost USA Network, gearing those who wouldn’t typically watch the drivel on USA into liking these types of shows.

While Grossman wrote his novels to be edgy and combine the dark and deviant disastrous reality that humans know with the fantasy world of hope and possibility (specifically focusing on elements from The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter), the result is a crushing blow to childhood fantasy and a coming of age that truly captures the fallen nature of the world as it is today (an “explanation” of sorts on how humanity got to where it is now / a commentary on modern society). Worse, the television adaptation has sought to visualize this deviancy in a hype-media, “sex-sells”, culture. And, it’s working – but not in the way they intended. While it is drawing in audiences, the Magicians is not drawing in the standard Syfy people – it’s drawing in the type of people who sit up late at night to watch Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim where dogs and aliens spend 30 minutes tearing the flesh off of one another, committing necrophilia, and making a laughing joke out of the whole thing. Given the quantity of worthless human beings on social media, it’s no wonder that Hollywood has decided to cater to them, believing they have a new audience while alienating the majority of the watchers they had.

While a potentially awesome show has been turned into a half-assed attempt at a made-for-television Game of Thrones that is so disgusting it’s barely tolerable, some of the “darkness”/symbology is well-placed. For example, the rape scene between Reynard the Fox, played by Mackenzie Aston as a double role, while wholly inappropriately too long and unpleasant (again, except that the directors and producers really are attracting that type of sick and messed up mentality to Syfy), is a perfect clarification of the so-called “Gods.” It is not uncommon in Greek Mythology for the Gods to come down and rape someone. While that reads fast – for the victim – it’s a lifetime of nightmares and torture. So, kudos to the directors for finding a way to shed some reality on an old subject. Unfortunately, the small effort doesn’t do anything for their inability to tell a story so that they have to fill every gap they can with sex and drugs. Just another sad statement on the lack of skill and creativity in Hollywood, today.

But, whether it’s Grossman’s story reveling in the sufficiently effective raping of Hermione Granger and sodomizing of Harry Potter, or an audience that takes pleasure in the overwhelming, homosexually abusive relationships that end up in hatred and revenge – the show has still managed to keep a little bit of the “magic” story line intact. And, to an extent, it’s compelling. In an interview with Executive Producer, Sera Gamble, she reveals that the show will be deviating from the books only insomuch as needed to tell the story (albeit, the deviations are thus far, fairly liberal). But, the cliffhanger at the end of Season 1 was more than just compelling – it was edge-of-the-seat, frustratingly fun and entertaining (even if it was obvious). The end of Season 1 captured the true, dark essence of Grossman’s books while reminding the audience that The Magicians, is supposed to have magic in it.

But, what next?

After all, with Penny’s hands cut off, Alice (the selfish whore) bleeding out, Margo and Eliot sitting on the floor like they’re stoned out of their minds (which is … no different than usual), apparently dying, and Julia trying to make deals with the Beast – how can Season 2 open up with any good answers?

Well… there may be a way. But, please remember, these are only speculations, thoughts, possibilities, and conjectures on my part, including some things I would love to see happen (not fanfic – just ideas). I have no idea what’s going to happen other than what the books say … and I’m leaving the books behind on this one. So… here goes:

  1. Remember that the students were going through simulation scenarios and we’ve seen them dying over and over again? Well … guess what … start of Season 2 – this was the 40th and last simulation (inspired by Quentin saying that the only way they could get farther was to go to Fillory … but that didn’t necessarily mean in real life .. it could have been in another simulation). Everyone will be fine when the simulation ends (at least, physically). But, they’re worse off than before. Why? Because they failed every possible scenario and so that means that there’s no way to win (or at least that’s how they’ll feel). This is also supported by the fact that so many other people seem to know they’re in a time loop. So many others know how far Quentin and friends have come. So many others know way too much about Quentin – such as Dean Fogg knowing he failed with Alice!
  2. The “secret”, or the key to winning is going to be when Quentin figures out the one thing he didn’t … “what did Jane change this time?” That’s going to be a key factor.
  3. Reynard the Fox has not been summoned yet. But, I believe that we’ve seen Reynard before, when Alice tried summoning her brother. It was Reynard who appeared and tried to kill them. Quentin trapped him in the piece of wood. The incantation from the Julia group was the only way to release him (ancient magic, as Alice didn’t know of any way, but it didn’t mean it couldn’t work). But – knowing Julia’s intentions, it will be up to Quentin and the others to put a stop to what they’re doing and save their lives. Now – they have a chance to summon Reynard in a controlled way (maybe with secrets knowing that Umber was killed by the Beast, or something to do with Marina – or even that spell Kira gave Julia in the dream), and can glean some secret knowledge from him (also feeding into Julia’s seemingly never-ending selfishness as she can hate and use him – even if it means hurting the others … again). Imagine Julia picking up the magic, this time, to release Reynard and this time finishing the sentence, “Once you’ve rung a bell … it can’t be unrung.” The guy giving her the magic scrolls would be dumbfounded. That would be hilarious! Plus – maybe we’ll see why “Our Lady of the Underground” is allowing her image to be used.
  4. We learned that Martin Chatwin is the beast, not Christopher Plover (which – if you didn’t see this coming after the sodomy episode – then you’re not paying very close attention). But, there is also a grave for Martin Chatwin. Did Martin die and a god take over his body (as we saw Reynard do)? Or, is that potentially the resting place of a very important object – one needed to destroy the beast? Martin’s clearly not “gone”, as he clings closely to his yester-years of physical abuse. This may play into the “energy” being concept introduced with Alice’s brother who was possibly transformed into energy and disappeared. Maybe it’s that Martin sacrificed his physical body and took on an energy form? (After all … there is a lot of Harry Potterness backing this – so why not use the Horcrux concept?).
  5. The library is possibly the key to everything- especially the library where everyone’s lives are published. The librarian freaked out when Eliot lit one of the books on fire as if it could kill that individual. And, it can, but not by simple fire (thus, whatever is hiding in Martin’s coffin). And, how best to stop the grown-up Martin than to edit his story or destroy it (and, maybe that’s what Martin locked in his coffin?). If this works out – it will probably come out by “discovering” that Martin used Umber’s book in the library to destroy him. This will further come to light when Penny goes to look at the pages the Librarian scanned for him, only to find out that she didn’t scan pages on how to be a teleporter – she scanned Martin’s book (or a copy thereof), and the final pages of it will all be blank (which will, in turn, lead them to Martin’s coffin to get the real book).
  6. Quentin’s role is yet to be discovered. I believe he will find out in real life that he is either 1) One of the true descendant Kings of Fillory, or that he is some sort of a protector. This could be expanded upon if the character’s get to the castle and find out that all of the seats of the throne have been filled except for one – the Clearwater’s (where the seats will have their family names engraved upon them), and maybe the person to last occupy his seat was his mom (explaining her disappearance, his mental breakdowns, and why we didn’t yet get to see an expansion on what happened after Quentin revealed his powers to his dad)? Quentin is supposed to be the hero – but he keeps chickening out and acting like a child. There will have to be some sort of a mentor, or guide (maybe an uber annoying, rhyming wanderer who funnily appears here and there to interject clues??? Dean Fogg finally acting like a Dean/Dumbledore, or something like that???). But, given the nature of these books – the guide will have to be a little sinister and extra annoying – or be like the Russian and turn out to be a ruthlessly abusive teacher who finally pushes Quentin into fighting back for what he believes in!

Of course, this is the new “Syfy”. The idea of a comprehensive story and intriguing plot with excellent science fiction is probably not coming. Syfy has been failing in its duties and letting audiences down. Why should this be different?

*Sigh* It’s good to dream, from time, to time …. to time

It does not do to dwell on dreams, and forget to live.“.



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