The LGBT Bathroom Dilemma and, A Solution!


The movement among those individuals who have identified with a contrasting gender to their birth gender (or sometimes the same gender feeling the opposite gender liking the same .. or um.. oppo… argh), has reached a new pinnacle in evolution: Acronyms! No longer shall gays, lesbians, bisexuals, or transgender folks be labeled as such! Finally, they have come together as one to form a four letter acronym: LGBT! Not much unlike the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (otherwise known as ISIS). No – we would not dare to compare the two by finding similarities!! After all, one group believes they are superior and deserve to step into the lives of others and force them to think their way. The other, believes they have the right to force their feelings and beliefs on others and make them conform to their way of thinking. You guess which one is which …

But, I digress … there are many people out there who think these are words of intolerance! But, alas! They would be awfully surprised to learn that rather – these are words of clarity. Please, allow me to explain:

All across the country, youth who have determined that they can properly identify their gender and sexual preference at a young age (although … oddly enough … they have identified opposite their gender and possibly established that they were not, yet qualified to make that decision), have requested the right to use the opposite gender’s bathroom because they feel uncomfortable in a room of the same sex to which they cannot identify (try saying that in one breath!!).

Of course, we would never ask a girl to use the boys’ bathroom, or vice versa, for that very, same reason. Ah – there lies the rub! If an individual does not wish to use a bathroom of a specific gender (ie a boy who feels like a girl using a boys’ bathroom), because of a matter of how they ‘feel’ on the inside – then for the heterosexual or “straight” group – the one who has been segregated from the acronym previously listed – the rules are the same. A girl, who identifies as a girl, might feel uncomfortable being forced to use a boys’ bathroom.

Now we get to the heart of the matter. Previously, two viewpoints were offered – one from an extremist, terrorist group, the other, from the LGBT group. Here’s where those two groups crossed paths: The LGBT group is not asking to be given a privilege without taking away another individual’s rights – the LGBT group is asking to be given a privilege that will relieve them of a dilemma in such a way that it causes that VERY SAME dilemma for others! Not in theory or concept, but in actuality, the LGBT group is trying to force their thoughts and opinions on the rest of the world, forcing the rest of the world to give up their beliefs and feelings in the process.

That is NOT how you fight for rights, freedoms or privileges. That – is how tyranny works. Yes, tyranny. A tyrannical leader, group, or other faction forces their beliefs on others while taking away the rights of others to carry on with their own beliefs. So – the LGBT group has amounted to nothing more than a small band of terrorists trying to exact their revenge and take out their anger on others.

Sadly – this is not representative of the LGBT individuals whom I have had the privilege and honor of knowing throughout my life. Those folks don’t create four letter acronyms, step on other peoples’ feelings, and force their agenda on others. They ask for one thing and one thing only – the privilege to think, feel, and act as they will. And, they get that privilege and exercise it very well. When it comes to pop media stars like Bruce Springsteen and others cancelling their tours for the LGBT groups – it validates that this is imposed tyranny on others that seeks to rob those individuals of their rights.

And, yes – the right to protect ones’ feelings about their gender, their body, and their sexuality is of the utmost importance in life – to EVERY GENDER. It is a matter of evolution, healthy mental development, and the right to live freely. It is of the utmost imperative that as the adults of this world, you [the reader], take action. You must – it’s a moral obligation.

This does not mean taking away privileges or freedoms of any group. It does not mean pushing down, criticizing, or insulting anyone. It means being clear about the facts. What was written at the beginning of this article may have been of shock value to be at the forefront, but it was accurate and to the point. Those who seek freedom at the cost of others are not seeking solutions – they are seeking power. Power cannot be innocent. Power corrupts – taking everyone down with it. This is not intolerance. We are more tolerant in today’s age, probably than in all of history combined. Gay boys can use a boys’ bathroom – and people have slowed down (shy the bullies … aka idiots to everyone anyway), discriminating. The same for lesbians. No – this is not about intolerance … at least for heterosexuals. This is now about dysfunctional social skills for kids who have taken the tolerance they’ve been given and turned it into a weapon.

So – is there a solution? YES! Thankfully, there’s not only a solution, but an easy, simple solution that can be rapidly implemented (literally, overnight), at an excessively low cost, and provide protection of LGBT’s and Heterosexuals. Here it goes:

LGBT’s don’t want to use a gender-specific bathroom because it makes them feel uncomfortable to be around the opposite gender. The same holds true for heterosexuals because, like LGBTs, heterosexuals have feelings, too. So – the rules in school DO NOT CHANGE. Girls use girls’ bathrooms. Boys use boys’ bathrooms. And now, those with the permission to use LGBT bathrooms, use LGBT bathrooms.

So, for schools with a minimum of 5 bathrooms:

2 Bathrooms shall be set aside and labeled as an LGBT acceptable bathroom – one for the girls who feel like girls and boys who feel like girls. The other: for boys who feel like boys and girls who feel like boys. Simple.

The Transginger bathroom dilemma …

For schools without that privilege (which is most schools):

Outhouses. No – hold on – don’t jump the gun. We’re not talking about the construction site, rock-concert, cheap, broom-closet, stinking outhouses. We’re talking about the ADA accessible, luxury outhouses (see the picture below – or google it – they’re usually nicer than any home or government funded bathroom!!). Many schools around the country are already crammed full and rely on portable trailers to be brought in and converted into class rooms. These trailers are typically not equipped with bathrooms, but, if they are, if they’re not also being used as classrooms, they can be utilized instead of luxury port a potties. It is NOT the intention of the outhouses to “biasly” segregate, angrily separate, or otherwise discriminate. Kids who have openly identified themselves as a member of the LGBT group (which, if they haven’t, once having used an opposite-gender bathroom will have identified themselves regardless), have already made it clear how they feel to the rest of the student body – and they’ve asked to be separated – completely!!


Remember, long before the so-called “LGBT” group, people confused about their physical and internal gender, and kids who have double-gender organs, have shared bathrooms with the same, physical genders and typically use stalls, although sadly, it has often been to hide in shame. Well – no more! Now – they can use a bathroom where they don’t feel uncomfortable. And – a bathroom is – a bathroom. It’s not really the “cool” place to hang out (especially if you’re overly familiar with the amount of bacteria flying around a bathroom). And, this is ONLY A TEMPORARY solution that can be implemented OVERNIGHT. Outhouses, or port-a-potties, are rather inexpensive from month to month and can be maintained very well.

Problem solved. No child has to bear the humiliation or uncomfortable feeling of releasing their bowels around others of the same sex (because … after all … bathroom stalls just don’t cut it?). Now – every school with a minimum of 5 bathrooms will have implemented the LGBT specific bathrooms and can maintain them as-is. For other schools, without that privilege, after immediately implementing the portable bathroom solution, they can apply for special funding. And, the parents, families, and friends of LGBT individuals could have the wherefore all to come forward and financially donate – if they cared. The LGBT groups can do fund raisers. Schools can apply for grants (although – it’s not really fair to put it onto the taxpayer to give them a “special” bathroom – but the government never listens to the taxpayer anyway – so it is an option). And, new bathrooms can be added to the school, separate from the now “segregated” heterosexual bathrooms.

Doesn’t this sound outrageous – segregated bathrooms?

Not in this situation – and I’ll tell you why. Three reasons: 1) Because school is about going to class, not living in a bathroom, so it’s not a big deal; 2) because everyone then has a designated bathroom and is being treated “equally”, and 3) bathrooms ARE segregated already – they’re called “girls” and “boys” – so it is NOT a new concept. LGBT groups have theirs  – and, heterosexuals have theirs. Of course – this isn’t the preference. Teaching kids to actually live in the real world  with one another is the preferred method – but I fear that humanity has spiraled too far down to care enough about the youth to offer that solution.

The arguments? Why is that fair? How come I can’t use the same bathroom as those people? Why do I have to be segregated?

Okay – for anyone so inclined to use such childish comebacks (to which – most children will): Why do girls have to use a bathroom with boys, making them feel uncomfortable and causing them psychological and educational problems because you can’t figure out that you were born a boy? Why do boys have to feel ashamed or embarrassed to use the boys’ bathroom simply because you have failed in the social arena and are incapable of compassion, understanding, and tolerance? It’s intolerance that wants to force others to feel ashamed and embarrassed just to make ones’ own self feel better (although, that probably won’t happen since LGBT’s are confused anyway and don’t really seem to know what they want. No – that’s not a slam – it’s clarity, and all because of the cross-bathroom issue as the example).

Equality is sorely misunderstood. The right to drink out of the same water fountain based on color is not equality in rights and privilege: it’s equality to suffer the same bacteria and germs that will make you sick. What about hermaphrodites who have lived in shame and humiliation, hiding in the shadows, all these years? Who has fought for them? Certainly not the LGBT groups.

Interesting, isn’t it? Equality seems to mean equality to someone only when it suits their cause – but when you look at the “big picture” – things don’t look so “equal” anymore. Why do the handicapped kids have to ride different buses? Why do they have to go to separate classrooms? Why hasn’t the LGBT group come out and stood up for a highly underrepresented group like the handicapped kids, offering them equality? Again – this is the point that was being made at the beginning of this article – this isn’t about tolerance.

If I believe in God, and you do not – then we are different. I do not require you to attend church and you do not require me not to attend church. But, if believers in God suddenly demanded that all people attend church – wouldn’t that be imposing one’s belief in a tyrannical way? If non-believers required church’s to be torn down, wouldn’t that also be imposing one’s belief in the same manner as both are taking away the well-being, freedom, and rights of others.

Now – there’s one more, little matter to deal with. Why separation as extreme as outhouses? Simple and straight forward: there is no quantifiable measure that can determine if an individual truly feels like the opposite gender of their physical birth. Now, if LGBT’s were simply asking for bathrooms with stalls so they could have the right to privacy without being exposed to others in an uncomfortable situation and have absolute equalitythen it might be possible to take them at their word. However, the tyrannical behavior of wanting to force another to suffer just to make themselves feel better begs the question: are they sincere? The bigger concern is that, as LGBT individuals have been around for as long as humanity has been around, why the push now? Why are LGBT’s trying to force their feelings and opinions on others while tearing down how others believe? And, so, the outhouses provide the necessary solutions for the primary reason that they offer LGBT’s the absolute segregation they’re asking for (and yes, a boy asking to use a girl’s bathroom is the same as requesting absolute segregation from his birth gender, and vice versa), whilst protecting the rights of heterosexuals and parents trying to protect their children.

And, as new bathrooms are constructed, and for those schools already with 5 bathrooms, an immediate and mandatory rule must be set into place before the LGBT bathrooms can be used (so for 5 bathroom schools, this would have to be instituted immediately):


Before an LGBT student can be permitted to share a bathroom with individuals of an opposite gender, three things must happen:

  1. They must have 3 – 4 months of therapy with a school counselor (a licensed psychologist – not a “social worker”), in a one on one and/or group setting, who has been properly instructed in the specifics of gender identity (and there are some specifics to that field), where they can validate that they are not attracted to the opposite sex (to which there are physical and psychological tests and standards such as the plethysmograph), and truly do feel opposite their gender. Their phones must be open to the counselor’s private scrutiny, including any email and facebook account, all as part of validating that this is not a deviant student trying to hurt others (see Cartman above). No – in this unique situation, this is not extreme. First off – the FBI already looks through these things – so it’s never really “private.” Secondly, the reason we tolerate organizations such as the TSA is to avoid terrorists that could harm innocents, and when dealing with children, it’s an absolute fact that we have to take the same precautions to protect future generations.
  2. The students and their parents must sign off and waiver all legal rights to intervene or sue – this includes heterosexual kids who want to use an LGBT bathroom. This must be a life-time sign off so that no rotten, abusive, self-serving individual comes back 10 days, or 10 years from now and says they were traumatized, hurt by, or otherwise affected in some terrible way by the experience. After all – if society’s going to believe that these children have the mental capacity to determine their sexual identity at such a young age (which is technically 13), then there is no reason not to hold these individuals accountable for their behavior. Additionally, law enforcement officers at schools will have the right to closely monitor the bathroom areas (gender appropriate of course), for students taking advantage of close-sexual-proximity.
  3. LGBT students wishing for this level of segregation must also take an extra class on social skills, outside of and in addition to anything they have in school. Why? Because, by the sheer fact that they are isolating themselves in such an egregious way that they would want to hurt others, or even by the fact that they’re unable to learn to live with other people while having a dual-gender issue, a class on social skills would be of infinite value to these students. It’s not meant to be unfair – it’s meant to help. I’m not even talking about the psychological problems they’re having with a confused gender – just their ability to simply get along with others and learn to play the “game.” Life’s hard. Not everywhere will have a segregated “bathroom,” and there will always be intolerant people. Right or wrong – learning how to function in a healthy way in these situations is a life skill that frankly, all children could use, but especially – these kids.

I did not write this article arbitrarily or lightly. I have many articles against the nature of LGBT and its dangers, of which most will never seen the light of day simply to avoid the ignorance of haters who fail to open their minds and would otherwise lash out (trying to avoid “drama”). However – imagine a group of girls having to tolerate a boy coming in their bathroom – and the potential for intolerance and subsequent violence. Imagine boys who take it upon themselves to hurt a girl – or worse – attack a transgender and relieve them of their supposedly, “confusing” body parts out of frustration about the co-bathroom situation that’s maybe hurting the hearts of the girls in their school? For as long as there has been humanity – there’s been intolerance, anger, fear, and most of it leading to violence. We need to take a stand to not only protect the mental, well-being of children (especially those who are confused about their gender and need some clarity), but to protect the physical safety and well being of all children.

Don’t go without saying something. Add your voice. Speak out. The squeaky wheel will get the oil and frighteningly, children are a highly underrepresented group who suffer from exceptionally poor representation by extremist parents with a self-serving purpose. But, if all people would come forward and demand the fair treatment and equality of all children (in a step-by-step, logical manner as presented herein), and provide a simple, low-cost, and immediately implemented solution such as the one in this article – then children may yet have a chance (hopefully going so far as to never segregate and start teaching children how to improve themselves and their situation). Do something good today – go tell 50 people to tell their Senators, governors, and the President as you reach out with them. Tweet this. Facebook it. SHOUT IT IN THE STREETS!

Good luck – to all!

Each person must live their life as a model for others.

By the way – Mr. Springstein, if you ever read this – may you rot of an infectious disease for stomping on your fans like a self-righteous child who wants his toy, condescending to the people and catering to terrorism instead of doing the right thing: holding the concert and speaking out on the behalf of those you claim to care about. Poor excuse to get out of having to do a concert you didn’t want to do in the first place … considering that means you even took advantage of the LGBTs and stepped on them, too. Bryan Adams – we could care less what you think. And, Bruce – don’t get a big head – I’m not a fan, so it’s not personal.

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