Net Neutrality: A juxtaposed argument


Yes, I know the fight for net neutrality has come to a head – but I promise, it’s not over. Large corporations are gearing up to find new ways to sneak their self-serving laws into Congress to allow them to hold humanity hostage for more money. Don’t believe it? Go look it up. Sadly, it leaves us with no choice but to continue this non-stop fight, which is exhausting.

And, the big corporations know that. In fact, they’re counting on it. They want you to become so tired that you eventually give way to apathy and finally – they win. Why would net neutrality suck? It’s not just the removal of free speech, but the tiered internet services that will financially crush Americans. Adam Conover of Adam Ruins Everything on TruTV has a funny, yet highly informative video on it you can see on Youtube. Oh, just ignore all the advertisements on Youtube, including the ones that are starting to pop up in the middle of videos – that’s just part of the big corporate scheme: get you addicted, make it mainstream, and once everyone is dependent on it: charge for it! Nice, right? It’s like taking over all the food sources in the world and offering them for free – and once everyone is dependent solely on you … pulling the plug for a hefty price. We used to call this slum behavior that belonged to mafia or gangs, but hey – what’s an organized group that uses force, greed, violence, and manipulation to get what it wants – if not big corporations?

But wait – it gets better. See, internet streaming for movies and television, social media, and gaming have become a multi-billion dollar industry primarily because it’s accessible. Know what happens when it’s no longer accessible? … millions lose their jobs and the economy starts to bottom out again. Odd that big corporations are so near-sighted and greedy that they’d cut off their nose despite their face just to get rich quick when they can’t see that crashing the form of monetary that they used to line their pockets will do nothing more than keep them warm when they’re homeless! Yet – there’s a major problem with the fight against net neutrality:



That’s right – people. Those bipedal, biological organisms that continuously prove throughout history that when left un-monitored always somehow seem to end up in some pretty bad situations. We’re not talking about the every-day stupid acts committed by billions of people that land them in hospitals, injured, or in lawsuits … we’re talking about the sheer deviancy and ignorance that dominates the behavioral mechanisms of these creatures. From inappropriate sexual behavior, exposure, and abuse, to fraud, theft, hacking, hatred, and all sorts of self-destructive actions, people can be downright dumb.

Herein lies the dilemma. Do we want government oversight to keep people from destroying themselves, taking away freedom? Or, do we want people to have control over the internet to keep the government from selling out to big businesses and causing equally catastrophic results? Don’t forget, the ‘government,’ is not a ‘thing,’ it’s still just a group of people. Those people have proven themselves, throughout the annals of time, to be greedy, corrupt, and self-serving, even at the expense of other human lives.

What a dilemma. If you go too far one way – it’s utter chaos and destruction. If you go too far the other, it’s a mass exodus of corporate greed that hurts the country and further drives the whole world down while also crushing the human spirit and furthering deviancy into chaos and destruction.

20 years ago, I had a dream …

And, I had an investment board. I warned a group of 7 people that the internet was going to become one of the worst sources of human deviancy and corporate abuse in all of history if someone didn’t take charge. The plan was simple: to incorporate corporate profits and push for freedom of expression. I wrote several white papers for ICANN, ISO, and others (including one I was paid to write), proposing a new format to web design and emails that would require standardized headers and a rating system. Sales, marketing, advertisements, pornography, child-safe, etc. and so-forth, were the headers would be decoded by every web browser. Those without it would not only not be accessible by web browsers, but would face steep financial fines and penalties for failing to comply. It didn’t cost anyone a dime to add that one little header line in … it was like giving everyone a free license for gun ownership. Then, everyone could have that freedom, but in case someone abused it and tried to screw the system for everyone else … they were easily tracked. It’s a bit more complex than that … but I think you get the point.

What happened? Greed, corruption, theft, and the lowest part of the human spirit both crushed what I was working on and buried the white papers I had submitted for others and their hopes of standardizing the internet to avoid all the problems we have today.

The moral of the story: there really isn’t a good answer. We have to continue to fight for net neutrality and block the already corrupted cable companies from further abusing the masses. However, someone with the finances, influence, and in the right place needs to push for the right way to handle the internet. Sadly – it’s not politicians. Based on the downright ignorant response I received from one, Oregon Senator who pushed for an anti-opioid bill that did nothing more than give certain pharmaceuticals a leg up at the expense of innocent people – there’s no reason to have faith or trust in those folks. Frankly – they should ALL be fired and replaced with machines!! But … I digress.

If you have an opportunity – speak up. Stop the coming threat against net neutrality. And, while you’re there, push for some basic controls for better internet filtering to protect people. The choice is up to you. Just remember, apathy never made it very far.


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