The Former United Kingdom – Funny Acronyms ….

On the Jonathon Brandmeier Show, UK radio personality, Graham Mack spoke to the recent “Brexit” event whereby England left the European Union (something I still applaud them for and hope they hang in there). And, while the wealthy elite are using their power and influence to pull their money off the stock market in an attempt to intimidate and control the UK (and yes – that IS what’s happening when you do enough deep research on what has affected the stock market drop), creating an atmosphere of strife and hardship, Graham Mack still found ways to make us laugh!

What was once known as the United Kingdom (UK), is no more (in a manner of speaking…). It should now be known as the Former United Kingdom (FUK). So, in that same spirit of fun … let’s examine a few phrases and sayings that may come from this, shall we?

“They really FUK’ed that one up!” – This is what you say when other countries start leaving the EU.

“In International news, countries are FUK’ing up left and right.” – What will be said when referencing the mass exodus against the EU.

“Let’s FUK everyone!”  – What the British can say when trying to encourage other countries to leave the EU.

“I don’t give a FUK!” – What other countries can tell Britain when trying to be encouraged to switch and yet, refusing to yield.

“FUK ’em royally.” – What the Queen of England will say when referring to her support of other countries leaving the EU.

“Oh FUK’ing great!” – What the continued supporters of Britain’s departure from the European Union can use as a bumper sticker to show their support!

“It’s 2017 … FUK US!” – The cries heard around the world when Donald Trump wins the election and forms his British-American union as per his claims! (This was formally known as the USUK coalition, pronounced ‘U-SUCK’).

“FUK ‘n A!” – The alternative reference to the FUK US coalition between the Former UK and America.

“Give me a FUK’ing break.” – The politically correct way for those opposed to the recent “Brexit” decision when addressing parliament.

“FUK’ing cowards.” – The appropriate way to refer to the members of the British government that ran for the hills and resigned their position after leaving the EU. (This will also be the politically correct reference for any citizen of the Former UK, such as the “FUK’ing kids”, “FUK’ing government”, and so on.)

“FUK IT.” – The new, politically appropriate term for the British Information Technology Branch of their government.

“FUK-ER!” – The politically correct term to be used when referring to the era when the British-European Revolution took place. (“FUK-ERs” will be the correct historical reference for those who led the revolution).

“Go FUK yourself.” – The polite retort from British citizens to all the countries in the EU that failed to support or back their decision for sovereignty when those countries come forward and ask, “How do we get our freedom back, too?”

“FUK This.” – What to say when asked what you want to see other countries do regarding their membership in the European Union.

“Beat the FUK out of us.” – The politically correct reference for teachers within the EU, years from now, when describing how they were able to drive England out of their establishment.

“They all FUK’ed up.” – The politically correct term after the mass exodus from the European Union to explain what all the countries did.

“FUK Me? FUK You!” (this can also be referred to as the “69 Position” of those engaged in this process) – What happened to the Former United Kingdom when rich people turned on them and caused massive, international stock market failures trying to force Britain back into the EU.

… Well … that’s all the FUK’ing ideas I have for now. Did you think of any other politically correct terms we can apply to the world as it will be after Britain’s departure from the European Union? Please feel free to add them … IN GOOD TASTE ONLY (please). And, enjoy! Be sure to share this with family and friends … but please, give credit to Graham Mack for his comedic brilliance and Jonathon Brandmeier (and crew), for his equally brilliant work! And, if you’re so inclined, you might mention that you read these here and give us a link back 😉

For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.”

*Special thanks to the powerful wizard some may call, “Tim”, and Dragoro, for their input on this!

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