New Scientific Evidence Suggests That Maybe the Dinosaurs Did Not All Fly Away After All …


One of the popular theories surrounding the disappearance of dinosaurs from the planet Earth is that they evolved into birds. This theory, of course, relies on the transformation of hard, scaly skin into feathers (although the base structural proteins of keratin are the same in both), the shrinking of dinosaurs, and the evolutionary need to fly (which may be validated by a lack of migratory options leaving the dinosaurs with no other choice). Of course, not everyone believes that. In fact, many theories disagree with this concept based on sound, scientific evidence. And, while the evolution of fish into man is a stretch that I too, have challenged, the idea that this evolutionary process continued on to flying species (which would have, by the course of evolution, caused flying mammals to develop last), has recently been met with a new challenge:


The recent discovery of a fully, in tact, 100 million year-old infant mammal’s feathered wing provides a whole new argument against the evolution of birds from dinosaurs. Not only is there skeletal and fossilized impression scientific evidence that birds and dinosaurs (of the lizard type), are not evolutionary cousins, the discovery of a perfectly preserved, feathered wing completely validates the lack of continuity. Sure, chicken DNA has a faint resemblance to some ancient dinosaur DNA providing a very weak link like a plot hole so big you can drive a semi truck through it! But, almost EVERY creature shares DNA in many of the same ways. While paleontologists may struggle to make these connections, the failure to recognize the similarity between species is a major downfall of the field (and yes, paleontologists have been known to be wrong, basing their ideas on loose evidence until later “facts” are discovered). Human beings share traits with so many different animal species that under the same pretense of dinosaurs evolving into birds, it could then be argued that humans are actually the ancestors of a lion that mated with a cow that mated with a duck that mated with a fish that mated with a bird and so on and so on.


Does this mean that birds didn’t evolve? NO. In fact, whether you take scientific evidence as fact, biblical stories as fact, or a little of both – the birth of all species is still completely unknown. According to biblical texts, birds existed at the same time as the creatures of the sea and the animals that first walked on land. Is it possible that there’s an evolutionary link? Absolutely. Is it possible that there had to be a “chain” of evolution? Well, only if you want to consider that the same mineral and carbon-based elements that first existed in rocks, now exists in humans and then try to link human evolution to rocks. No – that’s not facetious (okay, well, maybe a little … or fine … a LOT!)- that’s a sad statement of truth on the continuing mismanagement of historical evidence.


Birds and dinosaurs lived together. At some point, even the ancestors of dinosaurs may have contributed in some way, during the course of evolution, to the development of birds; but, only just as much as radioactivity from a weaker Van Allen belt or meteor could have also contributed to the significant re-sequencing of the protein chains that developed into feathers (imagine mom and dad’s surprise when junior had wings!!). It stands to reason that where there are deserts, there are underground dwellers; where there is water, there will be fish; where there are mountains, there will be goats; and where there are trees, there will be birds. (I know, a really simplistic way of looking at things – but hey – sometimes the simplest and most obvious of answers are the correct ones … sometimes … and it doesn’t require stretching beyond biological or scientific evidence to provide sound reasoning).

So, to this writer – answer solved, for now. Dinosaurs did not shrink down into birds, shed their lizard tough skin into wings, and start climbing trees until they were eventually doomed to fly away and poop on statues. If you believe in a catastrophic/apocalyptic event that wiped out dinosaurs, birds could have most likely flown away from the events that brought an end to dinosaurs (although not everything points to a big meteor in the sky … in some of my other theories of possibility, like those of us who believe in certain forms of evolution and give the 65 billion years of lifetime the dinosaurs had some value … well … they may have evolved and left this world in other ways). And, birds, much like whales or crocodiles, may not be all that different from their ancient ancestors because they’ve not really had a need to evolve (anymore than whales). And that … is cool.


Now, when we find a 100 million year old human skeleton trapped in amber … all my alternative theories to combat the ignorance of a single frame of thought of evolution based on limited to no scientific evidence shall come true!!!! Muwahahahahaha!… cough … choke … wheeze … *sigh*

Until then – just remember, don’t necessarily or blindly believe what you’re told, by the T.V., by so-called “scientists” with letters behind their name, and never by blogs on the internet! Um … except this one!!! (Just teasing). Think for yourself. Look it up for yourself. And, even then, question the evidence. Just because Steven Hawking says the Universe started with a big bang doesn’t make it true. Yes, it is plausible, among the 100 trillion other possibilities, but until we can travel back in time and see it first hand, it’s not a fact (regardless of whether or not ignorant people still believe that theories should be taught as facts in schools!!). In fact, no fact is a fact unless that fact can be substantiated by a fact and not the fact it’s a theory and not a fact! (That’s mouth full!!!).

Dinosaurs did not walk with humans. The evolutionary record says different. They gambled.


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