Let’s Talk About the Term “Racism” and the “Human Race”

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They’re Racist!

Hmm… words you might have heard more than once in your lifetime. And, when living in America (for example), what naturally pops into everyone’s head (generally … as there are countless billions of exceptions with billions of people on the planet) when they hear these words: prejudice against black folks. Second on the list: Islamic individuals. And, why? Sheer ignorance and media driven hypocrisy. But, herein lies the fallacy of the human language:

There is ONE … count them … ONEhuman race: Homo Sapien.

Yep. To utilize the term “racist” implies that the individual not only hates all human beings, but themselves, too. That is truly, the only correct use of the term, ‘racist’ when speaking about other people.

racism--there is only one race, the human race

But, does it really matter?

YES! Of course, it matters. If someone sees that you drink a lot of coffee and tells someone else, “That person has a drinking problem,” having relied on the poor structural usage of words in ANY language, it was implied that you are an alcoholic (at least in America … *sigh*)! And – it is a BAD misuse of the language (as you’ll see below), regardless of whatever excuse or justification (thinking errors!!) you may read or hear about. Does referring to an excessive coffee drinker with the same terminology as referring to alcoholism make any sense? Nope. And, to say that a person is “racist” because they don’t like a certain culture is terribly ignorantfor the most part. See, society, news, media, and our culture has been misusing the term for so long (and we’re talking a couple thousand years in some cases) that it has substantially created thousands of alternate meanings for the same word, world-wide. Use of the word “racism” causes 2 major problems:

  1. It implies that a culture, or physical trait, segregates those individuals from other human beings. The word itself is culturally biased and forces segregation, dehumanizing other people that do not deserve to be, nor should ever be, treated so poorly.
  2. Since there is only one human race, it implies prejudice against humans in general rather than specific behaviors. This alters the way we view the implied prejudice. Perhaps there’s a dislike of the specific beliefs that one religion holds over another, say (just using this as an example because it works internationally – DON’T FREAK OUT ON ME – “examples” people … “examples” … I’m NOT drawing conclusions or offering ANY insight as to right or wrong), the belief of some Christians that it’s not acceptable to have more than one wife vs. those that believe otherwise. That’s a superficial bias with countless psychological reasons behind it. Yet, some people find it exceedingly offensive for some men to have multiple wives and through the long chain of psychological, deviant thinking, may actually say they hate that ‘person‘, or those ‘people‘. But, it does not necessarily imply that the person who is prejudice against that one particular aspect of another person’s life “hates” human beings!!!?? Nor does it mean that they hate every other aspect of that person. There may be countless common ground issues upon which they could come together. Using the word “racism”, therefore transforms the outward interpretation to be something more than what it is and creates general dissension for EVERYONE.

Initially, you may find it hard not to use this word any longer. It may be difficult to overcome the constant barrage of the media who throws “racism” around as their drama-inducing form of empowering themselves and pushing you into unwarranted hysteria. Yes – that is why it is used that way in the media. Drama, like a soap opera, is what keeps people tuning back into the news (sadly, since an unbiased news that reports facts on the world could otherwise be a great, educational source of information). We can’t read other peoples’ minds. Some people may be prejudiced against another person’s skin tone because they were raised with the hatred, bred and beat into their system, without understanding why. Some people may have had a bad experience with someone from another culture or religion and they blindly chose to fall into their victim stance and label everyone else. And, maybe even you have had these problems.


But – unless you’re looking for global extinction – no one is truly, ‘racist’ against their own ‘race’. When we hear someone use the term racism – we should bring everything to a standstill and ask the question, “Hold on – you’re saying they hate every human being on the planet?” When the answer is, “No,” (and it will be … most likely), this is the prime opportunity to help lift one another up. I’m not talking about being “politically correct” (because I am prejudice against that term and its meanings, too). I’m talking about clarifying our speech, removing misconceptions, ending cultural biases based on a failure to utilize the one, most important aspect of the ENTIRETY of human evolution: COMMUNICATIONS! (and all it requires is using our language more correctly – not being “politically correct” … blah!).


Racism, even under its alternate definitions of segregation – IS WRONG. There is no African race, no American race, no Chinese race, no Swedish Race … or ANY of that. Because – the color of your skin does not define you, categorize you, or label you. Your cultural upbringing is only as effective as you allow it to be in isolating you from others. Your religion, or lack thereof, is part of your free-will choice and does not entitle you nor make you any physically different from the next person. As a species, we are ALL human. ALL our lives matter. We are ALL equal (we are born the same way and we die the same way). Thus, we all share an EQUAL portion of responsibility to help make the world a better place. YOU matter. YOU are important. And, guaranteed – no matter who you are, where you go, or what you saysomeone loves YOU and YOU deserve it!

Because, you are part of the Human Race. Everyone is running in the same race, on the same planetary racetrack, and the prize is not who gets there first – but HOW we get there.

I should know … I’ve been watching for a long time from a long, long way off ….

… if we don’t help each other, we’re all going to crash. We should take our time and do our best … because that’s more important than beating the rest … and making the world a better place … for the whole human race.


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