A Brief Review of Why America’s Going Downhill

An image of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was posted on Imgur where the two of them looked like idiots. You can see it here.

The caption reads: 319 Million People And We Narrowed It Down To This? Great Job America.

And, what followed, was hilarious …

Post after post of angry people commenting that it wasn’t fair or nice that Donald looked retarded because he was making fun of a disabled guy while Hillary looked retarded because she was just trying to watch some pyrotechnics (or a balloon).

But, who said that Donald or Hillary looked dumb? Not the person posting. What does that mean?

That means that thousands of people took one look at Hillary Clinton and in their own minds, her reactions and behavior looked stupid. That means that thousands of people took one look at Donald Trump and in their own minds decided that Trump looked like a fool.

And, while they’re BOTH correct, it’s not about whether anyone was making fun of anyone else. What mattered was that we have 319 million people and these two nefarious goofballs are the potential future leaders of America? I don’t feel bad for the reporter because the rule of thumb is, if you live in a glass house, you don’t throw stones.

Donald Trump should know better than to act like a 12 year old. But, frankly, he has more in common with the hundreds of millions of Americans than they may want to admit. Youtube, Imgur, TruTV World’s Dumbest, America’s Funniest Home Videos, and so on and so on – are multi-billion dollar running campaigns because it opens the door for Americans to mock other people. Sure, if Donald were running around mocking people at random – he’d be an idiot. Mocking them because they want to be in Hollywood but can’t take the heat … well … welcome to the sad state of the culture today.

Hillary Clinton’s not bad or wrong because she looked silly watching pyrotechnics, although by the picture above, she’s good at mocking people and making dumb faces to do it, too. So – before people go off screaming at Donald – they mustn’t forget that their side of the fence smells just as bad. And, frankly, telling millions of people to trust her and that she’ll take care of them whilst continuing to lie makes it hard to know if those eyes are crossing on purpose … or not??!

But, even funnier, are all the angry, mob posters that are saying “Hey – don’t call Hillary retarded just ’cause she looks stupid.”

‘Cause … they didn’t. YOU did! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And, it’s that sort of lack of self introspection that creates problems. Politics drives people into mass hysteria, splits them in twain, and causes dissension for a reason. That way, when one person gets into office – you get to feel ‘saved’. YAY! Isn’t that … special!

I agree with the person who posted that clip: 319 Million People and this is the best we could come up with? Of course, none of the other options were much better, either. For instance, I said, during the primaries, that Ted Cruz would be bad because he was a hot-headed Kennedy wannabe and will act out. And, guess what? He did!

So, this year, let’s fire ’em all. I’m officially putting my hat in the ring. Vote for the fictional blog character: Xenohart for President! I promise …

NOTHING. Because, making promises we can’t keep is STUPID. And I don’t believe you all are stupid. I actually believe you can make good decisions for yourself. No spending cuts – just cutting back on the overhead waste (that’ll put a few trillion dollars per year right back into the budget!). After that – well .. nothing. See, America’s “Federal” government was created to protect our borders. And, that’s what we should get back to doing. Force the States to come up with common-wealth laws. Require all Representatives to get the vote of the people BEFORE passing bills (and NOT the vote of the corporations). Representatives who don’t vote with their constituents by a majority of 3/4 get a one way ticket to the Mars colonization program … the LONG way. Federal education – sucks. Home school has a 70% better turnout rate and higher grade point average … so let’s turn schools back over to the States and the people!

And so on … and so on 🙂

The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

(Normally I post the quotes at the end for whomever is clever, or interested enough, to play along and guess where it came from, but this time, I’m going to cheat. That quote is from Winston Churchill and has been repeated, in various forms, since the first, Continental Congress. The “establishment”, as it may be called, believes that people are too stupid to vote well. On one hand, whether you like to hear this or not – they’re right. Uninformed people, all too often, vote uninformed. On the other hand, we mustn’t forget that politicians are not some great deity. They are, in fact …. people. And, now you know, why the Country is spiraling downhill. They are the fools claiming the right to vote because fools shouldn’t vote!!! Think about that one ….)




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