Welcome To the United States of …. Oz?


In the left corner, weighing in at an undisclosed amount of money somewhere over a few hundred million dollars, we have, the Wicked Witch of the West:

And, in the other corner, weighing in at several hundred million dollars, we have, the Wizard:

And … we’re off …

Welcome to the Land of Politics. You just left behind your burdens to follow your dreams, find the path to wealth, power, and fame. And, it all starts in a place called, GOVERNMENT LAND! Umm… oops. No, I mean … OZ! So, let’s get caught up in the whirlwind of politics and news and media that you’re being driven closer and closer toward by some mean old lady that you don’t really understand but you know she represents some form of power and control that’s driving the country!


First thing’s first. In government land, everybody seems to be a politician, and I mean everyone. All these people of such huge, self-proclaimed stature within their individual guilds are oddly nothing more than puffed up little folk:

And, you know they’re politicians because when the wicked witch shows up to exert her power, they all run and hide!

Now – once that’s over and you’ve decided you need to see what the other side of power is like, you’ll have to start your journey out into the world of politics the only way it can be – on a road paved with gold. Of course, the less gold you have, the more you’ll keep going in circles until you can finally break free.


Now, in government land, you’re going to come across three types of people:

The Scarecrow will represent the common folk, outside of military, who are the workers and backbone of America. They’ll appear helpless and stupid, caught up in some weird hook that some bureaucratic nutjob put up in their field due to environmental regulations. The second person you’ll encounter will be the Tin Man. He’ll represent the American industrialists and capitalists, who can’t function without the oiling of the little people – but will mess themselves over, stomping on the little guys, regardless. The tin man will have gotten himself into a bad place with his bad attitude because eventually, nobody will come back to oil him. The final person you’re going to meet is the cowardly lion, representative of the military force and authority that appears tough … and while some are … some are more like the cowardly lion. This person’s going to be wandering around, alone and lost, because frankly, the system’s screwed up and without direction.

And … you’re going to want to help them all. So – you’ll take them to see the Wizard because surely the government will help all of these helpless people who just can’t take care of themselves!

Along the way, you’ll have the awesome privilege of seeing how the Wicked Witch’s world is, inside a large, lonely castle, where only she is at top and the wealth below her has been evenly distributed, people lost from their homes (as monkey guards), and everybody living identity free. And, while she spouts off about her policies on freedom and equality, slowly, the inequality her system builds leaves you feeling a little prejudice on the color differences (just don’t ask her if she did anything wrong – she’ll deny it all):

You’ll also see just how unbiased and appropriately tempered local authorities and State governments have become:


There’s no knowledge of good or evil from this Eden-tree … only “be good”, or else! REDS APPLE ALE … TO THE HEAD!

And, as you begin to reach your destination, you discover the other side of the government has built themselves a giant castle, beyond all measures of epic scale, in the midst of the mountains, and that it’s size is so enormous that it has grown apathy among the surrounding people in the form of … poppies!

Of course, the Witch will be overhead warning you not to partake of that wealth – not to keep your ruby slippers – but that you have to share the wealth and give it to her … or she’ll poison the skies!

But, surprise! Not everyone gets into the wizard’s emerald city – only those who know the password! Only those who can reword things so that the truth becomes a lie that sounds like a not lie which isn’t a lie but becomes the truth, because that’s a horse of a different color!


And, what’s it like inside the walls that Donald Trump has erected .. um, oops, getting ahead of myself, sorry … I mean, inside the walls of the wizard’s emerald city?

Everybody is gainfully employed! Um … well, that is, for the wizard! Everyone conforms! And, if you come into the wizard’s city, you too will get primped and proper so that you conform. Everyone is assigned tasks. No one sees the wizard – they just work. that’s what they do. (Before the wizard they all worked – serving big business … I mean, the rich … um, I mean, the leaders of Oz in much the same way … just not so color coordinated!!)

And, guess what? He really doesn’t want the job. In fact, he can leave at any time, but wants to make a change … albeit he’s a mighty, yelling tower of smoke and inferno. And, the wizard can help – but he wants something in return! You must defeat … the WITCH!


So … seeing that there’s one side of the world gainfully employed and appearing happy and another where the people are having their straw pulled out, running out of oil, and scared and alone (all to emphasize why they need the distribution of tax payer dollars in the form of welfare), you turn to face the witch. What’s her downfall?


Water. Yes … water. No, not literally “water”. Wash away all the scandal, the dirt, the insider privileges, the money, and the filth … and you’re left with a really cool, pointy hat. All the smoke and mirrors and fireballs were just empty government oversight for people they saw as nothing more than morons to stand in rows of service.

But, upon return to the wizard – there’s a not so “awesome” surprise waiting.The wizard’s not “all powerful”, and mighty – he’s just a guy – like everyone else, except that he gets to stand behind a 100 million dollar curtain (and it takes someone as simple as your dog to see the truth and not overthink it). He, too, is pretty empty and pretending to be some important aspect of oversight but more for himself and big business, giving the people jobs, but doing so in the manner that serves him best:


There’s a catch, though. The wizard doesn’t have the unlimited power he claims. See, all those promises for a heart, a brain, and courage, turn out to be a clock, a diploma, and medal … er .. um, well, things you had inside you already… ??!!

Yet, the people take their scholarships believing that it makes them smart when the fact they settled for that answer is to the contrary. The corporations will take the policies that make them appear to be nice and genuine so people keep oiling them and stop suing them while they ship jobs overseas. And, the lion takes his medal and the military shines, assuming there will be anything left for them in four years. Because everyone needs the government to give them what they could already do for themselves, right? …. o.0

But, what about you? Have you decided what you want?

You can’t live under the witch’s rule. Other than being a mean old hag, she’s sort of melted for the moment. If you lived with her, you give up your wealth and your identity and become a monkey in her army that keeps her all powerful. Of course, you don’t really want to stay with the wizard because other than being a liar and an eccentric nut, if you lived with him, you’d accept your role in the castle, don your green clothes (when you happen to wear blue), and would be fit to live – within the walls and nowhere else. In fact, you learn the wizard was nothing more than a circus guy who had everything handed to him. Following the yellow brick road to its other destinations now seems somewhat … meaningless.

Maybe it’s time you go home.


But – when it comes time to cast your vote … the balloon leaves without you. Your words, your journey, your efforts, and your beliefs were all for not. Congratulations, you were duped by the system. All the people gathered and cheered in their national convention and made noise, but it was only for show. The electoral college acts as if they don’t need you and will fly the balloon off themselves, taking their candidate to higher levels, seemingly leaving the land to be ruled over by the people! (at least, it appears that way for now…)

But, then – something happens. You learn something special…


You find out about the ruby slippers! You had the power all along! It was already with you on your journey.

Your struggles to help the workers … make big business … build up your defenses … spread the wealth … build a wall …

Were all pointless and meaningless. But, you still needed some government oversight, because, in the end, you didn’t even have the wherefore all to figure out you had the power and someone else had to tell you. So … you cast your vote … the only way you can … for your representatives!

You are on your way home!


Freed from the tyranny of the witch, you’re back in the safety of your own home where you started in the first place. Government land was nothing but a dream. Yet … something is oddly wrong …

The workers, the corporations, and authority … are all still there … but they look a little different … wearing the “friend” clothes they used to wear, making you feel like they’re somehow friends again. The wizard is there and seems to be guiding the people when you thought … the people were in charge? Your family’s there and they’re telling you that everything’s a dream and you’re going to be alright, even though you know that they ran into the storm cellar and locked it behind them, locking you out, and leaving you to the tornado ….

Toto’s fine. He ‘escaped’ the evil, old hag … who’s still out there but nobody wants to talk about …??

But … it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if they’re watching you or the evil witch is waiting to steal away your possessions or the wizard’s going to exercise his control or that you’ve been riding the fence and are right back where you started, and people are acting like sheep who can’t see what’s going on. We’re all here. All the people. All the people that matter. And no one’s going to ever lie again. No one’s going to mislead you. Money isn’t everything. Life is going to be okay. …. Isn’t it?


And somehow – they silently let you slip off to sleep as they go back to their places, actors, pretending like everything is okay. But, you’ll always know. In the back of your mind … you’ll always know.

Welcome Home … to the United States of Oz.

There’s no place like home … There’s no place like home … (keep telling yourself) … There’s no place like home …

(Thank goodness that there is NO other place like home! Whew!! Just don’t forget to chant it over and over again until you actually believe it ….)

Oh, wait?

What’s that?

Did we forget somebody?

No, no, my dear Pinocchio …

Your conscious has been there with you all along. That small, still voice in the back of your mind warning you against both sides of the party, telling you that the little people are harmless but you can’t stay with them, and that you had the power all along… was YOU.



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