Adam Strikes Back … Season 2 of Adam Ruins Everything Has Returned! The Attack on Hollywood!

And …. there is a LOT to ruin!


So, for anyone who’s read my previous post on Adam Ruins Everything, I happen to be a very big fan of the show because frankly, it’s a very welcome and much needed blast of common sense reality in a very confused world. Even though the show has its ups and downs and can often times miss some of the elements that make the truth even more devastating, the point of the show is consistently clear: Don’t just believe what you’re told! In fact, almost everything about what you believe about the world you live in is a bunch of malarkey designed with the very nefarious purpose of forcing you into a box that, well, is just not a good place to be!

Of course, taking the easy path in life is what everyone does, right? Well … if you want public or cultural acceptance. Why? Because that’s what the modern culture is designed around – everyone working like undercover spies to keep you in line or reject you, call you crazy, and shun you. Therefore, the people of this world are left with no choice but conformity or absolute chaos.

Fortunately, another solution to the problem of being herded like sheep (forced to live, eat, breath, and conduct yourself as you’re told, under the threat of constant physical and emotional harm, where the wolves are allowed to take you at random according to the shepherds that just don’t really care that much about their flock): Time. Trying to change the current system rapidly requires a violent revolution on an epic scale – and – guess what? You’ve already said “no” in your head because the powers that be have guided you to that answer. However, you are intelligent and you have the capacity to think. Even though those same powers struggle to keep people stupid, when shows like Adam Ruins Everything open the door to clarity and understanding – people want more! The truth is a special kind of knowledge that has power – and that helps put you back in control – and subsequently, makes you crave more … for the most part.

Some people don’t want to know the truth because they realize just how overwhelming it is. Just remember, there’s nothing wrong with baby-steps! Yet, as I said before, there are times on Adam Conover’s Tru-TV series that don’t hit the mark. For example, the start of season 2 was an awakening for people about just how fake Hollywood really is.

Yes – Hollywood.


You’re already thinking it: “But I know Hollywood is fake.” Sure you do … in a manner of speaking. You know that what’s shown television isn’t real, regardless of whether or not they call it reality, documentaries, news (hopefully you know this one), or “based” on a true story. Hollywood has its own, self-serving agenda, and it’s not about you. Their agenda is based on their desire for MORE money. It’s actually difficult to keep people glued to their TV screens (if you can believe that!). And, while you may know this, and you may watch Adam Ruins Everything, and you may re-educate yourself, or for those folks who have lost touch (and sadly … in our modern culture … MANY have), get educated, it’s not going to stop you from watching. So, you’ll keep getting herded like sheep, guided around by dogs biting and tearing at your ankles, and “they” will keep you where they want to. On the other hand, some people “may” take the opportunity to educate themselves even more and learn how to shut out a lot of the Hollywood jive and try to enjoy what their watching without the commercialism (although, technically, that almost rules out everything and leaves only static). Hopefully – that’s you!

Okay – there’s my tirade. Now, where were we? Ah, yes, Hollywood! One of the topics Adam Conover covered was movie ratings (PG, PG-13, R, NC-17, etc.). And, while he did an excellent job hitting home the fact that the ratings are absolutely worthless for their publicly believed intent, are run by random groups or the MPAA itself, and specifically impose prudish beliefs – there are a few things he missed.

So – I’m gonna fill in…

The LGBTQIA sex at a minimum aspect (as Adam put it) where it’s kept out of movies without an NC-17 or XXX rating is sadly inaccurate. Right now, there are more than 13 series on regular networks that show LGBTQIA sexuality beyond simple kissing and still bear a PG-13 rating. The same holds true for movies. And, while sex (of any kind) is not been explicitly shown – the boundaries are being pushed further and further everyday. I do agree with Adam though – the level of grotesque violence in a PG-13 movie will have just as much harm, if not more, on a child than simply showing sex!

One of Adam’s statements was that nobody knows officially why movies are rated R when so much of their content (except for sex), is shown in PG-13 films (and more often than not, PG-13 DOES rank worse in content than most rated R films). However, the answer was in the words he already said: sex.

Yes … it’s true … “sex sells.”

By slapping a ‘Rated-R’ on a movie, movie-goers are naturally expecting sex and near to full nudity. That’s the difference. It’s a mind-game being played with movie goers. Most PG-13 films will contain visually graphic murder, violence, inhumane treatment, sex (up and to showing the frontal portion of what’s happening), no limitations on language … and that’s it. Compared to an R-Rated film, PG-13 can often times be far worse.Sure, not every rated-R film contains sex … but you didn’t know that before going in. Still got you, didn’t it? Besides, sex fills in movie time and removes the need for a plot, story-line, or even basic thinking. Easy way to sell movies without much effort (notice how most movies with absolute nudity and full sex have far less special effects and big actors? No need to … people don’t care as long as the sex is in place!).

I should note though, Adam is right in pointing out that movie ratings are based on opinions. Some of these opinions may belong to prudish people, some to prejudice people, but it is a guarantee, that all belong to well paid people.

Putting it simply, exposure to acts of deviancy sends a wrong message to both children and adults. Showing women in slutty situations misleads teens (and even some adults) in their understanding of what women want and who they are – and this has been proven to lead to sexually abusive and dangerous situations. Violence in movies is often mimicked by young children and has been the cause for some adults acting violently. Hollywood is not ignorant of these topics. And, while they may hold back from time to time – they never fail to let people know that they’re holding back, using even that as a way to promote themselves. Ratings should be in place to help prevent some people from getting the wrong message. While it’s not possible to ‘control’ people with a single movie, it is possible to limit the amount of exposure children will get by offering a ratings system that isn’t based on a profit margin. Of course … Hollywood changing that is like America’s politics cleaning up.

Not sure it will be possible in our lifetimes without some dramatically brutal changes.

Keeping kids from seeing full on sex, nudity, and murder is not being prudish. It’s centering their world to stay children, free from the harsh realities they will already one day face, letting them focus instead on building healthy relationships, good boundaries, moral values, and better education. Kids who have these opportunities will fare far better than those who do not – and you can take that to the bank! Meanwhile, just remember, before you decide to see the next big “thing”,  the difference between Rated R and Rated PG-13 is the difference between a nipple or a scrotum – because everything else – goes! And, it’s all designed around controlling you … never forget that.

Good luck out there!

Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.


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