Measuring the Expanse of a Human Soul


How big is a human soul? Is it a spec? Is it the size of our bodies? Does it take up the size of the entire galaxy … or bigger? Quite often people refer to the human soul and then think in terms of ‘ghosts’ and the soul being the same size as the body. But … just how big is it? What is it? And, what would you do if you ever saw or felt one.

Well, that was the case at the Madras Air Show in Oregon on Saturday, August 27, 2016. At 2:28 pm, a veteran pilot, Marcus Paine, began his aerobatic thrills for the audience. Whilst doing a loop only feet off the ground and far too soon, the plane came crashing down to the ground at 2:30 pm and the pilot, Marcus, died, at age 61. The loss and tragedy of his death will be felt by his immediate family, his children, and his grandchildren. It was a terribly unfortunate event even though everyone is still grateful that he came and offered his skills to an audience that appreciated all the pilots.

However, that’s not the end of the story.

At 2:40 pm, almost 10 minutes exactly after the crash took place, a gust between 19 and 25 mph tore through the air show for approximately 30  – 45 seconds. And, what had been calm weather between 3 – 5 mph for the previous day and that day, jettisoned up to 15 mph and greater that day, until about 9 pm at night before going right back down to where it was at previously (3 – 5 mph).

No – that was not a phenomenon you can trace in the 25 years of weather history at that airport. In fact, the wall of air that blasted through the airport at 25 mph knocked over tents, motorcycles, and airplanes. But, it wasn’t a wind like any other you could possibly imagine. Try telling someone who’s been in 25 mph blasts of air that it was calm … relaxing … gently warm … and peaceful.

25 mph winds are not, ‘peaceful.‘.

And, while tents were tearing out of the ground, people ran to help one another. Everyone seemed to suddenly become kind and nice to each other.

Some of us …. some of us knew what had happened.

A pilot, age 61, left the world doing what he loved. And, he took one last dive through on his way out of the world. This is not a coincidence or possibility. In fact, given the weather, on a temporal scale, it border-lined on being an impossibility. Whether or not Marcus continued his flight after life or he was carried out on the wings of angels, he breezed through the airport and kicked up the winds to tell everyone: stay down (protecting others). Because of him, the airshow was closed.

Plenty of folks are quick to dismiss what is clearly an act beyond the physical realities of this world by doing one thing – ignoring it. Why? Because those events cannot be explained away under any scientific principal that exists and the only way those folks can hope to understand is to simply, not understand. It’s not too different from faith. Faith is the hope for those things which are unseen. Faith is not a guarantee of wealth, life, or even happiness. Faith is the belief that there is an order and a purpose to those miraculous acts which others so easily dismiss. This does not make faith blind. Faith understands that there are events which happen that exceed the capacity of reality as we know it (our “understanding” of all things) and shows that some forces beyond the realm of this one, can act upon our own.

Now, some may call it God, others may attribute it to more temporal-existing creatures of higher power, or give it some other name. But, however you may choose to see the impossible – unless you close your eyes in the hopes of not seeing it – it’s still, impossible.

Of course, there are additional things I could offer that took place throughout the course of this whole day that might make these claims more substantial. Perhaps you’ve already decided that the people who saw and felt what I did have already read too much into what happened and so, you’ve chosen to mock or dismiss what you’ve read.


But, for everyone else, a soul was witnessed leaving the world, in all its glory and strength, as small as a spec, yet larger than the world, and with enough residual force to last for just about 6 hours and 20 minutes exact. Perhaps, the problem is that we see this everyday, and just don’t recognize it. Perhaps we weren’t present when someone passed and therefore did not know to relate the things which took place and happened. We can’t assume to know everything – that’s the fallacy and ignorance of a de-evolved culture doomed to self-destruction. At some point, we must acknowledge that we are not perfect, we are not absolute, and that our lives exist for purposes well beyond our understanding. Otherwise, our own ignorance becomes the blinders that keep us from seeing what really is – religious or not. Yet, the simple truth is that people pass, young and old, (and when they’re supposed to – if you believe in Christianity).

And, so, we are left with the question: what is the expanse of a human soul? Is it so large that we can’t see it? Is it too small for us to comprehend? Is our ability to feel what others feel, use intuition, or have some other extra-sensory perception (and EVERYONE has had it), evidence that our souls fill up the whole of the Earth and therefore, what we do and what we feel affects, and is affected by, others?

Of course, we won’t be able to answer this question here. And, as always, I will not ask you to believe in anything specific or question your own beliefs. But, it doesn’t mean that our hearts and minds can’t be open to such amazing concepts. And, maybe for a few who are looking for validation … that eternal human question that is born of our own mortality about what happens next … to know that there was something more … more than particles of science and more than random strings of energy, and to know that there was life after death, helps just a little. I’m still trying to fathom the event myself (wrap my head around all of the seemingly far too “coincidental” (to be a coincidence) events that took place that day), and am at least glad I could say a prayer to wish Mr. Paine a fond farewell on his way out and one for his family who remained behind.

Whatever you may believe, I’ve given you the links to see the weather reports for that time period – the ones that the news and media leave out. The media believes their job is to suck you in and trap you with drama, shutting down your free will and thought. My purpose – is exactly the opposite.

So, the next time you look up into the sky and you feel that warm air blow around you (not “hot” … warm in that unique way that is completely inexplicable), and you see the peaceful, gentle, kindness of the wind as it tears apart the world around you although you can only feel the love it carries with it … maybe don’t ignore it. Because, maybe, you just felt the wings of angels carrying another good soul by and have a moment to reflect on the reality and joy that there are things to come!!!

After all … that’s what makes life so exciting!

Don’t Gain The World & Lose Your Soul, Wisdom Is Better Than Silver Or Gold.


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