2016 Presidential Debate … Sort of …


Ahh, what a world… the lights … the cameras … the audience … and at the very beginning the first candidate, a long-time underdog says: “Listen, I’m gonna’ tell you right up front, if we’re here to bash, to bicker, to squander, or to squabble … then we’re not going to get very far. You see, I’m running for the office of the President of the United States of America. I am not here for me, or for my opponent, but for the only people who matter … the only people who count! I’m here to discuss the politics, the policies, and the principals of change and growth for the people of America. I’m here to talk about the people sitting in the audience, watching on television, and all the wonderful people who make up this great country. So, you go right ahead and squabble and squawk like a ten year old child hurdling insults across the playground. I’m afraid I can’t play your game. I will only answer questions that pertain to the policies that I believe will make this country, great!

And … for a few brief moments, a hush falls over America. A new resolve builds within the hearts of its people. Everyone, no matter how rich or poor, regardless of color or heritage, suddenly feels something deep down within them –


Finally, they matter. The pains of yesterday are forgotten. The mistakes of the past are let go. And, in one enormous moment of epic magnitude, the whole of America stands up and cheers with joy and gratitude that finally, someone gets it! Finally, someone believes in the American dream where ALL people can be equal and can succeed. No more politics about commercialism! No more capitalist rule! The people of America will be educated! They will work hard and not live in fear of debt or government power! The people of America will finally know freedom! And, for a few moments, until the crowd finally calms down, the entire world listens to the saddened voices of hundreds of millions of people lift up in harmonious victory.

Ahh …

What a dream.

Of course …. this isn’t a good place. This isn’t a “better” world. This is the cold, harsh reality of the hole that has been dug, carved from the human spirit, leaving everyone in anguish. No one cheers. No culmination of voices heralded in a new era. Only an empty night of bickering, squabbling, and fighting children wearing big-people clothes on stage, promising another 4 years of decline and demise.


But, what can you do? You can’t resort to violence … the government will always protect itself. You can’t resort to peaceful protest … the capitalists will weed you out. And, so, like your parents before, you simply say that you hope the next generation does better. You simply sit back, resolving yourself to another long day of work as a slave to monetary masters, and tune it all out. Sure, some people take sides, picking and choosing what they thought were ‘victories’. The media drives people into frenzies by ceaselessly spouting about lost opportunities to jab an opponent or hurt another person while highlighting success as a moment when personal vendettas were unleashed. Who cares about who filed taxes and who didn’t? Who cares about 33,000 lost emails from a liar who would just lie their way out of them anyway? Who cares if one candidate prefers peanut butter while the other wants chocolate?!?!

What about the people who mattered? What about the hundreds of millions of Americans whose lives will be made or broken by the decision in November? Here’s what didn’t get … and never will get … asked:

“Considering that the electoral college does the voting and yet, the candidates literally waste billions of dollars marketing Democracy to the masses, would you ever consider a policy whereby the representatives of the people, you know, the ones they vote into the House and the Senate, would be required to vote in favor of the majority of their constituents or face severe reprimands, loss of office, and potentially criminal violations for not doing their jobs? It would go a long way toward validating not only the media circus created by the campaigns, but Democracy itself. And, yes, that means if nobody votes … then the people didn’t like the choices and you’ll have to go back to the drawing board. Make elections the year before … then you’d have time – but the voice of the people would be heard.”

“On that note, would you consider a law whereby voters have to be registered? And, by registered, I’m referring to the Social Security Administration which logs the names and ages of every man, woman, and child in this country … that is, the ones who are legally registered to live and work in this country? That is not to say that we don’t care about the feelings of those who visit … but anymore than we would allow Russia to vote in our next President or Australia to decide whether or not we should have an Army, the voting about what happens to the lives of the people living here belongs to the people who have struggled, fought, and worked hard to live here, as an “American,” (not as some multi-national hybrid), and as someone who takes pride in their country and their lives, and has proven their dedication, love, and concern about their homeland by leaving behind the world, to be a part of their new home by language, nationality, faith, and spirit.”


“Would you consider a law that put America first, on the books? By this, I mean a law where no foreign financial aid, or service, which comes out of the pockets of the hardworking men and women of this country, will go to any other country who does not exhibit worse conditions than those in America. After all, we are not selfish. We do not wish to be greedy. We want to help. But as long as children are starving to death every single day, and the mentally ill are abandoned to the streets, and our infrastructure is failing, and our schools are rapidly declining, and our mental health is falling apart … the 20 trillion dollar debt that is outstanding belongs … here. Would you cancel our foreign aid? Tell foreign countries to go stuff themselves and leave it to trade negotiations that don’t screw our borders to slowly pay down any existing debt. Meanwhile, the money taxpayers give would go to the country and the land where they live.”

“Would you consider policies that drop laws protecting corporations over people? Where corporations get to make laws that govern the people now, would you let those go, clean the books, and start again, making things right? This means not forcing people into insurance. This means not forcing people to buy what corporations want, shop where they want, and do what they want. This means anyone can make and sell a car – and the person who does it the best, for the least, actually gets ahead because he, or she, cares. And, in this policy, if there was a Senator or Congressperson who voted against that idea, worrying about their own, financial investments, they would be immediately terminated and shipped out of this country to go live with their wealth where they could no longer hurt the citizens of this nation.”


“Would you consider a policy whereby Legislature no longer gets to submit bills or laws without the vote and support of the people? Sure, a lot of bills are submitted every year. But, considering that Congress only works for 6 months out of the year, things can change. Congress, for their wages being 6 digits where most Americans have wages that barely make a decent 5 digit number, can do the same amount of work spread out over 12 months. And, they can do this by putting the votes to the people. This way, there’s more time to be educated about a bill and for people to hear the whole truth. This way, there’s more opportunity for a government to be of the people, by the people … and for the people. (And maybe States with idiot representatives … although I won’t name them … who pass bills giving irrigation districts money without the foreknowledge or wherefore all to even know those taxpayer dollars are going to be squandered … could follow suit).”

“Would you consider a policy where the federal and state governments no longer censored the news? Yes … that’s right – not censor the truth. Suddenly, the country and its leadership would have to be more accountable. But, maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe by educating people we can have a better future. Maybe by taking away ignorance, color borders will also disappear. Maybe by taking away the media’s ability to push the agenda of segregation on everyone … people can actually work things out. And, maybe, the boundaries of trust between the people and its government would grow and America really could be a nation to be looked up to.”

“We all know the idea of a wall sounds great (well, at least for protecting our borders against unlawful intrusion … hopefully, we can all agree on that much, at least …) … but frankly, we don’t need a 10 foot wall that’s just going to come down in a few years anyway. What we need are more people to patrol the borders, 24/7. And, considering how many military members have been released, would you consider a policy that put those trained men and women, back to work, with rubber bullets, standing at the borders, creating a better system of control? We don’t want to hurt people and while walls make good neighbors … so does human compassion and a willingness to rubber bullet somebody who wants to take advantage of others. It’s a touchy subject, sure, but not so touchy that we can’t take some of the elements listed here, mix in some common sense, and make it a better system.”

Of course … there are many other things to be said and questions to be asked. Great things. And, I’m sure you can already think of ten questions you want asked – right off the top. Not stupid questions about color since frankly, the Federal government isn’t supposed to be a mind control agency and can’t dictate how people feel. Not stupid questions about spending another umpteen bazillion dollars to help provide law enforcement with sensitivity training when they already consume the largest portion of taxes around the country (and firing the bad apples of the bunch is cheap and effective). I’m sure you can think of questions about policies and change that need to happen – now. Maybe list them here … or on your Facebook page, or share them somewhere. Start the process of thinking. If we get enough people on board … while the questions here may not be the right ones – the right ones will get asked.

I can’t tell you (nor would I) how to vote … nor would I share my preferences with you. That’s the awesome state of being “us.” We can each do what our hearts and minds lead us to do. But, that’s only true if our hearts are wide open (and not filled with drama), and our heads are filled with knowledge. So … I take no affiliation, here. I simply leave you with the idea of what an awesome world it could … no … “SHOULD” be!!!

Dumb politicians are not the problem. The problem is the dumb people that keep voting for them.”


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