Megyn Kelly, Foot In Mouth Disease, and The Ongoing “NEWs” Soap Opera


As I’ve previously stated, the so-called “News”-media is not about “News”, it’s about being a soap opera that promotes anger, chaos, and drama in order to drive the viewers into a frenzy that keeps them locked in. And, thanks to Megyn Kelly, Fox News Channel’s worst report ever (for the people … not for their station and the drama/ratings she induces), stuck her foot in her mouth and proved the point.

Megyn Kelly outright called Donald Trump a sexual predator (you should watch this exchange if you haven’t seen it already, it’s pretty funny). She went on to admit that she didn’t know the truth or the facts. And, like so many reporters, she no longer talks about her network as a ‘News’ station, but ‘the Media.’ News is supposed to be an unbiased, fact-based report to the people of this country to keep the citizens informed of current events in the world so they can make their own, informed decisions. However, thanks to Hollywood, big money (with big networks), and on overly commercialized society, the “News Media” is just that – it’s media. It’s a broadcast that takes current events and twists them into a biased view that will drive [you] the viewer into a frenzy. Whether it’s anger or fear, their words will thrust drama upon the viewer and like a soap opera, people become addicted.

But, unlike a soap opera, the News Media still gets to hide behind the guise of being a fact-based system of reporting. Newt Gingrich, a highly respected and intelligent man who has been a Representative and official in America called out Megyn Kelly on her accusation. He pointed out that she had no right to label Donald Trump without knowing the facts. Let’s be clear, even the News Media (as I argue that it should now be titled), not as a fact-based News reporting system, is not a judge, jury, or executioner. However, holding a certain amount of clout with the American public who still believes in the possibility that the News Media will be honest, has an epic responsibility. Failure to uphold that responsibility should be tantamount to a crime.

Even funnier to the point, Megyn Kelly tried to use the ‘protection of women’, to continue her claims against Trump. Gingrich pointed out two, very important facts: 1. The News Media spent 20+ minutes covering the ‘so-called’ accusation against Trump while only spending 50+ seconds on the $225,000 paid speech Hillary Clinton gave (which was private and only made public through a leaked recording), when she announced wanting to let 600 million immigrants into the country; and 2. That there is factual evidence about Bill Clinton being a sexual predator and Megyn Kelly is fine with sending him back to the oval office. Gingrich even gave her an opportunity to say the words ‘Bill Clinton’ and ‘Sexual Predator’ in the same sentence. She couldn’t … or wouldn’t … do it.

Megyn Kelly went on to state that she believed most women voters believe Donald Trump has committed the crimes to which he is accused based on his outrageous mannerisms. Adam Conover recently had an election special in which he pointed out several of the similarities between the way Lyndon B. Johnson spoke and operated and Donald Trump. In fact, the Kennedy-Monroe scandal hasn’t even been brought up and yet, the years these folks were in office were better economic times, brought America to the moon, and opened a lot of doors for the Country as a world leader. That is not to say that Donald Trump is right or wrong or whether or not you should vote for him – that is to say – the News Media is painting an outright lie.


They can only keep you believing their lie if the people allow it. I would argue that the majority of women DON’T believe Donald Trump committed all the offenses he did simply because of the media because I DON’T believe that the majority of women are stupid. Women are just as intelligent, strong, and capable as men. Women have made just as equal of a significant contribution to our world-wide culture throughout history, as men. And, while women may believe Donald Trump acted inappropriately, it’s probably because he’s very rich, very blunt, and follows in the traditional ‘manly-man’ ways that came roaring out of the 50’s (which, sad to say, were very sexist from a modern perspective). That does not mean he won’t be a good president … it just means that ‘long ago’ (not today), he wasn’t the kind of person most of us would even associate with. The things said by Lyndon B. Johnson, John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and several other presidents, before, during, and after their terms (except for Kennedy) were pretty bad. But – that was in the past.

It’s a different world. The News Media wants you to hold on to the past. They don’t have anything new for you. The News Media wants you to hate and to hurt and to suffer – for their benefit. Megyn Kelly’s use of women voters to drive her ratings is disgusting. It’s an outright abuse of women and should be called out.

America is making changes – slowly. Hillary Clinton is not the first woman to run for president, and neither is Sarah Palin. Would you be shocked to know that the first time a woman who ran for President of the United States was in 1872? Do you want to bet how she was treated? It’s almost a guarantee she was not treated well (and of course, there was a ‘sex scandal’ at the time … most likely conceived by her running parties). America has finally had its first black president, Barack Obama. And, while that is an excellent testimony to the equality that is slowly becoming more prevalent in a country that boasts its leadership in equality around the world, it was, unfortunately, a bad example. President Obama inherited a mess and only made things worse. This was not a great example of the first, black, American President.

But, what about Hillary Clinton? While it would be another amazing testimony to the changes in America to have a woman as President, it would be an abomination to women (and the country as a whole). If this were Sarah Palin we would not be talking about F.B.I. agents waiting in the wings to testify to Congress about the lies and scandals over her emails that were covered up during a poorly run investigation. If this were Sarah Palin, we would not be talking about the ‘First Man’ being a known, sexual predator. And … the list goes on. Women should be infuriated. It’s not fair to have one candidate who is accused of such scandalous endeavors (especially when some of those women have already been weeded out as being placed by the opposing party as false witnesses), and on the other side, have a woman candidate who has proven herself a liar, is faced with an impeachable crime, and is using women as her trump card.

One thing’s for sure: putting Bill Clinton back into the White House will only open up old wounds, expose injuries that have occurred since he left office, and act as a constant reminder of how poorly women can be treated and a system that ignores it. The Former President’s Act was enacted because America had a President who was broke, homeless, and living on the streets. It was considered an embarrassment to the country that America would allow their political leaders to suffer (because … you know … the children who die every year from homelessness and starvation aren’t as important since they’re not being covered by the News Media). Yet, America, and specifically the News Media, turn a blind eye to the Clinton scandal when permitting Hillary Clinton to run for office.

And, while all of this is just more fodder for the fires that burn, the fact remains the same, the abuse of the American people by idiots like Megyn Kelly who put money first, is atrocious. It’s tantamount to emotional abuse. Indirectly, it’s a potential causality for physical abuse where people are driven to anger or hatred that is then taken out on others. All I’m saying is, please … for all that’s good in the world … please think when you watch these people. What’s happening now is not new. The News Media was born in the first part of the 20th Century and has not changed. For your own sake, the sake of others around you, and in order to protect your own freedoms, it’s imperative that you keep an open mind, think through the facts, and do your own homework.

Otherwise, we might just find reporters like Megyn Kelly, suffering from foot-in-mouth disease, making asses out of themselves, telling an elected official he has anger management problems on live television rather than act professionally.

Oh yeah . .. she did that, too.

It’s not about ‘who won that exchange’ … as that’s an asinine and childish way to think. It’s about a so-called reporter being called out for casting aspersions, skewing facts, and a public official who’s finally showing the courage to tell them to stop! It’s time that the news networks are held accountable. If the news is filtered, if opinions are given, and if there is less than 50/50 equal coverage on a topic or a fact is presented without corroborating information (even by the smallest fraction) – then it’s not News. It’s News Media, and that is at least, semi fictional! Of course … then they would all be the same and couldn’t fight for your viewership by being the most outrageous … oh wait … isn’t that what they’re saying about Donald Trump? Hmm…

(Sorry for this rant – I just can’t believe that the News Media openly abuses women and calls them stupid – it’s horrific and disappointing – especially in the 21st Century!)

The American press exists for one purpose only, and that is to convince Americans that they are living in the greatest and most envied country in the history of the world. The Press tells the American people how awful every other country is and how wonderful the United States is and how evil communism is and how happy they should be to have freedom to buy seven different sorts of detergent.

People sometimes imagine that just because they have access to so many newspapers, radio and TV channels, they will get an infinity of different opinions. Then they discover that things are just the opposite: the power of these loudspeakers only amplifies the opinion prevalent at a certain time, to the point where it covers any other opinion.


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