The Elections Are Over … But What Are The Real Take-Aways?


It’s November 9, 2016. Donald J. Trump, candidate for the Republican party, has won the presidential nomination for the Office of the President of the United States of America. And, in what was truly an extremely emotionally driven election, not everything was what it seemed. All night long, poll numbers changed. Percentages of voters went up and down. Percentage leads dropped. And, there were massive inconsistencies in how frequently the news would update their numbers vs. the actual polls. These stories are only beginning to come out this morning and will be covered in depth by some of the News over the next few weeks – hopefully. Some voters even claimed that voting booths were actually rigged. And, while I’ve written multiple articles about the fallacy of the American voter vs. the electoral vote – last night was a real eye-opener as to the incredulous methods of what is supposed to be an honest Republic that honors the peoples’ vote in a fair balance.

Yet – it was anything but that –


Taking a close look at the picture above. California was marked in Blue – and yet no votes showed. This occurred at 9 pm (pst). Now, setting aside the fact that California should have had a larger split with its larger population, the fact that every county closed right away while states like Michigan, as of 8:17 am on November 9th haven’t closed a single district (and thus – how did California have its vote so solidified so quickly over most other states?), and the fact that there was evidence of the Democrats taking advantage of immigrant voters in both Minnesota and California – does anything else look odd? Well … if you look at the picture long enough, you might notice that California has NO voter numbers … but it’s already tallied in the electoral side for Clinton!

Here’s another fun one:


See anything odd? Take a look at Washington. 907,452 votes. The majority of votes have gone to Trump, but the State is marked in blue for Clinton meaning that the electoral votes have all been tallied. In an interesting article posted by the L.A. Times this morning, they asked how it was that the electoral vote, which is supposed to be decided by the popular vote … wasn’t? But, now, take a look at this:


See something different? Yes! Washington’s numbers have significantly changed now to match the electoral numbers. And, yet, the math is complete BUNK! From 449,898 voters to 1,118,772 voters is 46% to 56%??!! Now, I’m not a mathematician, a super smart person, or even a credible source. But, I don’t have my head up my **** and I can clearly see that the math does NOT work (clearly electoral votes proceeded popular votes given the dramatically different numbers). At 8:30 am in the morning, the polls show that only about 65% of the voters had voted. That means, that if the bottom picture is correct, then out of 2,876,140 voters, Clinton has 39% and Trump has 26%. And, no matter how you crunch the numbers, tweak them, or try to apply some complex Calculus formula of statistical value of populous to electoral to blah blah blah … it doesn’t work. Now, there are 39 counties in Washington and only 10 Congressional districts (or electoral votes). Clinton won 10 counties. That’s 29 counties that went to Trump (well … their counties haven’t supposedly closed, either, but that’s the current trend). That math … doesn’t work. Of course, there is a balance between counties, population, and electoral votes, that perhaps in a twisted, Willy Wonka universe … the math works?! How about this:


In the State of Oregon (which has supposedly closed, 96% of the 99% of votes have been tallied … WHAT?), and the results are, 8 counties and approximately 13% of the map to Clinton, 29 counties and the remaining 87% of the map went to Trump. The winner: Clinton! DOUBLE WHAT? Okay … I get it. The electoral representation is evenly spread among the population and … um (confused) … 7 electoral representatives account for 2.57 million adults (discounting the under 18 citizens), and therefore, 63% of the people voted in what is being called 99% of the reporting … um (more confused)… where 35% of the people account for 52% of the vote for Clinton … and … um (really confused) … 28% of the people account for 41% of the vote for Trump … and therefore 7 electoral votes go to Clinton because … well … a Representative Democracy provides fair and balanced representation of the people … um … uh … where otherwise it would be 4 electoral votes for Clinton and 3 electoral votes for Trump .. but … um.. maybe the 41% of the voters are still somehow being represented by getting 0% of the electoral …

WHAT IN THE HOLY COW IS GOING ON? Are we ABSOLUTE IDIOTS to think THIS is DEMOCRACY? It has to get better, right?


This is the image from around 10:40 pm last night (Nov. 8th). As of 9:00 am on November 9th, this image has not changed. Donald Trump was earmarked as the President based on electoral votes. Of course, the news and media struggled to show these numbers. Instead, they spent a lot of time explaining why the polls were wrong, why this is a ‘surprise’, and trying to worm their way out of having to admit … ‘oops’ … they might have been intentionally misleading people this whole time (just like many of the right-wing talk shows were claiming). But, what’s more disturbing is that the balance of States DOES NOT MATTER. The focus in this election was on about 26 or so States. The scuttlebutt was that candidates who could take a majority of those States, with an even greater focus on about 4 – 5 of them, could win the election.

THIS WAS SAID … AND DECIDED … BEFORE THE MIDWEST HAD EVEN CLOSED ITS POLLS! How is that a ‘Democracy’, where the majority of the people are being represented? Okay … set aside Hillary’s silence last night and brutal treatment of her voters, having someone else send them home early and refusing to give a concession speech … as I’ve said before and has been said by many others … the election results are known well in advance. The changing of the guard is no simple matter and takes a lot more planning than a couple of months. Imagine the texts, publications, security protocols, international dignitaries, policy evaluations, accommodations, and so on and so on. It’s too much for 48 days (also taking into consideration the holidays). The fact that electoral votes came before the popular votes were completed proves it. The fact that electoral votes don’t represent the country or the voters in a balanced system proves it. AND … the fact that it was the majority of Congressional and House leaders that refused to support Trump even up and to the very last day, and yet voted for him in an overwhelming 276 – 228 .. PROVES IT. The whole election, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump bashed heads, exchanged nastiness, and Ted Cruz even insulted Trump when he was chosen as the candidate. Yet, at the very last minute, Ted Cruz throws his support to Donald Trump? This is not about ‘parties’ uniting … the Republicans took the House, the Senate, and clearly … the path was predetermined.

Let’s face it – the representation is more than unbalanced. Oregon has 3.45 million people and 10 electors. California has 40 million people and 55 electors. That’s a difference of 1:345,000 vs. 1:727,000?! Yes, we have to keep states balanced … so … the ratios do sort of make sense in one way … but 55 votes out of California don’t represent 3 votes out of Montana (with 1 million people)!!!! Honestly, even Hillary’s people seemed a little put out that she didn’t show. But … it appears as though either they knew at the beginning and were playing the game until the end … or, possibly, the ‘shock’ from the Democratic party was a sign that they knew it was them (in advance) … and the double crosser’s were, double crossed!

It was announced by a caller on the Laura Ingraham Show several days ago that employees of Oregon’s DMV were signing up immigrants (who couldn’t speak English) as Democrats without their understanding or consent. It has been a major concern during this election that unregistered voters would tip the scales toward the Democrats in an unfair representation of Americans who live in the country legally and have a better understanding of the issues at hand and should therefore be voting. (This was partially proven by the California/Minnesota/Colorado vote). And, time and time again, these concerns keep coming back. It’s not as if America doesn’t have a registry of its citizenry (Social Security, DMV, and others). It’s a matter of a clear disconnect between political leadership and the way people are manipulated into thinking. I’m not talking about brainwashing idiots or people who choose not to think for themselves … but pure lies by the media that people have to rely upon for facts. The News Media’s numbers that they represented as facts – changed during the course of the election night. At one point during the night, Clinton had 50% of Pennsylvania, but by the end, she had 48%? Polls taken prior to the election validate not just that there’s a media bias, but that the News media (as I have argued it should be called instead of the “News” due to their failure to report facts), engages in psychological warfare with the public through strategically manipulated information. If anyone has ever wanted to see television-based psychological warfare and manipulation in action somewhere else in the world … Adolf Hitler did an excellent job of it when Germany invented public television …(or, at least, its leader!)

I was witness, yesterday, Nov. 8, 2016, to a person who agreed that the media has been lying and manipulating the people for [at least] the past year … but when talking about Russia’s leadership, this individual was sure that their leader was a monster because the news said so. What is going on with that double standard? It’s nonsensical and beyond stupid; it borderlines an idiocy and mental retardation (having a short or disconnected memory). But … that’s the power of manipulation and lies. Drama is a powerful tool … and television uses it against you … whether you like it … or not (and I’ve already discussed this topic enough times).

We have a choice. This can be swept under the rug for another 4 years until the next election and the American public can keep being fed like sheep … or someone can start to do something about it. This is the 21st Century. There are cell phones. There are tablets. There are computers. And, these devices can work flawlessly. A registry is necessary because frankly, I have no way of knowing if my vote was properly counted or tossed out and would love to have a way to check in on it. The balance of power and electoral authority needs to be re-evaluated. The blind acceptance of the power of vote by the American people has been proven a fallacy for a 3rd time … ( 3 strikes and you’re out). The delay in counting votes is an atrocity. The trust can no longer be left to the political parties. I don’t have the answer … and I don’t know the path forward. However, it is clear, that like or not like the President elect, the system is broken. If Americans want to take back control of the country, it won’t happen by working within the system. If one party offers to feed you poison and the other offers to feed you acid … taking one over the other is not a victory.

One good thing did happen though … In his acceptance speech, Trump said:

They say this is supposed to be a historical election, but it won’t be historical if we don’t succeed.

That’s a powerful statement. So … consider taking those words very seriously. Even Hillary, in her concession speech, said that the campaign not only needs participation every 4 years, but, “… all the time.” So … again … words to take seriously. If they want participation – then give it to them. Call out the investigators who hid information in a fraudulent investigation. Call out the voting power for a pendulum manipulation of the government that does not offer even a reasonable means of Democratic representation. Call out the leadership for setting up an electronic voting system … monitored by multiple groups (that somehow have to not be able to be bribed …), since they have 4 years to get it right. Call out the unbalanced representation of States and the country on the voting percentages. And, the manipulation of the voters was beyond unreasonable and has to STOP. The News media has to be called out on coverage and debates. The youth deserve not to be lied to and manipulated like sheep. And, making threats against other nations, throwing them under the bus, is not a safe way to earn brownie points. It especially does nothing to secure America or our position of respect in the world.

The election’s over. The right person has been put into office. All that worry and energy spent on the campaign can now be used for other things. Hollywood and Capitalist markets will want you to go shopping to use that energy and recover from the stress. So … now that you know … you don’t have to fall in line. Recover by becoming stronger, thinking for yourself, making your own decisions, and coming to your own conclusions. It’s your country … after all. It’s up to you, to take a stand.

Dead people generally vote for Democrats rather than Republicans.

It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”



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