Top 10 Politico Funnies – EOY 2016

Well – thanks to the Daily Signal for all its great reporting this year.

Now – onto the more serious matter … poking fun at the top pictures taken and stories written at the end of year reporting for 2016!


Mike Pence singing his victory song from the Valkaries: “AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!” (or discussing the Presidency … I’m not sure which).


[In a smeagle voice] “Stupids Republicanses always messing up my precious … mmmm …IRS power … yessss …. my precious ….” (Kind of what John Koskinen, IRS Commissioner, implied when he avoided impeachment on Tuesday, Dec. 6).


As Fidel Castro’s reign, and life, came to an end, we remember the good times … like when he made the d*ckhead symbol at Margaret Thatcher. (And other nonsense about why this man will not be remembered as anything less than a tyrant).


“See, I write notes on back of hand, like this. Then, no one accuse me of using prompter.” “Yeah… but I don’t think people will like the part about ‘murderous American bast*rds’.” (And other news about Pearl Harbor and making peace about ‘you murdered our troops‘, and ‘you bombed our people‘, and something that should have ended a LONG time ago so the families can heal and governments just focus on NEVER doing anything that stupid, again!!).


“Oh, look who won … it’s Donal..ehgherkg… yay. Keep telling yourself … 60 more days … just 60 more days …” (President Obama and executive decisions at the end of his term).


Upside down American flag, $89.99.  Fake American Indian teepee, $209.99. Realizing that your protest comes at the cost of driving around in the freezing snow in nothing more than an unheated mini-car that gets cruddy gas mileage in order to protest an oil pipeline … PRICELESS! Complaints over the Dakota Oil Pipeline seem to be using a lot of ‘made-up’ imagery and missing the point entirely!


“Yes, yes I can hear you just fine. No … that buzzing sound is your American internet. Your country is only one with capitalist cable company power regime that screws your own people. Yes, it is true our citizens pay less than half of yours and we get 10 times the cable speed. Yes, we did tell that to Adam Conover for his show so your people know this. No … China never export anything through Taiwan. You do business with us, it is all Taiwan. Hey … you let big cable company treat American people like crap … no reason you shouldn’t believe us, too!” US-Taiwan relations sound good in the news … but in reality, the way America lets big business hurt its citizens (not its overbearing control of everyday companies, but special interest for billion dollar dealers), and then ignores basic international trade facts that will continue to hurt the economy … it just ridiculous.


“Smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave.” Obama just laughs at the payday lenders who are complaining that the blocking of their anti-consumer, rip-off, extortionist tactics are hurting their businesses. Why? No one cares!

And … final thoughts for 2016 are:

LGBT groups are freaking out at the election of Donald Trump and that they will now be discriminated against. How? In what way? Has anyone else noticed that there’s an overwhelming failure to clarify this? Will new laws allow people to openly mock LGBT groups without being publicly shunned? (No … that’s just stupid). Ahh … of course … they won’t get to create laws that force other people to give up their rights like bathrooms. I wonder how that went down when handicap and women’s only bathrooms were instituted? Oh yeah – they created separate bathrooms. Anyway – it’s good to support a group that wants to be recognized as different … unless they become mainstream … or don’t know what they want .. or just want to yell and scream because they aren’t getting enough hugs. 2016 was a weird year … really, really weird.

The Newsmedia and liberal groups are screaming about Trump’s picks for office. Funny enough, some of his picks include people that just, didn’t like or agree with him – so it’s hard to believe that he’s trying to benefit himself (although, we’re not in his head, so it’s impossible to say). However, the mere fact that people don’t like the picks says something very important: they believe those cabinet officials will change things. Will it be for the better, or worse? We don’t, yet know. What we “do” know, is that what has happened until now, hasn’t worked. So … something’s gotta’ give!

Anyway, there are lots of more stories in the newsmedia and I’m sure more stories will pop up before January 1st. And, this is the year I coined ‘newsmedia’ to replace news. I just picked a few for the end that were fun to laugh at. In the meantime – remember – no matter how nuts the governments get and how crazy the masses get and how insane the media gets – we’re all just little people on a little blue ball in an infinitely large Universe (maybe), and we have a very short time. So, take a few minutes to smell the roses, talk to family and friends, and smile. 2016 is closing and tomorrow’s a new day … so whatever the troubles may be … they’ll still be there tomorrow. At least, for now, let’s enjoy what we have!

Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller

Often, people ask how I manage to be happy despite having no arms and no legs. the quick answer is that I have a choice. I can be angry about not having limbs, or I can be thankful that I have a purpose. I chose gratitude.” Nick Vujicic (<= If you don’t know this guy, might I recommend you take a couple minutes to watch? It’s well worth it.)


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