Some Racially Historical Misconceptions About the Democratic Party That Are Clearly Prevalent Today


As always, let me preface by saying that this is not about taking one side over another, suggesting preferences, or attacking anyone in particular. However, given the recent rush of accusations against Republican party Presidential Cabinet picks regarding their affiliation with the KKK and other, similar parties (and what occurred in this last election) I thought it might be prudent to do a little fact checking. After all, it’s important to be empowered with knowledge as it is the greatest weapon humanity has against ignorance and tyranny. Not fully understanding the facts can lead to some pretty unfortunate outcomes. So, let’s take a look at the historical affiliations and actions of the Democratic Party, and how they affect the philosophies of the Party to this day. And, forgive me, but I am going to paraphrase some of this because frankly, the amount of misinformation out there is staggering. While I will reference web sites for fact checking (as I always do), I think that this time, it’s valuable to provide some reasonable, clarifications on the matter (especially as I have some very good, personal insight into what has happened historically).


The Democratic Party and the KKK: The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was founded in 1866. The KKK was founded in the southern U.S. states at the time primarily because of wealthy, “Caucasian” land owners, struggling against a growing uprising from the black community that was being fueled by the northern states. The Republican Party wanted to enforce equality of all races and abolish slavery. The philosophy of the KKK extended far beyond that of just “white supremacy”, and adopted the idea of building an entire empire. One of the big premises for their argument was that the privatized monopolies of cotton and agriculture were falling apart, hurting the economy of the south, not having slave labor. Thus, the wealthy resorted to a new tactic of demonizing black folks to support their claims. And, as black folks had started getting elected into government positions under the Republican Party, the KKK felt that their only means to return to their bygone days of oppressive communistic slavery required extreme violence. Of course, none of their actions were acceptable – or new. They were no different than the witch hunters in Europe and America, the global slave markets, or the global child-sex markets (which had also begun to emerge).


Now for the real oxymoron: The Democratic Party was pushing for big monopolies, powerful business, and as much free labor as they could get. While the Republican Party also emphasized big business, it was “supposed” to be more of a “fair” economic system that benefited everyone with an ever-growing economy. However, not much has changed for the Democratic Party. For example, social welfare, designed to help those in need, was dramatically expanded and caused a lot of problems in the unemployment sector with people becoming heavily dependent upon it – and primarily – this was in the black community. It had nothing to do with the willingness of black folks to work: segregation and discrimination were still rampant and it was difficult for black folks to find decent employment. Keeping social welfare high and not fighting the real problem lead to a continued decline in the overall job market for black folks and a revolution that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., fought for! This subtle push by the Democratic party to apparently promote civil welfare through social welfare (while really being about massive wealth), created heartache between the white and black community that persisted for a VERY long time. It begs the question: is the media push to demonize regular, American businesses (Republican platform) as the enemy against social justice more a tactic to hide the monopolizing corporations efforts (such as those who subscribe to the Clinton Foundation), to keep people in control? (<=I’m not saying that it’s true … just a question to ponder).


The Democratic Party and Education: Following the Civil War, the Republican party founded a more formal public education system (albeit segregated), wanting both black and white children to be educated. In the deep South, the Democratic Party purposefully underfunded black schools to prevent black children from learning. This continued until 1954!! (Yes, recently!). At that time, The U.S. Supreme Court finally ruled against segregated education. However … something that is not well documented (and thus, I have no internet links to offer – only some very old newspapers and testimony), is that the decline of education increased rapidly. While the Democrats were superficially pushing for more support for public education, the content of books was being changed, standards and methods of teaching declined, and the entire country suffered. But this time, the goal became much bigger: to keep MORE people uneducated, dependent on welfare, and dramatically increase income inequality.


While Republican opponents continue claiming that it is the Republican Party that is cutting education, even today, there are well documented examples of Democrats keeping education under limited funding (that go highly unreported). That is not to say, that at some point, both parties have made bad decisions regarding education – but the ones claiming the loudest that they want to educate everyone (the Democrats), seem to be offering a lot of lip service and very little in the way of actual progress. After all, what good does it do to fund an education system that is so bad that children enrolled in high school today, will not graduate with a basic vocabulary sufficient to pass a dumbed-down SAT? And, there are plenty of arguments from people who recognize that the Democrats have been largely in charge of Congress for quite sometime and thus, the continued suppression of educational reform, contrary to the public media, is not at the hands of the Republican part.


The Role Reversal for the Democratic Party: Without surrendering their position as the social welfare group, the Democratic Party has launched an amazing campaign to re-brand themselves as the Party for black individuals. As recently as 2008, this misleading tactic brought about support for a revived Black Panther Party and some very intimidating and abusive tactics to get people to vote for the Democratic Party.  In 1964, Lyndon B. Johnson (infamously known as “LBJ”), signed the Civil Rights Act – under some pretty heavy pressure to do so – and the bill was pushed through Congress by: A Republican. Up to that point, LBJ, and the Democratic party, were the biggest blockades to Civil rights. Even Harry Truman was a member of the KKK. The fact is, without the push for social welfare (disguising their original agenda), the Democratic Party’s campaign would have failed. In an economy where it was difficult for anyone – including black folks – to get jobs (especially during the Great Depression), welfare is a lifeline. Unfortunately, the Democrats turned it into an umbilical cord which many people could not be severed from.


The media’s role in continued segregation: And, now we come to the real crux of the argument: Hollywood. The media has been a profound influence on the whole of American culture, and through it, entirely false campaigns that have swayed the beliefs of tens to hundreds of millions of people, have been launched. At first, without access to television in the 30’s, the black community was heavily dependent on the “word on the street”, to get knowledge. With an underfunded education system, men and women desperately looking for answers, the answers were published in false advertising in newspapers. One hilariously outrageous publication by the Democratic Party was its 1928 platform. In this document, the Democrats repeatedly push for lowering taxes, accusing Republicans of the opposite, and then claim that they will increase social welfare programs (which Republicans vetoed because the programs meant more taxes) and anti-Republican agricultural business relief programs (which would have primarily benefited some of the largest, ex-slave owning agricultural producers, by increasing taxes), were also being offered by the Democratic party as their new platforms.


The media, and Hollywood at large, continue to this day to assault and attack American citizens, promoting racism. The advent of television and radio was of extreme importance to the black community. As televisions meant “status,” the privileged ownership of one not only helped a black family feel like they were doing better, it offered them access to news, comedy, and entertainment that they had never before had access to. Radio was suddenly, readily available. And, the “magic” of Hollywood remained pervasive for a very, very long time. Additionally, RCA and some of the other, original broadcasters (which have some strong ties to the Democratic party), began pandering to the black community, playing music from black entertainers (although Hollywood still discriminated within its own ranks in the background). Thus, what the viewers saw and heard – they believed and trusted. And, the media is great with smear campaigns, using platforms such as “black lives matter“, to encourage more segregation. Even today, it was reported that Denzel Washington (an amazing actor and very intelligent human being, in my opinion) said:

“If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you do read it, you’re misinformed.What is the long-term effects of too much information? One of the effects is the need to be first, not even to be true anymore. So what responsibility do you all have? To tell the truth. Not just to be first. But, to tell the truth. We live in a society now where it’s just, ‘be first’, who cares, just get it out, we don’t care who it hurts, we don’e care who we drstroy, we don’t care if it’s true. Just say it, sell it. Anything you practice, you will get good at, including B.S”


And, so, the formula goes like this::

  1. Start a party filled with hatred against the black community and use anger and violence in an attempt to control them.
  2. Upon losing the battle (and you will), put in long-term measures to ensure their groups don’t get educated and advanced so you can keep them in check.
  3. When they start to fight back (and they will), pretend to care and be the most outspoken, supporter for their cause, offer up taxpayer dollars and call it “free money,” literally threatening their well being and livelihood unless they keep you in power.
  4. And, above all, lie! Change historical texts, change newspapers, and use the media to create segregation smear campaigns!

And, there you have it. Nothing in this article says whether or not to be Democratic or Republican. Nothing in here is intended to smear or defame any party. The only purpose of this article is to educate. When we’re educated and we know the truth, we can better arm and prepare ourselves. If we know who’s lying to us and misusing us as a tool for their own, personal, agenda, then can break free of that oppressive control. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: There is only ONE human race! Black and white are just skin tones – they are not walls. Diversity is an extremely powerful and necessary genetic component to survival.


We mustn’t forget that racial prejudices exist for all groups of peoples. At any given time, any person of any color will not only be hated for no reason, they will be hated for their tyranny, and for their successes. The truth is just that – the truth. It may be unfortunate, but it cannot be changed. And, what I’ve tried to relate to you [the reader], herein, is not just the historical foundations for these transgressions against humanity, but the truth that they still exist. If you follow some of the links I’ve provided, you will read that, in 2016, when presented with the historical truths, black folks still supported the liberal party. The problem is that the connection to the continuing, ongoing, new face of slavery and racial prejudice has not changed its philosophies. Opening the door for immigrants is not an act of love … and people need to really think that through. Capitalism is not our friend …

I know one, very special young man who is quite shocked that no company makes great commercials promoting the love and well being of humanity vs. being solely designed to suck the souls [and money] from people for corporate greed. It takes a great heart, and a great person, to remain as child-like as they can and still believe that there is value in promoting the well-being of people instead of promoting capitalism. At least, I can rest at night, knowing there is still, one good soul left in this world …

If we can get away from labels, big corporations, and lying leadership – and bring about a reform whereby nobody cares what anyone looks like – the world would be a pretty, different place. Yes, both political parties have some pretty jaded backgrounds. Again, this was primarily meant to educate.

Anyway, before you next vote, when you talk to someone about these topics next, or when you have an opportunity to spread a little knowledge … please confirm the truth for yourself, first, and then … do it! The truth may not always be easy – but freedom, peace, and liberty have never been easy. Good luck, and blessings to all!

Racism springs from the lie that certain human beings are less than fully human. It’s a self-centered falsehood that corrupts our minds into believing we are right to treat others as we would not want to be treated.” – Alveda King


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