When is enough, enough? Disney’s decision to include a gay character may have gone too far …


The world is changing and we can all agree that there is a greater acceptance of different cultural personas, values, and individual mannerisms. Whether we agree with those or not, the fact is, the inclusion of LGBTQ into society is nothing more than a recognition of what has been a part of the world-wide culture since time began. Being different emotionally, sexually, personally, or in any other way, is not new. What is new is how well it is, or is not tolerated by the mass society. For a long time, there has been a fear-mongering that has lead to hatred and violence against LGBTQ individuals. But, now, what was an opportunity for the LGBTQ community to become functionally integrated into the world-wide culture (which is, of course, long overdue), has turned head over heels and looks to be heading down the path that justified the fear mongering from so long ago.

It’s true that people fear what they can’t understand. Additionally, the greatest haters of LGBTQ groups are like any other bully … many of them are secretly LGBTQ themselves and don’t want to have any change to the status quo so they can continue to hide. But, times must change. There’s no reason for people to live in fear – ever. And, so, we accept one another. Black skin, white skin, Asian features, Hispanic features … none of it matters. And, what makes a person different and unique is just fine by the rest of society as that person keeps their uniqueness in their own life and it stays that way, keeping a few degrees of separation in culture, personality, and behavior (which is healthy, culturally important, and adds a little spice to life!). The same should be true for LGBTQ. Being “straight” or heterosexual, is a preference – just like not being heterosexual. That’s a personal preference … but, unlike other cultural differences, “sexual” preferences don’t belong as part of a main culture celebration. Just because people put up Christmas trees next to Menorahs, next to other, religious symbols, doesn’t mean that sex should be celebrated that way, too (and I don’t even want to paint that picture … argh … yeckth).


Sex is not a public celebration (or at least … it shouldn’t be … otherwise, it’s not sex, it’s pornography). Sexual preferences don’t need to be advertised, or hidden. In fact, doing so causes a separation in gender and can forcibly give unfair bias where that issue is still up in the air. “Gay pride parades”, are shameful and demeaning to the gay community (just my personal, small, and unimportant opinion). It’s not because there’s anything wrong with being gay, but because individuals who have to attempt to force their preference onto the masses in order to gain public acceptance all have a unified, emotional problem: they don’t believe that what they’re doing is okay.

Yes … that is true. I am not even linking to it this time … go look it up. You don’t run around your neighborhood every night with your recipes about what you’re going to cook, trying to get your neighbors to agree that it’s okay to have gluten and calories because you need the public’s support, do you? You don’t parade your spouse or children around before accepting them just to make sure everyone else is okay with it, do you? (<= well, if you do that … you’re weird. Sorry … just accept it.). You don’t hold church parades for the entire world to see your religion just to make sure you can attend on Saturday or Sunday, do you? (<= hmm, well, some religions … whom I will not name or link to … actually do this … and for this reason … and it’s weird, too … not social stigma/fear weird … but low self esteem and need for public justification weird).

The point is, if you want to make a personal choice … then have the dang courage, self esteem, self worth, education, knowledge, and willingness to succeed or fail, AND ACCOUNTABILITY, to make that choice. Don’t put it on other people. Your sexual preference is none of the world’s business. And, if I … or anyone else … were to learn about it … guess what? IT’S STILL NONE OF OUR BUSINESS! It belongs to you … so OWN IT! Be fine with it. Be happy with it. And, that’s all that really matters in life, isn’t it? You can’t control how others feel … but you can control how you feel.

Now … getting to Disney (sorry for the preface, but an introduction was needed as you’ll see …):


Disney does not care if you are homosexual, heterosexual, trisexual, or any other sexual you can think of … ! *Gasp!* Yes … that’s right. Disney DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. Nor do they care about children. Disney, like any other corporate conglomerate, cares about one thing:


It does not make them right or wrong, good or bad, or anything else. It’s what their operations are based upon and it’s up to you whether or not you want to participate in that. So, let’s be clear about this: Disney is EXPLOITING the LGBTQ community by including this in their movie.

It is NOT a sign of tolerance.

It is NOT an evolution of acceptance.

It IS giving LGBTQ communities that public support they are crying for, endorsing their beliefs, but … you know what?

It’s NOT free.

And, if you are so uninformed and your brain matter so scrambled that you believe this is a great way to help you define yourself … then you need a serious social enema …

Think about it …. go ahead … I’ll wait …

No … really, keep thinking …

Did you get it yet? Anyone who can find self identity as a Disney characterother than 3 0r 4 year old princesses … is mentally handicapped. NO … that’s NOT mean. That’s NOT inappropriate. We’re not talking about cosplay or dreams or hopes … WE ARE TALKING ABOUT SELF IDENTITY?! That’s a deep, serious, emotional evolutionary factor in human growth that takes great, self introspection, NOT a stamp from Disney!


But, wait, it gets better! Yes … we are NOT talking about the self identity of adults or teenagers who may feel like their personal sexual preference is not heterosexual … we are talking about CHILDREN! You know, the people who are unsure as of yet and must be given time and freedom to grow and self identify … not be forcibly guided or manipulated by Hollywood! Remember them?

Woo hoo … go Disney! Now, every mom and dad who was figuring how to explain that Beauty and the Beast is not bestiality, and trying to explain what love is to their 4 year old daughter who wants to pretend like the family dog is the beast and dress him up for tea, must now face explaining to their child what “homosexual” is. Listen, I’m NOT coming down on being LGBTQ. I AM coming down on throwing massively adult topics into a CHILDREN’S show. That is LITERALLY exposing them to a sexual world and as I said before, public sex is not sexuality … it IS pornography! Don’t believe me … surf the internet some time … it’s a freakin’ mess! Worse .. it is CONFUSING. Children don’t need this. They need to be shown stability and love. Sexuality comes LATER! Only an absolute psychopathic idiot with a hatred for culture would say otherwise … and yes … that is my opinion .. but it’s RIGHT!

So, yes, love, romance, and sex are tales as old as time. However, there is NO need for the sexual aspect to Beauty and the Beast. There is no need for sexism in children’s shows. But … Disney wants money. They want to exploit the heterosexuals, homosexuals, adults, children … EVERYBODY!

But wait … it gets even better!

Introducing sex into children’s movies is not new for Disney. Oh, sure, there have been plenty of ‘whoops,’ “our bad,” moments from Disney. Like the word, “SEX” in the Lion King, or telling Jasmine to take her clothes off (and she was only 13), or the penis on the cover of the Little Mermaid. Not only has that caused outrage for adults and confusion for children, it has exposed a very clear message: Disney utilizes sex. Why? Well … again … I’m not going to link to it this time … you look it up (sex sells .. duh). See, encouraging sex and young princesses to get married encourages kids to grow up, have families with little babies, and then inaugurate them into the world of Disney making it a multi-billion dollar industry. And … it has worked (yeah … look that up, too!). “Oopses,” stop being “oopses,” after like … the third, fourth and FIFTH time! But, people want to believe. They want to hope for more. They want to give their children some faith (forgetting that Church could do that if they were so inclined). But, at what cost? Confusing kids even more? Beauty and the Beast, a movie about a snobbish / arrogant boy, a self-sacrificing girl, a love between a girl who can see past the monster, and a love about a boy with a boy, and a father who’s a lush … and a village who doesn’t give a crap .. and … and …


WHAT? Who EVER thought this movie was a good idea … especially now with the gay character?

IF … and I do mean “IF“, Disney had included a gay character and not made a media circus out of it … no big deal (it has .. in fact .. happened before … look it up). It’s still a problem for families … but it wouldn’t be a marketing ploy. But, here comes the even better, BETTER part:

Disney is dragging the LGBTQ name through the proverbial mud!

In their efforts to make money, Disney has now openly stated that what even I had hoped to be a good movie (and really … I wanted to see Ms. Granger singing her songs … until now),  is now going to be a media circus. And, already, it has caused outrage. A theater in Alabama has banned the movie and won’t carry it. And, with any common sense, other than the masses of theaters that want to make some quick cash … they won’t carry it either. But … you just watch and see … and remember that you read it here … this movie will either be the biggest flop in Hollywood history with the biggest social war caused from it, or it will be the biggest seller with the biggest social outcry.

Why? Because LGBTQ was an open door for exploitation. People used to fear the idea of gays and lesbians simply because they didn’t understand. It threatened their way of life and their freedoms because they chose to let it (when it was never a problem). But, with time, especially during the 90’s, gay and lesbian lifestyles just slowly became accepted. People quit being so stupid and ignorant and suddenly realized that we’re all still just people. And, accordingly, some of the movies changed, some of the music changed, and there was a gradual shift. Now, LGBTQ has thrust itself to center stage (for who knows what unfathomable reason), and those people that feared that gay and lesbian lifestyles would undermine their faith, interfere in their relationships, and influence children who were still learning what their preference was … are having their fears JUSTIFIED!

Do you people not see this? Want more proof? The gay character, LeFou, is not only just a side kick to the villain (so, he is a bad guy), Le Fou is French for: “The Fool.” How much more blatantly obvious can it be? Even the voice actor wasn’t told about this when he read the script!

Just because there are gay and lesbian people doesn’t mean that religion is any less … secular. But, when gay and lesbian groups force churches to abandon their principals … it undermines that religion. Rather than getting their own (and I’ve blogged about this before … look it up if you want), or going to a different church, LGBTQ groups have begun justifying intruding on peoples’ lives rather than being accepted. No … not all of them have. Just those who don’t believe in themselves … but rather … need that public justification because they don’t really believe it!

The bathroom issue … that was another intrusion that caused fear and panic that has still not subsided, even if the media has stopped covering it. What did this accomplish? How was this helpful? I mean … DANG IT! C’mon! Violent extortion of peoples’ beliefs and tearing their emotions apart is NOT a good way to make friends. Unless you are stupid … you would know that!

And, now, Disney. They are going to incite a lot of hatred. Why? People love Beauty and the Beast .. just the way it was. Sure, it’s a really demonic and terrible tale about a lot of bad people that in the big picture/scheme of things should NEVER be told to children … but hey … DON’T MAKE IT WORSE!?!?


Look … if you have any love of the world and the people around you … teach them a better way. Show them. Tell them not to go see this … and I say that with a heavy heart. I wanted to see Emma Watson do what should be an amazing performance. And, frankly, I could care less about their being a gay character in there. However, even if my one ticket is meaningless to the billions Hollywood will make … I can’t go now. Why? I CARE about people. It’s not the exploitation of people for money … THAT’S a tale as old as time! I care about the LGBTQ movement and the paradigm shift happening in our world and I won’t contribute to its undoing. Just knowing this movie is coming out and exploiting the masses toward anger and dissention makes me want to cry.

Just knowing how many people will go to it … apathetic to what’s really happening around them … ignorant to how they’re being exploited … supporting what will be an unpleasantness in the paradigm shift to hurt future generations, makes me want to cry.

We deserve, MORE. Our children deserve, MORE. Everyone deserves MORE.

I’ll leave the rest, to you. Good or bad, right or wrong … you choose. It’s your life and your free will! Use it well.

Good luck and thanks for reading. Hopefully I didn’t tick too many people off! Muwahahahaha … *cough* … *choke* … *wheeze* (<= epic demonic superiority laugh failure!).

She warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.” – Narrator (Beauty and the Beast)





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