The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men: When the Horn of Resounding, Sounds No More

With the modern age of communication, the internet, and social media, there are literally billions of people talking … but is anyone listening? Arguably, no. Shouldn’t the behaviorally decayed state of the world and the continued declination of social and moral values should be evidence enough to that fact? Yet, time and time again, I find myself looking past the shortsightedness of potentially great people in great situations, hoping against hope, that there is a chance for the future of mankind to be something greater.

Alas, today has proven that foolish hope is just that … foolish.

As the dull, grey skies of rain that usually bring me happiness continue to pour down, the resounding *thud* of evolution smashing into yet another wall has transformed those grey skies into a bitter-sweet sadness. Recently, I reached out to the world, the leaders of the Department of Energy, of NASA, and the National Institute of Health. The goal was simple: point out that the stagnation in scientific advancements over the past 20 years has a causality and it can be overcome (offering a simple solution with minimal effort and work on their part – even if just as guidance and inspiration for something better that they may come up with). And, yes, science has been stagnant for the past 20 years. From the mid 1800 until the 50’s, science boomed (although, unfortunately, war was a significant contributor). From the 50’s through to the 80’s, there were advancements, but they went the way of corporate profit and little was done for ‘progress’. This 2011 article in Forbes addresses the question of the seemingly slow-progression of scientific progress.

By ‘progress’, I mean the difference of going from no electricity in a person’s home, to owning a television. This can include the basics of blindly accepting secular creation to the possibility of an evolutionary process. These are epic changes in the world – not going from a coffee to a latte or shoes with laces to shoes with velcro!?!

I’ve read a lot of articles whereby people look at the world and believe science is making leaps and bounds, but I see a consistent theme in many of these assertions: clinging to old ideas (that most people aren’t aware are ‘old’). For example, the processors used in a computer you buy on the shelf today were originally conceived 20+ years ago. That’s not progress, that’s just catching up. The same, high-strength materials being used in a more meaningful, wide-spread manner today, are technologies we were aware of over 20 years ago. The theory of quantum physics progresses from the 1890’s, forward. Yes, while there has been a lot of fine tuning from the 1960’s on, it has been based on attempts to even validate and prove 100 year old concepts. It has been limited to forcing mathematical equations to fit a paradigm of theory rather than validate a fact!

Gravity – is a fact. There are equations that can be used to measure it. Yet, no one has come close to doing more than ‘theorizing’, what is the 100% actual cause of gravity since Newton first, formally recognized it as a scientific principal in 1687!! The Big Bang is a theory – and the countless equations and possibilities that have been formulated on its existence are nothing more than acts of futility in a world that can’t even explore the possibility of proving it, validating it, or doing more than accepting it as one of those wild, out-of-the-box “theories”!!

Even the mission to Mars is not a fantastic advancement as I own a book that was written at the early part of the 80’s describing the methodologies that would be used for the mission – and those are the methodologies being employed. That’s almost 40 years old now – and is just another example of science catching up (especially as it’s based on mission parameters and technologies that were already more than 10 years old at the time). But, innovation – and I mean “real” innovation, like the light-bulb, or automobiles, and so on – are rare to be seen. The so-called, million dollar hover car, is just an iteration of the helicopter. It’s not a “hover” car. Broccoli still tastes like broccoli, but they have barf flavored jelly beans? C’mon … science is progressing? How so? A new Iphone with stronger glass and higher pixel rates is not scientific advancement, it’s just fixing the cheap solutions that corporations thrust you into in the first place.

So, when I proposed to the agencies that take billions of taxpayer dollars that they stop funding large corporations (who are already well funded), and they bring together the dreamers, the innovators, the radical thinkers and pair them with the scientists who already make 6-digit figures (with little to no significant contributions to the world), the idea is to stimulate a new resurgence in evolutionary possibility. Bringing together the everyday people who work out of their garage, think of possibilities that science has not yet even considered (because it’s bound by preformed notions and equations that were formulated to fit an idea and not born from that idea), would be amazing. This is not a “Tomorrowland“, fairy tale, but rather, a push to deal with the fact that Edison could stand out in a world of only a billion people whereas today, with 7 times the population, he would be lost in the mix. And, let’s face it, the light bulb was a very ‘crazy’ idea during its time. (Not to mention, that Tomorrowland was not based on a wholly fictional pretense and was, in part, a representation of the advancements Disney made when it literally brought together engineers, scientists, designers … and dreamers … to construct a park that is still setting the trends for the rest of the world to follow).

But, the answers I received back, although I had convinced myself it might not happen, were the answers I should have (and secretly) expected. “Thanks for the email.” “Please have a nice day, don’t let the door hit you on the butt on the way out.” And, the one I received today, was that the DOE grant people – the ones who control the money and how it’s used, just not “feeling” that they were the appropriate audience and the suggestion should go to a Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) for review.

Here’s the catch: one of the complaints I had was about the abusive way that scientists with their proprietary degrees, privilege, and position, will continue to overcharge and drain the system with little to no progress and will not release their hold on the system because it’s all about money. Included in that list were FFRDCs.

What was the suggestion? Well, to be short – it was a proposal to end the redundant, biased, and already highly unsuccessful method of giving grants that had expended billions and billions of taxpayer dollars over the past 20 years with very little progress, and instead, adding into the mix a grant that would take the out-of-the-box thinkers with ideas so innovative and advanced that they break the mold, protect their ideas, and team them with scientists. Rather than let large, scientific groups stomp on individuals, give preference to lobbyists who wine and dine their way into the system, and make the same request for the same solution for the 20th time … the idea was to start listening to new and fresh proposals.

Not everyone is privileged enough to be a PhD. But, it doesn’t mean they don’t have ideas that could shake the world. I’ve published in other articles that many of the world’s greatest advancements were NOT made by privileged PhDs. To be brief about it – just look at the life of Benjamin Franklin. Here was a guy who was privileged in many ways (wealth, family, social contacts, etc.), but did not limit himself to solely being a scientist. He not only invented numerous advances, but founded libraries, postal systems, and even the very foundation of a university system in America that ALL of today’s American-made scientists should be grateful for! But, he was a dreamer. He believed in wild theories that weren’t able to be put down into well-defined, confined mathematical formulas. He had to go out there and do it.

And, in the 1700’s, he had the room to do it. Today, it’s not so easy. That was the purpose of the government grant system for small business innovation. Its purpose, for every government agency and branch of American culture, was to give support to the Benjamin Franklin’s that may be out there, with the next evolutionary jump in science.

But, alas, it is not so. It is fraught with bias and prejudice, lobbying, scientific insiders, and a general “insider’s” group that doesn’t allow for the common man or woman to be heard. There are a lot of reasons why … some based on the unfortunate limitations placed on these offices that they can’t get to enough people … but most are based on a misuse of the funds and the position the government has to bolster the possibility of discovery. So, even though we may try to set out and do something good to help the world, and with the best intentions on proposing change, sometimes even the best laid plans of mice and men come to a tragic end … and words are lost in the wind.

Well, the rain’s stopped now. The sun is shining amidst some very frigid temperatures as if to mock me and remind me of what is not achievable and forever outside my grasp. Is there any point in trying? Even though I write this only for one person, I can already feel the sting of knowing that it will only fall on deaf ears for the rest of the world. No one listens anymore. People talk – but mostly, just to talk. Even if a person comes forward and says, “I can cure that,” “I can fix that,” “I can make a difference ...”, but isn’t a part of that “insider’s” club …

Can they?

Who knows what the next 20 years will look like? The next generation about to graduate college could be the group that makes the difference. Or, they could be another link in the chain of redundant waste that keeps the common person working like a slave with no hope of scientific advancement to make life easier (of which the common worker is unwillingly paying for). But, progress will be made. There will be innovation. Science will eventually move forward – and people will see it. What was invented 10 – 15 years ago will be made brand new for you in the next 10 – 15 years and it will seem like the world is just bouncing along. But, if you are that future and you have the chance to change the world – don’t hesitate, don’t hold back, and don’t give in to stigmas of your profession. Where will you stand when the future comes knocking at your door?

Until then, I guess the only thing left now is to know that so many people in this generation … the dreamers, the thinkers, and the earth-shakers, will fade into the darkness unseen and unheard. They will never be known. What they could have brought to the world may not even be considered for another 100 years. Don’t believe it? Just read it … here. History is repeated – often.

Sorry, I know this is depressing. But, the response I received was depressing. Yet, unless the masses speak out, this isn’t the 1700’s and flying a kite with a key on it during a lightning storm is just grounds for a Darwin award and a Youtube video … not innovation. Once again, when trying to help and enlighten, I’ve been shut down by corporations, greed, arrogance, ignorance, etc. etc., and so, I shall resolve to speak no further on this matter. The horn resounding, sounds no more.


Thanks for reading.

Forget all you know or think you know. Abandon power and enforced decree. Inward, where the deepest rivers flow, find the currents of eternity.” – Fin Raziel (Willow)


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