Jane, See Dick Run … For Office?


This is a Dick. This is someone you can’t email, talk to, or contact. This is someone who will email you, even if you disagree with his politics, and openly mock you. This is an insensitive person with no love or care for people. This is a guy who lives off of your income, manipulating people into thinking he loves you while kicking you square in the “danger zone”. This is the face of corruption. This is the face of evil. But … hey  … all of that’s just opinion .. right?

This is what his email said this afternoon (3/24/2017):

We did it. Resistance works, and we’ve derailed the destruction of the Affordable Care Act, at least for now. Let’s keep it up.

How awesome is that? Sure, Obamacare had its fair share of helping out some folks – but it drove up the rates for everyone, threatened to IMPRISON people for not paying corporate dues and getting healthcare, and in several thousand pages, deregulated the Executive power limitations of the government.

So … “WE” did NOT do anything. WE … being the PEOPLE … did NOT get to vote. WE … did not get to have our voice heard. WE … did not get to be a part of the system that not only regulates our everyday lives and threatens our health, but also THREATENS OUR FREEDOM. Of course, guys like Blumenauer are the representation of what people want to hear when they DON’T want to hear the truth … because these idiots just keep talking until it’s obvious that they’re … well … DICKS.

So … YOU (the people) still get to pay taxes that were raised a billion dollars for this plan alone, by the party that wants to give more free health care to illegal immigrants that it draws into the country, further destabilizing the hope for an economic balance in the lives of everyday people.

The face and hands of a deviant booty / booby snatcher … or a sith lord wielding his dark powers … you decide!

HE can afford this. HE makes a lot of money. MOST of US … don’t. But, he loves you .. right?

Does this sound like social welfare to you? Social welfare organizations should work in the public interest – not to divide, exploit, and conquer.” – The same DICK, who wrote “We did it” … you know … when exploiting his position, dividing the people, and conquering … *sigh*

So .. when someone sends you a happy smile email and tells you just how awesome you are because you are going to continue to be the financial slave that his party has been pushing since the inception of slavery … and laughs in your face in the most condescending and derogatory method possible … one has to wonder …

Where are all the people? Where are the Americans who had a dream? Where are the people in dead end jobs that wanted REAL regulation (and yeah – it was easy – I post about it all the time)? Where are the people to impeach this guy and have him thrown out on his face?

I don’t know. It’s almost … depressing.

What I do know is this: a few people, with a lot of wealth, who have both criminal records (and yes, they do), and who have betrayed the general welfare of the people they’re supposed to represent, have control of YOUR government …

and YOUR lives.

I don’t care if you are brain dead and can’t see past the nose on the end of your face and agree with this guy. Why … WHY … would you ever be okay with Emperor Palpatine telling you what to do, how to live, controlling your life, and voting without you? Of course, Blumenauer is one of those good guys who’s for the people and is the example of clean talk and supportive equal rights rhetoric from which we can all draw, right?

Nasty women get sh*t done.” – Yep. No joke. He said that … supposedly in a ‘good’ way? From the mouths of DICKS.

Yep … this guy’s a special kind of stupid. But, just remember .. it’s not just about healthcare. It’s about you GOING TO JAIL and paying EXCESS taxes, if you don’t pay big corporations for that healthcare.

In other words … HIS control is evidence of private corporate control over the U.S. government, pushing their financial, get-rich agenda on people who work like slaves just to survive, have families, and find some small corner of life that is peaceful and happy.

This is not Democracy. This is NOT a Republic. This is Capitalism at its WORST. (And Blumenauer’s been in the hotseat for his position on how corporations should be getting your taxes … really).

And … you were here to see it drive another stake into the soul of America as it grips hold and will one day be Big Brother! This is the most terrifying story in all of science fiction – and YOU’RE LIVING IT.

The question that will be asked by future generations who pay the price will be …

What did you do to stop it? (selfish is … as selfish does…)

This is what happens if Bill Nye the Science Guy were to sell his soul to capitalism, become a sith lord, then defend it as a politician pretending to love you, and transform into an instant DICK. No … don’t be silly, it’s not rude or foul language. Anyone who lies to you, betrays the constituents, and then says, “HA” “WE” stopped the change in health care reform so I can make more money and stay in office and keep you sucking my teet … but … um … “WE” didn’t do anything and I spooged all over your freedom, your rights, your liberty, (and your email in a way you couldn’t stop it) and what YOU the constituent I was suppose to represent wanted … well … that’s the definition of a personified penile extension- a single minded entity existing solely for his own benefit (who is erect and loud spoken when it suits you the least!). So – hate me all you want for saying it. Hopefully I don’t disappear ’cause clearly … this guy’s corporate backers wield a lot of dark powers.

Thanks for reading. (Sorry about politics again … but that guy is really a big tom, DICK, and Harry)!

The largest untapped constituency in American politics are the 300 million American citizens who have been completely left out of the immigration debate.” – Jeff Sessions

The ability of the 1 percent to buy politicians and regulators is nothing new in American politics – just as inequality has been a permanent part of our economic system. This is true of virtually all political and economic systems.” – Eric Alterman


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