The Dangers of String Theory


Aside from the typical arguments about creating a pseudo science that is only justified by the empirical argument where the absence of evidence is the evidence of absence (and is just plain stupid), there’s another, darker side to string theory. What if everything in the universe was connected? What if everyone and everything was tied together in some great, cosmic web whereby the butterfly effect wasn’t limited to a single planet, but to entire, universal events? Would such a discover truly be an earth-shaking moment of profound awareness, or the virtual apple that was so defiantly eaten, giving the knowledge of all good and evil?

Are human beings the right species to have this knowledge?


Developed in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, string theory was the evolutionary culmination of observed interactions among the various forces in the universe. Basically, all the particles of matter in the universe are tightly bound together by this planck length “strings”, of circular motion within circular motion within … and on and on … that gives rise to the causation of all things in the universe. The shape of masses would inherently owe their design to string theory. The formation of the universe, gravity, and pretty much everything would be a causal effect of string theory.

And, while it’s a pretty wild theory, it’s also very troublesome under the pretense of its accepted position being reinforced by a supposed lack of any other position whereby ignorance of the entirety of a trillion trillion years of the universe’s existence by 100,000 years of a small, tiny, evolved species and the lack of faith in a creator, have reinforced the notion that no other possibility exists! (WHEW! Say that all in one, big breath!). It’s like justifying this:


But, setting that aside, there is another premise that’s just as irksome and even more troubling – the knowledge and evidence of how all matter is connected. If, in fact, string theory is true, there may be a very good reason that humanity does not possess the technology to see it – humans are known for their “loving” nature in the bigger scheme of power struggles. Additionally, scientists aren’t famous for their lack of restraint in trying “new and fun” ideas that potentially threaten life at different levels. If all things in the universe are attached by a very fragile string that is easily plucked, yet infinitely important in the weave of life (whereby one loose strand can undo an entire quilt), having scientists pluck away at the string could be an epic-ally destructive act. Of course, if you look at what they’re doing at CERN, creating those tiny black holes without a concern for possible planetary or gravitational collapse … well … it may be slightly more terrifying of an idea than you might think.


Another terrifying concern is the destructive nature of mankind. When given a chance at power and self control, humanity has consistently failed. Very little has occurred in human history that is not dominated by the powerful, greedy, and most dangerous of the species. What’s to stop a psychotic terrorist who learns about the ease upon which the electromagnetic fields could be disrupted with only a small, harmonic fluctuation of matching frequencies to just the right type of particle and wave, from plucking that string? The end result of a tiny pluck – is complete and catastrophic destruction of everything (just like in a regular, string and transference of energy gains). So, until science learns to fight off psychosis of the mind and put an end to the destructive nature of cruel people … it might not benefit anyone to discover the truth about string theory.


And, what happens when you do find the truth? What if the whole thing is a program … or a dream … or worse? What if all you know and think you know, in a universe that is supposedly trillions and trillions of years old, is so far outside of the spectrum of the singular, human mind, that the reality would literally be so destructive to your conscious that all you’re left with is the thought of death to escape … and the inability to die without eternally being trapped? To put it more simply: if you found out tomorrow that kittens didn’t exist and all kittens suddenly vanished from the world … including your own … what value would you have drawn from that experience vs. just learning how to enjoy more kittens!? (Go ahead … argue that one Mr. Kitten hating scientist!!)

Sure, it’s a neat idea: “We’re all connected.” But, it doesn’t require string theory to tell us that. Every person on the planet IS connected. The smallest act can cascade into catastrophic events (if you don’t believe it, watch this Ted Talk on the start of World War II). And, we are all connected to the world in which we live. It only takes trying to step outside of the space shuttle once (while in space), to figure that out. Of course, the world is connected to the solar system, the sun to the galaxy … and so on and so on. And, it does NOT take string theory to prove that. Simple observation … just like the observations that led up to string theory, prove that. Life is not about isolation. It’s not about proving the existence of life. People DO exist … just smack yourself on the hand with a hammer … (no … not really … otherwise … you’re dumb), and you’d know that you’re alive.

Yeah … tried this once. Didn’t turn out well for me, either!

But, giving access to people who can’t resolve their differences to work together under a single, presidential administration for the good of one another, another tool of potential destruction – is not wisdom (which science should definitely be about wisdom AND knowledge). Opening portals of potential, accidental apocalyptic doom to a species that can’t stop bickering over religions and killing each other in the name of a being they just assume ordered them to do something insanely stupid … is not a good idea.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t strive for better. Knowledge is important. It is the essential function of the evolution of humanity. But, knowledge of such destructive potential as to undo the entire universe, or where life began, or about the things we cannot change from a billion years ago – is not knowledge. It’s just facts. Knowledge is the foundation of moving forward and doing better. Facts are … well … just “things” that fill up empty pages so schools can test students and charge them for it. How about gaining knowledge on: how to love, so married couples can find happiness? Or … how about finding ways to get homeless families off of streets and save the lives of babies? Maybe, spending a billion dollars on discovering alternate realities is just an escape and not wisely using money that should be used to figure out how to box up radical terrorists into small crates and giving them their own peaceful, infidel free home on Jupiter?


Maybe … the knowledge that blatantly spits back in our face: THIS HAS A POTENTIAL TO BE INFINITELY DANGEROUS … GO BACK! Isn’t a cry for discovery … but a wake-up call. Of course, I’m not talking about Christopher Columbus braving the unknown to find the new world. The Hubble and satellites do that. But … Christopher Columbus had ships that could reach the new world … and so his discovery being made AFTER those ships were built seems like an appropriately logical step. Discovering worlds that are unreachable is just … a really expensive hobby that continues to drain the taxpayers and suck out the happiness of life for so many people.

And, there’s the final danger of string theory. Chasing the moon when you can’t even crawl is a great motivation, but not a logical conclusion. It threatens progress and stagnates evolution. First, bottle happiness and keep it for a rainy day. End hunger, poverty, and illness so everyone can come along for the journey (and no one wants to pluck the strings of death!). And, then … when everyone is enlightened, you have the strength of the entire world .. not the privileged few who inadvertently destroy opportunity.


Well… guess that’s just a neat idea … from where I am … looking out at your world. But, perception is a very important part of the human experience. Try it. It works. Hope someone finds reason and hope from this.

Thanks for reading.

When we understand string theory, we will know how the universe began. It won’t have much effect on how we live, but it is important to understand where we come from and what we can expect to find as we explore.” – Stephen Hawking (<= To which I say, we know where we came from … and that is a mother’s womb … but if you mean the beginning of time, and you recognize that the end is the beginning, then you have but to read Matthew 18:3 … ’cause we were already told that information).

String theory has the potential to show that all of the wondrous happenings in the universe – from the frantic dance of subatomic quarks to the stately waltz of orbiting binary stars, from the primordial fireball of the big bang to the majestic swirl of heavenly galaxies – are reflections of one, grand physical principle, one master equation.Brian Greene (<= Um … isn’t that what Catholics already believe? Try faith … it’s CHEAPER! And … yeah … see the note above about dangerously discovering that wonder in front of the people holding the bomb to blow it up.)

The greatest adventure … the last adventure … and the most profound journey to be had by human beings is when they can step past the state of being into one of peace and tranquility. Then, they will see past the world, past the universe, and beyond the infinite into what lies deep within them already. And, then, on that day, and in that moment, they will overcome death and defy reality and ascend to the truth. For you already know the truth, you just haven’t accepted it, yet.” – I, Xenohart.


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