Finding Equality in the Most Unlikely of Places

There’s a commercial on Youtube, that if you haven’t seen it, may be worth your time. It’s for a canine food company called, Cesar. Now, while I have no trust or faith in animal food companies, the commercial is more than just a commercial, it’s a statement on the state of the world today and imparts such a simple, meaningful, and wonderful message that I wanted to share it for all those who haven’t seen it:

Cesar: Rewriting History

The message is simple: Man’s best friend is also women’s best friend, too. In a world of [supposedly] highly evolved species bickering and fighting over equality and justice, entitlement and privilege, political leaders dissenting like children, and so on and so on …

People often forget the little ones … the small people who are left behind to struggle through the wake of their dissension. A dog … a simple and noble creature whose heart can be one of pure gold without a thought for appearance, gender, attitude, religion, or any other condition or label that is man-made … can love unconditionally. The same can be said of very young children who are still free from the bonds of slavery thrust upon them by the opinions of a very over-opinionated and mentally handicapped culture.

If we could see through their eyes … act with the purest compassion that truly exists in our hearts … and have enough evolutionary wherefore all to simply try and function at least as well as as a small child or even a dog … wouldn’t the world be a better place?

Again … I don’t know anything about Cesar foods and I’m hesitant to trust any of these companies. But, I’m grateful for their ad. It’s not sexist. It’s not racist. It’s not politically oriented. It’s presented through the eyes of a canine – one of nature’s most well educated, well mannered, well meaning, and knowledgeable creatures. And, if you don’t believe it … watch this:

Devotion, love, and trust can both be given freely, at no cost to you, and yet more appropriately earned with only the simplest task … loving back.

No matter who you are ….

Where you’re from …

How you’ve been raised …

What you believe …

Or what has happened to you …

The simplest examples of compassion, empathy, equality, and love can be found in the most unlikely of places …

You have but to look … and they’re there.

Thanks for reading.

I am Death, and I make all equal.” – The Brother’s Grimm


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