Does the Bermuda Triangle Effect Work Both Ways?


This is a short look into the oddity that is the Bermuda Triangle, and a few ‘supposedly’ disassociated events that may not be so separate. Of course, the Bermuda Triangle is not the only place with strange electromagnetic anomalies and associated disappearances. And, disappearances are not limited to “key” locations as several cities, towns, and individuals have all disappeared. Of course, there are always ‘explanations’ that stand alone, especially the mysterious inter-dimensional phenomenon and aliens. But, that’s for another day. Today, we’re going to combine a variant of String Theory I dubbed the Liquid Space theory, that still works on the premise of everything in the universe being connected and how this could be a significantly contributing factor to the Bermuda Triangle type phenomenon.

Of course, if the only thing that happened at the Bermuda Triangle was the spinning compasses and malfunctioning equipment, the totality of any discussion would be limited to the build-up of electromagnetic interference (from a potential multitude of sources). However, the disappearances, downed ships, and other strange happenings have created an entirely separate conundrum – where do they go? Like everyone else, we can spend all day speculating that a group of World War II airplane pilots are busy having lunch with some seafaring captains on a beach in an alternate dimension (even as you read this), but I’m far less interested in the ‘where’ – since without proof – that’s a completely moot argument. What’s more intriguing is the ‘how’.


Here’s the interesting part: not all strange phenomenon of extremely unusual events in our world has been based on disappearances. Some of it includes ‘appearances,’ of a particularly unsettling nature. Sure, there are those individual people that have claimed that they don’t belong in this dimension or on this Earth because everything’s different – but at 6 am in the morning, I am pretty sure I don’t belong in my life either, getting ready for work, when I’m supposed to be living in a mansion being catered to like an omnipotent being! But, not to be derogatory toward things I cannot be 100% sure about, there have been out of place objects throughout all of history. And, I’m not talking about the Mayan carving of an individual who “could” be interpreted to be wearing a space suit – but actual artistic tapestries, paintings, stories, photographs, and other such solid data of possible unidentifiable objects (flying or not!).

This is not a conspiracy theorist argument and I am not interested (in this article) in debating whether or not these things are aliens trying to suck out our brains or the gods bringing down fire to mankind. No – I’m only interested (for this article), in the fact that the inexplicable has occurred. Why does it occur?


It’s awfully challenging to believe that aliens have visited the Earth, having to clearly traverse unfathomable distances (as the Solar System is significantly far from everything else in the Universe), only to shack up with Russians and Area 51 so they can sneak around and never say, “hello!” It’s possible – but not overly realistic. Likewise, it’s challenging to accept that the Blair Witch wished the entire village of Roanoke into the corn fields (thank you to those who got the reference … 🙂 ) or that the ancient Sumerians (the same ones who gave us the Dead Sea Scrolls aka Old Testament), had a map of a 9 planet solar system and still believed the Earth was flat! Some things disappear – some appear – and neither has a good background story.

But, what if we’re looking at this wrong. Sure – there is almost an infinite number of possible explanations for every occurrence; but many of them may be more closely related than they seem.

What if … you know, just “what if”, the phenomenon of the Bermuda Triangle worked both ways? A sort of, “wormhole” type of effect?


Well – it’s not really that far off the radar. Like String Theory, Liquid Space Theory also justifies that two points in space separated by billions and trillions of light years can be connected like they are next to each other (well … not “that” far, but you get the idea). And, like the Butterfly effect, one small shift in events at one location can have minor, or epic-scale consequences at another. Also, if we consider that the effects of concentrated electromagnetic radiation under specific wavelengths can have odd results that defy explanation, then there is a possibility that the Bermuda Triangle effect is only part of a series of interconnections between one point in space, and the Earth. (Okay – maybe multiple points in space, but I’m going to simplify it for a simple blog … unless some university wants to fund me writing a novel … you know … just saying!!! HAHAHAHA).

If the Spec particles (the basic “god particles” from Liquid Space Theory that govern all shape, movement, and function in the universe), can be aligned in such a way that they create a super-conducting effect and the specific frequency of electromagnetic radiation (now spread throughout the length of interconnected particles based on the same slipstream effect and superconducting energies) matches the quantum frequency of an object to which it comes in contact with, then that object’s movement through space and time is no longer bound by the ordinary mechanics of String Theory or Liquid Space. It’s like walking from dry land onto a hill covered in the slickest ice in existence. The second the circumstances are right – you can slip through space and time in the blink of an eye. And, with the unique effects of radiation to separate particles without additional energy, an object can be converted into energy so that it slips along that slope even faster. As it reaches the end of the aligned particles, faster than time itself, the Spec particles realign the shape, matter, and energy into what they were before and you have a wormhole effect.


What supports this? At CERN, where they’re literally trying to see if they can suck the Earth into an alternate dimension (okay … maybe I exaggerate a little … they’re just trying to open a door to another dimension … not suck us in … sort of), they’ve witnessed the microsecond formation and dissipation of black hole-like forces. If the amount of force needed to create the devastating power of a black hole can be created and released in only a matter of microseconds without nuclear reactive consequences (especially since all it took was simply smashing a couple subatomic particles together), then it is possible for much larger occurrences, too (based on a culmination of small occurrences that can form and last for short periods of time due to small, specific energy-type bursts).

In this 2-way door theory of the Bermuda Triangle effect, we have a series of events that all have to take place in just the right sequence and order. They’re not overly rare and may be, to some extent, controllable. Between the electromagnetic and gravitational forces of the sun, planets, and the universe itself, let’s say that a giant nebula gets close enough to a magnetic source that spreads it out more laterally (or dark matter, or other particles), and that these particles are pretty evenly spread throughout space. As heavenly bodies shift around, and under specific radioactive circumstances where high concentrations of active energy and radiation are close enough to link (such as the Van Allen belts, a massive electromagnetic storm over a large magnetic substrate like the Bermuda Triangle, etc.), those nebula particles, thanks to the String Theory / Liquid Space theory, can be interacted on from one end to the other (aligning the particles and spreading them, and the radiation out so that it accelerates toward the center and slingshots out toward the end).

The door goes both ways!

Normally – nothing happens. It’s just a long chain of uniquely aligned energies.

But, what if, at the other end, there’s a significant source of power, identical in almost every possible way to the originating source. Maybe it’s another planet, a star, or even the edge of a black hole. Regardless, if the two energies align, the “slipstream” effect occurs. The two points of similar energy become “anchors”, in essence. And, in doing so, whatever happens to enter into that radioactive field is affected at the quantum level so that the specific target frequencies align with the Spec particles, get converted to energy, and then slip stream along … “slip … whooooosh!” “DANG IT, SCOTTY!

If this is possible, it would have an incredible number of interference factors that could be used to give it some further validation. For example, where two planets may align within their star system could be impeded by the star itself. Perhaps a solar flare is a contributing factor. Maybe other planets or large objects also have to be out of the way or the rotation of two objects sharing the same inter-dimensional space would have such a near-perfect constant rate of rotation that one could measure when the two points would cross again. Either way, looking for these consistencies would quickly reveal that possibility. And, in a superconducting state, there’s no left or right. The door opens both ways. So, maybe things that don’t belong on this side of the gate visit, and unwitting sailors participate the other way. And, so on and so on.

Of course – without the theoretical scientist to do the math, that’s about all I can offer. But, the premise is there and the possibility makes a lot more sense out of the overwhelming number of oddities that occur in appearances and disappearances by linking those events. Not everyone of them is associated – but I’d wager that quite a few are. These events could be so significant as to even explain paranormal activity. The other thing to consider is this doesn’t have to be limited to distance. Depending on the reality of time energy manipulation and a multiverse, it is possible that the frequency of occurrences are based on two objects existing in the same space that are more readily aligned! (But … that’s way out of my spectrum for this short presentation).


So … next time the planets are aligned, the stars are in order, and the conditions are right, put on yer’ space suit, ’cause you could be going for a ride!

(Well … let’s hope not, unless you want to go, and then I say, good luck and bring me back a souvenir … you know… like a snow globe … nothing that bites!!).

Thanks for reading!

To Boldly Go Where No One has Gone Before …” – Gene Roddenberry


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