Short Thought for the Day: The Heads of Presidents on Money – and Animal Head Trophies … a Link?


So – just for fun, here’s a short query. The explanation for why the faces of presidents are put on money, apparently has to do with keeping to a recognizable theme that all Americans could acknowledge. But … does everyone know what the Presidents look like or who they were? (Really … I’m sure you just thought about George Washington and told yourself, “yes”, but what about James Buchanan? Huh? Yeah … see?). Then, I saw one of these …


And, it invoked the question: at what point in all of human history was keeping the head of the victim as a trophy considered a good thing? It exceeds barbaric and goes to downright demented. Spending a lifetime looking into the cold, dead eyes of something you’ve killed (although, in full transparency here, I can’t relate so perhaps I don’t fully understand), seems like something that only a person with some serious emotional issues would enjoy. Yet, a lot of people actually do it and I struggled to find a correlation or other event in history where the decapitation and retention of a head, mounted on one’s own wall (not like pole mounted skulls outside a castle to keep people away), could have any other meaning.

Then, I thought about this:


And wondered … hmmm … is there a correlation? Well, anyone can make any connection between two completely disconnected elements they want (if they try hard enough … just look at Glen Beck … hahahahaha … just kidding … sort of …). But, to me, when trying to find meaning in anything, it comes down to understanding the core “intent” (getting into those thinking error issues again…).

Supposedly, the point of keeping a dead animal head mounted on a wall is a constant reminder of power, strength over the elements (which otherwise seem beyond the control of normal human beings), and possibly invokes the wonderful memories of hunting and killing. One writer (here) even suggests that the use of animal head decor is an antiquated throw-back to the days of showing off wealth and power (<= maybe there is an even more subtle link to money?).

But, where does the use of President “head” money come in (if something as simple as wide-spread / easy recognition isn’t really the reason since … well … you know … no television or internet would have drastically limited wide-spread recognition!! Not to mention the fact that printing one’s face on currency was something British monarchs would do and America was supposedly trying to get away from that??)? It’s not too far-fetched that America uses President heads since busts of famous people are a world-wide norm. But, why not the whole person? Why not Washington crossing the Delaware or a picture of Lincoln at Gettysburg? Maybe, that was too detailed for printers at the time? The point is: there are plenty of justifications for the use of a President’s head on money – but there’s still room for speculation about many other reasons, too.

Yet, there is only one purpose for money: power. Commerce and trade exist without money. Unlike normal trade, currency provides for the only method of power and influence through hording … although even that is a scam in and of itself. Think about it … some devious dude in a top hot with the curly mustache leans over to buy your vote, raising and lowering his eyebrows, winking, and hands you a worthless piece of paper as the trade off (vs. a deer head)! Yes – it’s worthless. Money has no more value than what is assigned to it. The same paper used for $10’s, $100’s and $1000 dollar bills is the same paper used for $1 bills. It’s just a matter of ink and public acceptance. So … money is power. Just like a dead deer head is not a necessary reminder for a memory of “good times“, but rather, it’s a reminder of strength and power.

Ever notice that the $1 pyramid is also shaped like the letter “A”, with the eye of the pyramid separated from the base like it is in the letter “A”? Does that mean that whomever is watching you really is an “A-hole”? šŸ˜‰

Look, I’m not dissing on money or taxidermy. Some people enjoy their power and … so be it. Good for them. Every person is unique and has a different view on the world. I’m just thinking to possibility here … or rather, questioning rationale that otherwise has little justification behind it.

Because, if Presidential taxidermy money is still a part of that somewhat demented show-off power play that some people feel compelled to do … then … there’s something terribly wrong with that. It even lends to the saying: “Money is the root of all evil.” Power is … has been … and always will beinherently evil. There has never (and I do mean never), been a moment in all of history, fact-based, religious-based, or otherwise, that the rise to or use of power, has not come with problems. Even modern America is fraught with problems because of power and money.

Anyway … it’s just a fun thought. There has never been enough of an interest in the world of psychology to pursue this farther (as far as I am aware of … please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). But, the next time you whip out your taxidermy president head paper and are about to hand it off to someone in trade for goods …


Stop and look at it. Is this a 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 … (and so on) pointed buck deer antler? Or … is it just a worthless piece of paper that’s valued more or less than any other worthless piece of paper just because someone told you so. Perhaps, the way to keep you using money is to keep you feeling powerful – by ensuring that your hard work is rewarded with paper representations of taxidermy trophies and that’s the terrifying reason that people accept currency, horde it, willingly enslave themselves over it, murder over it, and destroy lives over it. Because … the bigger the trophy to hang on your wall … or in your wallet … the more powerful and recognized you’ll be!

After all … when you look in your wallet, pocket, money clip, or wherever and pull out a couple one dollar bills … do you feel as good as when you look through and find a 5, a 10, or even more? Haven’t you ever seen a group of $100 bills together? Because if you have … you know … you’ve been tempted to want to hold it … smell it … and look into those dead eyes of that dead president that now gives you power!

Spooky, isn’t it?

The world may never know ….

Thanks for reading!

Money is power, and rare are the heads that can withstand the possession of great power.” – Benjamin Diraeli


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