Star Wars – Fixing the Rise of Skywalker Timeline

UPDATED: 5/23/2020 – the ENTIRE 9 movies can tie together with bits and pieces that combine to finalize this one, potential theory:

So, Star Wars fans, I am back (not that anyone missed me … lol!!)! I have thoroughly torn apart the most recent star wars movies, including The Rise of Skywalker in my reviews. The worst part of the story being that Rey (played by Daisy Ridley), is a Palpatine and now a self-proclaimed “Skywalker”.

This has not set well with a lot of fans, myself included. However, even after JJ Abrams’ typical “horrifying” treatment of anything he touches, I think the story can be fixed, and here’s how:


Imagine that while Luke was looking for a place to build a new Jedi Temple that he met a love interest (for now, let’s call her “Jade”. Look – I know, there is a canon “Jade”, but, it’s easier for me to have a reference name than to keep writing “her”). To him, she’s not a rebel, but someone with a dark past (who won’t discuss it), and looking for a new life. (And, in all technicality – this could be adjusted for the canon “Jade”, as a side note).

But …

Sidious would not have been in a position to have a daughter at that stage in his transformation let’s face it, he was old enough to be Anakin’s grandfather), … so he cloned Jade from his DNA and she IS literally his daughter / flesh and blood – partially formed from technology and the power of the force. She’s force sensitive, but not enough to be a real “force user”. Realizing that she was a failure as a new host (like Rey would have been), Sidious puts Jade into service with the Empire. She works her way up into the role of an inquisitor and the more and more terrifying atrocities she witnesses, the further away she withdraws until the day she can’t take it anymore and leaves.


Hiding her identity and force sensitive powers (to avoid being located by the Empire or her father (who keeps reaching out to her)), Jade is on the run and eventually encounters Luke Skywalker (the Force and Fate at work). She knows who he is and believes that she could be safe with him, in places with the light side of the Force that are harder for her father to track.

Jade & Luke fall in love (a no-no for a Jedi). Jade & Luke do what “adults” do. Becoming pregnant heightens her force awareness and suddenly, Sidious can sense her … and his granddaughter … so she runs (knowing that she’s endangering both Luke … who she loves … and her baby … and Luke’s dream to be a Jedi master trainer, etc.). She leaves a note for Luke asking him not to follow her. But, Luke is not ready to give up on her (and after failing to recruit Han (which leads to a very complex story about Han’s guilt …when the Ben situation goes awry), gets Lando on his side … Luke NOT knowing she was pregnant … but secretly suspecting it). So, Jade runs into an old “ex” enemy of the Empire that during her short-lived time as an inquisitor, she helped him escape. He’s a Jedi. This time, she’s forced to tell her story and why Sidious can’t find them.

For several years, they manage to hide, until Sidious’ powers or the Empire weeds them out and they run again. Finally, Sidious recruits his sith bounty hunter to find Jade. The bounty hunter’s search and asking around does NOT go unnoticed and Lando gets word of it … informing Luke. This is important because Lando specifically refers to him as a “Jedi Hunter,” in TROS. And, he says that he and Luke were looking for the Jedi Hunter. Now, why would Palpatine hire a “Jedi Hunter” level of bounty hunter, unless either Jade was a Jedi – OR – the person with her, was a Jedi? We know this is Palpatine’s style since he sent Darth Maul to hunt down Padme, knowing that she was being guarded by Jedi whereas Vader relied upon ordinary Bounty Hunters to track down Leia when she was only with Han Solo!


Now, I know what we saw in TROS: Rey saw her parents being killed through the force sensitivity of the knife. But, force sensitive reading of objects results in headaches, etc. It was NOT force sensitivity. What was planted in Kylo’s mind and hers were images from Sidious. He wanted her to feel defeated/broken, to give in to Kylo, so Kylo would escort her to Sidious (hoping to overthrow the emperor) where Sidious would instead, convince her to join him as per his vision (and he did not know, yet, that Rey was actually a half-Skywalker). But … what Rey and Kylo saw was NOT what really happened …


When the Sith bounty hunter finds Jade and the Jedi (now 5+ years of running with Rey), the Jedi and Sith get into a fight while Jade flies off with Rey. Realizing she’s out of options, she gives Rey to Unkar Plutt on Jakku to keep her safe (another “old” contact friend of Jade’s). Jade flies off again, hoping that if the bounty hunter beats the Jedi, he will follow her in the wrong direction. And, he does.

The Jedi is killed. The bounty hunter finds Jade and in her weakened and fragile state, he rips the information from her, leaving her broken. Now, instead of having the child thanks to Jade’s deception, with the info of the planet she’s on, he heads off to find the sith wayfinder and then off to inform Sidious.

But, the force ain’t havin’ none of that …


The bounty hunter landed on Passana after a fire fight with Luke and Lando (who finally tracked him down). Hitting the ground, the bounty hunter ran and in his urgency, slipped into the quicksand (foolishly). He kept the knife with him because that was his only link to the wayfinder. Luke wasn’t searching for artifacts … Luke was looking for Jade. Luke thought the Bounty Hunter slipped his grasp (sensing that he was totally gone … or dead). Luke tried to find Jade through the force, but because her mind was broken – no link could be established.

In his sadness, he returned to the world where he would train Jedi, never giving up on Jade (and Lando himself went looking for clues on his own …). But, this event is part of what began weakening Luke’s rationality and link with the force and contributed to his bad decision with Ben. Sidious, realizing what had happened, received a second vision showing him Ben Solo (but through Leia … another cool addition) and how to bring Rey to him. Knowing that Luke Skywalker had almost found his granddaughter, Sidious needed time to heal and wanted to do all he could to keep Luke from finding Rey (realizing that another attempt to get her would alert Luke and this time, he might find her; and there was too little of his DNA left to make another clone child). Sidious would not know that Luke was the father at this point (thus, his mistake in bridging the minds of Kylo & Rey … not realizing that they would further bridge without him due to their being family).

Now …

How do we integrate this into the current story?

Luke doesn’t recognize Rey because his betrayal of the Force has broken his link with it. It’s actually after Rey leaves the island that Luke discovers the truth, the one thing we missed between he and Yoda after the camera panned away:

Yoda: “Feel it, you do?”

Luke: “About Rey?”

Yoda: “mmhmm”

Luke: “Is she … is she my daughter?”

Yoda: “Your daughter, she is.”

Luke: “Then, I have to go after her, I owe it to …”

Yoda: “No. Listened, you have not. Her destiny it is. Let her face the emperor, you must; just as you faced vader.”

Luke: “That’s if she can make it to the emperor.”

Yoda: “Finally, know what to do, do you. It is your destiny. The time has come.”

And, THAT’S why Luke returned, in Jedi-projection form. He KNEW Rey’s destiny was out of his hands, and that in order to tell her everything, he had to first save her and the rebellion – and then, after he ascended, he could re-bond with her (but also, the arrogance of the Jedi order had to die, Yoda knew she had the books, and the idea was that Rey would rebuild a new, more humble Jedi order). That’s why the image in the island cave was such a shadowy/grey blur: her being a dyad in the force all unto herself, both a Palpatine and a Skywalker, left her in an undecided state and instead of seeing an image like Luke did (himself as Vader), at that stage, the future was still way too cloudy). But, the multiple images of herself … letting her see her mother’s face … was as a clue to Jade being a clone!

In fact, when Palpatine comments on a dyad in the force in the presence of Ben and Rey – he’s NOT talking about the TWO of them …

He’s finally understanding his vision of Ben bringing her to him and that Rey’s bloodline heritage made her the dyad and in doing so, his being embodied in Rey alone would make him ultimately powerful! That’s the moment that Sidious discovered she was both a Palpatine AND a Skywalker. Jedi don’t normally have kids – but now, the two most powerful family lines were brought together as ONE. That’s why he willingly sacrifices Ben. Ben is not important to the Dyad … only Rey. That’s why Ben was powerful enough to save Rey – he too, was a Skywalker (but didn’t survive like Rey did because she also possessed the powers of a Palpatine).

But …

There’s another side to this story …

Luke doesn’t reveal the truth. Being ascended, he knows her destiny and that she must learn the truth on her own (the same way most Jedi don’t seem to help the next generation very often, once ascended). Because …

Jade is not dead.


Rey will be led to find Jade. Jade was found (after the Sith Bounty Hunter screwed with her brain) by what’s left of the witches of Dathomir, healed by their dark magic, and then recruited into their ranks. Together (through conflict and resolve), Rey will discover that Jade is her mother.

Rey, “So, I really am a Skywalker, not just in name?”

Jade, “And, a Palpatine. The balance to the force has been restored “in” the one spoken of by the prophecy.”



TWO major indicators in the TROS and earlier movies to back this up:

  1. Sidious told Kylo: “She’s not who you think she is.” See, I will argue that Kylo knew she was a Palpatine. He wanted her power to help him defeat Sidious. It’s like when Vader found out in Empire Strikes Back that the “son of Anakin Skywalker” lives, and Vader realized Padme wasn’t killed (and Sidious lied). Vader wanted Luke by his side so he could get revenge on Sidious & was so focused on it that he was willing to drive his own son to the dark side (until the end, when he realized his best chance was to kill Sidious himself). Kylo was willing to drive Rey to the darkside because she had the strength to kill Sidious. But, what he did NOT know – was that she was also a half-Skywalker and that’s why Kylo’s plans would fail because she could resist him (all the while, the Emperor was sure she could not resist his power cause he’s clearly arrogant, doing the same stupid routine over again).
  2. And, even Leia realizes that Rey is a Palpatine, “Never be afraid of who you are,” (to which Rey made a confused face, not understanding). But, Leia knew she could trust her because she sensed the Skywalker / good in her. I would also conjecture that Maz Kanata is ALSO a Jedi in hiding. Her relationship to these characters, her control over the cantina at her old age … and her having possession of Luke’s saber … and her knowing that Leia had to reconnect with Ben: that is why Maz Kanata was not overly interested in Rey. She sensed the conflict inside (and I am assuming Maz was an ultra powerful Jedi).
  3. Rey did NOT see the “blue” ascended Luke & Leia at the end of TROS. Why? It was time for the old order to end. In Empire Strikes Back, Yoda & Obi Wan ignored Luke’s need to go help his friends & were willing to write him off in favor of Leia, if need be (“no … there is another.” – Yoda). They were still arrogant. Realizing this, THAT is why they were not answering Rey’s calls. They needed her to find her own way. So, even after winning the day, Rey did not connect with the Jedi. The TROS movie does a “cut-out”, indicating a span of time, before Rey went to Tatooine. During that time, what I propose above, is how Rey would have found out about her heritage. So, when she said she was a Skywalker, it was true, and the desert-mirage Luke & Leia was her picturing them in her own mind, much in the same way Ben could picture Han Solo in his own mind.
  4. Although I have little love loss for Abrams and his crappy writing – IF any of this is true (and I would forgive Abrams all his past sins if it is), I could see this theory being the reason why Rian Johnson & Abrams got into it over the story line. Abrams did not want more of a Kylo/Rey love bond because of family (and the kiss at the end was just Abrams copying from the idea that Leia kissed Luke). And, I think the time on the Island with Luke, and not having a conversation that revealed the truth about her dyad heritage, is what left fans with that stupid ending where she claims Skywalker heritage simply because of … “reasons?”.
  5. And, shippers – even though I am not a fan of some deep love story in the middle of star wars as I think it detracts (but that is only an opinion): If Rey’s mom is one of the Witches of Dathomir, there is a way for Ben Solo to return … (ie he didn’t ascend like the other Jedi & is in limbo & they can bring him back). Just food for thought!


Problem solved, right?

Hope you have fun tweaking this, hating it, loving it, convincing Disney to do it (we NEED DAVE FILONI and SAM WITWER be the co-director/producers … or at least involved with the new crap director Disney is pawning off on the SW fandom!! … not that Disney or Lucasfilms, care … *sigh* …).

Thanks for reading.

I Have No Doubt This Boy Is The Offspring Of Anakin Skywalker…The Force Is Strong With Him.” – Darth Sidious

Another side note about Vader’s vengeance plot against Sidious: He was so intent on getting Luke to Cloud City, that he tortured Han Solo w/o asking any questions only to create a future that Luke would sense that was filled with pain. We even see that little bit of Anakin left in him when he invites Han & company in for “dinner”. In Star Wars: Rebels: when Vader and Ahsoka face off, he even calls her a Jedi. It’s an insult. As Vader said, their meeting was foretold and in the end of The Clone Wars, we see Vader finds Ahsoka’s abandoned light saber. He knew she wasn’t a Jedi. But, Anakin is a sarcastic little monkey. Back to the main point – he didn’t tell Luke about his being his father for any other reason than to betray Sidious. Now, Vader stops Luke from striking Sidious – in the Return of the Jedi, but that’s because Vader knows Sidious would have stopped him since Luke wasn’t strong enough. Vader doesn’t fight Luke with all his strength and that’s how Luke wounds Vader. Vader wanted Luke to get stronger, fill with hate, join him, kill Sidious out of revenge, then put Luke on the throne. Just a thought.

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