Arrogance of Ignorance

Advanced Notice – this is a right-leaning politically charged and bias opinion rant. Please skip past it if you’re not interested, thanks.

I have been watching an eerie trend develop as the divide between the political and cultural left/right parties continues to grow: ignorance. The ignorance tends to exist on both sides, but it is becoming more and more decisively part of the left-wing (Democrat) narrative and being used to further drive the wedge. However, this is no mere ignorance like the lack of knowledge about facts. This is an ignorance born primarily out of an arrogant, “me” narrative that sublimates intentional and wilful hate narrative into some sort of a “holier than thou” discussion whereby the individuals on the left increase their arrogance and become their own, worst enemy. The following examples are only a small sampling of what could be said and written… but are on the top of my list as the best examples currently out there. This is not the first time I’ve posted about the decay of the Democrat Party (article here) – it’s just becoming more prevalent. (Let me also preface … I am doing this from my perspective of what I’ve seen in the mainstream. There are extremes on both sides, and within each extreme, so more and others less, but this is not about those folks.)

Example 1: Atheism / Religion.

The arguments from atheism often tend to attack the religious folks’ God as some cruel being who “allows” rape, murder, and other atrocities and they project the idea that by continuing to believe in God somehow equates us to people who support those atrocities or willfully ignores them. It is wholly arrogant and crude to assume that those who love God don’t also struggle with the same questions. Do you think we don’t see the suffering and ask, why? It’s only human to do so. As a culture that is more family oriented, we have even more reason to be concerned about suffering and it has the potential to affect us more. It is absolutely nonsensical to also attribute the evils of mankind onto God. God’s plan, which includes free will, means that insomuch as we can be kind to one another, we can also be cruel. Does He help us through it? Well, we like to believe so, but it does not make the suffering any less easy. Is it God’s fault my cat had to be put down? No. Should I be mad and ticked off at Him because I am hurting? No. Well, then the atheists argue that we have a blind ignorance in our faith, attributing only the good things to God. That is another mistake of utter ignorance. It is absolute arrogance to believe in absolution of good and evil and what constitutes right and wrong. I don’t thank God every time I take a bite of pizza and it’s delicious. Sure, the joy of being human is having taste buds and that is great. But, when I eat something rotten and am vomiting in pain, it doesn’t mean God spited me, either. It simply means that as much as I have the ability to enjoy, I must equally have the ability to suffer. It sucks. It’s a case by case basis and different for each of us. And, only sheer arrogant behavior would assume that we think, otherwise.

Example 2: Climate Change.

Oh, I could go on for hours about this one. But, as I recently wrote about (here), the left Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) folks love to call people who reject man-made climate change, “science deniers”. It’s their little jab like fat shaming someone who isn’t fat. First, as I am talking about the right-leaning folks who tend to believe in family and love their children (not saying the left don’t, but the right have a decidedly stronger desire toward keeping children – which I’ll discuss further on). That means that we ARE concerned about nature and the planet. What we don’t tolerate is the idea of attributing all of the world’s problems onto a money making scheme that fails in the arena of science (here). I work in clean energy because I want to conserve resources and help clean up the plant. I’ve tried organizing trips to clean the Pacific Gyre and I fight environmental abuses. However, when AGW takes the stage; usurps the money, resources, and politicians; and it stops the REAL efforts to help the planet and any real concern for climate change, of course I’m going to have to switch gears and challenge it. The goal is not to make AGWers feel stupid, but to push the conversation about science and work to shift the attention of the world toward real problems. It’s pure hubris for AGW to center man-kind in the climate change argument and then back it with a eugenicist agenda (also unwittingly supporting the corporations they claim to oppose). It’s arrogance based on ignorance to call us “science deniers” and spend countless hours on social media, in courtrooms, and in other venues solely to push their money making agenda vs the Earth, and even crueler to then lie and claim that we’re the ones supporting a money-making agenda.

Example 3: Gun Control.

The Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America was written with clarity and as stated by Samuel Adams, was to never be altered or ratified as the rights of the people to own and possess weapons for their self defense and the defense of the nation was paramount to freedom. What do the left, do? They mock it by claiming that we’re paranoid conspiracy theorists or that all gun owners (of which, sadly, I’m not), are killers. Rather than deal with the real problems about gun violence including poverty, mental health, and media-driven cultural divides (perhaps because those issues are too big or difficult??), the left generalize and stereotype on the subject (something they claim to be victims of?) and attack all gun owners. How? They threaten to take away our guns. Now, I’ve heard a police officer on Tik Tok recently try to calm folks down by explaining that it won’t really happen. But, when people own guns for self defense and your answer is to threaten them, their freedom, and their safety, clearly, the goal was not to make those people feel safer and more willing to relinquish their weapons. When BLM and antifa claim that police are violent and deadly and should be defunded by committing violent and deadly crimes, tearing apart the country, the goal was clearly not to prove that we don’t need law enforcement. That is the definition of fearmongering and fascism – the whole point of preserving the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights.

Do we fear gun ownership? YES. That is WHY we own guns: the bad guys have guns and standing military under an ever-increasingly threatening and lying government own guns. Do we have problems with school shootings? Once again – WE, on the right – are MORE family oriented people and have a stronger care about our children and it AFFECTS US MORE. So, YES. The difference is, rather than politicizing a murder to drive a narrative, we want the problem cured at the source. Sadly, that entire effort is lost and diverted as the left go on a stereotyping rampage against all gun users, destroying the chance for hope via ignorance and furthering the divide in the conversation. When the left espouse their socialist ideology (BLM, et al) and stand with terrorist organizations (Ilhan Omar, Hamas, etc.), which history has already proven that without a single incident to the contrary, ends in tyranny and hardship, clearly, the narrative is not to drive home the idea that we’re safe and don’t need guns. Using criminal and tyrannical ideologies is an arrogant abuse of power. It’s using fascism, both physically and mentally, to threaten and intimidate. It’s ignorant to believe that turning around the argument on the right and claiming that our gun ownership is fascist and that we’ll simply accept that (while we’re being peace loving and they’re tearing down statues).

What makes this entire conversation worse is when the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) gets involved, and has a wishy-washy obscure argument, misidentifying guns like the AR-15, and trying to transform them into weapons of “mass destruction”, when AR-15’s are not the choice of gun for murders. That sad fact alone shows that not only is there a government agency out there lying to overextend their authority into becoming law enforcement and stay relevant (creating ever more reason to be concerned about tyrannical government power), but the willing ignorance of the people to react emotionally out of fear, like a pitch-fork and torch mob in hysteria, substantiates some of the concerns of the gun owners. This ends the opportunity for a rational conversation and pushes us toward ever-increasing divides.

It’s arrogance based upon ignorance to believe that the right don’t also fear law enforcement. Corruption is out there, on both sides. It’s a serious problem. Is it easy to be a law abiding citizen? Yes – a WHOLE lot easier than breaking the law. But, it doesn’t mean that we’re not worried about being pulled over, questioned, or having some corrupt authority figure come after us. Look at what happened on January 6th. The so-called “insurrection” was a lie (for countless reasons which are easily verified, but that’s another article). But, the FBI and the media have used it to design a witch hunt for Republicans. So, who has more reason to fear their government: The law breakers out there burning cities and getting away with it, or the law abiding citizens being set up for abuse by a law enforcement agency which has no oversight and massive potential for abuse (which it actively exercises)? The answer is obvious and it is arrogant and ignorant to believe otherwise.

Example 4: Kids.

The left are pushing for indoctrination of children. They want to indoctrinate them to the lie that is critical race theory, spreading and encouraging racism. They want to introduce them to socialism. The LGBTQ extremists want to see them indoctrinated into multi-gender roles. It’s not only abortion, but an effort to destroy the future of our children on all sides that is now a problem. The LGBTQ extremists (which are FAR fewer than normal, ordinary gay and lesbian men and women who live their lives just like anyone else), are not pushing an agenda that supports their cause. They are trying to transform the culture into normalizing their behavior which has been, until now, seen as a radical lifestyle that does not fit into mainstream, healthy thinking. It’s not healthy thinking. I’ve discussed why elsewhere, but as far as the agenda being pushed onto kids, it’s eugenics and depopulation. These are not acts of people who give a damn about society and equality, but people who know the fallout and consequences of destroying the fragile minds of children, adding confusion and identity crisis to their plates, and undermining a future whereby they procreate (and further push younger children into sexual identities to normalize pedophilia). Those supporting Marxist ideologies and racism are no better. Whether they know it or not, their efforts to just be stubborn opposition to the family-loving, right-leaning people is driven by a communist agenda. They ignorantly argue otherwise, attacking capitalism, not wanting to understand that the capitalists they attack ARE left-leaning politically active aggressors who want communism for abusive control over all the people. Worse, the left then arrogantly transform every rebuttal into a discussion of racism to shut down the conversation, using a cruel label, falsely applied, to shame others. How is it that the group of people who hate shame and cruelty and want to be heard can act so opposed to their own ideologies and not see it? Arrogance of ignorance.

The left also believe that religion is the only reason we oppose abortion. That’s ignorant and stereotyping … something a group of progressive thinkers who demand not to be stereotyped, need to stop doing. There are countless reasons to stop abortion. But, when the left support an industry that markets off of unborn babies … their ideology of “my body my choice” falls into horrific depravity and once again supports the greedy corporate / capitalist agenda and depopulationism. It’s not enough that we oppose abortion itself, but we want solutions and answers. Heck, we WANT to stop illegal aliens from entering the country because all it has done is bottleneck innocent children into cages built by the left and encourage unparalleled sex trafficking of babies. So, throughout this article, when I say that the right care about children more – between the indoctrination, the murder, the mental abuse, the support of traffickers, and beyond, is how I qualify my claims.

Example 5: Politicians, Elections, and Voting, oh my.

To think that Republicans aren’t angry at our politicians who lie and cheat is utter arrogance. To think that we want votes counted ‘is a conspiracy‘ is sheer ignorance. Republicans made our mistakes, not demanding and wanting audits when Donald Trump was elected, but that said, audits are not prejudice. They are part of the checks and balances that is the foundation of how our government is supposed to work. You don’t think we haven’t seen the garbage in Matt Gaetz’s background and it doesn’t irk us? That’s ignorant. But, we have no one else fighting for us and when we try to legitimately put an honest person in office and it’s subverted by fraudulent electoral means, then what other choice do we have then to stand behind the few people trying to stop the atrocities that the left want to wreak upon our economies, children, and lives? And it’s absolute arrogance of the left to be the party of the Clinton’s, the Epsteins, and worse, and make NO demands for accountability of their people (while the right DO make demands of accountability for ours), and then think we should be lectured on which politicians we support.

When the media has a blatantly obvious bias against Donald Trump and there is a universal narrative pushed on a global platform about “orange man bad”, and we make up terms like, “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, it’s because the left’s over-reaction to tweeting and claims of fascism and hatred are founded upon absolutely nothing. No one on the right was shielded from Trump’s aggressive behavior (many, in fact, didn’t like him on a personal level), his rich-person narcissism, or his mocking other people. But, what did you want us to do? When your leader, Hillary Clinton, who is part of a well-known underground of corruption, forming a fake dossier in abuse of political powers, lying about soldiers she sent to die and then laughed about, and making blatantly crude remarks, being aggressive, and threatening our country and our lives, should we just ignore all that? Couldn’t you (the left) ignore Donald Trump’s aggressive behavior in favor of his economic policies that were rebuilding America, pushing for equality, and restoring our defense? No. The arrogance on the left shut down your minds to what was happening right in front of you. The media tells you Trump said to drink bleach, it did not matter that we could play the words back for you that he didn’t say or even imply it: your hatred had been solidified. But, that wasn’t the problem for us. The problem was that you were so self-absorbed and arrogant that you remained ignorant as to why your were angry. You said he was a fascist, but could give no examples. You called him a liar but couldn’t really back that up. You said he was against equality but couldn’t identify a single instance that justified it – only what you were told by the media. And, that’s the point: you let yourselves be controlled by liars and transformed yourselves into liars. That exceeds ignorance and goes into self-destructive, willful stupidity and is potentially dangerous because you could be lead into even rioting and hurting people in the streets. And, you did.

Did Joe Biden extort Ukraine? Yes. Did Donald Trump withhold his taxes? Yes. But, if the left are going to allow term-limit violations and criminals to walk free and then think we’ll somehow hold to a higher standard for our own politicians when the result would be allowing more of their criminals to be in charge, that is beyond arrogance and borderlines insanity and stupidity. If the left had a decent and honest politician, then the right would have no excuse, would we? I know, two wrongs don’t make a right but here we are, at a Mexican Stand-off.

Example 6: Politically Correct.

This whole new era of personal pronouns is absolutely ridiculous. There are two biological genders. A penis and a vagina. That’s it. It does not matter how you feel on the inside, whether you like boys or girls, etc.: you’re born into a binary reproductive system. Until someone invents or discovers something new, that’s it. But, what is truly arrogant, is the left, and especially the LGBTQ extremists, thinking it’s “easy” to be straight. Really? You’ve ever suffered the stress and heartache of wanting to ask someone out while the fear of rejection tears you apart? SO DOES EVERYONE. You think we don’t have thoughts that cross over the gender line from time to time? SO DOES EVERYONE. The cultural stereotypes that were developed defining “man” and “woman”, were developed by Hollywood, the same LGBTQ supporting organization that also loves having sex with children and ADVERTISES those stereotypes. The same organization you support, virtue signals the cause of the LGBTQ and then just undermines it. So, why should I believe that you even understand the most basic principle of your own cause? There are Tik Tok videos of transgender people out there saying not to question them because they know themselves just fine. Really? Did you even think to consider that being transgender (which was an obvious condition of confusion between one’s biological gender and emotional feelings) is the very EVIDENCE of not knowing yourself? No? THAT IS ARROGANT. If I don’t call you by your preferred pronoun it is not an insult. You are the one who CHOOSES to take it that way, and that is arrogant. YOU need to learn that the only thing you control in this world is your own feelings (which is obvious that LGBTQ extremists don’t by how often they try to force public acceptance via pride parades, tik tok videos, indoctrination, etc.).

Thinking that you “deserve” a special label or bathroom or special treatment is arrogance. If you believe you need a special bathroom, cross gender bathroom, or to be called by a special label, then you need a special place to live, not “normal” society. And, if you think that being part of a party that justifies not only pedophiles, but abusive pedophiles, will somehow make the right more okay with you putting grown men (and obvious liars) into bathrooms alone with little girls, then your willful ignorance and arrogance has reached a whole new level of depraved and selfish stupidity. If you believe that you deserve to walk around naked and be special and spread hedonism, then you need a special place to be, not “normal” society (and they make them, they’re called hedonism “get aways”, nude beaches, etc. … so it’s not like our society didn’t already accept these alternate ways of life … which makes the accusation of LGBTQ that we’re not understanding even MORE ridiculous). It’s not prude to wear regular clothes. It’s actually a very valuable function of normal society. It provides a way for us to exercise restraint. See, we’re not dogs. We’re humans. We delay gratification. We withhold pleasure and gain for the moment when it’s most appropriate and right so that it has a heightened appreciation and it does not interfere with other peoples’ lives. We have a thing called, “respect”. What you deem as not being respectful because you don’t get “special” treatment, is the exact opposite. I’m sorry that your family didn’t understand that you had problems … but trying to “normalize that” doesn’t solve anything – it only makes matters worse.

Banning words like “mother” and “father”, “amen” for “awoman”, and removing “God” from government buildings (or tearing down statues) is not politically correct. It’s political ignorance. It’s arrogant to believe that a few have the right to change the language and culture for the whole; to make bakeries make you a cake but you not have to participate the other way around, etc.

Example 7: Oppression.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought to uplift the black community and end the idiocy of intolerance and segregation. He also dressed well, educated himself, and maintained a persona of peace and dignity so as to qualify his movement and end the stereotypes that the Democrat plantation owners had pushed since the 1600’s. It was no easy task. Dr. King was an incredible man with incredible willpower and an inspiration to all. However, today, it seems like we have 1/2 of the black community building statues to the woman beating, drug abusing, criminal, George Floyd as their “hero” because he was accidentally killed during a bust and the other half of the black community being called Jim Crow and the “N” word because they choose to support the idea of being Republican. Talk about arrogance of ignorance? Look at the lovely and well-versed Candace Owens, who wants to uplift and fight for black communities, working her way to a narrative of equality and racial justice, not letting the idiocy of America tear her down and what happens? African Americans insult her non-stop. The arrogance of critical race theory (aside from its Marxist and violent origins of eugenicists and intentionally causing racism), to state that “white privilege” exists when income inequality and modern slavery (in the form of financial slavery) is alive and well today for Americans of every skin color, is intentionally driving a divide for hate and is born of nothing more than arrogant ignorance.

Was the cop wrong in George Floyd’s case? I don’t know, but he’s been found guilty. That should have ended that and promoted a new era of pushing for education of law enforcement and a change to the laws that allow law enforcement to use alternative forms of suppressing violence. But, no. That was lost by pillagers, rioters, and looters. And, in the beginning, I called it out. I posted tweets showing BLM was invading antifa, that white people who subscribed to Hamas were infiltrators pushing a false narrative of destruction for the terrorists group. I was also shut down for it. I showed evidence of NAIR’s presence – an international terrorist organization – and I was shut down for it. I tried to make it clear, but sadly, I am no influencer. I have no voice and the black community took a back seat to the patronizing, chaotic, marxist whites who spoke “for” them, to corporations that suddenly became “woke” while pandering and abusing them financially, and to a political movement on the left and in the media that just fueled the fire. All they wanted was your money and your votes – and 1/2 the party gave it to them. In the face of racist remarks by a racist Joe Biden, the hatred had been driven to a point that you still voted for the guy. Meanwhile, an LGBTQ black military soldier stood at Donald Trump’s side, with Joe Biden surrounded by all straight white people, and the arrogance of the left was SO great, that you still voted for Joe Biden.

And, what did the left do with the black community after making promises for health care, reparations, equality, and taking down the “white devil”? Al Sharpton and Oprah Winfrey returned to their $100 million+ dollar mansions with Barack Obama, the healthcare system remained broken, BLM bought millions of dollars in privileged homes and left your neighborhoods broke, the left continued to redline construction projects in Biden’s new “infrastructure” plan, education requirements and opportunities were dumped, and the black community was treated as second class citizens to illegal immigrants. Yet – they just erected a statue to George Floyd. The ignorance is unparalleled. It’s wilful, it’s intentional, and all the while the left continues to lie, the media keeps the ignorance going and no one does anything (because we’ve all been brainwashed into suppressed emotions and fear). Yet, the left claim black Americans to be oppressed because of white Americans and it’s still the right-wing white Americans fighting for the black communities while the left-wing white Americans, that half the black community still supports, like Joe Biden, continue to lie and betray ALL of America. The same holds true for the LGBTQ community.

You say we’re insensitive and terrible people because you’re oppressed … and it’s all under these huge, gigantic lies that you willingly subscribe to and when we reject your craziness you get angry? That’s your arrogance.

This list could go on…

See, there comes a point that the left need to at least try to be aware of where they are doing nothing more than rebelling for the sake of rebelling. So, some religious nuts called being gay a sin, so what? That’s their choice. Ignore THEM and cancel THEM (which you won’t do because you’ve subscribed to a lack of accountability for so long, you’ve forgotten how it works). You think the rest of us don’t suffer that? I use foul language from time to time and am a … *insert shocking music here* “sinner”. Do I care what they think? Nope. I know my intent. I know that I’m working on my language for my own well being. Not to please God (like the atheists assume), but to be genuinely more polite to other people because I just want that in my life. Do you (on the left) think we’re supposed to be sensitive to calling someone gay or a sinner when you constantly call us deplorable, boot licker, Nazis, and other unfounded and nasty names? I know, two wrongs don’t make a right, but here we are at an impasse and the problem is that we (on the right), know that if we stand down first, you won’t. You have proven this.

The real question will be: what happens when the left gets everything they want? You have cross bathrooms, little kids all hate each other, everyone is fighting, economies fail, no one is breeding, decay and decent into madness are norms and corporate greed on skyscrapers into the clouds is the new future … did you get what you wanted? If your answer is yes, you’re lying. You are simply trying to be the opposite to be the opposite “in the moment” and have shut down logical thinking and realizing consequences. You are arguing solely to cause frustration. People with this behavior:

  1. Are very self absorbed. Like it or not, this is a narcissistic behavior, like wanting to hear your own voice, attract attention (even if it’s negative) and is part of a “me” personality.
  2. Lack insight as they do not grasp just how hurtful and damaging their behavior can be toward other people, cultures, and causes (while hiding behind the shield of being “woke”).
  3. Are quick to blame others. In fact, they believe themselves to be victims and no matter what is said, will take this victim position to the extreme, even projecting their own bad behaviors onto others. It’s also how they justify being hurtful and destructive without taking accountability.
  4. Are hyper-sensitive, turning every conversation into drama (a war), and lacking any humor at all.

Does this mean that the right-leaning folks are free from blame? Of course, not. Aside from the extremists (and no, left-wingers, not your definition of everyone being extremists), many people, including myself, are often drug into drama when talking to left-leaning folks and become rude and brash, ourselves. Social media tends to ban the right and never the left (which further substantiates the arrogance and wilful ignorance of the left to not want to see this when it happens right in front of them and they even abuse social media policies to troll and tear down right-leaning opposition). Right-leaners often joke about topics that don’t take into account the hyper-sensitive nature of left-leaners. Of course, we’re not responsible for your feelings or what you choose to take as offensive, but when the left retort with absolute violence, death threats, and more, it undermines any argument they could have made about the right being “insensitive”. Some right-leaners are religious zealots and can be absolutionists in conversations about topics like abortion. While I want us to move toward a society without abortion, until we can even have a decent conversation about it and compromise on both sides, we’ll never move in that direction.

And, I hear it all the time, “But YOU do this, and YOU do that.” I also heard that Donald Trump was a mean tweeter, masks work, and I’ve seen two, sham impeachments and so on and so on. You, you you, me, me, me … But – none of those retorts deals with your own problems. If you want to have an impact on others, do as Dr. King and present yourself in the best light, showing the truth about who you are … not this dissenting, communist, anger-management, media-fueled, enraged violent and threatening person who only demands that we’re peaceful and subservient to your whims as if you were somehow “superior”. That … is ridiculous.

Honestly, I don’t know how to end this article or where to take it from here. I have no doubt that if a left-leaner reads this, they’ll freak out and tell me every reason why I’m wrong and will argue solely to argue. Heck, I’m sure that there will be some right-leaning folks that will disagree and discuss some spin-off. And, I encourage all of it. None of that changes the fact that right now, in America, the toxic culture of hatred and divisiveness, at least on the left, is being driven by the media and politics into nothing else but arrogance and ignorance. And, if you want to argue any of the points in here, do not believe this is happening, cannot see that there is possibly more to the conversation than you presumed, and cannot find fault in yourself … then read it AGAIN. You missed it.

Thanks for Reading.

The only thing more dangerous than ignorance, is arrogance.” – Albert Einstein

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