The Next Evolution of mRNA Dangers: Neurological Disorders and Brain Cancer

(Source: FDA)

So, I’ve written several articles on the origins of the CoVID virus, providing factually sourced details for you to make your own determinations. But, something more has been bothering me and it’s time to address the growing elephant in the room: modification of proteins in the human body.

FACT: The human body does not store “excess” proteins. It balances the proteins you need and ejects the rest. Proteins are necessary for a wide array of bodily functions (full article from Medline, here). They are vital in encoding memory cells that give your immune system the ability to fight off viruses and they perform other functions such as stopping blood coagulation.

So, this presents a problem when considering how the mRNA experimental drugs (labeled a “vaccine”) function. The mRNA literally hijacks tens to hundreds of thousands of protein cells and reprograms them to be “faux” core cells for COVID under the presumption that your immune system will attack these “foreign invaders” and then encode the results onto your memory cells and give you a better chance at stopping transmitted SARS-COV-2 into a COVID-19 infection (this is a high level, brief explanation). But, there’s a problem with this, isn’t there? Where do the protein cells come from? Well, according to the CDC (who has been nothing, if not the most dishonest and trustworthy source of data during the pandemic), who takes their cue from the pharmaceuticals (who have been caught lying repeatedly about the experimental drugs and their effects), claims that the proteins are converted from the muscular cells at the point of injection (here). And, perhaps this is true.

My first and most immediate fear was an autoimmune response. As a sufferer of a natural autoimmune disorder, whereby my immune system attacks healthy cells (having mistaken them for foreign cells due to some whacko nano-scale deviation) that has left me disabled for life. What happens if your body’s immune system gets “smarter”? You know, smart enough to realize that your own protein cells are the ones transforming into COVID spike proteins and begins going after the core protein cells in your body? The results would be horrific and thus far, we have seen a LOT of terrifying deaths and tragedies from the experimental drugs touted as vaccines (here, although you can find a non-stop barrage of this information on-line now).

Next, I was extremely concerned for pregnant women and young children. It is clear that there have been a lot of miscarriages and factually, the protein cells going to an infant in fetal stages do not yet have all their encoding and are very easily hijacked. As the body does not produce “excess” cells beyond what it, or an infant may need – there is no way for an infant to survive this assault. But, that also shows that there is equally no way for a developing, pre-pubescent child to not suffer long-term and short-term side effects from the experimental drug as their protein cells are still young and more susceptible to crossed-encoding. The same would be true for the elderly. As we can see by the fallout of deaths from the vaccine in both categories, this fear was very real and is continuing to increase in frequency.

My next concern was immune exhaustion. This occurs when your body somehow over-produces antibodies and exhausts its other natural resources and you become exceedingly vulnerable to viruses (dangerously so) and can develop incurable blood disorders (here). Of course, what we’ve witnessed are people dying from Myocardial infarction, blood clots, and being a target audience for increased COVID-19 infections which all pointed me to: protein withdrawal. The symptoms (here on WebMD) can include a lot of bad and frightening outcomes, one of which is extreme muscle fatigue and loss of muscle mass, which in turn can lead to a lot of the types of seizures we are seeing. But – something else was bothering me…

People were suffering vision problems, hearing problems, getting headaches, and more. Those are… neurological issues. The terrifying question then became: does that mean that the mRNA can breach the brain’s blood barrier and start stripping the brain of vital proteins and holy cow … what would be the consequences? I can’t even begin to fathom how terrible this would be in the short term – but worse, the long term consequences. Sadly… and the point of this article I’m writing: I don’t have to imagine it (at least not the short-term impacts)…

The mRNA vaccine has now been found to have breached the brain’s blood barrier (from, “The harmful effects of mRNA vaccine-produced high levels of S protein are not yet completely understood. Researchers have cautioned that they induce complex reprogramming of innate immune responses; moreover, the vaccine-produced S protein remains near the vaccination site and even circulates in the bloodstream to directly affect the host cells with long-term consequences. … Studies have recovered COVID-19 mRNA from the cerebrospinal fluid of vaccinees, suggesting it can cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB). In addition, even without crossing the BBB, several cytokines induced by COVID-19 infection cross the BBB to affect central nervous system (CNS) function.

To make matters worse, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia posted an article (here), and has left it posted, lying to people and claiming that viruses enter into the brain but vaccines do not. As noted below – COVID-19 infected patients brains were examined and showed no sign of viral penetration (and there was zero documented evidence or long-term study to justify the hospital’s claim), while the above-referenced study shows for a fact the mRNA, not a traditional “vaccine”, DOES enter into the brain. This misleading information has most certainly contributed to parental agreement to vaccinate their child and is a complete and utter lie. While I am not here to discuss law, this should constitute criminal behavior and result in a lot of arrests and prison time.

Folks, whether the mRNA vaccine is stripping the brain of vital proteins, rewriting cellular functionality in the brain, or the brain is stripping its own or reassigning proteins to make up for the mRNA’s assault on other bodily proteins – the fact is that it is happening. In fact, in 2018, it was well understood that mRNA in the brain can cause a serious of dangerous disorders and even deadly cancer (NIH Study), “Here, we summarize current knowledge of cellular consequences of RNA modifications, with a special emphasis on neuropsychiatric disorders. We present evidence for the existence of an “RNA code,” similar to the histone code, that fine-tunes gene expression in the nervous system by using combinations of different RNA modifications. Unlike the relatively stable genetic code, this combinatorial RNA epigenetic code, or epitranscriptome, may be dynamically reprogrammed as a cause or consequence of psychiatric disorders.RNA modifications are pathoetiologic in specific types of brain cancer.

Another example: Alzheimer-like changes discovered in the “vaccinated” victim’s brains (Reuters) (while still touting an experimental drug as “safe” and necessary to avoid a flu that has a <0.01% chance of contagion)?

But, what I don’t see are people talking about the headaches, vision, hearing, and other impacts of the mRNA on the brain. Those are neurological responses. Many of the seizures are due to misfiring in the brain. There is one organ that humans rare to never dare mess with and it is our brains because we know so VERY LITTLE about cognitive function and even the smallest mistake could have dire consequences. Some scientists have reported that COVID-19 as a comorbidity caused brain damage (here), although, none of these studies fully addresses victims who were also vaccinated, the extent of the effects of the actual cause of death, and fails to actually discover COVID-19 viral cells breaching the brain barrier. So, how is it that a viral cell that cannot breath the brain barrier results in brain damage but the mRNA which does breach the brain barrier is receiving such little attention? Well, funny enough, other studies performed and published at the NIH (here) have identified the mRNA experimental drug’s effects on the Central Nervous System create all the symptoms in the patients previously thought to have brain damage from COVID but who had no viral cells in their brain.

Sadly, what we’re finding is that from 2020 until 2022, with no long-term studies and big Pharma having hid their documentation, scientists, hospitals, experts, and a slew of “medical” and “non-medical” professionals offered opinions across the internet touting that mRNA experimental drugs being used as vaccines, for the first time in history, were safe and could have no side effects. This is scientifically, medically, ethically, and personally irresponsible, dangerous, and if America was behaving in the favor of the people, these lies would be considered criminal (as both falsifying information to push an unecessary medical treament, like Munchausen by proxy, can be considered criminal). There was never any way to promise the safety or efficacy of an untested, experimental drug short-term and definitely no way to make such a promise long-term without years of studies. The FDA and CDC have been complicit in this behavior and to be honest, I am utterly shocked that those who have lost loved ones have not taken a more aggressive and lethal response to these and other organizations, but on that, I digress.

The truth is that there was never a way to hijack the body’s proteins and reassign their purpose, safely (that is my opinion, not a documented fact). There was never a way to prevent the damage from the vaccines to take a toll on neurological functions. Even if only a few protein chains in the brain have been rewritten, displaced, or had nano-sized deviations created, whether the effects are immediate or long-term, there will be neurological damage with a very large potential for psychological damage. It does not take a review of the literature from the research studies to know this. It only takes a simple understanding of biology – even at the level that EVERY medical student receives.

But, to that extent, as I have repeatedly explained to folks: there was never any way to confirm the efficacy of a vaccine, either (whether traditional or experimental). Think about it: vaccines do nothing more boost one’s own immune system to fight off foreign hosts that can lead to infections. Ever hear a doctor prescribe multi-vitamins? Usually, no. The reason is: doctors do not generally tend to believe that having higher Vitamin C or other intake actually does anything. Of course, they do tout exercise, cleanliness, and other behaviors. Want to know if a vaccine actually did anything? You have to reverse time and go through the process again without the vaccine and see if everything else you were doing (like social distancing), wasn’t already effective (and this is why we have herd immunity standards). It’s a false positive that can neither be proven nor disproved and makes for a circular argument that is pushed by people who do not have factual evidence to rely upon. (And there is endless information online, through social media and search engines about all of the terrible outcomes of the experimental drug vaccine).

Ultimately, if you took the experimental drug or subsequent boosters, there is sadly a very real possibility that the drugs penetrated your brain barrier. Did they cause permanent damage? Will you develop a neurological disorder or brain cancer? Unfortunately, only time will tell, now, and you will have no recourse for the damage if it exists. What you do know: they could have offered you a traditional vaccine but forced you onto an experimental one for which they had no data or proof of its safety while lying to you about its safety. You do know that Big Pharmaceuticals were paying a considerable amount of money to have their drugs pushed and forced while withholding the facts about how dangerous the drugs were. You do know that you took an experimental drug touted as a vaccine and were lied to about the efficacy as there was never any way to prove to you that it actually helped you (and in fact, you oft see on social media how hard they’re trying to brainwash the narrative with “well, I have covid, but thank goodness I have the vaccine or it could be worse” – when in fact, the infection is the infection and having it means your immune system didn’t stop it and you have no idea how bad it could or could not be).

And, now – we’re being told Hepatitis A is spreading like “wildfire” across America… you know, the same disease you were already vaccinated against.

Are you catching on?

Thanks for Reading.

The public does not ask the simple question: if vaccines are as safe as sugar water, why do the pharmaceutical companies need complete financial immunity and be protected by a battalion of lawyers from the US Department of Justice?” – Dr. Judy Mikovits and Kent Hickenlivey, JD

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