Destroying a Republic….In 10 easy steps!

This is a very “high level” overview (a 1000′ look down if you will). Of course, there are many, many more intricate details involved in taking out a Republic… but this is just your basic, 10-step how-to, for the uninitiated! And, hey – I’m sure a couple steps might seem out of order a little, but this is not a timeline “sequential” list … just more everything that has to happen with a little “order” applied. Enjoy, young megalomaniacs!

Step 1: Enter the Bureaucrats. Truly sell outs. Truly weak. Truly self-serving. You’ll want to start controlling information at this stage. Make sure to promise “complete transparency”, but silence the media as often as needed.

Step 2: Infiltrate a peaceful world like Naboo (you know, one that looks like Earth) and insert a Sith in disguise who makes it seem like he’s helping – but will tear them down (this will be your “mole”). (Don’t make him too high up… like a VP … we’ll circle back). Pick an especially nasty and ambitious one… the kind of Sith who would sell out an entire planet for his own corrupt kid’s wealth … or corrupt an innocent Jedi… either one works.

Step 3: Empower the Trade Federation to start chaos and disorder – breaking laws that they just keep getting away with, destroying the hope of the people and undermining freedom. Keep the people complacent and not fighting back with your mole and don’t forget – blast the people with your false narratives!. (It will also help if you start some crazy sorta immigration thing, flooding worlds with illegal aliens, especially the criminal kinds! You can pick one of your globalist/universalist minion plants to finance it and make them think it’s their idea!)

Step 4: Come in behind your own mole’s back and give the people of that world false hope with all sorts of promises that rally the people into feeling powerful so they remain complacent and trust that the “leadership” is going to save them (like how you’ll drive away invaders or build walls, or whatever works). This will not only be used to fool the people, but make sure your plants are REALLY motivated to be nasty! (Make sure your figure of “hope” is completely oblivious to the fact you’re pulling the strings and while they may notice some things are not right… they’re showy enough to just keep doing what they “think” is right so it looks legit to the “people” of the Republic cause they think they’re “helping” … hahahaha). This part is especially important, because you really want to get everyone to “forget” all that you’ve been doing to destroy the Republic and be so enchanted with their “magical” saviors that they’ll believe anything they hear and become MORE complacent. When you control the media this time: make sure you make them think it’s their idea to side with your mole!

Step 5: At this stage, you’ll want to introduce something that really tears at the very heart of the entire Republic. You know, like building up to a vote of “no confidence” or doing something similar to a pandemic that makes people distrust each other and really lose “faith” in the integrity of the Republic’s keepers… but, you know, it’s something you’ll have to have been manufacturing for some time to really fool the people into believing it’s happening and do nothing as you begin locking them down and screwing them.

Step 6: Then, you’ll want to cheat to make sure that the previous administration is ousted and you replace it with… well, who else of course… but your mole (told you we’d circle back! And, don’t worry about his corruption … you’ve already gained enough control thanks to your other minions like the head of the Republic you put in before, that the authorities are too corrupt to stop him). Neat fact… he’s an idiot and you know it… the people will come to see it … and he thinks his grandiose plans matter, but none of that will matter to YOUR plan. (Don’t worry, the people will still be thinking the Jedi ’45 will come to save them… and even though the Republic is falling apart and you’ve been putting them through hell… they’ll still think they can vote through the now defunct Republic).

Step 7: Now, you’re gonna hafta change out the guard… you know, like fake impeaching a president, you’ll make sure that the people believe those who were there to protect them… are now gone. Call it: Order 66. This will really destroy the last of what defines the Republic – and now the people will be too stressed and overwhelmed (especially as you control the media) to realize what’s happening and continue to live in a fantasy of the Republic (they will even let their own Jedi fall and sit in jail and not even try to help or rescue them … still thinking other Jedi ’45 will come to save them or that they can … HAHAHAHA … “vote” through their representatives in the Republic to change things… even though you’ve effectively destroyed the Republic).

Step 8: Meanwhile, create a fake war and some international conflicts (like immigration or some other long-standing war that you can make everyone suddenly “woke” about) and draw all the other Republic members into it. Start funneling money and power away from the people of the peaceful world… starving them out and use your mole in the Republic and that very government to convince them that the blockade is perfectly “legal”. Meanwhile, get to funneling money outta there. (It doesn’t have to be big at this point… you’ll make it big when your mole takes over and begins to really screw people).

Step 9: Job well done. You’re almost there. Start putting players in place to “globalize” the falling Republic into a form of an “empire” (gaining extra sympathy and control over the other members of the Republic (like a NATO thing) and means of laundering money and power thanks to your fake “war”… which, coincidentally, allows you to impoverish the people and gain more control!). Once again – don’t worry about the “people”. They’ll talk a good game, some will try to be rebellious and may even make movies to expose your corruption, but all of them will just keep talking about how they’re prepared to defend themselves because they have “lasers”… not “wanting” to accept the fact that they just did nothing while the entire Republic came crashing down around them and somehow, still, all on their own – think they can “vote” when the Republic is a false front. Feel free to continue using your control over information and media to keep the conversation “under control” and steering them to do nothing or think they can still “vote” their way out through the completely lost Republic.

Step 10: Now… you can finally let all the pieces fall into place. You’ll watch as the univcerse disintegrates into chaos. Families and values – lost. You’ll introduce radicalized ideas by letting the crazy people loose and putting them in charge. You’ll know that those who could have fought back feel so overwhelmed and helpless that they’re not sure where to even start. Heck – people may even throw explosives into churches and not a single person will take up a laser gun to help them. You’ll have used minority groups by playing on their history of self-victimization, reverting them back into slavery. You’ll have destroyed any integrity in law enforcement and military. You’ll have depleted weapons and taken over the control of money. And, somewhere along the way … you can even go after their children… and watch as they do nothing except talk about how terrible it was… and do nothing that effectively protects them.

And, whilst I’m writing this a little “soon” for the world that will read it – I don’t want to give away everything about what comes next. However, congratulations: the Empire is in control, the last bits of “freedom” of the Republic are rapidly becoming memories, and people will still accept the occasional carrots of “voting” thinking they actually had any say, watching RINO-like people like Oz get into office who are all just your puppets (although not even they know it). And the stories will be rewritten, the media controlled, and people will never know what was originally planned (your back story). And, people will blame each other, blame cultures, blame races, blame religious organizations, and everything else they can because they’re scared and so easily manipulated and not one of them will see it… or will figure it out before it’s too late…

Thanks for reading!

You underestimate the power of the Dark Side. If you will not fight, then you will meet your destiny.” – Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker)….

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