Thinking Errors are adjustments that we voluntarily make in our everyday thought processes that allow us to do what we would normally – not do. There are good and bad thinking errors. What hurts the whole of society are the bad thinking errors … those little justifications, excuses, manipulations and opportunities to avoid accountability and responsibility … that undermine our collective efforts to grow and evolve.

In other worlds, I am the King of Sleep – and that title is earned for I live on the verge of wakefulness and sleep and must struggle everyday to not be drug down into the abyss in ways that most others could never comprehend (narcolepsy :P).

In other dimensions, I am the King of Dreams – and that title is earned by being one of the few who have learned to master the terrifying, painful, and traumatizing lifestyle of being awake whilst dreaming (No … really … again … narcolepsy :P).

In reality, I am the Ice King. The crown I wear is making me crazy – but I have to stick around to protect the ones I love. So … please forgive me, for whatever I do … when I don’t remember you.

Anyway, this site is full of random thoughts, ideas, possibilities, complaints, grumbles, and, well … everything. No one will ever fully comprehend what I know or what I could offer the world … the stories, the knowledge, or the technology …

The songs will never be heard …

The stories will never be retold …

The theories will fade as quickly as memories of me …

The technology will have to wait for someone more important to come along …

… But, I will be waiting for you, when this life ends, on the silver planes of eternity, in the realm of darkness, happy, knowing we are together, always and forever, through eternity and beyond, no matter what!


This site is probably not for you; it’s for one person only (and he knows who he is).

But, if you are here…

then welcome.

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