Thinking Errors are adjustments that we voluntarily make in our everyday thought processes that allow us to do what we would normally – not do. There are good and bad thinking errors. What hurts the whole of society are the bad thinking errors … those little justifications, excuses, manipulations and opportunities to avoid accountability and responsibility … that undermine our collective efforts to grow and evolve. It’s these moments in time when humanity abandons all thought, feeling, logic, and hope to hide from the pains of life while someone else takes the rap. The only way to combat thinking errors is to … well … think!

The author (me), is a single parent and crazy, insane nut who is a real-life systems analyst, IT administrator, and renewable energy resource expert (and very good at what I do). I could give you my qualifications – but then – what fun would that be :)? I am in Oregon and do not travel much. I am not a scientist, an engineer, or a scholar by trade because I did not go and get the degrees (such is life and money!!). I am certified in multiple systems (Dell, Comptia, Network +, and used to qualify for CCNA and MCSE – but never went that far financially). I have a 6-page CV for anyone who wants to actually go through the long-history of everything I do … for whatever reason! Just ask. (I’m pretty sure you can comment to me directly somewhere through WordPress).

Anyway, for the young man to whom this site is dedicated, this blog is full of random thoughts, ideas, possibilities, complaints, grumbles, and, well … everything that will give you the smallest inkling of the vast amounts of knowledge, information, emotions, and ideas I’ve had to keep locked up inside over the years of my life. No one will ever fully comprehend what I know or what I could offer the world … the stories, the knowledge, or the technology …

The songs will never be heard …

The stories will never be retold …

The theories will fade as quickly as memories of me …

The technology will have to wait for someone more important to come along …

… But, I will be waiting for you, when this life ends, on the silver planes of eternity, in the realm of darkness, happy, knowing we are together, always and forever, through eternity and beyond, no matter what!


This site is probably not for you; it’s for one person only (and he knows who he is).

But, if you are here…

then welcome.

(and don’t be afraid to say hello … just know … that sometimes, silence is an answer, too – but don’t ‘assume’ you think it means what you think it means!)


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Here I am. My son and I have random esoteric conversations regularly. Today we were talking about bombing the Van Allen belts. I usually jump on the internet to see what else I can learn about the subject. I ran across your blog post. Interesting. Then I see you also like to think about other subjects as well. I appreciate this stuff, not because it is interesting to get other viewpoints, but, because it takes so much time to put something like this together to share. And, you aren’t expecting to get anything out of it. Thanks for sharing. – WBS


    1. Thanks. No value in my feedback to anyone except myself and son. I find value in sharing and preserving thoughts with him. Sounds like you understand that. If anyone else gets anything positive out of it, then that is just a bonus, although i am not sure my ramblings qualify for much. Haha.


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