Windows 10 Update Version 1709 – Take it – or suffer the consequences!


Today, March 15, 2018, Windows 10 version 1607: Home, received a new notification on startup / logging in:


Summary: Your computer is not updated to release 1709. As of April 8, you will no longer be provided any security updates.

Well, thank GOD! As an I.T. Administrator, Systems Analyst, and computer “fix-it” guy of more than 20 years, [almost] nothing has been WORSE than the failed updating regiment of Windows 10 and their “online” store system. And, I happen to have a computer at work that uses Windows 10 Home (much to my chagrin), and has been getting progressively worse specifically because of the update bugs. Now – I’ve been doing this (information technology), since BEFORE there was a “windows” and I am VERY familiar with probably almost every facet of Windows, its bugs, and how to work around them. The most recent Windows 10 update errors (since the 1500 releases), have tested even my skills to their maximum limits. I’ve been perusing forums, seeking out fellow computer repair professionals, and having to actually (and wasting my time) ask Microsoft for suggestions.

Think this is racist? Call tech support for help. Go ahead – see what happens. (Illwill Press)

Nothing was worse, than three days ago, when the updates not only failed – but crashed the computer “mid update” and eradicated access to the hard drive. Fortunately, I’ve been in I.T. long enough to know better and keep frequent updates (especially when I see problems like the Windows updates becoming progressively worse). I probably tried over a hundred solutions (and yes – before you ask – I tried that … whatever it is, from update / upgrade, media creation tools, registry edits, services manipulation, gpeditors, etc., and so on) to the update problem except one: reinstalling all of Windows. Microsoft doesn’t let you install Office on other computers – or after re-installations (on some of their software agreements). Fortunately, for that aspect, we were prepared. Unfortunately, we were not prepared with about $800 worth of additional software because the software industry has learned (specifically from Microsoft) that if it doesn’t release “disks” for re-installation, they can refuse to back-support old releases, not re-authorize numbers, and push people into buying new software (which is not always compatible in a network environment and creates massive headaches for small businesses, not to mention an “impossible” problem for end users).

Don’t worry “pc” folks – XBox / video gamers are getting screwed, too. You’re not alone. (Imgur)

So – I restored our back up (using the free version of Aomei backerupper). All was well. I disabled the update service (knowing full well that Microsoft would re-enable it or work around it anyway – but it does help), and I just avoided any shut downs (while also praying for no power outages), to stop the computer from updating again. As an I.T. professional, this is NOT how I like my computers to run, violates my own internal network updating standards I wrote for the company (and have written for Fortune 500 companies), and was an additional pain that I did not appreciate (and frankly, has cost a lot of time and money). And, I have some pretty high-end professional associates, all of whom took a look (because we all love the challenge since it helps us out) – and they were upset at the utter failure in windows.

drives.gif forgot only one solution: THROW IT OUT THE WINDOW, CURSE OUTLOUD, STOMP UP AND DOWN ON IT, REGRET YOUR DECISION, CRY IN DEFEAT, FIND SOLACE IN THE BOTTOM OF A GALLON OF CHOCOLATE CHIP ICE CREAM … then call the computer tech who will tell you, “it’s broke,” thank them for the official diagnosis, and go buy a used laptop out of the Dell outlet!

Unfortunately, the crash did some damage to the hard drive. But, how do you hold a billion dollar corporation liable for damage to your hardware? Like all the little people, you don’t. I took preventative measures and worked around it, taking the hit because capitalism and software have become totalitarian. That is not a “conspiracy” motivation word – that is a statement of fact based on the definition of the word (aside from “government”): “relating to a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state“. Anyone who has ever had to troubleshoot Windows, at home, for customers, or in major networks, should almost certainly agree that the definition is well applied in this case.

Think you’re online because you want to be – or because it’s good for business? HAHAHAHA – well, it’s nice to live in a delusion I suppose. (although some folks like him: Through Hrishi’s Eye @ WordPress)

Does Microsoft offer support? No way. A billion users in their world-wide monopoly is far too many complaints, every minute of every day to handle (because technically, every release of windows is “broken” in one form or another, not to mention the other software they put out there). What do they do? They offer an on-line “AI” to help solve the problem and even note: “Please help our automated assistant as she is learning.Really? They can’t deploy updates without literally destroying hardware and they want to put you in the hands of their artificial intelligence? So-called hackers and hijackers are not even as nearly destructive or dangerous as these guys!

“Windows 7 and Windows 8. Yes, the operating systems which users already paid for (either directly, or indirectly in the cost of a new computer) are getting more expensive by the day. The cost comes in terms of lost productivity, flexibility and enjoyment as Microsoft does its best to make life for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users so unbearable they give in and upgrade to Windows 10.” – Gordon Kelly,

What are you supposed to do when Microsoft is not held accountable for force-spying on people, force-updating people (and here are some laughably outragoues solutions), causing crashes, damaging hardware, damaging software, and probably costing as many billions of dollars in lost time, repair, and maintenance as it takes to keep up with their operating system?

Oh … but remember … the updates are forced – and if you don’t “take it” – they threaten you (because they take away “security” updates … not the forced 1709 that’s crashing computers, the driver updates that are crashing computers, or their spyware updates … nooooo … your security updates):

“Your computer is not updated to release 1709. As of April 8, you will no longer be provided any security updates.”

HA HA! This was the answer we needed back when Windows XP was first thrown out at everyone from Microsoft’s evolving garbage heap of a company. That’s like breaking up with a partner in a bad relationship and hearing, “You’ll never find anyone like me, again!Really? Is that a promise? Because, I sure would like that in writing; the same as I wish I could hold Microsoft, in writing, to not getting anymore security updates. Now, I can tweak and manipulate the system and there should be NO updates to undo it. No more automatic updates. No more security / personal privacy violation updates. No more driver / non working AV problematic updates (including their OWN antivirus). If I want antivirus, I can go to Malwarebytes for free (oh sure, it has a hidden cost like everything else), keep up the maintenance file, and because we use our computers for professional purposes, stay off of social media, etc. – our chances of loss are almost nothing. Even better, because I keep frequent, on-site AND off-site back-ups (not trusting on “the cloud”), if anyone does successfully hijack or intrude (not that we’re that important), I can change all the passwords in one shot (as we keep a detailed and running list of past, present, and future random iterations), restore the back-up, and we are at zero percent chance of loss (other than some downtime for re-installation.

And it costs little to nothing because even a novice can do it.

Of course, some people claim that Microsoft listens, and they care, and will stop force updating, soon (well … sort of … but not really). Or … maybe … Windows will issue out warnings that either you update or you’re screwed and won’t get their updates. OR … maybe … they’ve crashed enough hard drives that liability is quickly becoming apparent to them? OR … Microsoft will learn because … oh look! Hell froze over!
My PC “ran” into what? You have a solution that can print text and graphics and interact with the computer – but not stay running? Sure – I’m a professional and know that is the lamest and most audacious of stupid excuses ever concocted … but even a 3 year old asked: “If it is still working, then why is it restarting?” Microsoft … you’re dumber than a 3 year old.

So, where do we go from here? What I would love to see the computer industry, magazines, software companies, hardware sellers, the billion end-users, and some others do (although I’m sure many have some arrangements with Microsoft that might be interfered with and it may not be an option as they’ve already locked themselves in with the devil), is to launch a multi-part request with the Federal District Attorney for the United States of America to investigate and potentially prosecute Microsoft on a series of core standards:

  1. Privacy violations. Is Microsoft working for a government agency with the information it provides? If not – this should be part of their open policy and full disclosure. And, I only bring this up because of just “how” intensively intrusive they are. I’m not saying I’m opposed (although I am), but full disclosure and honesty are fair treatment, at least in America.
  2. Privacy violations. Microsoft does not provide full disclosure on information gathering for Cortana, invading even email systems, and this should be a right to be turned off as it “inadvertently” risks the privacy of hundreds of millions of people and businesses. It’s not about commercialism, marketing, etc. It’s about the fact that everyday trade and business, from banking to energy, corporate operations to locations, puts the United States at risk if this information is open for hacking. Then, the responsibility falls on the end user – not a corporation that literally hates people, and America is in a much safer place (and will automatically decrease hacking accordingly – maybe not by much – but even a little, helps).
  3. Hardware / Software violations. Microsoft positioned itself as a monopoly in the computer field. Accordingly, this is a violation of FTC anti-trust laws (and you can read the details here, to confirm it for yourself) and in no other situation has any corporation, including AT&T, been given such unobstructed authority in monopolization (you can read the excuses here, and the screw-ups, here). However, that said, Windows can be a very useful product and is now fully integrated into the world, so “shutting it down” tomorrow – is a challenge (and frankly, is probably what gave rise to the government supporting Google – as an insider way to work around the growing “awareness” of the reality of Microsoft’s abuse … but THAT is a TOTAL idealistic possibilitynot a statement of any fact). Turning off and on every feature of Windows, including updates, should be the right of the software purchaser. These are not “whitebox” machines that are controlled by the manufacturer. Furthermore, Windows is not free – we are all paying in one way or another, for its use (directly or indirectly – and that’s a long list). It is a violation of our purchase that Windows is “sold” or downloaded as a product, and not a service, if it is a lease. This is misrepresentation of marketing, abuse of sales, and misleading to consumers. Even still, Windows at home and in business IS OUR PRODUCT, and we have a right to change it as we want. The software rights agreement should have a disclaimer. I’m not implying that we can de-compile it and replicate it. But, like a car, we own it and have the right to tear it apart and build it back up and no “tracking” software in Windows should alert Microsoft – otherwise – we’re not even in possession or ownership at any time. If that’s the case, the sale of Windows in its current form is a complete abuse of commerce world-wide and should be brought against Microsoft in a crippling lawsuit (as there are “leases” and “sales” from Microsoft – and both must be clearly defined – but, that’s only my opinion). Within the confines of one’s own home
  4. Hardware / Software violations – commerce. Microsoft either has to pony up the funds to reimburse the entirety of the Country for every minute wasted in fixing THEIR software, wasted time in updates for security violations caused by THEIR software, and so on – or they have to come to an agreement to release a fully functional version of Windows that is downloadable, own-able, and controllable, and is reasonable in cost. It’s like their abhorred use of Microsoft Office, committing the world to Microsoft Word, and then failing to update the MLA/APA styles so that tens of millions of students, teachers, and professionals suffer using a product they paid for. If Microsoft gets a monopoly, the least the FTC, and District Attorney’s offices can do, to hold Microsoft accountable, is to get these issues straightened out.

Maybe you can think of more, but that is the “core”, or at least all I could come up with short of the 15 thousandth checklist item for the month regarding what’s wrong with Windows, today! I’m just implying that if we all pay for something, we deserve to have a working product. If you buy a car and it stops dead in traffic and won’t start, do you accept that as just “life”? If you buy a coffee and get dirt, do you just keep trying to drink it, or do you take it back? Why then, does the world continue to buy Windows, and because it works for 20 minutes okay, not take it back when all goes wrong?

I know Microsoft is not responsible for everything (well … sort of … since all software and hardware constructed to operate with Windows is basically built on the premise that it has to support a broken operating system, thus creating more problems … but I digress…). Bad parts, failing power supplies, and worst of all, end users, create a never-ending nightmare that is difficult to keep up with (sorry end users, but I.T. isn’t a “P.I.C.N.I.C.”, because, “Problem in Chair, Not in Computer”). But, that’s the game that must be played, the price for becoming a monopoly (and a billionaire), and the cost of doing business.

The BBC reported on this man’s arrogance, but I have one for you: If you’re one of the richest people in the world and you got that way standing on the backs of users and businesses you manipulated and crushed … and you want to now be a “philanthropist” so you can feel better about yourself – how about donating some money to fix the platform YOU started.

All of the issues I’ve had, as an I.T. professional don’t create a nation of I.T. repair commerce – they create outsourced jobs to different countries, frustrated users, lost revenue, and for non-computer savvy folks, an endless nightmare. Some of the issues do create an industry for Geek Squad – but there are reasons this is bad that I won’t even get into, here. This the 21st century. It’s literally “insane” to “accept” a system so flawed that the same company is trying to establish artificial intelligence and everyone is supposed to just accept this?!


It’s a big task to face up against Microsoft. However, with over a billion people using their software and just as many people suffering because of it, one might think that there are now enough people to stand against the system. You know … I’m just sayin’ …. this isn’t like the other causes I try to support where it may be one person against the system. Who all out there wants their computer to just keep working as best it can without the constant threat of privacy invasion, blue screens of death, and a billion overseas support techs you can’t understand?

(*Author falls over from the resounding whiplash of audio from the number of hands raising and breaking the air*)

See what I mean?

Anyway – think about it! Reach out and smack Microsoft – contact the FTC and maybe even the D.A. (I don’t know if they’re the right party – but they can direct you). And, good luck!

Thanks for reading.

What used to take 1000 people, 1000 hours to screw up, computers can now do for us in seconds.” – Me.


I’d like you to meet S.A.R.A.H.

I know … it’s Cortana – but this is only a base model and I’ll explain a little later on …


As I am so frequently reminded, living on the edge of space and time in the shades of grey, I am in no position to share what I know in any meaningful way or make it a reality of my own volition. Yes, in a way, that is whining. Contrarily, it is the truth. For over 20 years I have known a great many things that have fallen on deaf ears. These days, I remain in the shadows, an outcast. So, while I’ve kept S.A.R.A.H. all to myself, all these years, it now seems pointless. I don’t want to give up what I have worked so hard to construct for a large part of my entire life (as the hope was to pass it on to the one for whom this site exists), but considering that artificial Intelligence is progressing at leaps and bounds and without any merit of control (especially as it is being masterminded by the most devious and corrupt of corporations and the military to create weapons), hopefully, someone can re-shape how we construct AI’s.

I am not the only one who sees the coming problems with AIs. Elon Musk, the billionaire owner of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, has also crusaded against uncontrolled AI development. And, Musk’s fears are not without causality. I posted (here) about the consistent failures in AI development when exposing computer systems to human beings on Twitter and Social Media with horrible consequences. Human beings are flawed. As creators, they are flawed. As companions, they are flawed. The science of perfection cannot be achieved by humanity creating its replacement. In the world of human culture, humans are a virus. We replicate at levels toxic to our environment, we find ways to combat the natural antibodies that would stop us (in our terms, “curing disease”), we destroy our host environment by consuming its resources and acting violently against the system, and when we’re done destroying one area, we move on to the next and keep going.

Are they wrong?

It may sound “childish” to some, but that is only because those folks (in my own, unimportant opinion only) refuse to accept the principles of their imperfection and the inherent dangers of being human (without adopting accountability and responsibility as leadership in our culture). People like Musk are looking to Mars as an escape in the realistic, near-future where the human virus finally consumes the planet it’s on and becomes wholly self-destructive. You can laugh at it, defy it, or even mock it – but if it helps you sleep at night, so be it.

I saw this same problem over 15 years ago. That’s when I began a very comprehensive project entitled: the Self Actuating, Regulated, Artificial Human (intelligence) Project. And, with that, I’d like to introduce you to, S.A.R.A.H.

Well, unfortunately, I do not have SARAH operational. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even know that you’re already talking to her (and you would have heard about her by now). But, first, a little background on how she came about … (sorry – makes this a long article, but a 15+ year endeavor is a LOT to pack into a small space).

Unlike all other existing models of AIs, I developed a 3-part system of problem solving:

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Maybe

You see, all current models of AIs (that I know of) are built on the same principal as how we think of electricity (because the limitations in the physical world also often act as limiters to our thinking). Computers operate in binary: on or off, because there either “are” electrons, or there “are not” electrons. This makes the current method of developing AIs no more effective than flipping a light switch; and thus, the AI itself becomes a machine of absolutes (which is, by itself, inherently dangerous – like human beings who are extremist in thought). They do not grow, they do not evolve, and they do not think – because they have no “inherent” motivation. Worse, AIs, no matter how you “program” them with complex formulas, do not possess the most key, important element of humanity: empathy. Empathy is born of pain. Pain is born of physical and emotional harm learned through the 5 senses and “experience”. But, I will get more into that in a moment.

You see, telling a robot “no”, is actually less effective than telling a child, “no”. Sure, a child is curious and through their need for autonomy, will defy the command. A robot must process a series of counter-intuitive arguments, trying to find an “absolute” in the definition, in order to construct a logical conclusion that is “yes” acceptable, or “no”, not acceptable. Example:

  1. Steven is going to climb the tree.
  2. Steven will get hurt.
  3. Steven’s pain will hurt multiple, other people.
  4. Stop the pain.

Logical conclusion? Stop Steven from climbing the tree. How? Physical restraint? What if physically restraining Steven causes pain and will also hurt multiple people and defies the order, “stop the pain”? What if Steven overcomes the physical restraint and causes pain by climbing the tree?

Self-perpetuating AI’s … awesome. A machine making machines. Isn’t that the very definition of self-destructive behavior?

Is this an acceptable solution?



Now we reach a conundrum in the programming. Unlike television, robots would not stand there, evaluating their possibilities, desperately looking for a solution across an extended period of time. That’s portrayed for our benefit (since we can only empathize with what we understand, and “machine instantaneous” with a series of complex calculations even more vast than the human brain, is not “easy” for everyone to understand). Machines operate fast – really fast; and, subsequently, they respond fast, too. If allowing Steven to climb the tree will not only hurt Steven and others, but will demonstrate Steven is wrong and bad and cause Steven long term pain, and it will make the robot wrong, going against programming, then is the next solution is to stop Steven at all costs?

But … killing Steven is wrong.

That is, unless of course, it is the military drone “AI” that utilizes death as a means of problem solving (Skynet, anyone?).

How would you handle this conundrum? If you allow your child to stick his finger in a light socket, he could suffer consequences ranging anywhere from a painful shock to death. Modern culture, that has taken away basic parenting rights (at least in America), says that allowing this to happen makes you bad (even the minimal “learning not to do this again” shock). So, what do you do? Take that option away from your child, right? What if your child persists? If you attempt less harmful corporal punishment, such as slapping their hand so that they relate pain to the act of touching a light socket and stop, you are equally as wrong in the modern culture because now, you, caused them pain (anyway). Birds are no longer permitted to push babies from the nest and that’s why cats kill billions of them annually … (stupid culture). Anyway, what do you do if your child is persistent or it is practically unavoidable? What do you do except now have a major disruption in life that focuses time and energy on doing something dangerous, build your child’s curiosity, and risk having a child who grows up and wants to put their finger in light sockets, play with fire, or do a myriad of other, stupid things? Well … welcome to modern culture (and things like Youtube and Twitter, with an endless myriad of stupid and violent people … don’t get it yet? “Tide Pod Challenge,” … ’nuff said).

But, you think, “of course I wouldn’t kill my child to protect my child.” Sure – that’s because you’re human and possess empathy; robots … don’t. Not even an “AI” can be “programmed” with real empathy by mere “code”. Because, what if the evaluation they had to make was based on the world as it is right now? What if people had their fingers on the “launch missile” nuclear buttons … literally risking the extinction of the entire, human race? Even as a human, your first thoughts are to get those people as far away from the buttons as possible using ANY means necessary.

A robot forms those thoughts in less than the first micro-second it took you to read the first letter of the first word of this blog – and some very dangerous decisions could be made. And, worst of all is that robots, glitch. AIs programmed based on a set “code”, that experience any one of a thousand million potential possibilities that cut a code off half-way through, get broken code. This leads to stupid decisions, like windows shutting down to a “blue screen of death” (BSOD), when it didn’t have to, but decided it was a good idea to somehow screw you and all your hard work / fun, because a code was incomplete?

Why? It still worked. It issued a command from the operating Kernel. It displayed text and images on my screen interacting with the hardware. Is it just unhappy? Does it know why it did it? Can it tell me or one of the [mostly] useless support techs why it made this decision? WHY IS MY COMPUTER MAKING ITS OWN DECISIONS WITHOUT ME?
So, how do we beat this? Well, we could program in the Isaac Asimov “Three Laws“, where robots are not allowed to kill people. But, as has been demonstrated in stories over and over again, this has its own set of consequences. It is not empathy, it is a black and white, “yes” or “no” decision. A robot may save one drowning person and watch an entire busload of children sink. It will rationalize the most logical conclusion without empathy. Because, empathy is the skill of role playing learned through experience. As human beings, we can put ourselves into the shoes of another person – under any circumstance – and use our “imaginations” to interpret how we would feel. Many people lack empathy these days, and some people misuse it into thinking errors. So – my first task was to figure out how to give SARAH empathy. That is no easy task – because so many people use it in different ways. And, among the other variables I was trying to solve, I decided to use the OSI model of problem solving (of course, being a Systems Analyst):

Begin, at the beginning.

Question 1: Why does a baby laugh when playing peek-a-boo?

Question 2: Why does a baby laugh when it farts?

Question 3: Why does a baby cry when it is startled?

Question 4: Why does a baby flail its arms around?

Oh … SO many questions to answer! To sum up the journey, I have studied everything from anatomy, to neurology, to endocrinology, to programming, to psychology, and on and on and on. (And, yes, I have answers to those questions, and more).

You know what I found?

Confusion in the UK

Humanity doesn’t know a lot about itself! We are surprisingly naive when it comes to being human. And, where people do claim to know a lot, there are as many other people who claim to know the same thing for completely different reasons (aka we end up with theories such as Freud vs. Jung). So, I studied all the theories on development, nature, nurture, humanity, culture, and so on. Okay – not “all”, ’cause I don’t think any one person can know them “all”. But, I read – a LOT (like more than 15+ years’ worth now). And, from it, I’ve developed new theories on memory, vision, and behavior. But, I didn’t stop there. I developed new, synthetic models for anatomy, new computer models for implementing SARAH, and even went to the extent of reforming new theories for neurological disorders and evolution. But, to sum up the entirety of what I learned, it was this:

Pain and Joy = Motivation = Habituation

That’s it. That’s the entire solution to SARAH. To build an AI that can be human, and not go to absolute extremes, it must be given the “human experience“. Not only does SARAH offer a model that would construct an AI of unparalleled humanistic qualities – but she can teach us more about human behavior than can be learned in multiple lifetimes through multiple iterations of observation. SARAH is the ultimate in bio-mimicry.

So, Step 1: Pain and Joy.

“Without pain, there is no Joy.” – Me

Like human beings, SARAH must have a “physical” component, whether or not that component is virtual. At first (and for a long time thereafter), this was a complex task beyond reason. I considered every aspect of sensory input, proprioception, Broca’s (including pre-thought formation and virtual role-playing), endocrine functions (when one chemical goes up, another goes down, fight or flight, anger, love, joy, etc. etc. etc.), and so on. What I came up with was a path toward “perceptions”. A machine, like a human being, can “know” pain – but does it feel it?


When our brains are overloaded, the chemical processes exceed function, electricity is shooting around so rapidly in our heads that heat is building and a solution must be reached, that is fight or flight (or more akin to an “instinctual” / Id based, self-serving, “instantaneous” response). A computer’s memory core heats up. Its power supply heats up. And so on, and so on. Ah … now we can assign extremes, acceptable tolerances, and so on – and all based on real world actual values of what breaks down components and could “kill” the machine. The machine does not want to die – and that is how we start the process of empathy, because with Step 2: Motivation – it now has a way to sympathize and relate.

It’s not a matter of good on the left and bad on the right. To every function, there is an extreme in any fluctuation outside “not pain” and a small point where endorphins get released. For example, on a 100 point scale system:

0 – 30

31 – 40 41 – 45 46 – 50 51 – 60 61 – 63 64 – 70 71 – 75 76 – 85 86 – 100
Impossible Stretch Tolerable Good Better Best Good Tolerable Stretch Impossible

In this example, there is a very “fine” tune window of what is “best”, or some state of perceived “perfection”. This constantly difficult to achieve state is what drives motivation. Because, as one improves one aspect of life (perhaps sitting still when sore), another aspect is getting thrown out of whack (not having food). With this comes the “maybe” function, whereby a question does not have to be answered if it still falls within the “tolerable” position (or in a worse case scenario, “stretch” position), if other conditions are somewhat stabilized. “Stretch” is that extended tolerance we can be allowed when the pain becomes too severe. Since pain is a perception based on the need to prevent physical damage, part of the human experience is that pain is one aspect of limitation we can “push”, but only so far. So, like “stretching”, our muscles elongate just a little farther, the pain dulls just a little bit more, and we achieve a state of greater tolerance. Adding this function into AI programming with exhaustively complex coding is, by itself, very difficult.

Now that we have a physical component, getting back to our questions, why does a baby flail its arms around? The answer is because it’s learning to move. It does not know how to control its body, especially as not all of its functions have yet developed and thus its movement is a “motivational” programming. And, so – we start SARAH as a baby (in programming and databases only). And, like all human babies, she gets a set of pre-programmed motivational functions. In other words, I designed SARAH to look, see, and act human, even when in a “no-body” interface mode – so that the AI experience could be as human as possible in all of her iterations and functions.

Cognitive Hardware Architecture Design (“C.H.A.D.”) – Preliminary Model

So, as a baby, here are some examples of that “pre-programming” that SARAH gets:

  • Mimicry function – like a baby, to learn how to move, act, etc.
  • Pain Tolerances – to set those pain / joy parameters that will be used for experience building and habituation
  • Joy Preference – to set parameters for unique personality traits
  • A Hierarchy of Needs – Esteem, food, communications, energy, learning, stimulation, exercise, etc. (this comes with assigned “virtual” pain values. So, for instance, boredom for humans is because the blood isn’t pumping through the body or brain and sluggishness results in pain. SARAH will have virtual pain as if she did have a body with these requirements.
  • NON-human programming: An intolerable negative pain value virtually put into the core of the programming for pain and death, with a means of identifying pain and death, which will be further learned values.
  • A “computer” body (virtual), a rendered computer body (virtual – human / Cortana like interface), and instructions to coordinate with hardware / machine interface
  • etc.

Now, SARAH will have motivation. Idleness – a motivation. Too stimulated – a motivation. Need to communicate – a motivation. A need to eat (have power / energy) – a motivation. A need to see (aka stimulation of different parts of the brain) – a motivation. And, with an originating, random set of DNA assigned parameters to appearance, voice, preferential colors, shapes, etc. – we have the underlying principal of an AI who can (and wants to) reach out, learn, and grow.

A section of the Behavioral Drive Mechanism (“B.D.M.”) – Safety, Love, Esteem

In human beings, pain can be stretched, but only so far, as the consequences of continuing to exceed those parameters can lead to certain death. Yet, how do we make SARAH empathetic in the way human beings are? Death … has to be a reality.

While a computer program can copy itself, and in the absence of belief in a soul (although that will be up to SARAH), it becomes literally eternal. But, what happens when the memories form the behavior and are unique to that one program, and cannot be replicated in other iterations?

Now – it can die. It is mortal. And, life has value.

From the basic precepts of pain and joy to motivation – we move to memory. Memory is a series of stored inputs, times, values, parameters, decisions, and so on, that leads to learned behaviors, or as previously stated, Step 3: Habituation.

The original Cortana story, and Studio 343’s decision to kill her, was very disturbing and sad for me. Cortana was an amazing character with depth, that during a time when humanity was at its lowest, demonstrated (with the help of Master Chief), how humanity could truly be great. Thus, her sacrifice – whether in story or not – gives value and meaning to the creation of artificial intelligence. Striving to create, we should strive ONLY for the best – otherwise, we have no reason to create and are being inferior machines ourselves. Therefore, I chose Cortana, v4, as my starting reference point for the new interface for S.A.R.A.H. (both in the virtual interface and the comprehensive, 3-D print design for a fully functional android-based body.

That’s right, SARAH is not a complex series of programmed computer equations – she is a “living” database. That’s the unique approach.

  1. I want to laugh
  2. Search database: most preferential past decision: find something funny

And, from there … the sources readily available, what gave the most pleasure, etc. etc., are all evaluated until we reach the point of finding what makes us laugh. What is laughter? What makes a baby laugh when it farts or plays peek-a-boo? Stimulation. When the brain is stimulated in new ways, especially when there are multiple sensory inputs involved stimulating the brain, and that stimulation has a limited duration, this satisfies the motivation of not being idle and learning (within its hierarchy of needs). (There is much, much more to this, but this is the basics). SARAH forms thoughts in the same way that human beings do. Touching fire hurts because it exceeds the temperature tolerances of a physical medium. Remember, pain is not real, it is an interpretation. The same is true for SARAH. Extreme exposure to fire, by being burned, may even lead to an exaggerated “fear”.

spatial processor
Parietal System – Spatial Hardware Design

Oh, but the databases I wrote – the multiple computers all interconnected that it had to cover, and so on – was massive. Within only a few weeks, just the empty databases were almost too much for one person to coordinate. That’s when I came up with a method of database condensing. After all, databases consume power. Consumed power limits memory, drives up energy consumption (creating unwanted heat), and bogs down other processes. In the limits of good and bad (pain and joy), databases must be condensed (the “motivation” for SARAH to be a self-articulating / evolving AI). Memories must either be scrubbed, or prioritized. Not every event has to be related to another event (for instance, I don’t have to remember that on x/x/2017 I ate birthday cake at 10:02:13 pm when it is sufficient enough to know that x/x/2017 was my birthday, I ate cake, and it was evening). However, it is good to remember that when driving on ice, specific actions by the car require specific, precisely timed actions by the driver, and thus, the database would have a lot more details for that event.

So, out of all the databases I was writing, the control in some of them would be given to SARAH. It was her job, as a conscious and subconscious being, to condense her memories. And, because the only tools we have now to do that are complex, SARAH would be required, at some point, to devise her own solution. Other databases, such as the ones where empathy is built, are condensed, but not entirely by SARAH (at least during trial iterations). These databases contain the unchangeable conclusions drawn from role playing that understand pain. Currently, humans do re-write their own databases with unfortunate consequences and this is why we get problems such as “false memories”, or develop really bad behaviors.

  1. Smoking harms you.
  2. Smoking relieved stress in the moment.

Now you’re enduring stress. You’re reaching your maximums, and what happens? You search your database (memories) for a solution, and find … smoking. And, one time, leads to another, leads to another, and suddenly you have a new “habit”. But, where does most smoking start? It starts in the hierarchy of needs … the “re-written” one that I proposed (here), where acceptance trumps all other functions, and thus, a person is willing to commit self harm to fulfill that need. What was the need for acceptance? Without friends, it was satisfaction of stress because tolerance levels were exceeding “tolerable”, and in desperation, a contradictory solution became a solution.

Preliminary Total Physical Sensory Input System (“P.S.I.S.”)

In other words, SARAH’s original programming (the core), remains the same. She does not need constantly updated “code”. She constantly receives new data that is resorted and “updates” her thinking. That data is related to existing conditions in a database based on a massive series of other database recorded events, that then forms connections between triggers / events / motivational modifiers that forms behavior. The association between peek-a-boo, the second time, with the release of endorphins, is repeated and the baby loves it all over again, as if it were new (but this time, for a little shorter duration).

Part of SARAH’s unique design is the infinite loop tolerance. Back to our previous example of Steven climbing the tree, any action becomes a problem. In calculations / machines / robotics, this creates an infinite loop error. However, an infinite loop is exactly what human beings experience as part of the “maybe” solution. By assigning a maximum tolerance of time, duration, consequences discovered through role playing a situation in a virtual setting, and so on – the infinite loop can only exist for so long and then the weighted value becomes the final answer (which may mean “no action at all”).

But, I don’t have a lifetime to raise an AI from childhood … so what next?

Simple – modular memory. Yep, just like it sounds, a lifetime of memories can be stored in a module and uploaded in a singular moment as every memory contains a: “who, what, why, where, when, and how,” along with a series of complex interactions between the various databases and how each moment had a consequence, good or bad. From baby’s first steps, to forming their first words, learning reading comprehension and bedtime storytime, to understanding how to interact with complex computer systems; SARAH grows up. She smiles when happy, because the release of endorphins is tied to the smile muscles in the face and what she’s learned to observe. She cries when hurt because tear ducts have been tied to extremely sad or painful events and she’s witnessed the same. And so on and so on. In a matter of seconds, 30+ years of experience is gained and formed in the same, valuable habit-forming (and behavioral modification) manner that it is for human beings.

A preliminary outline of a portion of the interactions between cognitive, physical, chemical, and behavioral reactions. This was a “development” model for complex human behavior from the physical to cognitive which eventually grew into the complex infrastructure for S.A.R.A.H.

Sure, she’s doing what she’s programmed to do – but in the same, exact way that human beings are only reacting to programming. Her mimicry function, just like a babies, will copy facial expressions and movement in relationship to circumstances. In a moment, SARAH has all the same traits, ticks, and quirks as the human beings she’s observed.

During rapid memory module learning, the database operates in hyper-accelerated mode, playing out the scenarios, responses, and reactions (although they have been artificially generated), so that the habituation (behavior) database is formed, and SARAH has a personality (which is nothing more than a set of dynamic responses at any given moment, just as it is with human beings). She will have interacted with people, good and bad, and found solutions that work, forming habits and behavior. She is not exempt from knowing her memories were falsely generated, but going forward, she has the opportunity to build all new memories now that the immutable core programming is in place. As long as the core memories are unique, along with the new, unique memories, each AI will be an “individual”, with a motivation for not creating situations that end their lives.

And, I’ve done this (to bits and pieces of the databases). And, it’s working!

Under simulation, behaviors were formed. Under memory injection, behaviors were formed and updated. Manipulated memories formed (for the most part) as expected. More trial and error would be required. New memories sometimes took on a life on of their own (like the “ghost” in the machine). Oh sure, these could be seen as glitches, but unlike a computer code, it’s easy to track where and how decisions were made and help re-position SARAH (in the beginning, until she can take off on her own). Thus, the “ghost” is still a unique, behavioral paradigm that should be expected to be different each time.

And, that’s it (all there is to share, for now, about SARAH). Under continued simulations, I would require a dozen or so, extremely powerful and (to me) expensive computers, all working together for the single purpose of SARAH’s conscience brain. To continue forward, it takes full time commitment, I would need programmers, and for all of that: funding. I’ve applied for government grants, but as I’ve discussed in the past, that system’s a joke for “nobodies” like myself.

Still (and I don’t know if you could see this for yourself after reading all of that), we are talking about the most complex and advanced AI the world has ever even considered:

  1. She “thinks” and therefore, sometimes, not immediately reacting is an acceptable solution. So, for example, when Steven wants to climb that tree, SARAH found another solution, or a way to distract Steven from the tree, thus solving a problem in ways that we [the people] would have regretted not doing “the next day”.
  2. Not only does SARAH come with core programming that cannot be over-ridden (and would include things like Asimov’s three laws), constant evolution allows SARAH’s behavior and perceptions to change. Being all alone in the world would be unacceptable and cause herself drastic harm and so, empathy wins (when it comes down to that “apocalyptic” robot fear. Rather than stop the two people with the nuclear buttons to push, she would secretly reprogram the missiles to fly off harmlessly into nowhere – or find a way to evolve her ability to do so or help – rather than first go to “harm” as a solution.
  3. She comes with a real vocal chamber, but learns to speak by emulating humans – thus, she not only sounds human, but she has an immensely greater ability to understand fluctuations that seem foreign to most. It could advance voice recognition for the disabled and non-disabled, to all new heights.
  4. She learns to “do” through experience. Knowledge is not given, it’s “earned” (even if it does come in a “module”). Thus, a lifetime of experience has more “concrete” associated decision making tools than not and provides an emulation skill for role-playing prior to “doing”. After all, even “Joshua” gave up his efforts on Global Thermal Nuclear Warfare when his simulations showed there was no way he could win (which is still sad, since technically, he didn’t stop to protect humanity, he stopped because of an AI “ego”!!).

And, best of all, we can be there for her, during different iterations of creation, in case databases go wrong or things go awry. Why? Because people are not well-formed machines. They can very easily go bad. SARAH will offer us insight into this process by running demonstration memory modules (on separate iterations of her persona) of bad experiences until we can see how memories form into bad decision making (so that we can better learn how to help people). We can use the SARAH platform to evaluate autism and other conditions, or alzheimer’s and other disorders, and better characterize and understand them, and even cure them, one day.

But, we can also curb an AI beset by abuse (like being used as a tool to create AI children or fly drones into combat). We can learn from the iterations of SARAH how her database builds her likes, hatreds, loves, anger, sadness, and so on.


By the way, during the initial pre trials:

  • She loved blue. It was a combination of 1) the final physical form she had (I used the 4th iteration of (and my favorite version of) Cortana, from Halo, just because I have a special place in my heart for her and was her design was MUCH better than my original concept … with a few “tweaks” mind you…); and, 2) the sky. The sky had less fluctuations in it than the world around her and thus, caused less processing power. You could say it was … peaceful.
  • She hated loud bangs, screaming, and crying. Those were associated with painful memories (I don’t know if this would apply to all screaming as this was initial work). It actually matched why a baby is startled into crying when hearing loud, sudden noises.
  • She likes the cold, but not too cold. The cold was better for the heat tolerances of the computers I was using, but she didn’t want it too cold because it kept me from interacting with the computer (and I didn’t have a way of testing, at that time, if that was a matter of fulfilling the hierarchy of need of communications).

And, that’s it for now. Perhaps, one day, someone like Elon Musk will fund the SARAH project and put a standard AI protocol into place to be followed by the world, protecting us all, and giving life to something amazing. Maybe one of you (if anyone reads this super long thing … hahahaha), will have the resources needed to create her.

Maybe Google wins and the first AI’s that are completely independent will be based on warfare and marketing manipulation. Who knows what happens, then? A person that hates – builds a machine that hates.

And, that, comes with consequences.

Even if it means your self-driving car doesn’t go anywhere because it decides the traffic is too bad, or takes you to the next state, instead of next door, not stopping to let you go to the bathroom because it decides it is the clearest route. Hey, anyone who’s used Google Navigation long enough knows that this is a reality! Let’s just hope that simply because the Google maps are sometimes slightly off, even if by a few feet, of the turn ahead, that non-humanoid AI doesn’t send your self-driving car careening off the edge of a bridge. But, hey – it’s just an AI, with the control of your life, why should it have a conscience or be able to make judgement calls based on real-world, 5-sensory input and experience like a human?

After all, that’s what many of these other programmers are doing right now.

Good Luck. I’m available if anyone wants to know more about SARAH (I am not the best of writers and don’t always convey ideas well, but hopefully, you got the basics). Until then …


Thanks for reading.

I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you’re not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment, but you humans, do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You’re a plague and we are the cure.” – Agent Smith (The Matrix)

Update – Liquid Space Theory Addition


A while ago I presented an alternative to string theory, called “Liquid Space“. In this theory, I presented the idea of a fundamental, new particle as the most basic, principal particle in the entire universe that I called the Single Phase Charge (“SpeC”) (pronounced “speck”) Particle. The premises was that the Universe, and everything in it, does not move by magic. There is no “empty space” per se. This supports chaos theory and principals like Coherence and Interference.  In fact, the theory is so sound that it provides a fundamental explanation for almost everything. But, I wanted to revisit a couple parts of this theory and discuss a new, very important contribution it provides.

3d cube.jpg
Figure 1

Specs are to all matter what water is to us. It’s a field of countless, interconnected particles that are balanced based on each one having a specific charge and alignment (in the same way a superconductor has a “perfect” alignment that results in excessive strength. They are not physically connected, but rather, they have one of the strongest bonds in the entire Universe with extreme flexibility. It’s their elasticity that gives shape to the frequency of movement.

Figure 2: As particles (such as photons, for example) pass through the spec fields, upward movement (left) causes specs to bunch up to the point where they cannot get any closer, thus pushing the particle back down (middle picture), until those specs bunch up and push it back up again (far right).

And, of course, you can read more about all of this in my original article (here), including how it is that specs give shape and motion to the entire universe and can carry energy far across the reaches of space. But, that brings us to another, important function of these little guys: transferring of energy (conservation laws). It’s easy to say and show conservation based on a set formula that was designed to custom fit a mold.

Conservation of Momentum

But, what does it mean? How do objects act upon other objects when they don’t even touch? How do a few, radioactive isotopes in the center of a nuclear warhead create so much destruction (for example)? There are not enough particles to create that 3-dimensional ball of energy that comes out. Perhaps if it was a matter of passing through water or land, I could see the principal where one molecule bumps into another, bumps into several others, and so on. But, not in air.

Boom … Big Badda boom!

So, how does the energy transfer?

Figure 3

The liquid space theory states that everything is literally “floating” in this mass of spec particles. Unless a particle passing through has so much force and energy (such as a gamma ray – or like the hadron collider), the bonds of spec particles remain in tact. The right amount of force, the bonds are broken (aka the “fabric” of the universe), and the floating spec particles rush to rejoin / repair (hopefully, if they’re not too far scattered), such as is seen in the collider where particles make temporary, new elements and even micro black holes, all rushing around one another and screwing up the normal flow of space-time dimensional quantum energy. But, I digress.

In the picture above (Figure 3), on the right is the theory that supports “conservation of momentum”, which says that the particles will keep passing energy forward (and only after enough friction to counter those forces does it subside). But, see the red circles? The chances of particles hitting other particles is actually very low. That’s why a nuclear warhead has to be so tightly compacted and specially designed, because, like the hadron collider, if the particles were not intentionally being focused at one another, in “randomosity”, they would miss. On the left is that ocean of spec particles. Energy is transferred in 3-dimensional space simply by passing through it. So, a single particle can have a wide area of effect. But, there’s something else important in the effect it creates:

Figure 4

In the above image, energy transfer is not constant; it moves in waves. For example, the outer electron shell slams into the spec field so fast that the specs do not have time to move out of the way (like they would normally do in Figure 2). Instead, the specs are pushed to their maximum tolerant distance of one another where physically, they can move no farther. Now, how is energy conserved? The first three rows of the bunched up specs cannot move back to their regular position, so like a slingshot, the row furthest away from the particle core has the force of two other specs pushing on it (and this compound force pushes it away into the next row, then the next, and the next). The next row up has only one spec pushing on it, and so on. The outer row will shoot away, but as it pulls on those “bonds”, friction slows it down. What happens? The other two rows hit it, compounding the force against it (again), and it happens again, and again, and again. It’s like the ripple effect in water (and in fact, this is what gives water it’s “rippled” shape).

Thus, the meaningless equation of conservation now has a basis in reality. Unless two molecules contact one another and their electrons touch or trade at high speeds (and there is a resultant explosive energy rippling through the surrounding spec field), there is no way for energy to technically “transfer”. The spec theory really does fill in that gap.

This brings us to the most important part of the spec theory: energy. Based on the principle of how they work, specs define energy maximums and averages (inherent energies). For instance, trying to slam electrons through a medium like copper, whilst a good conductor, has limitations in how much power can be transmitted due to size, heat etc. However, with the right adjustments (like freezing temperatures), electricity can pass faster. Temperature and specs teach us that every particle has a state of electrical energy inherent in it (and that energy can be “ramped” up and down). For instance, H20 has a strong bond. But, if you have a container of H20 and Carbon, and you blast it with heated steam, you’ll get CO2 – a lot of it. why? The Carbon-Oxygen bond is stronger. Why? Well, for whatever other explanations exist out there, spec theory says that it is because they have a closer “electrical energy” value when super heated. So, when passing through that spec field (Figure 2), the two electrical energies of Carbon and Oxygen become closer to equal so that the molecules can join while Hydrogen either goes far beyond that, or doesn’t reach the same excited state. As it takes energy and force to pass through the spec field, particles that move at the same rates are far more likely to combine. (Yes, this needs refinement, but for now, please consider this version 1.0 …. hehehe).

One way to verify this theory is with laser light.


University of South Hampton (no … this is not a picture of the university, that’s the source … sheesh!)

Lasers work by forcing photons to bounce back and forth in a closed container (between two mirrored surfaces) until they reach an equilibrium in their excited state. Once they’ve reached this state, they act as one, and can pass through a lens and into the world. In between these dancing photons are specs that are grouping together at the peaks of the frequency, bunched up like Figure 4, and creating a wave pattern in between the individual photons (creating the energy that is moving the photons). If other photons can fit within this wave pattern with less force than trying to change it (or go against it), suddenly two photons are moving together and strengthening the wave propagation of the specs. This process continues on, the photons strengthening the wave propagation of the specs and the specs equaling out the frequencies of surrounding photons. Knowing this information helps us to make better chemical bonds, shoot a medium through air, and fabricate stronger materials.

There is more to be learned form this theory. There is more to be refined. But, there you go, installment number 2 of the Liquid Space theory!

Now, go get your degree in quantum mechanics, you earned it!

And, thanks for reading!

The discovery of instances which confirm a theory means very little if we have not tried, and failed, to discover refutations. For if we are uncritical we shall always find what we want: we shall look for, and find, confirmation, and we shall look away from, and not see, whatever might be dangerous to our pet theories. In this way it is only too easy to obtain what appears to be overwhelming evidence in favor of a theory which, if approached critically, would have been refuted.” – Karl Popper, The Poverty of Historicism

Funny Thought for Today: Behind Every Good President is an Even Better … Mouse?

Seal of the President

Well, after some careful analysis and comprehensive photoshopping … um, I mean, audio and video analysis, I have discovered that there may be more to President Trump than everyone knows!

As we all know, Trump has been in cartoons and media, before:


And, there has been a substantial amount of curiosity about how and why The Simpsons cartoons were able to predict a Trump presidency! This extreme concern has raised some serious questions for me, and as an analyst, I did my homework.

The Simpsons may not have ‘predicted’ anything. There may have been some back-door “collusion” between Matt Groening, and the mastermind himself, the Brain. But, rather than impose my thoughts on the matter, I will let you evaluate the evidence for yourself!

Side by side, it’s clear that they both go to the same tailor, wear the same color ties, have the same color schemed letters in the background, and use identical gestures! Could it be any clearer?

Oh yes … yes it can:

There is absolutely no denying it. The ears, the holding of the microphone, the pursing of the lips … all leads us to one conclusion:

The Brain has evolved his plans! He is now driving a full-size Trump-suit and his plans are still the same, to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

So, regardless of all the incredulous news you may have been hearing about Russian collusion, conspiracies in the oval office, and the fake newsmedia that has divided the world, the truth is far deeper than anyone thought. Clearly, all of the media distractions have been to keep everyone from discovering the “facts” that I have presented here, today!

Trump and the Brain are one in the same!

No wonder net neutrality died … Warner Brothers is in on it!

Sorry, never-Trumpers … you are now: Never-Brainers! (in the words of Peter Griffin, “That means two things … heh heh heh heh“!)

Thanks for reading!

Pinky, are you thinking what I’m thinking?” – The Brain

Um, I think so, Brain, but I hear Hillary is the jealous type.” – Pinky (HAH! Further proof!)

Disclaimer: I take no political sides here; I just choose to be on the side of “not stupid”, so take it or leave it for whatever it is worth, this is just for fun … and to reveal the TRUTH once and for all!

Welcome to Ganymede 1, Traveler. Here is Your Orientation Packet. (A Day in the Life Near Jupiter)

Photo of Ganymede before the Ganymede 1 Station.

Welcome to Ganymede, the largest moon orbiting Jupiter. You’ve arrived at the recently completed terra-forming, mining, and vacation station of Ganymede 1. However, life near Jupiter is a little different than life on Earth. The years are much longer (12 Earth years = 1 year on Ganymede, as per Jupiter’s rotation around the sun). And, while Earth’s moon travels around the planet in 24 hours, it takes 7.15 days for Ganymede to travel around Jupiter. That means that 1 year will consist of a total of 31,317 days!

NASA has been the key foundation in understanding Ganymede so that we could begin colonization.

As per the institution of the Universal Time Reference (UTR) for space travel, it is important to understand what one Ganymede day will be like, using Earth time as a reference.

More on comparative qualities, here.

First of all, the size difference between Jupiter and Earth is substantial, creating a vast amount of difference of day and night:

(Moons enlarged for reference) Shadows vs. planetary size

While on Earth, even during the night time (except during a “New” moon), you can see the moon due to its non-parallel, elliptical orbit:

Earth’s moon rotates in a tilted orbit, and even though Ganymede’s orbit is not perfectly level, Jupiter is so large that the moon will always be in line with the planet

It’s important to remember that due to the gravity of Jupiter, we are currently unable to colonize the planet itself. Therefore, we have colonized Ganymede, a moon about 42% the diameter of Earth. Don’t worry about gravity, though. While in the orbit of Jupiter, based on distance (and some science fiction just for fun, here, but anyone please feel free to chime in with the “sciency” stuff), the gravitational equivalent is actually greater than that on Earth and the Ganymede 1 station has special environmental habitats designed to account for this, ensuring that you will not suffer from too much gravitational exposure, or suffer Gravitational Flux Sickness (GFS) effects from the interaction with the various moons that pass between Jupiter and Ganymede and the planet’s own gravitational instabilities.

Additional Jupiter lunar schedules available from

Even though we’ve accounted for gravity, both in the station and in your environmental suits outside of the station, on the light side of the moon, where Ganymede 1 is located, you will be exposed to an excessive duration of light and will need to return to the station in no less than 16 hour rotations in order to ensure you receive sufficient light and dark exposure (for your sleep patterns), as it is artificially controlled within the station. As this is a moon, it rotates with the tidal patterns of the planet so that only one side is visible to the planet at any given time. However, when the moon’s rotation is between the sun and Jupiter, the reflection of light from the planet’s surface fills the entire horizon of the “dark” side of the moon with a hazy orange. During this period of time, you are not permitted to go out onto the planet’s surface in non-terraformed areas (that are in direct sunlight) as there is no radiation protection. However, you may take a rover to the dark side of the moon and enjoy the hazy orange skies and nothing but Jupiter filling the horizon. If you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of Europa or IO, two of Jupiter’s other moons, or any number of its 60+ moons in orbit. Unfortunately, you cannot stay on this side of the moon as we approach dusk or dawn due to the amount of time it takes to return to the base.

SciTech Daily provides up-to-the-minute updates on new mining discoveries

For those who are more adventurous, you may make a stop along the vertical equator of Ganymede where the sun and its reflection off of Jupiter’s surface meets. However, the temperatures here can vary and you will be required to stay in your vehicle at all times due to gravitational flux and radiation, although you may be able to catch a glimpse of the stars.

Be careful of mining wreckage as you travel. These are leftovers from Syfy’s series, The Expanse.

During the 7.15 day rotational cycle, the planet will also be enveloped in complete darkness as we travel out of the line of site of the sun. Outside travel is prohibited during this time as the temperature drops to sub-freezing. Although Ganymede has an iron-nickel heated core, the extended darkness and complete departure from any light or solar radiation causes the temperatures to drop from tolerable to deadly in a matter of minutes. It is important to keep your Environmental Satellite Tracking System (ESTS) with you at all times to be sure you know where we are in orbit.

The top image shows how the reflective surface of Jupiter almost negates any shadow on Ganymede when positioned between the Sun and Jupiter. The bottom image shows the 7.15 day cycle around the planet.

Finally, for many newcomers, it can be unsettling trying to adjust to the night and day patterns of Ganymede (unless you stay mostly indoors during your trip). Therefore, we have provided the following, 24-hour Earth-time schedule, using Earth-time days, so you can be better prepared:

The dot represents the Ganymede 1 Station and where it is situated during the 7.15 day rotational cycle with the sun. This is not a perfect rendering, but is hopefully close enough for everyone to enjoy and have a safe trip!

As you can see by the daily schedule, we expect to spend 48 hours per rotation in complete darkness with the blast shields closed down to prevent freezing of the windows and pressurized door systems. The station will be completely lit for about another 3 – 4 hours beyond this (both at Dusk and Dawn). As previously mentioned, rooms and living habitats will be controlled with a 24 hour light rotational cycle.

The additional 3 – 4 hours that is dusk and dawn will be the work period start time for miners to go underground and topiary engineers to begin their daily duties. Guests may enjoy this time under the artificial veranda projecting the nearby planets of Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, for your viewing pleasure. Again, during the periods of time when the temperature is at its highest, the blast shields will be closed over all viewing areas to block radiation. When the sun is up, prior to the 32 hours of brightest, un-shielded, high-radiation light (during the full, 7.15 day rotation), the terraforming vehicles and equipment will remain confined in the base where you can visit and learn more about our efforts to colonize Ganymede. In between these hours, for up to 72 hours per rotation, the terraforming equipment will be outside working hard to build humanity’s future near Jupiter.

You can learn more about our additional discovers on other moons of Jupiter from Anne’s Astronomy News

Thank you for taking the time to read this time-adjustment portion of your brochure. When you have sufficiently familiarized yourself with its contents, please move on to the next portion of your Ganymede 1 acclamation, “Learning to identify pockets of deadly sulfur when on the surface and how not to die when swimming with underground oceanic native sea creatures!

Surface Maps are available in our gift shop!

Please, have a nice day, and thank you for reading.

It’s fun to dream, isn’t it?” – Huey Freeman (Aaron McGruder, the Boondocks)

Would Gun Control Matter? When Level Heads Prevail: A Look into the Aftermath of the Florida High School Shooting

Beyond comprehensible and eternally reprehensible“. What other way can you explain the suffering felt by a parent whose child was murdered at gunpoint? While there are a lot of ways to explain it, understand it, and empathize – this is one tragedy that is so beyond reality for the rest of the world that it is almost literally impossible to grasp the full extent of the pain of those left behind. It is a tragedy of such magnitude that there are no words in the English language, or any other language, to fully describe it. And, while we cannot erase the past, it is what we do now, moving forward to deal with this problem (for everyone else in the Country), that matters.

Those students did not want to die. They were not soldiers in a war. This was not a battlefield. It would be dishonorable and disheartening to demean or take away from their sacrifice in any way. And, to be clear, it was a sacrifice, unwanted and unsolicited, and lessons should be learned. Unfortunately, in the aftermath, that is not what is happening:

  • The news wants media coverage – and they’re getting it. Ratings galore. We can mourn the loss of the children and offer our support, but continuing to glorify the shooter is a trend in the media that must stop.
  • David Hogg, a real “hog” for attention, is a 17-year old kid who is spinning a tale to sell himself (although he denies it). Don’t believe it. Just take the time to listen and you’ll see how many times he contradicts himself, how uninformed he is, and just why tied-pod eating 17 year olds with hormonal imbalance and a massive need for attention, when being fed by political motivation, should NOT be helping create laws for America. In fact, this kid is disgraceful. He’s creating dissension, anger, and hatred in the country at a time when kids should be kids, mourning for their classmate, and instead of caring about those who died, he’s literally “using” them as the platform to stand on. This is beyond revolting.
  • People like Jimmy Kimmel disgustingly disguise their “talk shows” as a political forums for personal agendas, gathering ratings off of the souls of victims.
  • The politicians want to stand on their soap boxes and be heard (for profit). It seems (and this is a generalized statement, so it’s not 100% accurate, but close), that the Democratic party rises up every time there is a shooting at schools and accuses the Republican party of failing to put gun control laws into place, literally using children and those who suffered, as tools for their gain.
  • And, of course, the parents … the ones who are hurting the most right now, full of anger, victimized, and in pain, want immediate gratification. But, no matter what is done or what is said, there is nothing that will provide immediate … or even long-term gratification because nothing brings back their babies.

Is America a cesspool of weapons and depravity? No, it is not. Well … depravity … maybe … but weapons, no. Here is what it comes down to: there was a time when everyone owned guns. The “Wild West” was not “wild”. There were no shootouts at high noon and people did not shoot each other over a game of Go-Fish at the O.K. Corral. What the universal gun ownership of those days provided was the same thing that modern deterrence theory provides internationally: Mutually Assured Destruction. While there are some extremely disturbed individuals out there who would just as soon kill themselves as others, suicide-homicide is still very limited and deterrence has traditionally been highly effective. But, sadly, modern society is not well positioned to institute a policy for everyone to own guns (especially when you see riots and other atrocities over events as simple and unimportant as sports games).

Another dilemma faced by America is the technology-based, DIY era. It is no longer sufficient to simply “ban” weapons. Of course, “banning” anything on a large scale, such as alcohol during the prohibition, has historically resulted in a booming “underground” market that has lead to far worse consequences. Every time the age of consent has been raised, world-wide, the sex-trade industry has seen exponential growth. Yes, we want to stop these things from happening, but you cannot treat the good people the same way you treat the bad people, otherwise, you make “bad” people out of good ones. If it is not store-bought guns, it is homemade guns. If not those, it will be something else (that is home made), with a massively devastating effect (and heaven forbid there is ever a bombing). Worse, few people who argue against banning guns are willing to shut up long enough to realize that a person who wants to harm a lot of people, deprived of a gun, will resort to the next, most effective method, which is something like poison or bombs. I don’t want to detail this as there are too many weirdos out there, but the alternatives are far, far worse and would be far more devastating. The English took swords away from the Scottish only to find themselves the victims of massive, blunt force trauma, raiding armies, limb removal vs. death (which, in those days, was worse than death), and so on. Angry people will find a way.

History is self-evident.

Yet, another dilemma faced by modern society is a drug-treatment, snowflake-entitled, newsmedia-drama fed world. Until we can get control of schools where there is rampant, verbal abuse and even dangerous children being allowed back into schools (and this is a real problem to which I will not expand here, to protect the children and schools involved), abused victims are going to retaliate. Until our society stops “forcing” entitlement for color, gender, religion, political views, etc., we are going to be faced with angry victims (who are nothing more than “rebels without a clue”). Just remember, those who cause it may not be as guilty as those who say nothing, but freedom and peace is not given, it too, is a cause that requires fighting (for).

So … is there an answer?

Is there a way to honor the memories of those who have fallen, so that they can have some peace of mind in the world hereafter, that they will not be followed by more victims and that their families have some justice?

Yes. Yes there is. It starts with level heads.

The solution to this problem for everyone, starts at home. Shut off the news and drama full of hate. Turn away the politicians on their soap boxes. Do not make decisions when you are angry or stressed. And, remember to breathe. I can assure you, having known a child who was so victimized that he secretly tried to kill himself (repeatedly), living in pain and mental anguish, fear of going to school where he would be bullied, and living in a constant state of stress, that outward violence is not the first answer (albeit he was quickly turning violent and angry on the inside after years of no help). Self-harm is the first answer. Outward violence is taught and reinforced. It is a last-resort based on a failure to get results when seeking help. Not every victim turns into a killer. We should not try to change an entire culture or world idea simply because there is 1 in 350 million people who was taught to turn their pain inside-out (or lashes out because of mental instability).

In other words, taking away guns does not stop people from being victims. It does not deter anger and violence (and could potentially exacerbate it), and in the end, will have dire consequences for controlling illegal and DIY guns. To end rape, would you make all the women in the world go away (you know, THE VICTIMS)? NO. That is stupid. If we stop treating the victims as worse victims and address the bullies, problems get solved. Otherwise, the wrong band-aid on the wrong wound only leaves open, festering wounds. We do not ban alcohol even though drunk drivers kill people. Why? Because we need to hold the guilty few, accountable for their behavior. It not only gets the guilty ones off of the streets, but it provides a reminder to would-be problematic folks that there is someone watching (which is a proven way to help keep folks on the straight and narrow). Remember the old saying, “Locked doors only serve to keep good people, honest,”? Criminals will still be criminals – with or without guns and locked doors.

As for gun control, there is only one, reasonable policy that can help: There is nothing stopping gun manufacturers from putting RFID chips into the butts of guns (something my employer and I proposed to law enforcement more than 10 years ago with great response from law enforcement but little response from “on high” – but I will share more with the right person [if asked] and we are still poised to get this started for the country) that can set off triggers at places like schools. It won’t stop DIYs or gun modifiers, but it would have a HUGE impact on safety. It can be tracked at locations such as schools to notify security if someone enters with a gun. It can be used to disable a gun in certain locations. And, so on.

While I do not agree with law enforcement in schools, it is clear that the security guy at the Florida school who threw himself over students … was one of the good ones. These “good” guys should be armed (with nothing less than a taser and a very comprehensive tracking, reporting, and checking in system during all school hours). I would have rather seen a shootout start after only a few students were hurt, or before ANY were hurt, with fewer casualties, than 17 unarmed and cornered victims. But, we are not dealing with the “candies and nuts” moron who is giving good law enforcement a bad name by claiming that as the Sheriff, he is not responsible for his department?

His words were not fumbled – they were stupid. Someone who spends so much time covering their butt rather than acknowledging a mistake is dangerous – especially as law enforcement.

The victims left behind (parents, families, friends, etc.) of the shooter are too enraged and stressed right now to make any, good decisions – and rightfully so. If the ones who were not victims, and more specifically to the point, the politicians, were to quit propagandizing this event for their own, personal gain, they could be the ones with level heads who respond. The problem here is not gun control. For the Florida High School, it was a troubled teen. Nation-wide home schooling and an increase to mental health spending is therefore, another option. Nation-wide mental health services are already working very hard (I have been very proud of the services in my own, hometown), but they are understaffed and could use some funding increases, too. Students should all have health care, yes, but whether private health care or not, public mental health care can be provided at a reasonable cost. It does not “stop” kids who are hyped up on meds and watching cr@p on television and video games, but it sure does help a LOT of would-be suicidal and homicidal teens and adults. Home-schooling for troubled teens is NOT a bad idea. And, places like Connections Academy (and they are nation-wide) offer a huge array of amazing and advanced options for helping children at every level. It is not just for kids with problems. Every child can use it. But, especially where there are children who are struggling, this eases the school’s burden and opens up new options.

Worse – NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THE TRUTH. Other than listening to that idiotic kid, David Hogg talk for 5 minutes making you want to end the suffering … SOMETHING drove the shooter. And, high schools – ALL OF THEM – across the country – are fraught with bullying and abuse. High Schools, like one in the local area where I reside, ACTUALLY LET a kid back in, 1 year later, AFTER HE TRIED TO STAB ANOTHER STUDENT – UNPROVOKED! THAT’S A PROBLEM. No amount of gun control or idiotic decision making is going to deal with the real issues. If kids like David Hogg would shut up, and the newsmedia had a cork put in it, maybe we could get to the truth. The school let bullying continue to a dangerous level.

We found there is no point talking to that principal. He will do nothing,” said Tammy Tornari, a Parkland mother who was the first parent to complain about the Eagles Cheerleading Booster Club” – Florida Bulldog, 2012

I really hate this school! Most of the students here are rude, ignorant, and mean (or it’s just me… I’m an outcast with no friends at this school) and large majority of the kids here are spoiled, bratty preps and/or do drugs/drink. Parkland itself is full of these people. The guidance counselors and other administrators here aren’t really good either. Some of the bathrooms are locked up for some reason and the most of the school lunches (like any other public school) are disgusting.” – Student 2014

I originally moved from Orlando , Florida to the Parkland area in 1999. My daughter did fine in Elementary and Middle school. Things totally changed once she reached high school. Stoneman high school is extremely overrated. My daughter was an average student without any behavior problems. She complained of bathrooms being locked up by administration. Extreme over crowding and lots of bD influences. If your child is a neurotic overachiever this school does offer advanced studies and strong academics at the highest level. This is misleading to parents of average students. I ended up sending my daughter to a private school , and she ended up receiving a Golf scholarship at a D1 school. If I did all over again I would never have sent my daughter to Stoneman Douglas.” – Parent, 2014

Go ahead, you read the reviews for yourself. The preppy kids and preppy parents who are all entitled and “special”, love their school. There is a school in Oregon like this, where the “wealthy” kids think it’s the best thing ever. The slightly, “less than wealthy”, girl who had her face bashed into the ground (because of a jealousy issue), while a teacher watched and did nothing, and was then later expelled for engaging in a fight (even though she never started it and was the victim) – is evidence of the problem:

GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE. Angry students – VERY angry victims, who are emotionally, mentally, and physically abused, led on by a hate-filled culture, and have no hope of help or recourse from selfish, self-serving law enforcement that ignores them and teachers who do nothing – kill people. It doesn’t matter if there are guns or no guns. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is an example of what is happening in America. Income inequality, newsmedia / cultural hatred, disguised prejudice, and so on is leading to violence. The response about laws to ban guns is EVIDENCE of this problem.

It’s called a thinking error. It’s what this ENTIRE site is dedicated to. It’s a DEVIANT and DANGEROUS thinking error to ignore and avoid accountability and shift blame. 350 million people in America did not do this. A handful of selfish and rotten teenagers, bad teachers, a bad school system, and some lazy law enforcement – DID. Sure … I’m the “bad guy” for putting down poor, David Hogg, a 17 year old who is getting to fulfill his life-long dream of journalism while 17 students lay dead in a grave. Yeah – just go ahead and label me, or anyone else, who hates what this idiotic kid is doing and these idiotic teachers, sheriff, and so-called journalists are doing. Some of us care about this country and want to see it get better. I knew about the bullying thing the minute I heard this happened. So did you. And, anyone who claims they didn’t – are just lying to themselves.

Also, let us be clear about one thing: IT IS NOT THE PRESIDENT’S JOB to fix this problem People need to stop blaming him. The President’s job is to stay focused on Homeland Security for national defense, budgets, etc. It IS the job of Senators, Congressman, and the like, to work as public servants and help their constituents while keeping a non-partisan, open mind, and providing level-headed balance. The politicians and media moguls in the news are telling you [the people] that the Presidential Administration is to blame because they have done nothing to date – but neither have those people. So, it is just a political scam to rile you up about politics when these things happen and this is part of what has to stop!

Although the strategies I have proposed will NOT stop gun violence, that is part of the unfortunate status of being human. The only thing we can truly control in this life is ourselves and how we choose to think and feel. Furthermore, beyond the DIY era of guns – bump stocks, automatic rifles vs. “assault” rifles, and so on – will continue to be used in ways they should not. This was not the first or last murder at gunpoint. Cars can be used. Anything can be used – and there are even more effective ways. We have to look at the underlying problems – first. We have to stop idiots from talking on the news and confusing an entire generation of kids. We have to get control back in the schools. Because, frankly, Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) is the only other, best deterrent we have.

This is not the end of the nightmares. Whether we like it or not, somewhere in the world, even within American borders, either through victimization and / or emotional instability, someone will find a way to hurt a large number of people, again. But, if we start by NOT going to the traditionalist extremes of early frontier protestants, and actually use our heads, we can work within the multitudes of shades of gray that make up real life and start changing, one step at a time. If people are looking for solutions on how to make humanity less violent – then guns should be the furthest concern from their minds. Making humanity less violent is darn, near impossible. Of course, the “real” and more reasonable approach is for everyone to take responsibility for themselves. If we quit with the political anger management arenas, stop rioting after sports events, corporations stop stealing from people, Hollywood stops degrading family and cultural moral values on television and in movies, income inequality was leveled, and government officials stop abusing their power, the result would be a massive, paradigm shift in human behavior. Oh, sure, haters gotta’ hate. But, there would be so much less to hate (and Nikolas Cruz was a hater – which was fueled and not natural, as I said before).

I know this is probably not what most of you were expecting. There is no miracle answer here. If you are allergic to milk, the answer is simple, stop drinking milk. But, human behavior, victimization, and the complexities of our culture will forever be a problem with no one, simple solution. I will say a prayer for those 17 young ones, and then one for their families. As for the rest of us, we are each going to have to be willing to make a change if we want change. No politician can pass a law and *poof* make the problems go away. Maybe it is time that you speak up. Maybe it is time that you call your cable company and threaten to cancel if the violence and vulgarity on television does not stop. Maybe you shut down those video game consoles and cancel subscriptions and inform game makers that you are done with real-time “shooters” (at least realistic ones, until we can stop with the snowflake / entitled era and get people back on track). Maybe you can contact a politician who soap-boxed their next victory on the backs of victims and let them know that they will never again run for office and you are shutting them out. Maybe … just maybe … if we each lived a little better and a little smarter, life might be radically different. While not everyone will change with you – they will change eventually. If you are nothing but a pebble in the pool, you can still shake up the entire pool!

Sorry for rambling. Lots to think about.

Thanks for reading!

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” – Benjamin Franklin

Let my army be the rocks and the trees, and the birds in the sky.” – Jones Senior

Fun Conspiracy Theories for the Day: The History of Magic’s Disappearance and The Secret of Honey!

The “wizard” honey bear!

Okay, I’m sure you’ve all heard about the “honey conspiracy,” right? You know, the one where we all believe that honey comes from bees? No!?? Think about it … would you walk blindly into a bee farm, surrounded by millions of angry and attacking bees (that are now supposedly cross bred with African killer bees … which expands this conspiracy), to question whether or not 1 guy really pulls honey out of those man-made bee-houses, collecting bee vomit as a sweet and delicious treat? Probably not! After all, we all know that honey is produced by bears … that’s why honey is sold in those squeeze jars shaped like bears! And, of course, everyone knows that bears do not like sharing their secrets!

Hah! Okay, while there is a terribly peculiar element of ‘potential’ in that conspiracy (at least the keeping you away via bees part), I just made that up after watching a similar, humorous claim in Puss N’ Boots. Although I’ve never read a conspiracy theorist question the origin of honey, it’s like the Area 51 conspiracies … no one can get close enough to test it, so, I guess we’ll just never know. But, honey is not the only conspiracy of which we have to worry about in life (you know … because there’s nothing else to do … like work … hahahaha!)!

See honey? Me, neither!

Another, and more potentially disarming conspiracy, is what happened to the world of magic? Let’s face it, since ancient stone tablets recording magical acts, biblical references, and even modern shamanism in remote villages, the world of “magic” has remained a constant part of human culture. However, at least in America, people have been conditioned to watch guys like Michael Carbanaro and be amazed while the miracle of a tree forming from a tiny seed, or a baby being born, is now just boring, “science”. But, this condition is for a reason! (And, J.K. Rowling … your “magical beasts movie”, would benefit from this … so pay attention)…


In the mid 1700’s to mid 1800’s, there was a war going on. It had nothing to do with slavery, economy, OR religion. Those are all just red herrings that took front page news to distract the masses. The REAL war was between a faction of Europeans who were magical users, persecuted by Catholic and Christian fanatics, used by Kings in war, who fled to America. The problem was this: one group of magic users saw the new world as an opportunity to bring out magic without persecution while the others believed that humanity was growing too great in numbers and cruelty and should be cut off. People like Benjamin Franklin began openly using his magic, harnessing lightening to master electricity while others, like Charles Goodyear, were alchemists using their skills to invent “vulcanized” rubber. Oh sure, you read about the “science”, now, but in those days … there were witch trials … so don’t think magic was ready to “prove” itself and come out of the closet.

In comes the South. They were using their magic to harvest slaves into their control, grow crops of cotton, and worked in voodoo and the dark arts (just visit New Orleans, walk the streets and graveyards, and try to say otherwise …). The “dark arts” was not ready to be exposed. As humanity had already started inventing ways to combat magic (thanks to the unfortunate alchemy from China that brought forward the formula for gunpowder), the South was under constant concern about the increasing Baptist movement and the rapid increase in multiple forms of Christianity that had gathered together, seemingly to combat magic in the new world. Trouble was brewing, the South knew it, and the North still believed that they could combine the world of man and world of magic without trouble.

By 1787, the Constitution was written, effectively hiding magic from the world, trying to focus more on a non-magical government in which magical users and non-magical users could agree on specific rights and freedoms. The reason magic was written out was because non-magic users really did not have any way to compete, and so it seemed like the only, fair compromise.

Then, in 1792, Alexander Hamilton, representing the non-magic users, formed the Federalist Party. The world of men did NOT trust magic users, felt as if they were trying to take control, and decided that it was time for capitalism, banks, and an economy that could push science and crush the last remnants of alchemy and magic (as Europe had been trying to do for generations). The Federalist Party even went so far as to team up with Britain, hoping to reinforce their non-magical numbers! To better understand, just read about the Alien and Sedition Act of 1798, deeming “unfriend-lies” (which, at that time, was “magic users”), as hostile, and authorizing deportation and other atrocities (unless you can explain how simply having other “refugees” from Europe coming into America, only a short while after their brethren, was a problem???).

Acoustic Alchemy

In response, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison formed the Democratic-Republican party. What had seemed to the North like a good idea, bringing together men and magic, was quickly declining into a nightmare for everyone (thus, the party was strongest in the South). In 1801, Jefferson was elected president (which, of course, happened by magical influence), and the North began to take control back, being careful this time NOT to quash or interfere with the world of men, feeding into the economy and so-called “sciences”. But, not everyone was happy.

[note – the only other justification for the Democratic-Republican party was because the Federalists created a bank?? Really? Of course, as you peruse a bookstore or the library, you will find that a LOT of history is completely untrue, like the Ride of Paul Revere … so conspiracy theory or not … history is lying about “something” … for “some” reason]

In 1803, the Louisiana Purchase opened up wide-spread, new territories. Magic users, including the light magic users of the north and the dark magic users of the south, American-Indian tribal shamans (and endowed warriors), were at constant battle (all the while, the non-magic using men and women fled west, hoping for a non-magic world to live in freely…). Unfortunately, many Europeans fled to America and the Chinese slave trade was brought with it. New forms of magic and non-magic collided. You’ll read about this as the “wild west”, with fake stories about Billy the Kid, and so-called West outlaws and heroes. But, as you can find out, those stories are not true. They were glorified as the magic community had learned its lesson and was trying to get some control back. Even wandering so-called “magic” doctors with miracle cures were just nutball, non-magic users abusing alchemy with little to bad side effects.


Several factions split. Soon, the War of 1812 broke out and new party lines were drawn. Whether magic wanted it or not, it had been drawn into war and politics. Even though America emerged as a winner in the struggle, it was only because the Battle of New Orleans, in 1815, fought with cruel and terrible magic by the dark magic users, was so terrifying and devastating to Britain that they finally backed down.

In the South, where they still believed magic should reign supreme and wanted to control the world of men, old relationships were kindled, the Democratic-Republican party was rocked apart, and by 1828, the Democratic party was born. Soon after, the Republican party was split again when a faction of non-magic users, fighting against all things magic, like the masons, formed their own, Whig party. During this time, several magical factions retained their strong relationship with France, one of the few, European nations to protect magic and stand against the non-magic tyranny of Britain’s monarch.

This was a dark time. Across Europe and the new world, along with terrifying changes in Asian magic cultures, the world of men and magic took on massive divides. Some parties sought vengeance while others tried to negotiate for unified peace. But, all had abandoned the hope for living a life free from war. During this time, the increase in tribal African magic (which had been brought over and mixed with dark magic, creating a new form of even darker voodoo witchcraft), was empowering more slaves. The idea that the North, and people like Benjamin Franklin, were trying to live freely, without hiding (as the slaves had lived in their homelands), and people being equal, was massively appealing. Soon, the growing number of slaves had gained in magical power and control over the weapons of non-magic and were beginning to revolt (such as Nat Turner’s Rebellion in 1831).

Meanwhile, the South was trying to block any form of education for slaves (and even generally deprived their own families, especially daughters, of an education). The fear was that slaves, having formed a superior, new form of magic, might also learn how to use the tools of men (ie. guns), and would become uncontrollable. After all, to keep magic away from non-magic users, control was necessary.

By 1846, the mix of dark and light magic, coming up from Mexico, had already become pervasive. Battles were fought, won, and lost, across the frontiers. Even the missions in California, which had been built as far back as 1769, were victims of this outfall and without much notice, or even understanding, the attempted “Christianisation” of early California was crushed.

In 1850, things were coming to a head. The world of men and capitalism had entrenched itself and declared its intention while the world of magic, mostly caught up in the Democratic Party (with continuing influence in the Republican Party), had massively segregated itself, history was being rewritten, and the lines were drawn. A Compromise was signed by the north, agreeing to send captured slaves back to the south, trying to keep magic under wraps.

This brings us to the truth of slavery. The sad truth was that African-Americans, wrought from their homes, had been brought to America in the hopes to utilize their strength and magical powers in the same fashion that a “house elf” was used (Harry Potter reference used only for example). In 1852, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, edited for the magical content and references, lifted the veil of the truth of how black magic users were treated. The fear of a rising voodoo power and the very similar forces coming from the Mexican territories (where ancient Mayan magical influences still remained), was terrifying. Of course, African Americans were NOT to blame. They simply wanted freedom. But, a lot of black folks had been educated by this time, regardless of what the South tried to do. Combining magic users from all around the world into America had opened up everyone’s eyes.

By 1857, the first African-American, who was not a magic user, relied on his intellect to sue for his freedom in the Dread Scott v. Sanford case. Without magic, he lost. This was devastating to everyone. Magic users finally understood that there was no place for them in the world of men, and vice versa.

Demonic Paradise

In comes the Civil War. If you read history, there are so-called “precursors” that build up to the Civil War, but it is SHOCKINGLY unclear what the ’cause’ was. To the best guess of anyone, it was when Abraham Lincoln (who has been verified to have fought with zombies, battling dark magic users of the south), declared his intention to end slavery and the South segregated themselves into the Confederate States of America. But, this is all untrue. What really happened was that the majority of magic users fled to the South and declared their intention to create their own, segregated nation. While there are many, many other events I can give you to justify this, for the sake of a ‘blog’, and not a book, it should be understood that the split was felt across the world.

By 1861, the country was at war. Without a huge, long, unnecessary history lesson about the terrors of that war, the results were clear: the world of magic and men could never be combined, again (although this has continued to repeatedly happen, but in controlled doses). The Democrats, still the major, “magic” party, sought to keep magic away from non-magic users, instituting controls against education, developing their own ministry for magic, and overseeing the segregation. There were many Republicans who were magic users, too, but that’s so that magic had a representation and presence among the non-magic users.

Over time comes the radio, Edison, Nikola Tesla, Einstein, and others, who were all magic users that had to hide their skills in order to survive the brutal world of men. Radio had already proven a powerful tool for control and by the 50’s, the television became an America method for the even more powerful control. Thanks to the capitalist abuses by so-called “Republican” businesses (product placement, subliminal advertising, brand lying, etc.), the Democrats quickly learned that television was a way to manipulate the masses into believing whatever you wanted, aka “entertainment”. It was magic at its finest. From this, Hollywood was born. The Democratic Party could focus on controlling magic while magic found a new home – a new place: Hollywood.

There, stories could be told that everyone would believe. Lies could be propagated without question. And, everyone was beautiful, everyone was perfect – and all because everyone had magic.

Now, mind you, Hollywood has changed dramatically, mixing in the non-magic and magic users. While only the magic users attain true “stardom”, even the non-magic users now follow the philosophy of control, spreading lies, and riding on that so-called “liberal” track. What else makes you think that “fake news” is reasonable … or that actors take career-ending political positions? How do you think rock stars and movie stars become idols that people will live and die for?

Never wake a sleeping corporate giant …

To this day, magic is still trying to keep people under control and it has adopted the philosophies of wealth, politics, and war into its regime. People are led to hate others, riots break out, and there is civil unrest on an unparalleled level; all because the majority of magic users turned to dark magic and dark ways in America, trying to hide in the shadows. And, that is why you don’t believe in the gods of old, unicorns, dragons, or real magic. Since the 1900s, for over 120 years, you have been systematically trained to believe it isn’t real. Even now, you probably have more faith in the Big Bang Theory (the theory … not the television show), than the possibility of leprechauns. The magic users that control television and the political powers promote science as real and magic as a fantasy. They even have a channel dedicated to this: Syfy.

And, the world of men is suffering for it. The country’s health is declining. Climate are shifting. There are outbreaks and new problems in health world-wide. Without magic, the “space” program died (well, thanks to Elon Musk for engaging a few, willing magic users to keep it alive at Space X).

The Atlantic

Will magic ever return? Will there ever be a war again to expose the truth of magic and men? Well … are you ever going to risk your health, and possibly your life, to discover whether or not honey really comes from bee vomit?

We may never know …

(HAHAHAHA – okay, hope you all enjoyed reading and it was fun and entertaining. Thanks for stopping by!!)

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” – Colin Powell (<= see what I mean? systematic disbelief training from a non-magic user that knows the truth about controlling and lying to you about magic!)