The End of Net Neutrality … A Sad End for the Republic.


I just recently published a cry for Americans to speak out, explaining just how bad the landscape looks for the end of Net Neutrality (here).

Today, December 14, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission, a pawn to the largest media moguls like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, and others (and if you don’t understand that, read my article), voted to end Net Neutrality.

Already, 15 Senators are banning together to stop this. While the Republicans sit silently by (which, has been their “thing” of late), the world ignores what is happening, overly consumed by the false hope that the 2018 tax cuts will have any value.

Even that, looks dim (trade tariffs, energy-killing measures, and so on).

So, Ajit Pai, a seemingly anti-American human being (and that is ONLY my opinion, based on this article), stampeded over the voices of TENS OF MILLIONS of Americans. This time, rather than the FCC claiming that they were hacked and TENS OF MILLIONS of Americans didn’t support it before, now they are just “magicallylosing, already, over FIFTY THOUSAND consumer complaints.

This is NOT how a Representative Democracy works. It’s one thing to protect the freedom of capitalism, but another to do so at the cost of the majority, harming the civilians in the process (and it is pathetic that the government has the power to to decide that businesses can be forced to violate their personal, religious beliefs to serve customers that represent the downfall of their cultural values, but they can’t be ordered to stop hurting the freedom of American citizens and violating consumer rights if they are “rich” enough). This is a sad day in America. Maybe George Lucas was more spot-on than we thought. Maybe the Trade Federation has aligned itself with so many billionaires that are paying off people like Ajit Pai at the FCC, that the large, media moguls win and the people have no voice.

AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, and so on – they may not appear as alien as these guys … but they might as well since they are THAT far removed from the principals of freedom and the people.

No – that is not meant to be funny. Human beings tell stories of fears and things to come as warnings. We had an opportunity to not be idiots, and still, the U.S. Government betrayed the people and let the economy, and its citizens, down (especially as the FTC and FCC are joining forces in “we’re getting paid too much to actually pretend like we care about people anymore“). Could we literally be any closer to the threat of an absolute Empiric monarchy / Dictatorship needed in order to reign in such open and blatant abuse? Emporer Palpatine, anyone?

So, maybe nothing happens in the “bigger scheme of things”. So, maybe we keep getting tiered, pressured, and cheated, just like the media moguls have been doing in direct violation of net neutrality because people have just become so used to the abuse without any hope of help, that’s just the way it is. And, maybe only one planet (consumer, group, company, etc.), will find itself at the helpless receiving end of the abuse (like the FCC voting to end internet support to bring education to impoverished neighborhoods in America????). But – that’s how it starts. Well, technically speaking, this process started long ago – this is just, “how ‘it‘ dies“.

See him smile and laugh as he knowingly takes favor over the American people and crushes the educational hopes and dreams of American children? And … oh yeah … this is America. Does that look right, to you? Smug … is ugly.

Even if the Senators ban together and stop Ajit Pai … the question is … why is Congress having to “stop” anyone? How did this happen? It’s not the Trump administration as Ajit Pai sat in the shadows during the Obama Administration trying to kill net neutrality. No – this is the death of Democracy. This literally cries for a vote of no confidence in the entire U.S. Congress, FCC, FTC, and beyond.

Yeah, okay, I sound “dramatic”. I get it. But, maybe that is because I can grasp the full scope of the damage done on this day. The clear violation of the majority’s rights is a demonstration on how the Trade Federation (since we might as well call them that), has masterfully “purchased” its way to the top to ensure that no independent or free business can take place and all must be funneled through them. This was not just about the internet and capitalism, this was about freedom. This was about a small group of villagers, banning together (when a tyrannical King raided the shores of America, trying to funnel them through his control, money, and power), and saying: ‘No more!’ This was about a small group of men getting together, after watching the rise of slavery, child labor abuse, taxation abuse, and the need to fight for freedom, signing a Declaration of Independence to shout out to the world that no single entity, or power, shall dominate the American people and that they shall flourish because of freedom and equality. This was about taking a stand on the principal that America is a Republic, not a Capitalist nation (or at least, it shouldn’t be).

This was about America.

And …

America …


It is a sad end for the Republic.

Good night, and thanks for reading.

Letter sent out to the various Senators and Representatives of my State in the hopes they will stand up for the last, few moments of freedom left in America, futile as it may be:

I am responding regarding the end of net neutrality. I have posted online in my blog, added to forum conversations, through Imgur, and directly with the FCC. While there may be some need for change, the internet is “not” a free and open space anymore. The internet is a utility providing educational, professional, and other commercial and private resources. America suffers from one of the slowest internet speeds at the highest costs and barely trumps Africa (and similar impoverished countries), demonstrating the already choking hold that the large providers use against Americans (including depriving impoverished neighborhoods IN AMERICA from getting internet access at all). The large companies such as AT&T and Verizon (with Fox networks), even recently, continue to try and violate antitrust laws and have demonstrated their blatant disregard for the America government.

Advertising by ISPs already includes tiered services in direct violation of the existing net neutrality laws. There is constant evidence of throttling and other abuses. And, these companies have demonstrated their blatant abuse of consumer-based charging, double-charging, and constant violation and harm against American consumers. Furthermore, the large ISPs all utilize deceptive advertising tactics always offering speeds “up to” a specific limit, forcing people into shared, neighborhood usage at equal pay with unbalanced usage, and then go a step further and push people into limited packages for internet access unless they pay more (which is what Net Neutrality was supposed to get control of).

If this were a matter of deciding whether or not Safeway and Albertsons should merge while there are a myriad of other stores out there offering decent prices, based on the fact that they don’t lie to consumers, consumer-gouge, violate government laws, or commit other crimes, it’s not a big deal (and I did not say much when there was a clear and concise “extending” of the law). We are talking about corporations that are actively spitting in the faces of Americans and the U.S. Government. Ajit Pai has stood against the voices of millions of Americans (and I’m not talking about some ‘scam’ about hackers sending in 22 million complaints which is not verified as a ‘scam’, but about the real people who pay for internet everyday), demonstrating a clear and concise violation of the Democratic and Representative-Republic politics of this country, funded mostly in part by special interest in ISPs and cable companies, including his own private interests that have been brought to light (of late).

Furthermore, Ajit Pai only supported the people once in the entirety of his career when he wanted to control the costs of phone calls for prisoners and that speaks loads to certain interests of his that may also be questionable. The point is this: 1. Can we justify allowing net neutrality to end, vs. first examining what “portions” of laws need changed, when the large corporations continue to exhibit blatant disregard for the American people and its government? 2. Can we allow Ajit Pai to operate the FCC as his own cash-cow (and I know that is speculation – but NOBODY can offer an alternate / reasonable consideration as to why he is doing this), when it is a government-regulated agency meant to represent the interests of the people? 3. Can we risk increasing the costs to government agencies for internet (and thus, hurting the taxpayers even more), killing off school communications and damaging education, risking medical necessities to save lives and threatening the stability of the American economy, and take other, unreasonable risks?

The concerns that I have presented are only a small part of a large investigation I have done on this matter as a Systems Analyst. While the concerns are not yet happening, they are based on sound and reasonable, historical context, and mimic the voices of educational professors and students (including M.I.T.), scholars, analysts, and more. If there is even the remotest possibility that the large corporations (AT&T, Viacom, and other, large media giants), may act in a crippling manner that harms the U.S. economy and its citizens, then we must pause the net neutrality decision (until such time, 20 years from now, when they can demonstrate that they will stop trying to violate American laws and take advantage of consumers). Ajit Pai has made his personal agenda clear and is worthy of an in-depth investigation (and anyone in the Congress opposed should be equally investigated for personal investments into the Media giants), because there is a legitimate concern in this matter. This is not a personal attack on anyone. This is not an anti-corporate stance. However, I also know history and how power utilities stomped on the U.S. Government and American citizens during President Roosevelt’s days until he took control back. I have been a personal victim of the abuse of cable and internet providers by one of the nation’s most heralded, *small* cable providers in Central Oregon. And, I am not so short sighted that I cannot see the damage that has already occurred and the major risks being taken by ending net neutrality altogether.

The American economy needs repair. It begins by putting an end to the trend (over the last 20 years, much longer for companies like AT&T), of large corporate mergers that destroy competition and then proceed to abuse their privilege and power. America was founded on the principals of not permitting any one person or entity to gain unlimited authority and control over the lives of the people … that was for the King of Britain to do. We must stand together and fight this one, good fight. Then, patiently, an oversight committee can work with the FCC to determine what their fiscal needs are to sufficiently review the laws and make any changes necessary to protect the rights of free enterprise, the economy, the government, and most importantly, the people.


Do Corporations Bully?

So, here is the most recent email header spam from Fandango (for the new Star Wars flop … um, I mean “movie”):


You know … like the bullies said back in school:

Don’t be a loser.

Don’t be the outcast.

Don’t be weird.

Don’t be stupid.

Everyone else is doing it.

And so on …

I have recently discussed (here) that in the rise of Social Media, we may be witnessing a paradigm shift in how we classify the basics of human needs, the most important of which becomes belonging / acceptance / love / fitting in. With that in mind, it is no wonder that peer pressure is so persuasive in causing disruptive changes in human behavior. So … do corporations literally use the same childish bullying tactics of manipulation?

In the case of Fandango, without a doubt, they do – and they don’t even disguise it. No slogans like: “seating is limited“, or “time is running out“. No; they come right out and say it: “Don’t be the only one left out“. Why? If you are an outcast, then you will not be accepted by your peers. You will be weird, different, strange, and therefore, not the type of person who fits in. After all … that implies that everyone else is doing it. Sounds like a bad, after-school special about how bullies / peer pressure can get kids to smoke or do drugs. But, in the world of social media justice, childhood disorders like bulimia and depression, there is a common theme: bullying through segregation and isolation works.

While we all know that corporations actively manipulate people into buying and purchasing, physically cheating the aspect of free will and border-lining on criminally abusive behavior (or, at least, what “should” be criminal), using childhood bullying tactics is going too far. Now, to some, it may seem silly when you read it because you don’t feel the peer pressure.

But … if it didn’t work … they would not do it. That means that while you may be able to actively choose to ignore it, over a billion other folks who have been manipulated for so long that they have lost touch with reality (vs advertising), cannot. The funny part about it is that corporations just cannot sell movies or products based solely on merit.

In fact, merchandise in general has become so bad in quality, quantity, and price, that no Company is selling based on the product itself and instead, relies entirely on manipulation.


Gluten Free!

Limited Edition!

New and Improved!

Reduced Sugar!

Whitens Teeth!

How about: “Tastes really good“? Where’s that slogan? Even the folks over at MyPillow, found themselves at the “hurt” end of a lawsuit with outrageous claims of how their pillow guaranteed a good night’s sleep. It was the fact that their product didn’t work (beyond the placebo effect) that shaped their advertising: “Buy 1, get 1 free“, “free shipping“, and advertising through popular radio personalities. And, every other commercial and advertisement uses the same tactic: lights, music, big letters, and the thrill of being a part of something so amazing that you get to feel special and included!

Advertisers have been doing this for so long, I am not sure that they even realize what they are doing anymore. If the same amount of money that goes into advertising went into product development, (it is my personal belief that) there is a HUGE possibility, that corporations could sell their products based solely on merit. Companies like Google and Facebook would not have to resort to mass domination of the industry and soul-crushing business mergers that destroy the economy (not to mention their manipulative information and data abuse of consumers), magazines would not have to Photoshop impossible to achieve beauty, and so on.

Maybe not a powerful message to you … but to some individual dying of cancer (for example) … how do you think this affects (and hurts), them?

And, so, the abusive, bullying tactics of corporations continues on. There is no end in sight. How do you tell children – or even adults – not to bully, manipulate, and abuse when it is an active part of their everyday lives on such an epic scale? How do you expect to have an even playing field in justice, politics, or world affairs when people are being manipulated, bullied, and abused at the lowest levels of basic living? If an ENTIRE world culture is based on the principals of manipulation and an inherent loss of freedom (such as net neutrality), how can you EVER have a free world … end tyranny … or hope to overcome the power-mongering depravity of human cruelty?

So, you see, it is not just a matter of whether or not corporations manipulate or bully people. It becomes an issue of just how intricately pervasive this behavior is in society. As it stands now, this trend has led to a culture that is so outrageously abusive and dismissing of personal accountability, we are seeing a horrid shift in the way that adults and accusers (all manipulators alike), are screwing with the public and with politics, changing the shape of the entire world. Unfortunately, this does not mean the *end* of anything. The road ahead is really, really long – and it just keeps going. The difference is whether we walk down that road or whether we are forced along, our faces smashed into the pavement with the hand of abuse crushing down our necks and preserving hatred and anger for generations to come.

If you cannot see the problem, then either you are already a victim (and you have lost control of your own decision making); the one doing (and justifying) the victimizing; or so apathetic toward the abuse this has contributed to [for others] (ie income inequality, social injustice, cultural breakdowns, etc.), that you have become borderline psychotic. Sorry if that sounds cruel, but, from my perspective only, the truth (as I see it) is sometimes cruel.

Thanks for reading.

Hey! *Smack* We don’t hit … here’s your sign.” – Bill Engvall

An Interesting Thing Happened on the Way to Tech Support … And the 7 Stages of Grief!


So – I am already not a big fan of Netfirm’s services. They are overpriced for the amount of service with limited space and options (for anyone who wants to host their own internet domain/database). There are the dumbed-down and ineffective “helper” applications – but they suck (almost as much as the cost/service). And, even if you pay, you still get ads on websites, downed emails, and a lot of other problems.

Most recently, Netfirms made it darn near impossible to find a way to “submit” a support ticket – this begins my “shock” period (through the seven stages of depression). Instead, when something goes wrong, you can spend an obnoxious amount of time on the phone trying to explain everything to someone who doesn’t understand you (and who is typically incomprehensible), or you can “text chat”. Oh boy, do I love the “chat”. Being in I.T., I’ve literally spent thousands of hours in “24/7 chat support” hell. But, today was especially fun. After getting a bounced email returned to me and knowing that it would require submitting the entire bounced email header to their network techs, and being frustrated I couldn’t just submit a “ticket”, I opted to “chat” … and all was not well with the world. I was already in “denial”, hoping against hope that this could be resolved.


1. We start by submitting our username, email, domain, and account info (because they WILL NOT help anyone who is not actively paying them), and explain our problem. Well … in about 195 characters it maxed out. I couldn’t post the error message even. So, I opted for a quick explanation just to get the process started:

I got an email rejection (with a person with whom we do regular business). Obviously, not enough space allowed to post the header, so I just need to know if this is a Netfirms fix or a fix on their end.

2. Ahh … chat opens and I post the message error .. finally (abbreviated here):

Subject: Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender. This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. 550 Sender frequency limited.

Mind you, I’m a little frustrated already because this is the first message I sent our business associate in over a week – and it happened to be time sensitive and important. It was NOT a frequency issue.

2. Tech Support decided to participate … finally (only took a couple of minutes …):

Vikas joined.

Woohoo. Finally, I’m gonna get some answers … right? My spirits are lifted already! (Nah … just kidding … I’ve been doing this too long to know better).

Hi [user]. Welcome to Chat Support, how are you today?

How am I? I’m at tech support – so I’m not well. Anyone who has done tech support right knows that the client’s here because their stuff is broken and they are NOT doing well! The first rule of tech support is that we don’t ask people to voice how unhappy they are being at tech support with stupid questions like, “how are you, today?”

Things aren’t working. Did they even read my post about what was wrong? Obviously not. “Anger”, sets in.


3. So, I respond:

I’ve already sent you the error message. Do you need the entire header (since I couldn’t just open a support ticket and post it)?

(Looks like I know what I’m doing … roughly translated to mean, this isn’t the first time I’ve had to deal with this problem with Netfirms – or a multitude of other servers over the years).

4. They respond:

Yes. Please elaborate on the issue aswell.

(No – I didn’t write that wrong, it was just fast/lazy typing on their part). Mind you, they clearly haven’t read my explanation, they are a middle man vetting support tickets where it’s an absolute waste of customer time, and I’m already on the “not-so-happy” train … *sigh*.

5. Well, I guess I will explain this, again (and cover my bases to demonstrate that this is not a problem that Vikas can fix … it needs network tech support … again … abbreviated here for space). This is my “bargaining” phase. If I give him all the info, Vikas will get it resolved, right?:

We do regular business with our associate in (country). This is the first time I have received an error message emailing this individual. This was my one and only email to him today – so it is not a “frequency” issue. I don’t know if this is an error with Netfirms, or the server in (country) and am trying to get it resolved as we do a lot of business and it is an important client.

I thought that was fairly well explained. (I also included the message header … which, for anyone familiar with this – it’s a lot of worthless alphanumerical sequences with a few that actually have meaning… and it’s needlessly long. But, if you get a returned mail, it’s what you send the network support guys to help you out).

6. Three very long, silent minutes pass. (Oh, how I am SO glad I did not call them …)

7. “Vikas” writes back:

You were not able to send Email to him? You got bounce back message?

Now, I’m just curious … does ANYONE reading this, up until now, have ANY questions about whether nor not I was unable to send an email message to this particular person? Anyone not understand “MAIL DELIVERY FAILED”, or “I got an email rejection”? ‘Cause, apparently, Vikas doesn’t. Now, I’m ticked. Time is passing by quickly and there is work to be done.

8. I could think of a million sarcastic things to say (that would have made at least *me* laugh), but as I had to get work done, and now 7 minutes into this ticket … I respond:

Um … “Subject: Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender” … so … yep

Again, sufficiently explained (like the FIRST time I posted that).

9. FIVE more minutes pass. Now we are 12 minutes into this.

There is no more joy in Mudville, tonight.

10. Vikas, waking up from whatever drug-induced coma he was in, finally decides that, you know, maybe he should write back?:

Okay. I need to forward the issue to our technical specialists to look into this issue. Could you please hold while I provide you with the reference number?

Really? A “technical specialist”? Man … after the 12 minutes of having to explain that: “returning message to sender” means that the message was “returned” … I would never have guessed that Vikas was wholly unqualified to answer the question! Will the surprises never cease?!

What REALLY bothered me (by now), was that clearly, one of three things was happening: A) Vikas was taking the time to read the email header as if he had even the FAINTEST clue what any of it meant (and then, I guess, I would sort of feel bad for him …), or B) Vikas was multi-tasking a few other people at the same time and what could have been closed in 2 minutes was now taking 12 and I had an email to get out, or C) Vikas didn’t even know where in the hell he was and had just come to the realization that he worked for tech support! Under the second (and most reasonable) conclusion – he probably wasn’t being of any help to them, either! Outsourcing DOES NOT WORK!

11. So, among the thousands of jokes I could have made and fun I could have had with this, because of work and needing to get this over with, I resorted to a simple and to the point response:


(you know … because typing anything too complex only confuses Vikas and so far, it’s clear that he has severe ADD and mental problems and this is taking WAY too much of my time!).

12. That … was a mistake. That was a terrible, terrible mistake. 10 MORE minutes passed. We are now almost 25 minutes into a support ticket that requires nothing more than copying and pasting my response into their internal “ticket” system, to get it to the “specialists.” I have lost all hope. To me, the outside world is dead, and I am now forever trapped, here, with Vikas (who is still not even sure WHERE he is or WHY he’s there).

After a few minutes, I type, “Hello?” I get no response. Time drags on. CRAP … did I just confuse Vikas more and condemn myself? Apparently, the overwhelming fascination by Vikas that the computer is talking to him (having once again lapsed consciousness and lost all memory of being a tech support specialist) just cost me another 13 minutes (getting us to the total of 25 minutes wait time, to date)! NO WAY he’s helping other customers because he hasn’t given me more than 30 seconds. Literally … the dude is stoned … handicapped … or something! The clock is ticking and I have dropped into tech support hell. Not the kind where they argue or don’t speak well or even understand you. No … this is that special kind of hell where they stare at the screen trying to remember why they were there in the first place … and who you were … and who they were … and .. oh wait, I need nachos … and ZOOM … off they go again! “Depression” sets in.

13. Then, something changed. a light turned on inside Vikas’ head (you know … the drugs kicked in) and he suddenly realized … “hey, I’m with a customer”, and proceeds to do his job … or … at least I thought so. Once again, as part of the continuing onslaught of victimization by Netfirms of its paying clients, I am subjected to the following question:

Can you please provide your account user name?

… now, take a moment and think about this: You’ve just spent 25 minutes with a “tech support” specialist who suddenly just realized that YOU WERE THERE and where those magic words on the screen kept coming from (even though he can’t read well enough to even see your USERNAME already typed into the support request queue). Lost in the land of ADD … Vikas has finally come out of his coma … and is ready to finally submit your problem. It doesn’t matter that I STILL have an email to send and time is ticking away. Nope, Space cadet Vikas is on the job! Zooom!

Hopelessness does not begin to cover it. Slowly … I drift away into that void where I just don’t care anymore if the problem gets resolved. I just want the suffering to end …

14. I provide the username (“Testing”, looking for a realistic solution, believing that Vikas may have finally woken up and is ready to help). What could have been an opportunity for very sarcastic / funny responses … I let get frustrating. *sigh* Now, I am disappointed in myself along with my ISP, the internet, and humanity in general. I begin to question my life, my hopes, and my dreams. Humanity could not be this stupid. No one could be this idiotic. And, yet, here I was, dealing with the most profoundly ADD, mindless human in existence … and they were getting paid to be my tech support!

Technology sucks.

15. It wasn’t over. 5 more minutes pass. We are now 30 minutes into this.

I snap out of my coma and realize that I have work to do! I move on to bigger and better things (like playing games on my phone, or responding to OTHER emails). Yay … “Acceptance.” There IS no resolution. This is the world. This is life. Why should I pay attention to Vikas? He’s clearly not even aware I’m here! He slipped back into his coma and now … this will never end. This is it for me. Tell my family I loved them!!!

16. Resolution. Vikas replies. And, as expected, he forwarded the complaint as a support ticket, just like I wanted 30 minutes ago! Finally, a solution! Um … I mean, an answer! No … wait, a resolution! Oh … no … dang. A “wait around for a long time for nothing!” Woohoo! … sort of …

*sigh* … back to depression.

Then, suddenly, I see the following:

If you are happy with my service, Please click the “Rate & Exit” button on the top right corner of this chat window to rate my support.

Really? REALLY? What about your service would I be happy with? You took 30 minutes to copy and paste and click “send” what I could have done in two. THERE WAS NO SERVICE. This was a middleman deal so Netfirms could outsource their work to cheap labor. No, not just cheap labor, but completely unskilled and untrained labor, treating their business clientele like trash … and … you actually want me to rate you?

Sure. Sure I will.

The last, and unpublished stage of grief: “Revenge”!!!

But, wait, what should I do if I wasn’t happy? That is apparently, not an option, according to the message Vikas just sent me. If I’m not happy, I guess I get to sit in perpetual never-ending resolution with Vikas for another half an hour!!

So … I rate. Two questions:

Was the technician knowledgeable? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA … oh, wait, I mean, seriously … HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. NO.

Was your problem resolved? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA … again, NO.

At least, it ended with some humor!


Several hours have passed since those days … I remember them well. I look back now and try to focus only on the good times. Sure, I could have used the opportunity to make fun of Vikas, Netfirms, and the complete ineptitude of that experience while it was happening, but I’d like to think, that somewhere out there, Vikas is still staring at a monitor, trying to figure out why the magic words keep appearing on his screen. Maybe … just maybe, with a Christmas miracle, some big wig at Netfirms will be in need of tech support help so they’ll use their 24/7 online tech support chat and up pops the name: ‘Vikas’!

One can only hope.

(And, yes, I spent many, many years as the support tech person – so I know “good” and “bad” support techs).

Thanks for reading. (sorry for ranting, but hope someone gets to enjoy it :P).

What once used to take 100 people 1000 hours to screw up, thanks to technology, now one person can do in under a minute!” – Unknown

Please get involved to stop the end of Net Neutrality – Today – or never again


I have posted before about the coming concern of net neutrality ending … but to date, the American people have not stood up. Freedom has not been fought for, and now, it will be lost – even though more than 22 million people have spoken up already and were already outright ignored.

A Petition Against the FCC: Do Not End Net Neutrality

For anyone who has paid for internet service, you are already aware that the major corporations, including (but not limited to), Comcast, Time Warner, and others, have gone through the process of purchasing the smaller, independent providers in a manner which is in direct contrast to the anti-trust laws established in America. To better understand this, please read this website from the New York Times about how and why the U.S. Government is [once again] spending an incalculable amount of taxpayer dollars to stop AT&T from once again trying to buy out all of the small, internet and cable providers to create a massive monopoly.

The results of these buyouts has resulted in an American internet basis which is, on average, only 18.7 Mbps (which comes out to barely double the speed of third-world, impoverished countries), where only 1 in 5 have connection speeds of “up to” 25 Mbps and only Washington D.C. had the fastest internet speeds available (Forbes). For all of you who have internet, you are also aware that connection speeds are rated in an “up to” basis. In other words, you are never, and will never, be guaranteed or given the connection speed for which you pay. Centurylink users often find that a simple 12 Mbps connection, or even a 24 Mbps connection, is no more than an average 2.4 Mbps connection. This is because your internet connection is shared with others in the area in which it is installed (read more here). You do not pay for internet, you pay for the right to share internet with others – at the same time. Imagine if this were used in your homes, your bathrooms, or other places where you expect privacy and freedom?


If you use the internet, you know that your internet is throttled (which again, is against the law as per Net Neutrality, and I personally have evidence of CenturyLink actively doing this to people). The more you use, the more the provider spikes your speeds up and down – against the law (and for no reason, there are additional load times, things don’t load right, delays kick in, etc.).

If you use the internet, you know that you are forced into unreasonable and complex tier packages that are unscrupulous and you are forced to pay double what even third world countries might pay (PBS). Bend Broadband (for example), offers you an “internet only” connection with the claim of a reasonably high speed (up to 40 Mbps), for only $69.99 per month – but you cannot use more than 200 GB, just bare above the “average” U.S. household of 190 GB. However … if you want to pay $59.99 per month but get shoved into one of their crappy television streaming packages for another $199.99 per month, you can get your 40 Mbps and have unlimited. And … that’s how it works. Period:

Why? Power. In America, it is no secret that the biggest and baddest corporations with the most money have the power (thus, my background discussion on Anti-trust laws). Their end goal, to be as cheap as possible and control / force you into spending more (thus my background discussion on limited speeds, shared internet, and costs).

And, now, those same corporations have lobbied the government, paying off the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) to end Net Neutrality (the only barrier left between the last ounce of freedom for the internet, knowledge, entertainment, and a complete and utter crushing of the souls of all Americans online). Don’t believe it can happen? The FCC has already voted to end supporting internet for low-income communities (The Hill). This means that low-income families in America, with impoverished children who barely have enough computing power to gain any knowledge (as there is not enough for things like “video games” or “movies”), will have LESS OPPORTUNITY than children in the MIDDLE OF AFRICA! And, to those who do not believe that the FCC is motivated by lobbyists of large corporations, the FCC is NOT funded by taxpayer dollars. They are funded ENTIRELY by the “FEES AND FINES” they collect (read more here).


Even MIT’s technology review wrote an article on this (subscription only), addresses the fact that Ajit Pai, chairman for the FCC, has been a harsh critic against the “Open Internet Order“. The Open Internet Order is the basis that America is founded on freedoms. Antitrust laws stop large corporations from illegally monopolizing industries and taking advantage of people. The poor have just as much right to services as the wealthy. And, the internet belongs to the people, since it is comprised of the computers connected around the world and AT&T, Comcast, and other corporations do NOT have a right to package and market these services as their own. The foolish argument of Pai is that the internet was classified from an “information service” to a “telecommunications service”. This means that the FCC could regulate it like a utility, thus forcing corporations to offer the freedom of knowledge and information to everyone.

The problem here is that while Net Neutrality allows the government to micromanage ISPs (the argument against net neutrality), it forces ISPs into an equal and fair method of data management, pricing structures, and no specialized interest censorship or marketing. While Ajit Pai argues that government regulations are over burdensome and prevent small, independent ISPs from competing, he is also lending support to large ISPs that have already bought out the small ISP competition market? Pai also continues to argue that ISPs will have to be “transparent” about their services so customers can “choose the plan that’s best for them”. That is the most bewildering and idiotic statement ever made. ISPs are clear about their tiered and specialized pricing structures that tell you to pay up – or get lost. Making them “more” transparent basically just tells the ISPs to further “flaunt” their power over the people. What kind of a *$&@*#$ says this and thinks it’s just an okay blanket statement that nobody would notice?

I try to avoid conspiracies or drawing conclusions (so that others may draw their own), but I shall step away from the person I am, to be the person who is not naive. Ajit Pai, is not only unusually positioned against the American people, but the only “people” support he has ever provided was to prisoners and low-cost calling (although this is an important issue). This brings into question what prisoners he specifically supports. Worse, he has been recently brought under scrutiny (and potentially investigation), for using his position as the Chairman of the FCC to push a private, financial endeavor for a specific, lobbying corporation. You have not heard about it in the news or been privilege to it on a wide-spread basis in America … but then again … he “IS” in charge of the FCC. I am sorry to make this connection and I apologize to the person for whom I write this (as this is not something typical of me) – but no one other than a completely evil, greedy, and corrupt whore monger would endeavor his life’s career to build up corporations, censor information to the public (taking away free speech, free religion, and knowledge), and is someone who is completely Anti-American.


Thus, I am reaching out to you, the American people. There are many fights, issues, and matters in our everyday lives that are out of our reach. There are many matters in our everyday lives that may drive us to frustration, anger, and a desire to stop what’s happening, yet, not be matters in our own neighborhood for which we have control. However, we do have control over this matter, and it does impact us. If you do not comprehend the consequences of letting Net Neutrality come to an end, then you should read this article from Quora. What is coming is not an “if”. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, other Universities, researchers, and the public, can not only quote what has happened, but what the large conglomerates are gearing up to do – to tell you in advance what will happen.

And, what’s barely discussed, is the so-called “open transparency” – which COULD be enacted without ending net neutrality, but is supposed to give corporations the ability to “better” cater their services to you. In other words, they get to monopolize their information online, their commercials online, and if you ever thought smart phone pop-ups and Youtube ads were annoying – well – hold on – it’s about to get a WHOLE lot worse. Now, the government will watch you more closely … and so will the big companies who are legally allowed to use “knowingly” deceptive and manipulative means to force your shopping habits to their benefit. America isn’t hurting because of the people – it’s hurting because of big companies manipulating people in unhealthy ways. But – that’s only my opinion. Just remember to think about it the next time you’re slamming your mocha latte or energy drink or fast food meal that you *suddenly realize* you didn’t need or want, but here you are, spending money on it, again.

Comcast’s Request to just “shhhhh”

At no time in American history has the corporate management and monopolization of any service, commodity, or other public matter not come with serious consequences that hurt both individuals and businesses alike. But, there have been few other times in American history when corporations held such power and sway over the U.S. Government. If you do not say anything and if you stand by idly, when you hear the streams of frustration pouring out over anti-Constitutional censorship, the mass anger over income inequality treatment, and watch the economy take another dive (as online commerce WILL be hurt) – remember that you had a chance – now – to do something.

Even some of the biggest players  in Congress are fighting this out. And, if you don’t understand what happened to E-Commerce in the 90’s (because somehow, history keeps repeating itself), then read this article from Fast Company. Large corporations were consolidating internet traffic into their own regime, placing huge amounts of control over it, forcing their brand into it, and up-charging for it. E-commerce all but died. Enjoy E-Bay, Amazon, or some other, online shopping service? Had companies like IBM not monopolized and done to the internet what will happen if net neutrality end, then there would be many, many other sites and prices WOULD have dropped!


Don’t just contact your Congressman and Senator and say “I don’t want it”. Do more. Be more. You have power (without the internet, of course – as no net neutrality will exist to stop you from being censored). But – vote. Vote those representatives who betrayed the trust of the American people, OUT of office. And, if you are so inclined, everyone should call for the immediate suspension and removal of Ajit Pai (including an investigation into potential Department of Homeland Security concerns and anti-Constitutional violations of office).

What else can you do? Simple – contact the FCC and tell them what’s going on! And, you can then contact your cable provider, internet provider, and a few networks, and inform them that if the end of net neutrality passes, you will shut off your televisions and end your service. No termination fees will be paid (hard for them to enforce it if 100 million people simultaneously do it). And, what’s the worse thing that happens?

Advertisers don’t get paid. Hollywood actors don’t make money. You get a few months of freedom “jonesing” on your favorite show (which will probably be on Hulu or Netflix soon, anyway). In the meantime, your representatives fight back because businesses are losing money. Hollywood stops putting out for the big corporations because they’re not getting paid anymore. And, suddenly, the nation wakes up and says, “Oh yeah … forgot that we weren’t supposed to SCREW the people we’re already driving nails into… Oops!”

At least, change will happen. But, it can’t just be you. you have friends. You have neighbors. You can wear buttons (I am now … a homemade cheap sticker – but it’s all I have and it gets my point across). You can go to events. You can make phone calls. And, if you get 2 people … and they each get 2 people … and they each get 2 people (and so on), and we use Facebook, Twitter, and all these other stupid social media outlets for some good (for once) – at least you’ll get to see what happens! It’ll be fun!

But, remember – even if you do this – this is America. Money wins. Not freedom. Not Democracy. And, not a Republic. Let the world know, while the internet is still available to you – don’t bother coming here. This isn’t the freest nation on Earth.

If net neutrality goes – this post will probably be banned (or charged for, with no credit to the creator), too. After all … changing history for big money lets it happen over and over. Of course – please do your own research and homework and come to your own conclusions. I can talk about this all day long – but to make an educated decision – you must give yourself an education. This is the base for free choice – which is your right.

Hope I used your time wisely.

Thank you for reading.

Sorry. No quote this post. Nothing to say. Nothing to do now but wait for the voice of freedom to begin ringing out … stretching out … and hopefully keeping some, small faction of America intact.

Collusion Confusion: Reinforcing the Social Media Injustice Framework


Many media sources already recognize the recent “newsmedia” upheaval regarding collusion as a diversionary tactic to get attention away from the main issues regarding passing end of year bills by Congress, and more. However, there is another, unfortunate consequence in a world where social media and mob mentality rules the masses: confusion of the real issues / the “blame” game (or “social media / mob mentality” justice).

Would you be upset at an officer of the law that worked undercover to locate a murderer, knowing that he worked with some of the nastiest, cruelest, and most vile of other murderers to do so?

Would you be upset at two, government agencies (even international ones who were enemies) that worked together to stop a terrorist from hurting innocent people?

Nope, you wouldn’t. No one, would. Why? Because someone broke the law and did something wrong. Being okay with it is not just because the bad guys were caught, but more importantly, it primarily rests upon the fact that the bad guys were, in the first place, “bad”. Duhh? After all, if a person doesn’t actually break the law in the first place, then uncovering the truth is not an issue. So, how is the current situation different?

According to the dictionary, collusion is:

“Secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose” – MW

Is campaign smearing illegal? Well … technically … not since the START of politics. Every Senator, Congressman, Governor, Secretary, President, and ANY other person who has run for office has in some way or another, said something negative, derogatory, and insulting about their competition (aka “smearing”), true or not. No one person, as far as I am aware of (and please, anyone out there who knows the 1 or 2 exceptions, please feel free to comment), running for any office, has done so solely on their own, two feet. Therefore, gathering information against the competition is not illegal or deceitful. It is “campaigning”, and like it or not, the American government prides itself on creating its own, special sets of rules to do as it pleases.

Guaranteed, during the media circus of this last campaign, both sides received an incredible amount of negative and damaging information about the other from a variety of sources. How do you think Hillary knew so much about the way Donald ran his hotels … or his school? But, now, because it’s Russia who provided information … it’s a conspiracy?


Folks, hate to break this to you, but the great, red, communist party that was once a world-threat to the USA (in media only, since Russia has RARELY fought directly in a country-country, face-to-face with the USA … except for 1 or 2 sidequest ops like those in WWI (in which the current administration blamed the previous … of course), and a few other minor skirmishes), is not a direct enemy (in the sense of “impending doom” … at least). That’s not to say that Russia, like any other country, isn’t someone with whom we should be careful (and I trust management of that issue to Homeland Security … hopefully), but it’s not a conspiracy or concern that they are out to “get us”. Again, to be clear … I’m not discounting the concern about Homeland Security, only addressing the fact of where the attention of U.S. citizens (and the citizens of any country), should be.

No. The truth … the one that people don’t want to admit, is that America is doing itself, in (whether or not others are helping it along the way). I’ve written plenty of articles on the stupidity going on in America. The biggest enemy the country has right now is itself. Whether it’s big corporations stomping around on the people like the Gods of old, the government forgetting who it’s the government of, authority figures getting smeared for a small group of fools, America forgetting its own history, or the people and the Youtube / Social Media “justice” system that’s developing … America is in need of help.

Claiming that anyone in Trump’s (or Clinton’s) campaign worked with ANYONE elseRussian or not … to simply get dirt on their opponent, is just a distraction. It plays on “fears” and media-driven, old-school hatreds (like the “Russians out to get us” nonsense), to ensure that you don’t pay attention to what’s really going on. Just look at this article by CNN and you’ll see that the Liberal media is working in massive overtime to create “confusion” about what isn’t collusion for their side … but is for the other (and no … I am not taking Liberal or Conservative sides, just making a statement based on historic context).

  • It seems like the U.S. Congress doesn’t want to make effective changes to health care or the economy right now … probably because it endangers their position for re-election … no matter how badly it’s needed.
  • The truth about Clinton and some of the fake information spread (which is closer to collusion), could be interpreted as illegal, and the people already let her slide on the email scandal, and they now want that to go away, too.
  • The Russian hackers / Hillary Clinton email scandal is still out there and they would like it to die. (Especially since most of the foreign Prince’s who need our names, bank account information, and other identification so they can transfer $10 million dollars into our accounts right away are from Africa …. o.O).
  • And so on.

You see, the point is that this collusion confusion is designed to keep you distracted by using you, the People, as nothing more than a throw-away, one-time use tool, to engage in social media justice based on your fears and the nonsense being thrown at you. By pulling you left (Clinton), then right (Trump), and then back, and then forth, and so on and so on – you are being influenced and used like a herd of cattle.

The tendency for people’s behaviour or beliefs to conform to those of the group to which they belong” – OD

Herd mentality, or mob mentality, describes how people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors. Examples of the herd mentality include nationalism, globalism, stock market trends, superstition, and even home décor. – Wiki

Look, to the person I am writing this for, these distractions are designed to hurt you. By pulling the wool down in front of your eyes, it’s impossible to see where you’re going … or what’s coming at you. It’s easy to get upset about all you hear and see going on in the media just as much as it is to get overwhelmed and shut down on these topics (forgetting what’s most important like family, freedom, life, love, and even happiness). But, you mustn’t let that happen. This confusion is just the man behind the curtain … and nothing good or effective will get accomplished until you call the guy out and put him (or her) to task.

All of that aside, there is one more, terrible result of this “everyone protecting their own rear ends by trying to throw everyone else under the bus” routine:

Reinforcing the framework of Social Media Justice.

No, it’s not “social justice“. It’s Social “Media” Justice. There is a BIG difference. Social Media Justice is mob mentality by manipulation in spite of the facts or the majority. It is the inherent danger of Democracy (even over pure social justice) that gave rise to the Salem Witch Trials and forced the founding fathers into a Republic. This is the same, social media style justice that has women coming forward, 20 – 40 years after something terrible happened, and obscuring the truth for what may be nothing more than abusive mob mentality. Now … you may find what I just wrote a little harsh … so let me ‘splain:

When a guy does something sexually inappropriate, wrong, or illegal … there are consequences (whether those consequences manifest themselves now … or in 20 years). End of story.

However, the use of social media to retaliate vs. the justice system, is the birth of mob mentality. Case in point: Bill O’Reilly. His life has been destroyed because of social media. We are not talking about a “20-year after the fact consequence” because we are not talking about a legally investigated and validated claim. If, in fact, there was a legal investigation that substantiated a claim, everything he has gone through up until now, should happen and there should be legal consequences. That’s why we have a “legal” system. Otherwise, we allow people to make accusations against someone they don’t like for any reason (including political), and create a nation of fear, hatred, deviancy, and disparity by reinforcement of the uninformed and mislead. It is wholly inappropriate to to ever allow a mob to decide the fate of the innocent (especially as the justice system already has its own share of problems).

The Orville – a GREAT show (IMHO), with a recent episode focusing on what the severe and very real dangers of social media justice are.

Another important, and deafeningly terrifying consequence of social media justice is that mob mentality is NOT limited to the majority. Mob mentality may be limited to a few. It doesn’t take an entire nation to destroy the lives of individuals. One wrong statement from an idolized media icon (a whole different topic of issues to be discussed in another article), and the life of one, or even dozens of people can be destroyed. In the case of O’Reilly, advertisers pulled their support, Fox Networks cancelled his show, his publisher shut him out, and a stream of knowledge and information that was intended to keep balance was lost. In the current campaign, names are being plucked out of a hat, the social media votes are being cast, and whomever has the most down votes by the uninformed, will hang at the gallows.


Was it good or bad? I don’t know. Now, we may never know. The same, limited mob stupidity that justifies destroying public monuments when the rest of the world (for whom those monuments should remain available) disagrees, has already played judge, jury, and executioner. Whatever O’Reilly says now, right or wrong, is skewed. He may say he did just because he’s broken and destroyed. It’s no different than torture. Torture is considered to be the absolute pinnacle of idiotic information gathering (next to Twitter and Facebook, albeit both are torturous to endure entirely on their own) because, after enough time, you can force anyone to say anything is true … even when it’s not.

The point of all of this is that the current “collusion” misinformation going back and forth is based on a small group of social media injustice supporters picking a word out of a hat and using it to distract from real problems while inadvertently reinforcing a growing problem in legality and justice. And, the initial results, when it backfired on them, demonstrated just how quickly this is becoming a problem as they quickly threw more water on the electrical fire and now the media has exploded in a blaze of stupidity. The real victims in all of this are the American people. Although we should hold people accountable and responsible for their own decisions (and choices to act upon those decision)s, the problem is that the truth just keeps getting buried further and further underground, the definitions of words are changing to fit a momentary need, and the opportunity to lift the people up so they can think … is lost.

Just remember that if we continue down this path …

It won’t be about whether or not you did something wrong …

Or you intentionally meant to hurt someone’s feelings …

It will be about the “other” golden rule:

“He who has the gold, makes the rules.”

But, this time … worse than it being some big corporate conglomerate … it’s going to be your next door neighbor and you will get to spend everyday living in fear as the “norm”. Because, hey, you can please all the people all the time … right? *wink wink*

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound very, “American”, to me.

Thanks for reading.

Halloween is the most awesome time of the year!


Isn’t Halloween, great? It’s that one time of the year when you can come out of your shell and be the person you want to be. It’s the one time you’re allowed to act like a child, free-spirited, excited, terrified, and it’s okay! In an article I wrote a couple years’ back now (here), I said:

Every year there is one holiday that brings people together for the sole purpose of bringing joy to others, sharing the spirit and love of protection, and putting a smile on the face of children … but it’s not Christmas. What was once an ancient tradition of celebrating the dead and the end of a harvest season has gone through tens of thousands of years of transformations from one culture to another.

My point was simple: Halloween is essentially one of America’s most culturally valuable holidays, ever. And, that is just as true now, as it was then. While America’s most unique holiday (arguably) is Thanksgiving, Halloween is not a holiday based on some terribly misrepresented historical events that were abusive (as America has a very dark and long history of abuse … no matter how much “snowflakes” want to pretend it doesn’t exist or hide it). Sure, Halloween has many iterations around the world, but the current cultural development of how Halloween is celebrated (corporate-greedy whore mongering aside), is unique to this country. Candy given for free, in parties, to strangers, and in good faith. Adults getting to be children and let their imaginations soar! Other adults, who are stingy and self-absorbed get to turn off their lights and wake up to rotten eggs! It is an incredibly unique, diverse, and exciting holiday that has NO LIMITATIONS on religion, culture, color, gender or ANY other factor!


Think about it! The ONE holiday that everyone can celebrate for their own reason, together, in harmony!! (<= You are welcomed, and encouraged, to share that quote from me … over and over again, on facebook, twitter … and EVERYWHERE else … because America could use a little reminder that we’re all together in this thing called life and could use a little “common ground“).

And … what about the horror stories? The “poisoned” candy? The “cults”? The “stranger danger”?

Danger Candy!

PLEASE. I’ve argued before about the STUPID lie that perpetuated this, and thanks to Adam Conover (man … there’s a guy I love to hate … then love … then hate again!), there is now a much more prevalent recognition in modern culture and by a much more widespread group that those were all lies. You can see the TruTV excerpt from the hit series, Adam Ruins Everything, here:

Does that mean Halloween is 100% safe?

Um .. duh?


There is not 1 day, out of the entire year, that is 100% safe. The worst part is, most harm to children on any day of the year comes from family members … not strangers! But, on that unfortunate fact, I digress …

So, like ANY day of your life, just be conscientious, give kids some good guidance, maybe keep an eye on the candy (since we ALL KNOW that the ONLY reason parents go through the candy to “safety” check is so that they can pull out the ones they like! I mean … *ahem* for SAFETY! …. sort of … *humble blush*). And, the BEST part about letting kids roam neighborhoods together and in groups is that it’s easy to consolidated the effort by adults, utilize cell phones for what they SHOULD be used for (emergency contacts), and let kids have fun! And, if mom and/or dad are so inclined, dress up, smile, laugh, and be who you REALLY want to be all year long.

For me …

This will be the first Halloween in 14 years I don’t get to deck out my house in a “Haunted” motif, for “reasons” I can explain later (and I do some AWESOME work … which … by the way … anyone in the Pacific Northwest want to go in with me on a customized, bestest haunted house ever because I am the best of the best when it comes to it? You pay for everything and I make it awesome! No? Hmmm… sorry … I’ll stop advertising, now … but I am serious)!! And, while I was sad about it, it’s okay. Why? Because IT’S FREAKIN’ HALLOWEEN, BABY, YEAH!!

Halloween – colorful, fun, exciting, happy, sad … a little bit of EVERYTHING!

So, hey! It’s the weekend, before … why are you just sitting there? Do you have everything ready? Bowls of goodies for the kids? (And if they don’t come … snacks for a week or so). Got some sugar-free stuff, too (for them non-sugar kids?). What about some fruits and stuff for the Lactose intolerant kids? Ever thought of that? Nope … best almost all of you didn’t! How cool is it to put up a sign on the door that says: “Beware … sugar free and lactose intolerant goodies are available here, too … so ask if you dare … muwahahahahaha!” See? It can be fun. It can be new. And, you can be creative … no matter how big, or small.

Well … up to you. It’s a free country. Just remember that it doesn’t matter what your faith, color, gender, background, or any other personal status information is. What matters is that you can be who you want to be, this one day of the year.

(For those “bleeps” that build haunted houses with morons jumping around in clown masks physically molesting people or have to have some sort of a guide with exhaustive, fake, and annoying exposition, or screaming music, etc. … just a heads up … that wears out quickly and sucks. If you don’t know how to be scary … then stop watching crap like “saw” or “jigsaw”, and take a couple psychology classes … because “scary” is NOT a screaming weirdo in a mask who touches or grabs people, or some tied up girl being raped or tortured (that … is utter garbage) … it’s a very silent, unknown, terror that recognizes the real, built-in human fears that are universal in everyone and knows how to draw out … *ahem* sorry … got caught up in the moment. The point is … don’t ruin the holiday. It’s “fun”. Keep it fun. Scary … but fun! Why? Being who you are … and facing your inner self … and having one night to be stronger, better, freer, and happier than any other day of your life … is what makes Halloween in America … “splendiferous”! There’s my “PSA”)

Thanks for reading

Of course … this is a repeat for me … but can you go wrong with this?:

Darkness falls across the land
The midnight hour is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of blood
To terrorize y’awl’s neighborhood
And whosoever shall be found
Without the soul for getting down
Must stand and face the hounds of hell
And rot inside a corpse’s shell
The foulest stench is in the air
The funk of forty thousand years
And grizzly ghouls from every tomb
Are closing in to seal your doom
And though you fight to stay alive
Your body starts to shiver
For no mere mortal can resist
The evil of the thriller

The K-Alzheimer’s Theory … Is There A Reasonable Solution?


So, there I was, working on these constantly changing numbers, trying to memorize them from one source and record them in another and I thought: “Isn’t this a good thing … you know, keeping the brain exercised?” After all, that is what the current, medical science claims. But, I wondered, “How could I be benefiting my brain with all this additional information when I am potentially faced with two problems: overload and emf?” I’ve previously covered the problems with memory overload in another article. However, I’ve only scantly covered the idea of electromagnetic interference (emi) (and electromagnetic frequencies (emf)), and the potential harm on human beings because frankly, that has not been in my scope. But, I wondered about all the “apps” and programs being offered on computers to “enhance” brain function with electronic learning. It can’t be that good for people, could it?

The two questions I had were:

  • When was Alzheimer’s and its symptoms officially recognized? And,
  • Was there artificial emf before or during the time it was first officially recognized?

My main premise was this: if Alzheimer’s (and other neurological disorders) could be linked to emf radiation, then there might be more to what’s happening in the world and a new way to approach a solution.

Doc Alois Alzheimer

I was not disappointed. Not only were my initial presumptions validated, but I was not the first to recognize this.

Alzheimer’s was first “officially” diagnosed in 1906.

The first radio broadcast was in … (drum roll, please): 1906. (<= “Creepy!”)

Some of the first electric utility lines were used in California, in 1879.

(funny … that a lot of the largest neurological problems, and other biological issues like cancer, start around this time. I recognize that a lack of science before this time to diagnose these issues could be a contributor to that fact … but “rule 39” … there is no such thing as a coincidence)

The first person believed to have Alzheimer’s was Auguste Deter, a German woman, and yes, Germany was exposed to high voltage electrical transmissions by that time.

Mrs. Auguste Deter

However, this is not a “blame electricity for all the world’s problems“, paper (I do that here). This is a discussion on a theory regarding Alzheimer’s and emi (since I will later discuss that there are potentially multiple contributors). The importance of recognizing a “more than coincidental” connection between the two starts by recognizing the fundamental concern about how emf radiation may be the single-largest contributor to Alzheimer’s disease. As I wrote previously, I am not the first to consider this. Others, like the folks at Earthcom, are trying to address the same matter. It is not a conspiracy because it’s not based on some big corporation trying to “get” anyone. The link between electromagnetic interference and Alzheimer’s is a concern based on some very relevant data. Let me start by giving you the background support for this theory:

The typical measure of brain waves are called “Alpha”, “Beta”, and “Delta” (anyone feel free to step up and correct me or elaborate if I am mistaken, please). These are electromagnetic wavelengths measured in the range of 0.5 Hz to 42 Hz. So, when you think of electromagnetic radiation, it doesn’t seem like brain waves even really fit in because they are so slow:


Clearly, the electromagnetic transmission of radio waves starts at 4000 Hz and doesn’t present a clear and present connection with brain waves. Contrarily, the frequency of electric power lines is 60 Hz, much closer to the human brain, and yet, it is still outside of the range of brain waves. But, there’s the problem with this assumption. The frequency of “brainwaves” is measured based on the emitted wavelengths passing through other em fields and biological and chemical matter (and outside of the skull). The actual electrical conductance in the brain occurs within 5×10^-9 meters with only a 70 milliVolt potential difference. Even AA batteries are 5×10^-2 meters (and that’s a VERY big difference). In fact, neurons transmit at a rate of 200 times per second (that we know of), which takes 5 milliseconds, and on its own is already equal to 200 Hertz (without taking into consideration distance or any other factors). So, the 42 Hertz for brain waves is already not indicative of the actual frequency of neurons.

How does one accurately measure the frequency of a wavelength so short that it defies much of today’s technology (let alone in a single cell that cannot be accessed without dangerous, intrusive surgery)?

Neurons (transmitted via electromagnetic forces) move with a speed of 14 million volts per meter, which is 4 times the electrostatic force to produce lightning in a thunderstorm! Lightning produces frequencies starting at 3000 Hz!! Knowing this, we can begin to recognize that the actual “frequency” of electromagnetic waves in the brain are potentially higher-level frequencies (that occur on a super-micro scale in excessively short periods of time).

Based on this knowledge, here is my “K-Alzheimer’s Theory”:

The frequency of the emitted waves from the human brain are low only as a result of combining low frequency sensors with an infinitely short burst (duration) of transmission, contained within other em fields and biological matter that inhibit the true fact that the fundamental functions of chemical transmission in the brain are operating at a range of frequencies from .5 Hz to thousands of times faster than previously thought and are therefore susceptible to interruption from higher wavelengths of external electromagnetic radiation.

Maybe this idea is not completely “new”, but think about it and why it is significant! If people are less concerned about the interference of brain waves due to the significant difference in wavelengths (where most typically, frequencies of the same wavelength interfere with one another), then we are REALLY missing the big picture. Thus, the reason ‘brain waves’ in the Alpha to Delta range are not interfered with so predominately (as far as our understanding of em wave interference goes), that makes sense. But, what about the tiny, 70 milliVolts of electricity passing through that incredibly small 5×10^-9 meters? It IS operating at a significantly higher rate and therefore, it CAN BE SUBSTANTIALLY affected by cross-interfering em frequencies. Even if it only flows in short bursts, exposure to em radiation for any period of time can cross over and interfere with those few times that the bursts of energy occur.

Black is the one-way path of electrons and red is the cross interfering electromagnetic wave

The brain works like a billion DC batteries all interconnected. DC current only goes one way. As part of this theory, I propose that reversing current in the brain has the same, damaging effect on brain cells as it does anywhere else: cells are overloaded, heat up, and die. Fortunately, the brain, when young, has mechanisms to build new connections, re-route power, and re-build its systems … but that doesn’t last forever. Concurrently, I also don’t believe that the brain has a “router” within each of its batteries [cells] (to save time and space, it just has more batteries). Thus, when interfering with the transmission of electricity, there is no “clock” or “CPU” to determine if the right number of bits were transmitted (allowing for no error correction and re-transmission, lest there be a huge build up of electrons, voltage, and heat), and therefore, in the real world, human beings can suffer “confusion”, “dementia”, and other problems. By understanding events such as hyperpolarization that “force” a resting period before neurons can fire again, we can see just how fragile the cellular structure of the brain is and why any increase or build up of added electrical energy would be excessively detrimental to the surrounding tissue.

From this theory: Sufficient emi of energy moving through the nerves that stimulate movement in an axon can physically corrupt the axon from being able to transmit new signals. Long-term interference causes a “short-circuit” in the axon (constructive interference), which results in doubling the amplitude and an overheating / burning of the nerves and the axon. This may not be an instantaneous disaster and may take years for that axon to die (and issues like Alzheimer’s to appear).

This theory can be demonstrated by those moments when people get portions of songs stuck in their heads. Think about how destructive interference of a song playing in your mind might work. At some point, the interference is like a “scratch” on a record, and the needle can’t move forward. Once that connection is broken, the record will just keep playing to that point. The amount of time that the song stays stuck is the amount of time it takes for the brain to re-wire itself and move everything around, or just give up (and suddenly, you can’t even remember what song “was” stuck in your head). If it takes that long to rewire song lyrics, think about how long it would take to rewire an entire lifetime of memories. Thus, Alzheimer’s patients lose touch with recent and more significant memories, like loved ones, because the brain can no longer rebuild those connections (and the interference over and over again has literally caused an electrical short-out).


Another demonstration to support this theory is that I propose that the thickness of the electrical transmission nerves (and different lengths), like wires, differentiates the individual frequencies. This means that memories can be triggered by, or be more susceptible to, emi. This is what makes memories seem to spontaneously appear sometimes, it is what interferes with simple functions on certain days (that you just can’t seem to get the energy to be motivated), causes headaches when staring at monitors, and so on.

Evidence of EMI and the human heart

If we temporarily accept this principle, then we’re faced with a very, serious problem: we need to identify the range of frequencies and start building electronic devices, mechanical systems, and power transmission to work outside of it. That’s such a substantial (and financially overwhelming) undertaking that I doubt the world is non-apathetic enough to save itself. Unfortunately, this theory also leads to another very, unfortunate conclusion: a destructive, evolutionary turn of events.

Now, Alzheimer’s, and similar issues, may have existed before even the advent of artificial emf radiation because there other obstacles, such as natural radiation (although it raises a very dire concern about a solar flare and how that could cause wide-spread, catastrophic neurological damage). Additionally, hazardous chemicals could also contribute, but none of it on the same level as artificial emf radiation in the same frequency ranges as the brain. While I try to recognize the potential for the preexistence of some conditions, it should also be noted that the failure to diagnose a problem prior to the advent of new, scientific methods is not justification that a condition existed previously (the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence). The important and most relevant fact is the massive increase in occurrences of these disorders outside of any genetic disposition.

Fortunately, the positive takeaway from this theory is that there may be a very, simple answer for Alzheimer’s patients and others.

EEG cap – stylin’!

Unfortunately, there is a lack of technology specific enough to work at the incredibly small scale of the cells within the brain to single out areas of damage. If science could shift gears and focus on the higher frequency ranges of the brain (and it can be calculated based on known physics … and would be easier to work with), and set the emissions/measurement ranges higher to account for the biological and chemical blockers (that already slow down those same emf waves coming out of the brain), we could re-design the EEG cap and use it to control the flow of electricity. Of course, this would require micro-sizing each of the transmitters / conductors and then transferring a lot more power to them (within a 60 – 85 milliVolt range, but at slightly higher amplitude). That could be configured as one solution for ensuring that electricity flows in a singular direction (and potentially, forcibly rebuild connections where sections of nerves, axons, and synapses remain or once were).

Another possibility is to utilize the EEG cap (or even an MRI) to identify “short circuits” or hot spots in the brain (or potentially cold spots that should not be cold during certain mental activities), and do a much more introspective / intensive examination to identify where connections have been lost. I don’t know if a comparison can be done with a non-Alzheimer’s patient to help an Alzheimer’s patient (although with emf radiation having similar effects, there is room to argue that the similarities are strong enough for this), or if it would require a patient’s brain scan before and after symptoms. The purpose of identifying the locations is to pinpoint where we need to help rebuild matter (such as using positive electromagnetic energy to force healing as has been done in cancer).

Another consideration is to ensure that EEG caps with micro emitters set on a multi-frequency, highly focused transmission (by shape and manual modification of the electricity) must be designed to measure small bursts of energy. A 70 milliVolt burst of electricity across a gap as small as 5 x 10^-9, is very difficult to see without being up close … but it can be done. By emitting an emf pulse across different reaches of the brain and taking into consideration the the mass and electrical current interference, we should be able to use a highly sensitive receiver on the opposite end with a micro-second timer. Once a base-line is established (to determine the weakness and consistency of a signal from one side to the other), when asking an Alzheimer’s patient to recall specific memories, we can then look for those small “bursts” of electricity and where the “gaps” might be located.

Yes, nutty … but the idea of needing to protect a person’s mind from emi has not been a well accepted, public issue. Science says to “cut back” exposure, yet people who work directly, close-up, with high-voltage and high frequency transmissions generally don’t wear em-field protective gear (let alone the general public). So, as silly as Weird Al is … there may be a serious takeaway.

Another potential fix based on this theory (and yes, this IS CRAZY), is to utilize the “aluminum” (or similar metal) cap that the so-called alien conspiracy theorists believe in (over the modified EEG cap).  However, it’s not because aliens are screwing up peoples’ brains, but for people whose brains are more susceptible to emi, this solution would stop any continuing damage (and Alzheimer’s patients do get worse over time), A healthy, constant dose of oxygen (keeping the blood fresh), and perhaps even the introduction of biological stimulation (in whatever form needed to promote growth and health, ie. sodium, protein, potassium, etc.), for the brain would give it a chance to repair some of the broken connections. On the other hand, by the time Alzheimer’s has taken hold, it may mean that these folks need to spend the rest of their lives wearing a special device … but if that’s what gives them the memories of their loved ones back, I’m not too sure that many of them would protest!

While it may be too complex scientifically to focus on a single, cell body, based on some alternate theories of memory formation, it may be possible to focus on specific sub-regions and promote the concentrated transmission of energy from one point to another across multiple cell bodies. Technically, as electricity through axons only flows in one direction (and in this theory, it has previously been disrupted and destroyed the connection in the axon or depolarized the neurotransmitters), matching the transmission frequency of the nearby cell bodies should force stimulated growth/activity (and the stimulated energy would still only flow in one direction based on the design of brain cells). This may have to be done in short, timed bursts to stay within the limitations of hyperpolarization and the need to give that micro-second resting period.

Of course, this is only a theory and although scientifically sound (given the empirical evidence of high-frequency transmissions in the brain, knowledge about emf radiation interference, and the historical context of the disorder), requires some preliminary confirmations. To start with, we’d want to walk through the memories of multitudes of healthy individuals, once having redesigned the EEG cap for high-voltage frequency measurement, to get an idea of different memory “lengths” (identifying potentially similar areas across multiple groups of how and where memories are stored). We could then use the same method to walk through the earliest memories of an Alzheimer’s patient to discover where the degradation occurs and more accurately determine which parts of the brain need to be given additional voltage, oxygen, or whatever chemicals (or technology), science is working toward. It really is, that simple. It’s not much different than trans-cranial direct (or electromagnetic) stimulation, but with a specific focus on disrupting external emf radiation and matching the frequencies of the brain in the right areas for repair (although TCDS may have some unfounded claims and some long-term limitations that still need regulated).

(And, I am fully aware that when I write “simple”, the solution is not so simple as writing, “build a warp drive engine and now we can discover new resources!” That is ludicrous (no, not really …). But, the base-premise starts with understanding that we may potentially need short-burst, high-frequency transmission stimulation, not low-frequency.)

To test this theory, a control group could be used to describe specific events from their childhood, using a high voltage, focused emf radiation cap (that will emit a wide range of frequencies in short-enough bursts that it doesn’t cause actual damage), and shift the frequencies during the course of the description to determine at what point there is a “short circuit” or frequency interference. The same could be done with test mice, although extremely complex as that would be given today’s technology, while running a maze, to determine which frequencies alter their memories.


There is another important reason to consider the “K-Alzheimer’s Theory”: how it affects other disorders … and I’m not even talking about the obvious ones like schizophrenia or narcolepsy. What about kids that become massively aggressive and there is little causality to link their behaviors; or criminals who have never done anything wrong before and suddenly “flip” like a switch? There could be significant links to emi and other disorders. Weight gain or even gender identity issues (in a country where this is becoming a rapidly growing phenomenon), where the hypothalamus may be operating at specific wavelengths that are being affected by emi may be one such example. An evaluation of different low to high-frequency transmission rates in connection with emf radiation and how people live their daily lives could reveal A LOT! Things like vaccinations with heavy doses of heavy metals could be a problem as well, but if this theory does offer solutions to realign and repair neurological components, then we can even overcome those obstacles.

Now, for the final and biggest concern that comes with this theory: evolution. How can the human body adapt to a constant barrage of artificial emf radiation and yet, not slow down the functions of the human brain in order to survive. Technically, the only viable solution is to become more and more averse to technology. Unfortunately, in a world that continues to push technology, people would rather suffer the consequences than surrender their “stuff”. “Idiocracy” may be the future. Why not? If emf radiation disrupts memories, it can also disrupt childhood development, good/deviant thought processes, and learning. It’s only been about 150 years … and evolution takes time. Maybe 10 years, 50, or another 100 … may be all it takes to see a more wide-spread consequence.

But, wouldn’t it be nice if you could have your cake and eat it, too? Construct power lines with better shielding. Use absorptive carbon backing in phones and televisions. Sure, the costs go up for big corporations, but the CEO having to give up an extra $0.003 cents in their overseas sweat-shop to start making healthier people, better workers, and equally more active shoppers, won’t lose much in the way of quality of paint on their new Mercedes. Yeah … corporations … *sigh*

In a world taking away your identity, parenting, family authority, and telling you how to think, feel, and act, gauging your every move, and now the possibility that you are hurting, suffering, confused, or having every-day small issues that you have to keep adapting to (albeit building up) simply because we need to change 200 year old technology … wouldn’t it be nice to see the change in our lifetime?

At least, this way, you would remember it!

If you found this interesting, pass it along.

Thanks for reading!

“Of all the things I have lost, I miss my mind the most.” – Mark Twain (although presumably, there seems to be some discrepancy on this matter!!)

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, specialist, or expert (outside my field of I.T, and business systems analysis). I am not qualified to make expert opinions medically or scientifically (or other, big fancy word that warrants a tax-payer grant draining PhD), and only offer theoretical ideas and solutions based on my own research. Theory, people … theory … not, “go out and try it on your own Mr. Youtube camera wannabe famous guy” … ’cause … reasons! Therefore, any reliance or use of this material that has a negative effect is on you … literally. However, any positive use of this material only requires that you let someone know, including me, that you saw it here, first 🙂 … and if you get a symposium or award, you gotta’ invite me, free of charge! HAHAHA … okay, no seriously … if this does help push research or ideas in a good direction (when you share it – and you know who “you” are) … awesome and good for you … if not … well … it was fun to theorize and share (so “you” know just how crazy my mind worked!!).