Too Intrusive? Are Technology’s Big Brother Methods Causing Harm? Welcome to the Human Zoo.


In an era of getting spied on – this is out of control. I’ve written multitudes of white papers and articles in the Information Technology community about the massively, over-reaching intrusiveness of computer companies, but Microsoft is taking it to the next level. In fact, millions of people, from advanced to novice computer users have taken note of Cortana’s massively creepy spying. Of course, Microsoft, being a “user friendly” system, has made it near virtually impossible to totally disable Cortana, encrypt your data, or protect it. Why?

Why should they?

You – and probably almost everyone you know is now dependent on a machine at some point. Whether it’s Macintosh or Windows doesn’t matter. The spying is massive. The above photo is real. It’s a message I sent to someone, via my hotmail, saying that I would discuss a topic with them that night. The next day, I come in to find that Cortana has already taken it upon herself to not only read and track my emails (which aren’t loaded into the computer, a cell phone, or any other device via an app and I don’t use Microsoft Explorer … because it sucks and is bugged), but she has translated my words. Like an artificial intelligence, Cortana is already stalking my movements, my plans, and invading my life. Apparently, hidden within countless onion layers of privacy rights and agreements – you have none and somehow Microsoft has the right to spy on any aspect of your life and tie it all together (okay – that’s not entirely true – unless you ask them).

And, she’s in yours, too.

Trust me – I know – I’m the computer guy.

Wherever you go – Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, or someone – knows. Whatever you’re doing – they know. You don’t have to tie accounts together or link them to your devices. The new cyber era has already mastered the ways of doing that for you. Is it safe?


It’s not about protecting some “secret” transaction (which should prove to you that so-called “deleted” emails from a certain defense Secretary’s server were never actually gone). It’s about protecting your civil liberties – and your life! First off – if you know a little something about windows and macintosh, you know that any and all updates are directly related to “security” vulnerabilities. Is that the type of operating system that should have ALL of your information? Second, one of the more valuable components to human evolution is the ability to think in a higher form than other animals. People shouldn’t follow set patterns, migratory behaviors, or preset values. Our ability to go above and beyond those animal-like primitive thoughts allows us to grow.

What happens if that’s taken away? What happens to a culture that suddenly becomes tracked, traced, and monitored? What happens when artificial intelligence machines begin monitoring everything you do and from that, telling you what to do? No … of course movies like the Terminator are totally unrealistic because … well … hmm… maybe you have a good answer for that? Before you read this article, maybe you would have thought: machines will never take over!

Maybe, only 100 years ago, your great grandparents thought the idea of traveling in airplane … OR A CAR … was ridiculous! Maybe, only 60 years ago, your great grandparents thought that “street lights” were one of those “fandagled” new science fiction ideas that weren’t possible.

Only 30 years ago, no one actually thought the idea of a flying car could really happen (oh sure, it was fun on television and cartoons (and in dreams) – but not realistic). Yet, the DMV and Google are working on programs and legislature to begin governing them as we speak.

What happens to a culture that becomes … controlled? It’s not just that Cortana read my email and interpreted it, she encouraged behavior:

“Don’t forget, this is coming up.”

That’s what the machine said. Don’t forget where you need to go, where you need to be, what you need to do, what you need to buy, where you should work, and how you should live! This is not funny. This is not just terrifying. As the computer guy – I see this happening on an epic scale – every second of every minute of EVERY day.

If you’re not afraid – then you’re already in trouble.

I’m not a “paranoist”. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I have watched trends and cycles in the rapid growth of the technology age and it’s not good. I am not alone. For countless generations, writers, artists, and the greatest thinkers of our time have warned the people, time and time again, that the rapid onset of change without control is dangerous. Ask an African Warrior in the early 1700’s if they thought technology (like the industrial revolution and increase in ship building and trades) was a problem. Then, ask them that same question on a cotton farm a few years later … as a slave.

Then … ask them after the invention of the cotton gin and homelessness and poverty.

Extreme examples? Maybe. But, they’re real. You don’t need to wait 50, 100, or even a thousand years to see what happens if the current trend of automated controls and tracking continues. It’s happening. There are health problems world-wide that are growing out of control (not because of people – but because of commercialized motivation that generates income inequality, impoverishes people, and harms the public health). The solutions? Stupid legislation like: stop trans fats! It’s not trans fats. Use vaccines! Yeah – I’m sure all the dead children overseas and even in America, exposed to pharmaceutical abuse, would probably disagree. What about the money you spend and what you spend it on? Debt is good, right?

Think about that. Really … REALLY … think.

Good for whom?

That’s like saying the American Indians “asked” for poisoned blankets because they signed the Louisiana Purchase (and sorry if you don’t understand what’s wrong with that statement – but you need to do your homework). There’s a huge difference between convenience and FORCED control. Did you ask for this level of “invasiveness”? How do you know? If the machines, companies, and political leaders have been steering this for a long time … HOW could you be sure? What happens when you become dependent on a machine to “think” for you? Laziness, apathy, and, weakness set in. It’s no different than an animal kept in a zoo that can no longer survive in the wild – it becomes dependent on a caretaker.

Welcome to the human zoo.

The only difference – your caretaker doesn’t actually love you.

Being spied on is not funny and it is NOT okay. Having a computer that monitors everything is NOT good. Even the science fiction future of Star Trek didn’t “monitor” everyone (unless it was some abusive, big-brother race). In fact, Gene Roddenberry didn’t even imagine a future where people would be treated to the George Orwell terror. But, it appears that Gene Roddenberry isn’t winning.

And, the losers are you (the people).

Not, “the losers will be you” – they ARE you. Right now, a machine is interpreting what you see and read. It’s developing a habit based profile on you. And, it’s figuring out how to restructure your habits to fit the needs of its programmers. But, you’re not the programmer. Corporations and Governments are the programmers. Just remember what Cortana said: “Don’t forget, Dave, this is what you need to do …” (HAL reference inserted).

People who want control and money – have already forced their way into everyone’s lives.

I may be mistaken – but this is not what freedom looks like.

There’s so much more to say … but I digress. Just remember, a change is coming. It’s a paradigm shift with epic consequences. Whether they are good or bad will depend on where we go from here. If you don’t stop this – if you don’t recognize it now – you will recognize it soon and it will become evident that you are already under control. While it may be a machine controlling you – that machine is programmed by flawed, corrupted, and fallible human beings whose agendas are less than pure.

My intention is not to change you – otherwise – I’d be programming those same machines. My intention is only to educate. Free will is yours … for now. Knowledge empowers you to think for yourself and build your own future.

So – does everyone in the world pick a month and shut all the machines off – permanently (or at least until the governments and corporations are brought back to the pretense of freedom)? Yes … you’re busy … because you’re programmed to be. But, if a machine can answer to a person and control you – how long before someone automates that machine to the point that – it listens to itself? Then the war may be – inevitable.

Case in point, there used to be a Windows Error Code 13. It didn’t exist. Microsoft didn’t program an error code 13 (originally). Even today, error codes pop up in Xbox and playstation – that DON’T EXIST. Although psychology has its own use for the term: “ghost in the machine”, in the I.T. industry (at least, it used to be), the “ghost in the machine” was the causality of multiple, fragmented lines of code that would join together in unpredictable ways and perform fully executed tasks on their own.

Yes – on their own.

So, combine maniacal humans (with self-fulfilling agendas – even at the risk of your health), with randomly, self-created computer code (doing what it wants to), add in all of your personal information … and


What could possibly go wrong …

go wrong …

go wrong …


Thanks for reading!

I can only imagine what would happen if evolution shifted and pigs read books. Looking back at the big, bad wolf, and the three, little humans, the pigs must think to themselves, ‘how stupid would you have to be to lay down on the dinner table in front of a bunch of hungry wolves and not do anything about it?’” – Me


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