Three Great Speeches – all from Hollywood!

So, while I have my problems with Hollywood and there patronizing treatment of the masses, there have been some good things to come out of the movie industry’s storytelling adventures. In fact, three of the greatest speeches in this country (IMHO) come not from public speeches – but from television! So, here are the three, greatest speeches in our country at the moment (albeit, there may be more) – and why!

#1: Independence Day Presidential Motivational Speech. Bill Pullman, acting as the President of the United States, gives a phenomenally motivating speech to a few, brave soldiers who risk their lives to combat an alien threat that is determined to make humanity extinct. Not only is this a great speech because Bill Pullman is an amazing actor and presented it with the tone and vigor that I would expect from an actual, President, but because of its content. This speech rings true to the fundamental principals that drove the forefathers of America to seek independence and freedom. They did not go down without a fight. They did not go quietly into the night. And, they knew that freedom was something that was not given freely – but earned. Sometimes, freedom even had to be fought for. But, those fighting also knew that their battle didn’t necessarily mean that they would return home to a free world – but in their deaths – they could leave this world with a rested heart, knowing that their children’s, children’s, children, would know what freedom was. And, this speech is written in such a way that those very fundamental values – the ones that America has FORGOTTEN – were captured in their entirety!

#2: Martin Luther King Going to Canada. Aaron McGruder is a genius when it comes to comedy. He makes political statements, not because they need to be made, but because he happens to have a very intelligent take on humor. In one of his episodes, he explores the possibility that the late, great, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was in fact, not assassinated, but wounded and sent into a coma. Dr. King wakes up to find himself in our world today, only to see the troubles and frustrations going on with the generations that he fought to free. His ideals were sound, his philosophies were golden, and his heart was true. Dr. King didn’t want privilege for African Americans, he wanted equality. Dr. King believed that white and black could co-exist on an even playing field because both – are human. Unfortunately, Dr. King awakens to find a black community plagued by deviant music, miscreant behavior, and everything that he stood against. His goodbye speech was – to me – an excellent tribute to how Dr. King would truly react, today.

#3: America is not the Greatest Country in the World. (caution – strong language). Jeff Daniels, starring in HBO’s comedy, The Newsroom, gave an outstanding speech that completely lays out the entirety of America as it stands, today. It is, in fact, the greatest speech on the State of the Union, and clarifies what our youth should know. Other than the foul language – every young American should see this. Rather than the mind-confusing (or controlling – however you prefer to say it), media and teachings that are blasted at the children of this country, including their daily, chanting of allegiance, every student should see this. Every American who bad talks another country – should see this. Every American who claims to stand up for a freedom or right – should see this. This is the ego-busting speech that the citizens of America NEED. This is reality, at its finest. But, more important, the speech captures the theme that should be present in this post – the foundation of what America “SHOULD BE”. It provides a brief look into what was lost – back in the 1800’s, and although it’s come and gone throughout the years – what has stayed lost ever since – in America. Because, if every person educated themselves enough to know WHY America is, what it is, and worked to fix the problems – America COULD be the greatest country in the world.

But, it’s not.

But, it could be.

Now, if we could only find a politician who would be willing to find their resolve, take accountability for themselves, and truly lead – then maybe – we could have speeches like this in real life. Don’t politicians ever watch television? Makes you wonder ….

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