Van Allen Belts Prove That Some Scientists ARE Stupid – and why you should do something – NOW

In the 1950’s, scientists discovered, one of their first, official, up-close ‘space’ phenomena known as the Van Allen Belts. These happy little belts (well … not so little), circle the Earth every second of every day for … as far as we know … the entire lifespan of the Earth. What do they do? Well – you can surf around the internet and find a lot of ‘potential‘ answers without much absolution on the certainty of their effect. In other words, science has only speculated about their purpose. Two things are known for sure though: 1) The Van Allen Belts trap a lot of the cosmic radiation that would otherwise bombard Earth and destroy life, and 2) the Van Allen Belts act like a literal ‘force field,’ making it difficult for scientists to get satellites out of the Earth’s atmosphere. The answer? Blow ’em up! Yes … I mean that – literally. Scientists want to destroy the Van Allen Belts because, after all … “what’s the worst that could happen?” Think you didn’t have much to care about in the Universe outside of Earth? You may want to care about this.

350px--Van_Allen_Belts.ogvThink about the Van Allen belts as two walls of a huge tunnel that goes around the Earth. In between them, radiation from solar activity (ie. the sun), gets trapped and has a difficult time reaching into Earth’s atmosphere. In between the belts and the atmosphere, even more powerfully charged particles stay in and out of limbo, sometimes entering the atmosphere, and sometimes not. We call these highly charged particles protons and electrons. This is not the same as the electromagnetic gravity forces that keep the Earth spinning (supposedly …as of course science can’t seem to logically link the two although they both take the same shape and follow the same paths). No – the Van Allen belts were discovered for one reason and one reason only: radiation.

When scientists launched their satellites into space, they flipped on the “look for radiation” button and *poof* they found these rings around the Earth that were trapping radioactive materials. While this is great for life on Earth, for scientists who don’t want to have to put that much effort into getting ships into outer space, the rings are literally walls that they have to ‘break through.’ No – these aren’t walls that destroy ships (again, “supposedly”), just walls that make them have to shut off their electronics for a few minutes. Doesn’t really sound like a big deal, does it? Well… it’s not, unless scientists want to launch new satellites that will orbit further out into those radioactive zones. And … they do.

But don’t we already have satellites in orbit?

Yes! But … space is sort of … you know … getting full. Scientists keep filling it up with junk and … well… they need more room (that’s the only ‘dumbed down’ theory I can offer). Right now, satellites that orbit Earth are ‘forced’ to stay close to the atmosphere so they’re not pummeled by that super-powerful ‘force-field.’ Satellites orbiting slightly farther away could have a wider and more encompassing view of Earth … which, as we all know … nobody in any of the governments would have any problem with satellites that were able to “conveniently” keep a broader spectrum of vision of the various nations of Earth (or maybe … that’s the reason?). But, until science starts spending the billions of taxpayer dollars on better construction and shielding for satellites, wide-range spying … or, um, rather, “viewing” of the Earth is still not possible. So, rather than work around nature, science has once again plunged forward and spent billions of tax payer dollars to devise a way to destroy those pesky, anti-radioactivity belts!


They call it … “remediation.” After all, as the scientists say, they screw with nature all the time, damming rivers, cutting down forests, and other such activities and nothing bad has ever come from that. What? You think I’m joking? Go ahead, read it for yourself. As per the super smart PhD level scientists who know more than God … or the Universe (depending on whatever you choose to believe) – we don’t need anti-radioactivity belts. Their argument? The Van Allen belts themselves wouldn’t be destroyed “potentially” (<– notice the quotes … that’s IMPORTANT), but the radioactivity that the belts protect Earth from would be cleaned out – like a filter!

RadiationBelts3How? Easy – just suck that radiation into the Earth’s atmosphere!

Wait? Hold on … did you actually read that? No … not washing the dirt out of an air filter into the drains … but shaking the filter out in the air and spreading the dirt around where … you were trying to keep it out of in the first place? Whilst I may be but a humble creature in a nearby plane of existence, at least I have enough intelligence to know – THAT’S REALLY STUPID!!

Trying to push the radiation into the upper atmosphere just takes too much power, so scientists thought it better to attract the inner belt’s radiation and pull it in toward Earth. It’s like not knowing what the human brain does or if it’s really necessary and pulling it out … or at least punching holes in the temple for a lobotomy… after all… the front of the brain was “believed” to be useless … so what’s the worse that could happen?

But, hey – none of this is new! Ancient tribal groups throughout the world used to punch holes in the heads of fellow tribal members with headaches to let out the demons – and look – nothing happened (well … if you ignore the death, fear, suffering, and eventual extinction of those tribes)! There are some things science can play with … and some they SHOULD NOT. Apparently, scientists are just out of toys and natural phenomena to screw up. But, could you imagine how much cleaner and healthier, say …. the oceans would be if the same amount of money was spent cleaning them up as trying to radiate the atmosphere?

Van Allen Belts & GPS SVPeople – say something. Do something. Speak up. If you leave the world’s future in the hands of a few people that don’t see cutting down rain forests, poisoning oceans, and damming rivers as having some, potentially negative side effects … then you MUST NOT let them try to eradicate the Earth’s electromagnetic fields! Write congressmen, international science foundations, governors, news media … start a blog or a social media page and get a million signatures from around the world to say: “Please, please …. just because you’re out of toys and really lazy, we would prefer if you try not to kill everyone in a radioactive storm.” Hey … folks in Europe fought against … and stalled … the installation of the super-collider until more research was done. After all, creating a black hole on Earth also seemed like a really stupid idea. (Just in case you’re wondering, China’s going to build one anyway and end it for us … so the Van Allen belt thing may not be so important.)

Just think about it. Does Mars have a Van Allen belt? So far, no one’s shown that it does. Mars is also a desert planet with an un-breathable atmosphere. So – at least reach out to as many millions of others as you can and ask science to at least answer some simple questions: do other planets have the same type of Van Allen belts as Earth? Are they shielded from radiation? And, if not … are they inhabitable? Because, if the answer’s no … then DON’T FREAKIN’ TOUCH THE VAN ALLEN BELTS!

flag-waving-moon-landing_9803_600x450Let’s face it, NASA says it’s almost impossible to traverse through the Van Allen belts, but they did visit the moon .. somehow?? NASA says that the radioactivity in the atmosphere would be incremental and have no effect … but it shuts down equipment and destroys technology when passing through it. So … are you confused, yet???


But, to ensure that we avoid drama and thinking errors, not playing the role of victim, let’s examine another possibility that science knows about – but chooses to ignore:

The Van Allen Belts are a literal force field – Star Trek Style.

Yep – the Van Allen Belts provide a way to keep heavy particles (that prevent passage) moving inside a stabilized electromagnetic field, surrounding the Earth without hurting it. In other words… the same technology could be employed in space ships and satellites (to wit, this has been effectively done on a small scale with electromagnetic scattering), to protect them not only from the Van Allen belt, but from all radioactivity in space.

vanallenHere’s another possibility to consider: Take a look at the above illustration. See something interesting? The Van Allen Belts surround the atmosphere and keeps radiation trapped. But, this isn’t “empty” nothingness … this is actually physically charged particles in a massive quantity with a far-reaching electromagnetic force. In other words – this may be the only, potential reality as to why Earth has an atmosphere. Otherwise, there’s no fundamentally sound principal as to why Earth has an atmosphere (really – go ahead and read … because arguments that Earth has super gravity fail against planets like Jupiter, and arguments that Earth has volcanoes fail against recently discovered other planets with current or past volcanic activity … not to mention it’s evidence of what I was just pointing out: there are multiple theories … no “facts”).

There are one million speculations from one million super genius scientists. But, considering that scientists are the ones that want to irradiate the planet just because “it’s interesting,” (yes … if you read the above links … that’s what they were quoted saying) – it’s time to stop giving so much credit to science. It was not derogatory to call scientists “stupid” in the title of this article. Anyone who believes wiping out the electromagnetic fields around the Earth … in whatever fashion and at whatever level that may be, because it’s “interesting,” is indeed, the definition of the word: “Stupid.” These were the same people that shot a missile at the moon to see if it had water underneath instead of sending a drill, risking catastrophic tectonic shifts at the center of a crater where the under-surface had already been severely broken apart … yes, stupid.

In the previous illustration, not only do the Van Allen belts provide this really cool, radioactive shielding matrix (that would solve a lot of the problems for deep-space travel), but if you look at the arrows, I’ve proposed to you that’s its the very carefully charged balance of particles that creates “pressure,” or a force-field, maintaining the atmosphere. Think of the fact that there’s no “pressure” in space. That means there’s nothing to keep the atmosphere in its spherical shape. Gravity’s great and with enough creativity, balancing the fact that some molecules from volcanoes escape, but because of volcanoes and gravity, others don’t … and well … there’s very little to support the fact that gravity keeps the atmosphere around Earth? Don’t believe me?

Look at Mars. Look at Venus. Look at Neptune .. and the rest of the Solar System.

For example, on Mars, there’s some gravity … but no breathable atmosphere. While this is only speculation, there is sound reasoning in considering that the dense amount of particles surrounding the atmosphere could be serving the most important purpose of all … providing the counter-resistive force, in a spherical shape, that maintains the planet’s atmosphere, working together WITH gravity (read the post by Shankar about solar winds being trapped by an exterior force … amongst the dozens of other theories). In fact, the fluctuating size of the Van Allen belts make an excellent argument for the thinning atmosphere that is otherwise called the ozone “hole”. Add to this the Van Allen belts are believed to change size and shape with solar activity, and you can begin to see that their purpose is a lot more significant than science wants to think (in order to play with their toys). Again, only speculation, but it’s easy to discount theories on gravity from a realm of science that’s still trying to figure out what a graviton is (yes, the ‘made up/theorized’ particle), because they only have a limited understanding of gravity.

But … let’s forget the fact that science recently discovered what they believe to be a third belt that comes and goes frequently … after all, they knew ‘enough,’ to start devising a plan to destroy the belts when they thought there were only two!!

Really? *sigh* …

WarptableFinally – there’s one more “Star Trekian” reality the belts give us: Warp Drive. No – I’m not being ‘funny.’ The concept of a warp drive in Star Trek is based on a very valid philosophy – Einstein’s theory of relativity. Faster than light (FTL) propulsion is believed to be limited by that theory. Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry (a genius in his own time), theorized that instead of violating the laws of physics and generating enough energy to travel faster than the speed of light, one only had but to create a series of highly charged, controlled, electromagnetic fields that would push on one another in a compounding effect that could eventually reach FTL speeds – without any one single electromagnetic field breaking the laws of physics by itself (and would double as the protective force field around the ship).

Now … picture the Van Allen belts. Two, very large electromagnetic fields, utilizing highly charged radioactive particles to provide force on one another (and as I’ve postulated, to provide resistive force to maintain the atmosphere). It’s not really all that far off from Gene Roddenberry’s work. But, this poses another question – the positioning of Earth to the sun, its rotation, and more. Let’s ignore the previous concerns about a Van Allen belt being the cause for an atmosphere and pretend every planet has one. There’s still, one last, very important, potential function of the Belts:


vanallenAs proposed in my illustration above, the Van Allen belts may dissipate in strength as they reach the poles due to the electromagnetic forces of the Earth (not along the edges as it is with the South Atlantic Anomaly). In fact, the electromagnetic fields around the Earth may actually be a result of BOTH the Earth’s core AND the massive electromagnetic radiation trapped by the Van Allen belts. Thus, as the Van Allen belts keep that electromagnetic radiation moving, it would affect the magnetic lines around the Earth and provide rotational movement. In other words – clearing the belts of the radioactive energy they contain could stop the Earth’s rotation – or at least – impact it in an apocalyptic fashion. Again – only speculation … but at least I’m willing to consider possibilities and a need for research before destroying the Belts and waiting to see if extinction “happens” to be one of the outcomes!?!

So – the “worthlessness” of the Van Allen belts may not, in fact, be so worthless. Their purpose may be much more than science is ready to (or willing to), face at the moment with limited technology. But, if a cap is not put on the activity of science, driven by governments and billions of dollars – the results may be less than “scientifically valuable.” Besides … destroying the Van Allen belts WILL destroy the Northern Lights. Yes… look at the causes of the Northern Lights and the atmospheric radiation that’s trapped by the Van Allen belts. After all … they serve no purpose … right? (well… not that we know of … which is all that matters …. that is, if you want to disregard the work of people like Freud who put a stop to things like lobotomies … telling science to quit BREAKING things just to see what happens!!).

And, it would be awfully lonely in this eternally silver grey sky if you were to take away those beautifully mysterious lights that often show themselves and enchant the whole of the world ….


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